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Craig Titus Accomplice, Anthony Gross Pleads Guilty Gets Probation

Earlier this month Anthony Gross plead guilty in the Melissa James murder case. Gross plead guilty to accessory to arson and accessory to commit first degree arson. The two are both felony charges. If Gross successfully completes his probation, he will be permitted to withdraw his guilty plea to the two felony offenses, plead guilty to the gross misdemeanor charge of Conspiracy to Commit 3rd Degree Arson and receive credit for time served. If he doesn’t complete the probation the two felony charges will remain.

Craig Titus has appealed to the Nevada Supreme Court in regards to his earlier plea. No word on when this matter will be heard.

13 Responses to “Craig Titus Accomplice, Anthony Gross Pleads Guilty Gets Probation”

  1. venice Says:


    let me say that backwards WoW.

    I thought all along that Gross would get off easy, but maybe not quite that easy…

  2. dp100 Says:

    Kinda makes you want to take a step back and say damn the state was really after Titus all along. Once they got him to admit to murder everybody else was free to go. This just looks bad for the state.

  3. Paul Says:

    I never believed he knew there was a body in the car. I believe he only thought he was setting a car on fire for the insurance or whatever. And so, he recived the proper sentence.

  4. Phil Says:


    He never knew there was a body in the car? Maybe Kelly thought the insurance company would over look the barbecue kit, gas cans, and tape to bound someone in the insurance claim…

    I really can’t believe Anthony got probation! What the hell is that?


  5. venice Says:


    Wassup brother…

    It’s funny how the legal system works in this country.

    Anthony didn’t commit murder…

    …I get they needed his cooperation.

    But sheesh he should be punished a little …fawk.

    I wonder what Titus is weighing in at these days??

  6. Phil Says:

    what up venice!

    Yeah, he needs to be held accountable for something in that circus of a murder!


  7. thunder chuck Says:

    Craig has joined the skinheads and is working on his first book… Along the lines of Jose Canseco’s book “Juiced” …gosh I never realised so many bb’ers use performance enhancing drugs…shocker.

  8. CAPS LOCK HAL Says:


  9. Phil Says:

    Titus hasn’t formed a click with the skinheads…He is however working a book deal out as we speak!

  10. Venice Says:


    What do you know about his book…the tell-all book about bodybuilding? I bet he does have some pretty far out stories… Is he working with Dennis?

    I guess he can profit from a book as long as it isn’t about the crime of mursering MJ…nit sure how that works.

  11. Phil Says:

    Wasssup Venice-

    I’m not sure if he’s working with Dennis… However, I was told by a reliable source that there is a book deal in the works and I’m not sure if it wil be a “tell all” or not? Knowing Craig, I’m sure he will have some wild stories and throw some people under the bus if you will… Kinda of like when he was talking smack about how big Jay’s head has gotten. That was a low blow and yes, Jay’s head is expanding from acromegoly…But, Jay is one of the most humble cool guys in the sport! I’m sure Jay never made fun of Craig’s Bitch Tits and his GH gut..ya know?

    We’ll see!


  12. Venice Says:

    God I miss this website… Is there anything left to say??

  13. Desha Says:

    There is certainly a book in the works, set to be published in the next few months. It will detail everything leading up to and after the death of Melissa James, and everyone involved in the cover up. Craig will not receive a dime, but will get the chance he never had in court to explain exactly what happened.

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