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Titus files motion for independent testing of evidence

March 6th, 2008

Craig Titus by and through his lawyer, Marc A. Saggese, ESQ,. of the law firm of Cristalli & Sagese, LTD., requested a Court Order granting an Independent Testing of Evidence. A seventeen page document notes which pieces of evidence. Titus and Ryan will be back in court on March 26, 2008 at 9am for the outcome of this motion.

Pre-trial is scheduled to begin in May for this case.

Updates on James’ Lawsuit

February 22nd, 2008

UPDATE #1 - Kelly Ryan, by and through her attorney, Ralph E. Porter, Esq. of the law firm Porter & Terry, LLC, and answers the Plantiffs’ Complaint against her:

Ryan is without information or knowledge sufficient to form a belief as to the allegations therein and therefore denies charges.

This is a new lawyer and firm for Kelly. It appears she has new counsel to represent her in the civil matter.

UPDATE #2 - Kelly Ryan has submitted a demand for a Jury Trial for this matter.

Nelson Ronald Brady Update

February 21st, 2008

Nelson Ronald Brady was found guilty of solicitation to commit murder earlier this month. An interesting 158 page document was filed by Brady’s lawyer as “supplement discovery”. It stated:

“In addition, it should be noted that the prosecutor on the case which Theresa Fragola states that Ron Brady, Jr. broke her neck is the same prosecutor that prosecuted Deen Cassim’s original case.”

Deen Cassim was originally arrested for the high-profile robbery of a national poker player. His prison sentence reduced to probation after working as an informant against Nelson Brady.

Maura James Sues Craig Titus, Kelly Ryan and Anthony Gross

February 21st, 2008

It’s official, Maura and Dennis James, individually, and as Parents and Special Administrators of the Estate of Melissa James, are suing. A Civil Complaint was filed this month by Maura James against Craig, Kelly and Antony Gross. The three defendants were notified on February 1, 2008 of the suit and have 20 days after the Summons to filed a response or the court may decide against them without being heard. A similar summons was filed on December 19, 2007.

Kelly Ryan responded to the summons on February 19, 2008.

Private Criminal Investigator onboard with Craig Titus

February 21st, 2008

Last month, Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan filed orders to have investigators, employed by their lawyers, Cristalli & Saggese, added as contact visits. Kelly has requested Philip Needham, be appointed as investigator and granted permission for contact visits. Craig’s order requested Richard Frankly, LPI and/or an agent of RDF; specifically Liza Gripentrog, be allowed contact visits in the Clark County Detention Center.

This month, Craig later filed an “ex parte motion to appoint investigator and for fees in excess of statutory limit pursuant of NRS 7.135″. The court granted Titus’ motion and states:

After reviewing Defendant’s Ex Parte Application For Investigative Fees Pursuant to NRS 7.135, and good cause appearing:

IT IS ORDERED that Defendant’s Motion is granted.

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that Richard Franky, LPI dba RDF Investigative Agency be COURT APPOINTED as defense counsel’s private defense investigator.

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that defense counsel may employ Richard Franky, LPI dba RDF Investigative Agency to assist defense counsel in preparing an adequate criminal defense.

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the compensation for RDF Investigative Agency / Richard Franky, LPI employed by defense counsel must not exceed $6,000.00 (six-thousand). Defense counsel’s investigative fees must be paid by the County of Clark.

Very interesting in the last sentence, does this mean Clark County is now paying for Craig Titus’ investigative fees? It appears that is the latest. The bigger question is, what is Team Titus investigating?

Titus linked to Andy Pettitte?

February 18th, 2008

A story that broke today is reportedly linking Craig Titus to New York Yankee’s pitcher, Andy Pettitte.

Report: Pettitte HGH source came from ex-high school classmate
New York, NY (Sports Network) - The human growth hormone Andy Pettitte received from his father reportedly came from a former high school classmate of the New York Yankees pitcher.

The New York Daily News reports trainer Kelly Blair, who owns a gym in Pasadena, Texas, is the source of the HGH.

Blair and Pettitte attended high school in Deer Park, and the triangle of the HGH source is oddly connected. Pettitte’s wife’s brother married Blair’s sister, according to the newspaper.

In his deposition to congressional attorneys nearly two weeks ago, Pettitte said his father obtained the HGH from a gym he works out in, “a guy that’s the trainer there.” Tom Pettitte has had serious health problems, including having open-heart surgery, according to the Daily News.

