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Craig Titus & Kelly Ryan Investigation » About Craig Titus

About Craig Titus

Who is Craig Titus?

Craig Titus

• Recently spoke out to start own organization… WPI .

“1994-1999 my life was in absolute shambles” - from pro bodybuilding weekly radio show interview.

• Posted official web site at one time…
“Live with Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan for a weekend. Come to beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada, the Sin City, and live at Craig & Kelly’s home in their guest room with your own full bath and shower with a pool and hot tub in the back yard! Fly in on Friday evening where Craig and Kelly will pick you up from the airport and take you to their house. The trip includes two training sessions on Saturday, a night out on the town Saturday night, one training session Sunday morning and over 4 hours of nutritional and training discussions. Craig will also teach posing in their own posing room and Kelly will teach the proper way to stand on stage. Kelly will also take her clients to the Fitness Routine center where she can help master your moves for that winning routine you’ve always dreamed of. We will personally return you to the airport on Sunday morning with everything you need to know about the bodybuilding and fitness lifestyle. The cost for couples for the weekend is $1600.00. For single people the cost is $750.00. Please e-mail Craig Titus at Crgtitus@aol.com for further details and available dates. Make your plans now because they are getting booked up fast.”