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Submitted Comments

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I would like to respond to the e-mail that was written that Kelly along with Melissa are victims. I have a question, is reality that hard to see when it is right in front of your face??

I have been extremely close to both Craig and Kelly for several years and let me reassure everyone that Kelly knew a lot of what was going on and willfully went along with a lot of it.

Everyone that knows them both really knows that there were indeed things that Kelly didn’t know about but Kelly knew enough that majority of married women would have left along time ago but Kelly stayed, now why she stayed we may never know.

Craig and Kelly have known Melissa for I believe around 7-8 years and Melissa had lived with them previously once before and regardless of what Kelly had told others she knew a lot of what had and was going on and I will leave it at that.
The little evidence that we know points that Kelly played an equal part with Craig in this murder. If Kelly indeed played any role in Melissa’s death then please explain how Kelly is a victim and not a murderer??

I know this much that a million people could tell me to kill, go along with a killing or even help cover a murder up and I will answer a million times “NO” but Kelly is the exception on this right, again please explain to me how that works?
I have to ask the person that wrote that e-mail, would you be sticking to your statement if it were your sister or friend that was strangled and Kelly helped to burn the body in efforts to get away with the murder???

I just don’t understand, Kelly wasn’t forced into this she wasn’t tied up or anything but some how someone thinks that she is a victim.

Kelly is a victim of one thing and that is not thinking for herself and doing whatever someone tells her to do, who is to say that one day she doesn’t get out of prison only to get involved with another convincing person and she kills again but it’s your family member this time will it be OK then, will she still be a victim??

As far as Craig being responsible for blowing all their money on strippers I have to respond by asking was Kelly ever at a strip club with Craig spending money on dancers? I can answer that question for you if I have to but I think we all know the answer to that question and if the answer to that question is yes than why is it that Craig is the only one responsible in this persons eye for the money blown?

Craig and Kelly both had drug problems so they both were spending money on that as well.

If you add everything up it sounds like to me that they both equally were responsible for their money problems and both with drug problems and both involved in the murder of Melissa James so please explain again to me how Kelly is a victim of all this when her role was a major role???

I could go on and on about personal things about Craig and Kelly both but I’d rather not point blame on one of them when I know that they both should be held accountable for this horrific crime.

My heart and prayers at this time go to the James family and the families of Craig and Kelly since the families are the only victims of this terrible crime. I know that Kelly’s father is heart broken and in disbelief right now and is unfortunate since he is a wonderful man.

I can imagine that Craig and Kelly are pretty sober right now and I could imagine they wish they could push that rewind button right about now and I know we all wish they could to.

People have commented that Melissa had a drug problem and legal problems and is that justification for killing her? I thought God was only authorized for that decision.

I pray that Melissa’s family are strong Christians and can find it in their hearts to forgive the people responsible for Melissa’s death and look to god for comfort.

I would like to also comment on the remarks about Matt Cline and I agree with those remarks, Matt is a drug dealer and he continued to supply Craig and Kelly with drugs even after they asked their closet friends for help to get off drugs and Matt still gave drugs to them hence here we are today.

I seriously wonder if Craig and Kelly had kicked their habit if this crime wouldn’t have taken place, I hope Matt Cline thinks about that and should regret letting his friends down when they had asked for his help. Craig had even told Matt to clean his act up or move back to Boston. I care deeply and love both Craig and Kelly and forgive them but I am heart broken that I have lost two friends forever and will never get a chance to be close again.

I know that the people closest to them are still in disbelief and is hard to acknowledge that we will never get another chance to just hang out and have fun nor will Melissa have that opportunity again.

Again these questions and comments were for the e-mail proclaiming Kelly as a victim!

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I would like to remain annonymous. I am one of the many women whom Craig tried to bed over the years. He is a very convincing and gentle man when he wants to be, but I agree with this posting completely. My heart sunk and I couldn’t focus for hours when I heard this news because at one time this could have been me. I was asked to go to Vegas, and to be with Craig and Kelly. Fortunatley, I came to my senses in time and did not follow through, although Craig kept calling and tried to convince me that I was “special”. I was not into drugs and would not play his games. Maybe that is what he liked. Finally, after over a year of this, he stopped calling.

