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About Kelly Ryan

Who is Kelly Ryan?

Kelly Ryan

Bio from Oxygen Magazine

My astrological sign is Cancer

I grew up in Greenville, South Carolina.

In high school I played volleyball, basketball and soccer, and was the captain of my cheerleading squad. I was the MVP in every sport, including cheerleading. I continued cheerleading at the University of South Carolina.

My first fitness competition was the NPC South Carolina State in 1995, where I placed first.

I love training my quads and hams because I love feeling strong when I perform my fitness routines.

I hate training my calves. Recently I have incorporated more calf training into my program because I tore my left calf twice. Maybe now I have learned my lesson – you think?

The biggest obstacle I have had to overcome was going blind in my left eye from a viral infection just before the 2001 Arnold Classic. It was a miracle I was even able to compete. I placed second.

If I could live anywhere I would live in Hawaii because of the people, the food, the beaches and the weather. There is a huge bodybuilding and fitness following there. Every time my husband, IFBB pro bodybuilder Craig Titus, and I travel there to work, we always stay a couple extra days just to enjoy ourselves.

If I won a million dollars I would buy a state-of-the-art training center for the kids in the Special Olympics. I volunteer with a group of gymnasts, and these kids deserve a chance to be their very best. These athletes rock!

The most memorable pickup line used on me at the gym was, “‘Psst. Hey, is it okay to talk to you? I don’t want that Titus guy to knock my head off.’”

In my fridge I have bottled water, Crystal Light, diet soda for a daily treat, and salad ingredients. And I keep potatoes there so that they last longer.

My sense of style is quite funky. I love wearing Lucky Brand Jeans, silk tops, cropped jackets, velour sweat suits and Kangol or Von Dutch hats for casual outings. But I also love dressing up in tailored suits and heels, whether I’m going to the grocery store, out for dinner with friends, or making an appearance.

I never leave home without my dog, a Brussels Griffon that looks like the dog in the movie As Good as It Gets; my cell phone that has ‘Flyin’Ryan’ spelled out on it in jewels; and a hug and kiss from my husband.

Keep an eye out for me on VH1’s Remaking: Vince Neil. Craig and I were hired to get him in shape for a comeback concert. It was an experience of a lifetime.