The newspaper reports Blair owns 1-on-1 Elite Personal Fitness, but he has been out of the United States for the last several weeks. The Daily News reports a whistleblower close to the gym told the newspaper that shipments of HGH and steroids, including Dynabol, Winstrol-V and Deca-Durabolin, would come and that they were moved through the gym by Blair.

The Daily News reports some of the drugs came from steroid-user Craig Titus, a champion bodybuilder who is facing a murder trial in Nevada for the slaying of his former live-in assistant.

The Daily News reports pictures of several professional athletes, including Pettitte were displayed on the wall of Blair’s gym. The newspaper said eight other major leaguers, several pro golfers and an NFL quarterback were also pictured.

Also, Blair was reportedly seen working with Koby Clemens, the son of seven- time Cy Young Award winner Roger Clemens, who was involved in a heated congressional hearing this past week. However, the Daily News reports that Koby Clemens, who is now playing baseball in the minors, hasn’t been linked to any illicit activity at the gym.

Andy Pettitte is due to arrive at Yankees spring training on Monday and is expected to make his first comments since telling a congressional committee that Roger Clemens spoke to him about using HGH.

Source: Thesportsnetwork.com

Brady found guilty in Murder for Hire Plot

February 6th, 2008

A jury found Nelson Ronald Brady Jr. guilty on three counts of solicitation to commit murder. The Las Vegas Review Journal provides the story.

The man accused of trying to hire a hit man to kill three key witnesses in the Craig Titus bodybuilder murder case was found guilty on Tuesday in District Court.

The jury found 36-year-old Nelson Ronald Brady Jr. guilty of three counts of solicitation to commit murder. He was accused of trying to hire an assassin to kill Anthony Gross, Megan Pierson Foley and her husband, Jeremy Foley.

All three were witnesses against Titus and Kelly Ryan, who are charged with killing Melissa James, their personal assistant, in December 2005.

The Foleys told a grand jury that Titus and Ryan made incriminating statements about James’ death, including that Ryan shocked James with a taser the day of the killing.

Gross allegedly helped Titus and Ryan get rid of James’ body.

Brady’s attorney, Michael Schwarz, said it was too early to say if Brady would appeal. Brady faces two to 15 years behind bars for each count.

“Obviously we’re disappointed,” he said.

Deputy District Attorney Josh Tomsheck said the evidence against Brady was overwhelming, and included recorded jailhouse interviews and video footage of Brady meeting with an undercover detective to talk about the hit.

During the trial, Brady was described as an awestruck fan of Titus who met the bodybuilder while serving time in the county jail on a domestic battery charge.

While still in jail, Brady approached another inmate, Deem Cassim, about killing the witnesses, authorities said. Cassim, in turn, told police about the plot and worked with authorities to implicate Brady.

During the trial, Brady testified that he never intended to hire a hit man. He said that he only wanted to discredit the witnesses by setting them up in a drug sting. He eventually admitted during the trial that he wanted to pay off the witnesses or intimidate them into not testifying.

During a recorded police interview after his arrest, Brady admitted that the plot centered on killing witnesses, authorities said. Brady testified, however, that he only confessed to police because he wanted to get the interview over with.

Las Vegas Review Journal - Informant said he did what was right

February 1st, 2008

It’s been a few months since anything of substance has happened in this case. This week the trial for Nelson Ron Brady began. This trial is still being conducted however the Las Vegas Review Journal wrote the following:

Man helped police in murder-for-hire case

The informant who helped police arrest the man accused of trying to hire a hitman in the Craig Titus murder-for-hire case said he worked with authorities because it was the right thing to do, not because he was seeking a reduced sentence in an attempted robbery case.

Deem Cassim, who was sentenced to 31/2 to 12 years behind bars for robbing a 2004 World Series of Poker champion in 2004, testified this week in the trial of 41-year-old Nelson Ronald Brady, who faces three charges of soliciting murder.

Cassim said he helped police because he didn’t agree with the targeting of witnesses in the Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan murder case. He said he especially didn’t agree with them going after Anthony Gross, who was in his early 20s at the time, because Gross was so young.

After assisting police, Cassim was re-sentenced to probation.

During Brady’s trial in District Court, Cassim was grilled by defense attorney Michael Schwarz, who played a recorded conversation between Cassim and Brady.

In the jailhouse recording, Cassim is heard swearing and yelling at Brady, angry because Brady missed several appointments to discuss the murder-for-hire plot.