This is very sad, and it has been sad to see the change in Kelly over the years. I do blame Craig for a lot of it, but love is only so blind. If you have the values and morals deep down, I don’t believe you would let a man do this to you.

It is great that Craig has friends who defend him (he will need all the support he can get), but I agree with you- lets be honest- Craig is not innocent. I’m sure all the great things people have to say about him are true to a point, but add in the immense drug abuse and you end up with a different person.


The following was sent to us today. This individual did not provide a name but wished to have his/her comments known. We DO NOT claim any of this to be true, but simply posting what was sent to us. If you have comments and wish to share them email them to postmaster@titusandryan.com

It is with a heavy heart I sit here writing these words. My reality has changed as I know the world’s of many people I personally know and don’t have as well. We find ourselves in a time of mourning for a dead girl and for lost friends. Lost in their actions and choices; possibly lost to us forever. However, there are things that have been said online, in the media, and in conversation that are completely unfounded and incorrect. I’d like to address these half-truths and lies.

The Las Vegas police know that CRAIG TITUS strangled Melissa, without a doubt. She was not strangled by a noose but a man with large arms, due to the markings on the neck. They have forensic evidence of this along with further evidence of him burning the car. As much as many people have been lead to believe that it was a crime of passion perpetrated by Kelly, it simple is not true. Kelly has been implicated for the sole reason of clearing Craig’s name.

Furthermore, the police are suspicious of the claims by CRAIG that Melissa was embezzling funds from Kelly and Craig. They believe it was a lie perpetrated by Craig, to Kelly, to explain the constant draining of their funds from the bank. And where was the money going? A heavy drug habit they both had (initated by Craig) and Craig’s addiction to prostitutes. This is the root and cause of this whole situation. He’d ran up several debts with the people servicing these needs without the knowledge of Kelly. Additionally, everything was in Kelly’s name; the house, credit cards, bank accounts, etc. They were on the verge of divorce and Craig would have lost everything. Ultimately, his ego consumed everything around him; drugs, women, relationships, reputation, family, friends, his marriage, and the woman he loved.

Up until this week, Kelly still did not know that Craig claimed he was having an affair with Melissa. He said this in his first statement to the police. And regarding Craig’s affairs, if you knew Craig at all you know he was unfaithful to Kelly. I don’t mean occasionally, I mean regularly. I mean with hookers, prostitutes, strippers, and any willing woman. Regardless, Kelly was far from stupid and was aware of this. Are we supposed to believe that a woman who has no past violent history, who had put up with this behavior, is now capable of strangling the life out of another woman?

Another fact, Greg Ruiz did not tell the police where Kelly and Craig were going. He couldn’t, he didn’t know. The police did follow their trail to Boston. But MATT KLIEN did set them up. Matt is a liar and he still deals prescription drugs, a fact the federal government is aware of. Craig was the one to kick Matt out of Vegas because of his addiction to Oxycotin. Matt has now gotten his revenge.

Here are other questions to pose to yourself, why would Craig bring another woman into his marital home? Why would Kelly allow this? Why would Craig cheat on Kelly? Why would Craig involve so many other people in an incident like this? Why would he tell his friends, use his cell phone, run from the police across country? I guarantee you it was not Kelly’s idea to do any of this. Kelly seemed to be on top of the world but is truly a victim of domestic violence. She has been emotionally abused and manipulated by Craig for his own selfish reasons. So selfish, that he is willing to place the blame on his wife, on the love of his life.

It sickens me to hear and see people writing in proclaiming Craig’s innocence. If you are a man ask yourself this, would you have done any of this? Would you have jeopardized your wife, implicated your friends, and destroyed the lives of your family, her family, and that of your friends? Is Kelly Ryan a felony? Has she done time for felonies in the past?

Melissa was running from a warrant in Florida for indentity theft. While, I believe she didn’t deserve what happened to her, she was by no means innocent. She was addicted to Nubain and crystal meth. She stole from strangers and friends. And she is now a victim of Craig.

There are two victims in this case, Melissa and Kelly. Melissa will have her vengeance in court and in the afterlife.

What justice will Kelly have? If she is lucky, Craig will admit to his guilt and she still might get a couple of years in prison. But what then? Her life is ruined. She will no longer be able to compete. She will never be remembered as a true champion in the bodybuilding world. She will be ridiculed, reviled, and remembered as a murder (or least the wife of one).

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