Cassim, however, said he merely was acting. But he did admit that at one point he was actually angry at Brady for missing one appointment.

But county prosecutor Josh Tomsheck pointed out that Cassim and Brady exchanged hundreds of phone calls. In only one of the calls did Cassim sound angry, he said.

Titus and Ryan are accused of killing their personal assistant, Melissa James, 28, in 2005. They are set to go to trial in June.

Brady met Ryan while serving time at the county jail for domestic battery. Brady also met Cassim at the jail around the same time.

The story is slightly inaccurate. Brady met Titus while serving time and not Ryan. We’ll keep you posted on the outcome of this case.

Craig Titus turns 43 years old

January 14th, 2008

Another birthday will be spent behind bars for Craig Titus. Today marks Craig’s 43rd birthday; how he will spend it is anyone’s guess. Perhaps Brenda Kelly can interview Craig on her next visit and get the exclusive. Brenda celebrated her 49th birthday in Los Angeles yesterday.

Ron Brady Jr. “Murder for Hire” Case update

December 31st, 2007

Remember the “Murder for Hire” plot and Ron Brady Jr.? He is charged with three counts of “solicitation to commit a crime” and is allegedly linked to Craig Titus. Mr. Brady’s case is set to go to trial January 28, 2008. Given the history of all things somehow related to the Titus & Ryan case, it will most likely get delayed. The media will be watching this trial and it’s outcome closely. The Las Vegas Review Journal has submitted a media request for this case. If granted permission, they would be allowed to broadcast, record, photograph or televise the proceedings of the case.

Note: Mr. Schwarz is Ron Brady’s lawyer.

The latest notes related to Ron Brady’s trial:

Argument by Mr. Schwarz regarding Motion to Compel advising that there are three types of information being requested which is still missing; l) information that they do not want to give; 2) information which was given, but not provided in the form requested; and 3) information which State indicates does not exist. Court inquired if Mr. Schwarz had any contact with Titus’ attorney regarding obtaining some of this information. Mr. Schwarz stated that he did not contact Titus’ attorney and does not want to get involved with them. Mr. Tomsheck advised that they have no opposition to providing phone calls which are relevant. COURT ORDERED, motion GRANTED in PART; if handwritten visiting logs exist they are to be provided. Mr. Tomsheck represented that everything that exists has been provided. Further, COURT ORDERED, any and all PSI’s for Cassim to be obtained and can be reviewed by Mr. Schwarz; Jail to provided copies of Cassim’s housing records; Certified copies of any handwritten visitor logs for Cassim, Brady and Titus to be provided; phone call records of Titus to mother and aunt to be turned over. Additionally, COURT FINDS good cause to seal Standard Operating Procedures at the Jail, which is Exhibit “B” to Reply to States Opposition to Motion To Compel (filed 10/24/07), and COURT ORDERED, EXHIBIT WILL BE SEALED.

Argument by Mr. Schwarz as to Motion to Suppress that conversations were hearsay and should be excluded. Argument by Mr. Tomsheck, citing Reyes case. Court does not find a violation of law and bulk of argument is quality of evidence and weight to be given. COURT ORDERED, Motion to Suppress is DENIED.

Additionally, at request of Mr. Tomsheck, Mr. Schwarz is to provide cellphone records.

Also worth noting, there are other current charges against Ron Brady Jr. One felony and two misdemeanors:

• Obtain money/property by false pretense - Felony
• Engaging in business without license - Gross Misdemeanor
• Unlawful acts of omissions; penalties - Gross Misdemeanor

Counsel advised Deft. has a murder charge in the system and requested this trial be VACATED until after resolution of other case. COURT ORDERED, trial VACATED, and matter CONTINUED for status check.

This trial will be reset on February 5, 2008.

An Early Christmas Present for Anthony Gross

December 27th, 2007

Anthony Gross received an early Christmas present from the James’ family by way of the Clark County District Court.

The summons reads:

Two years have passed since Melissa James’ Death

December 21st, 2007

It’s been two years now since Melissa James was found dead in the Las Vegas desert. This weekend it will be two years since Titus and Ryan were arrested as suspects in her death. Where are we now? Many things have happened since this story broke. TitusandRyan.com has documented all of the news and events along the way. A number of you knew Melissa and are seeking answers to her death. Some of you know Craig and/or Kelly from the bodybuilding world and wondering what their future holds.

This we do know… Craig and Kelly are in jail awaiting trial. Maura James (Melissa’s mother) and her family will have another Christmas without Melissa and no closure to this case. There are many unanswered questions and things yet to be revealed. Next year should bring closure to a number of things but we have a funny suspicion that this case is going to have many more twists and turns before its all over.

Our thoughts go out to everyone who has suffered from this tragedy.

Maura and Dennis James file case against Titus, Ryan and Gross

December 14th, 2007

Galen D. Schutt, ESQ will be the lawyer for Maura and Dennis James in a case against Craig Titus, Kelly Ryan and Anthony Gross. Maura and Dennis James are listed as the parents and special administrators of the Estate of Melissa Jame, deceased. The case has been filed in the District Court of Clark County, Nevada. Judge Jennifer Togliatti will preside over the case. The case?

Complaint for compensatory and punitive damages for wrongful death.

We’ll keep you posted on this case as well.

Former Fitness Model, Brenda Kelly interviews Kelly Ryan in Jail

November 30th, 2007

Brenda Kelly was once a top fitness model and now it appears she’s trying to hold on to something, anything in the fitness industry. She interviews Kelly Ryan in jail once again, poses for photos outside of the jail like it is a tourist attraction and asks the most ridiculous questions we’ve ever heard. Don’t believe it? Here’s one:

Brenda: Plans to return to Fitness?
Kelly: I would never return to fitness. I will never compete in fitness again. This is the last thing either Craig or I want in our lives. We had been in the middle of doing many other things to transition our careers from competition income to build our lives together.

Oh wait there is more…
Brenda: What would be your ideal career change title?
Kelly: Even though this does not sound like a career to some and I know it may sound funny, I want to be a Mom. This is my goal and is dear to my heart. I want it more than anything.

If you wish to read this rather wacky interview, check it out on bodybuilding.com

Titus & Ryan Judge to preside in the O.J. Simpson Case

November 28th, 2007

As if things in the Titus & Ryan trial weren’t bizarre enough… Judge Jackie Glass will now preside over the O.J. Simpson trial. More info on the judge are found in a recent press release by Ken Ritter.

O.J. Simpson Judge No Stranger to Media

LAS VEGAS (AP) — In an earlier time, Jackie Glass would have been covering O.J. Simpson’s trial instead of presiding over it.

Before becoming a lawyer and being elected a Clark County District Court judge, Glass was a television journalist covering courts in Las Vegas. She met her husband, then a deputy district attorney and now a Las Vegas city councilman, in the courthouse hallways.

“She’s got some experience covering and being around high-profile cases,” said Steve Wolfson, a defense lawyer who married Glass the same month she received her law degree in 1984 from the University of San Diego School of Law. “I have every confidence in the book that she’ll do a great job on this case.”

Glass, in her fifth year of a six-year term, has handled several celebrity cases, but nothing as headline-grabbing as the hotel-room confrontation in which Simpson and two other men are accused of kidnapping and robbing two sports memorabilia dealers.

Through her administrative clerk, Glass declined to comment.

Glass, 51, practiced law for almost 20 years, focusing on civil law for more than a decade as a partner with her husband.

In 2002, she raised and spent more than $400,000 to win a seat on the bench paying about $130,000 a year. She defeated a judge who spent more than $280,000 but lost his bid for a third term after Glass accused him of being soft on crime.

By the end of her first year on the bench, Glass helped establish a county mental health court, and she pushed for creation of a competency court in 2005 to review the mental ability of defendants to stand trial.

Glass sent former NFL kicker Cole Ford to a state mental hospital in 2005 after finding him incompetent to stand trial for shooting at the Las Vegas home of entertainers Siegfried & Roy. Ford later agreed to a plea deal that required him to continue mental health treatment.

Glass also oversaw the jury trial of a California minister and his wife who were convicted of trying to extort millions of dollars from the husband of singer Celine Dion. Ae Ho Kwon’s wife, Yun Kyeong Kwon Sung, claimed the singer’s husband, Rene Angelil, raped her.

Before trial, Glass made a crucial ruling that Angelil was not properly served with a subpoena, and Angelil didn’t have to testify. The Nevada Supreme Court is considering an appeal from Kwon and Sung, whose lawyers argue they should have been able to confront their accuser.

More recently, Glass was assigned the case of husband-and-wife professional bodybuilders Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan, accused of slaying their live-in assistant, Melissa James. The trial is set to begin in June.

Glass has dropped in ratings by county bar association members, from 80 percent favoring retention in 2004 to 71 percent in 2006. Ratings are compiled every two years by the Las Vegas Review-Journal newspaper.

One critic surveyed in 2004 said Glass worked hard and meant well but needed training in “rules of evidence, law and procedure.”

A veteran defense lawyer said Glass today is tough, fair, knowledgeable about the law, and “sensitive to both sides of the aisle.”

“She can take the bull by the horns and make tough decisions,” John Momot said. “She does not cave in.”

Titus & Ryan sit and wait until April

November 9th, 2007

Craig and Kelly aren’t scheduled to be back in court until April 17, 2008 at 8:30am. They are still set to go to trial on June 2, 2008. Kelly is now being represented by Michael V. Cristalli.

Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan back in court

November 7th, 2007

Titus and Ryan will be back in court tomorrow at 8:30 am. The purpose of tomorrow’s court session is to address the defendant’s motion for “production of list of witnesses not intended to call”.

Detailed Report from October 27, 2007 Court Appearance

October 30th, 2007


Court conducted a canvass of defendants Titus and Ryan pursuant to Supreme Court Order. Both defendants acknowledged they signed the Informed Consent and Joint Defense Plan which was marked as Court’s Exhibit 1. Court FINDS defendants Titus and Ryan knowingly, intelligently and voluntarily waived their rights regarding conflict-free representation and therefore, ORDERED, defendant Ryan may proceed with Mr. Cristalli as counsel. Mr. Denue’s Motion to Withdraw, GRANTED.

Mr. Saggese and Mr. Cristalli indicated they are clear for a June 2008 trial setting. Mr. Tomsheck requested an August 2008 trial setting stating he has conflicts in June. Colloquy. COURT ORDERED, matter SET FIRM for TRIAL in June 2008. Colloquy regarding pretrial motion deadlines and discovery. Mr. Tomsheck stated most of the motions for defendant Titus have been filed but not litigated. Mr. Cristalli stated he will need time to get caught up to speed. COURT ORDERED, matter CONTINUED two weeks for Mr. Cristalli to review the file to determine what needs to be done and a briefing schedule will be set at the next date. Court ADMONISHED counsel that if there are any issues reference discovery and/or experts, those motions need to be filed and heard sooner rather than later.

As to Defendant GROSS: Defendant’s PRESENCE WAIVED THIS DATE. COURT ORDERED, matter SET for TRIAL SETTING after the trial date for defendants Titus and Ryan. Mr. Palazzo requested the bond exonerated stating defendant has been in full compliance. State submitted. COURT ORDERED, defendant GROSS’S BOND EXONERATED.


11/8/07 - 8:30 AM

5/27/08 - 8:30 AM

6/2/08 - 10:00 AM

7/24/08 - 8:30 AM

The dates are set in the Titus & Ryan Trial

October 24th, 2007

The next time we’ll see Titus & Ryan in court will be November 8, 2007. There will be a “status check” and a “briefing schedule” set. The defendants’ motions for the witness lists not intended to call will also be addressed at that time.

• Today a “notice of exhibits in the vault.”

• Calendar call will be conducted on May 27, 2008 at 8:30am.

• Trial by Jury is scheduled for June 2, 2008 for Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan.

• Trial Setting for Anthony Gross is scheduled for July 24, 2008.

Yes, that means we will have to wait for another 8 months before finding out the fate of Titus & Ryan.

Court Updates

October 24th, 2007

Craig and Kelly will be in court today at 1:30 pm (changed from the original 10:00am time). They will also be back in court next week on October 30, 2007 at 8:30 am. We’ll keep you posted on any outcomes.

Titus & Ryan Trial not until September/October 2008?

October 22nd, 2007

Last week the defendants (Titus and Ryan) filed motions for the list of witness not intended to be called. Kelly Ryan also filed a motion of “request for discovery and for disclosure of all exculpatory evidence”. It appears Robert Daskas is now off the case and has been replaced with Joshua Romsheck.

The court records list Mr. Romsheck’s info as:
* Hired as Deputy District Attorney: March 2005.
* 10 Jury Trails (Murder, Kidnapping (2 Cases), Coercion, Sexual Assault, Child Abuse With Deadly Weapon, Lewdness With a Minor Under 14 (2 Cases), Battery Resulting in Substantial Bodily Harm, Robbery, Trafficking in Controlled Substance).

This will obviously be his biggest career case.

More interesting information came from last week’s court session:

Court reviewed the Supreme Court Opinion dated 10/11/07 which indicates defendants can have the attorneys of their choice but the conflict waiver must be in writing; therefore, COURT ORDERED, matter CONTINUED for same. IN ADDITION, counsel are to provide something in writing indicating defendants have been advised of their right to seek independent counsel regarding all issues contained in the Opinion. Colloquy reference potential trial dates. Mr. Palazzo stated deft. Gross is severed and that trial needs to be set after the instant trial. Mr. Tomsheck stated he may be able to schedule this matter for June 2008, however, he has to verify whether he can move some other matters. If not, the soonest he could be ready is September/October 2008. Court NOTED once it sets the trial date, it will be a firm setting and it expects counsel to be prepared to go on that date. Mr. Saggese advised they’ve provided defendants Titus and Ryan with a copy of the Opinion last night.

Titus & Ryan remain in custody while Gross is out on bond but still on house arrest. The matter will pick up again on October 24, 2007. This 10am session with cover a status check on waiver & canvass, Denue’s motion to withdraw as Ryan’s counsel and a trial setting for all parties.

Marc “The Defender” Saggese, Toughest Pound for Pound Lawyer in the World

October 22nd, 2007

We found the following article on eastsideboxing.com. Marc Saggese is Craig Titus’ lawyer and a partner in the law firm Cristalli & Saggee.

LAS VEGAS (October 22, 2007) – High profile defense attorney and professional boxer, Marc “The Defender” Saggese, arguably the toughest pound-for-pound lawyer in the world, has added “Nevada-licensed Boxing Promoter” to his already impressive portfolio.

Saggese, whose infamous clients have included body builder Craig Titus (“Murder For Hire Trial”) and whose law firm freed Sandy Murphy (“Ted Binion Murder Trial”), practices in Las Vegas where he’s a partner in Cristalli & Saggese.

Born in Utica (New York), Saggese earned his Bachelor of Arts degree (Cum Laude) at the State University of New York at Cortland. He received a Juris Doctorate from Catholic University of America Columbus School of law, and he’s presently a member of the bar in Nevada and Georgia.

Despite only one amateur match, when he was 17 years old – losing by disqualification due to repeatedly ducking too low, Saggese turned pro this past March at the age of 34, winning all three of his bouts by first round knockout. Two fights were showcased on Pinnacle FiteNite, a pay-per-view series emanating from a variety of venues in North America.

His first show as a promoter (Battle Born Promotions) is tentatively scheduled for early 2008 as part of the Pinnacle FiteNite series.

Saggese brings the same veracity into the courtroom and ring, but balancing his various professions is a challenge. “Sometimes I surprise myself,” Saggese said. “Any one of these professions alone is a full-time job. I have promised every one I do business with that I will never let any of the three things I do affect and/or take away from the other. I will be a trial attorney, professional boxer and boxing promoter as long as I can continue to perform at my best at all three simultaneously. A good law office staff, good trainer and good relationships with venues all help, too.

“I want to continue boxing as long as my body holds up. I love boxing and I’ll fight until I can’t fight anymore. I believe it is the best of all sports and I’m honored to be able to compete professionally in the sport. I just completed building a gym in my garage because time is a commodity for me and shaving time off of the day for travel and being able to train anytime after work is very necessary. As a promoter, much like in the law, I can stay in boxing and arrange fights for many years to come. Boxing will let me know when I’m finished as a fighter; however, being a boxing promoter and trial attorney can continue on long into the years of gray hair and arthritis.”

Originally, Saggese boxed for the love of it and to stay in great shape, but he eventually decided to box competitively. “He wanted to box as an amateur,” Saggese’s trainer Steve Rowlands explained, “but at his age, I advised him to turn pro. We went into it to see where it would take us. Marc just keeps getting better and better. He hasn’t been in over his head, yet, so we’re still seeing where it’s going to take us.”

Saggese’s last two fights have been on Pinnacle FiteNite, providing additional public exposure for the well known attorney whose courtroom fights have put him in the media spotlight on numerous occasions.

“Marc represents the model boxer we want to portray to the public on Pinnacle FiteNite,” Pinnacle FiteNite executive producer Ritch Danner explained. “He’s articulate, handsome and extremely marketable with an interesting background and compelling storyline who’ll click with the public. Marc has already proven to be media friendly, aware of public perception from his work in the courtroom. He’s a refreshing addition to boxing, not a product of a typical boxing background, but somebody with an educational history. But he also relates to athletes because he’s been one all of his life.

“If Marc Saggese chooses to, he could become a power in the world of professional boxing because of what he does (attorney) and where he’s located (Las Vegas), along with his persona, drive and commitment. He’s only 34 and, again, if he wants it, Marc could become one of the biggest boxing promoters in the world.”

Saggese’s battles in the courtroom are well documented; he has now transcended law into boxing, remaining equally dangerous in a three-piece suit or stripped down to his boxing trunks. He has the right look (and body, ladies) to become a bonafide celebrity.

“It is an honor to be part of a pay-per-view event once in your lifetime, let alone several times in my first few fights,” Marc concluded. “I have been very lucky having my fights aired on television. Trust me, seeing myself fight on television with some of the world’s greatest fighters and commentators, such as Al Bernstein and Colonel Bob Sheridan, is surreal. My association with Pinnacle FiteNite has certainly changed by boxing career.

“An ordinary day in my life is not so ordinary anymore. Walking into the gym one day, for example, I saw a former client of mine whom I had represented in the courthouse. Warming up in the ring was Shawn ‘The Sioux Warrior’ Hawk, who I fought with (not against) on the same Pinnacle FiteNite card in North Dakota. While I was preparing to enter the ring, I noticed my former client watching his attorney; the promoter as professional boxer, sparring with a future contender. The three separate parts of my life had come together where the components of attorney, boxer and promoter could be seen all at once.”

Titus and Ryan back in court on October 24, 2007

October 17th, 2007

Today the duo was back in court regarding all pending motions. They will be back in court on October 24, 2007, 10am, for a status check on “written waiver and canvass”.

Trial Setting to take place in Titus/Ryan case

October 16th, 2007

The trial setting has been moved up one day at the requet of Judge Jackie Glas. We should find out tomorrow when/if this case will have a trial date. We’ll keep you posted on the outcome as it becomes available.

Review Journal Reports: BODYBUILDERS FACING TRIAL: Ruling backs Ryan on lawyer choice

October 16th, 2007

From the Las Vegas Review Journal.

BODYBUILDERS FACING TRIAL: Ruling backs Ryan on lawyer choice

Move allowed if defendant voluntarily waives right to ‘conflict-free’ counsel

CARSON CITY — The Nevada Supreme Court ruled Thursday that former national fitness champion Kelly Ryan can select a lawyer of her choosing, even though her prospective attorney’s law firm also will defend her husband, bodybuilder Craig Titus.

Ryan and Titus are co-defendants in an upcoming trial in which they face charges of murdering their personal assistant, Melissa James, in December 2005. James’ body was found in Ryan’s burned car just off state Route 160 in Southern Nevada.

District Judge Jackie Glass postponed their trial, set to begin in April, so that Ryan could ask the Supreme Court if she could fire her current attorney, Greg Denue, and replace him with a lawyer whose law firm also represents her husband.

In the decision, justices said there is a strong presumption in law that nonindigent criminal defendants can choose their own lawyers if they voluntarily waive their right to a “conflict-free” counsel.

“When a defendant knowingly, intelligently and voluntarily waives the right to conflict-free representation, the district court must accept that waiver,” the court stated.

The justices also said if Ryan agrees to representation with the firm that represents her husband, she cannot later claim she was ineffectively represented.

The appeal to the Supreme Court was filed in the spring after Denue filed legal documents in which he said Ryan was a battered woman. He added that he planned to tell a jury that she was under the control of her husband when James was found dead.

Denue also asked that Ryan be tried separately from her husband. He added that Ryan was wavering on whether she wanted to fire him. Earlier, Ryan had fired another lawyer.

Denue claimed that Titus was trying to control his wife’s legal defense through his lawyer, Marc Saggese.

In court motions, Denue said Saggese wanted to have Ryan “sacrificed at the altar of Craig Titus.”

But Michael Cristalli, the lawyer who wants to represent Ryan, said Denue’s comments were untrue. He said Ryan did not want to blame her husband for James’ slaying. Cristalli and Saggese are law partners.

Chief Justice Bill Maupin entered a dissent in which he said “this attempt at joint representation has been mismanaged.”

If Ryan is convicted, Maupin said there still would be an issue about whether she had an effective lawyer because of the dual representation.