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Craig Titus Request - DENIED

The Las Vegas Review Journal shares the outcome of today’s hearing:

Judge rejects Craig Titus’ request for sentence reduction

A judge denied former professional body-builder Craig Titus’ request for a lower sentence today.

District Judge Jackie Glass shot down Titus’ request in part because he was aware that the judge had the discretion to sentence him to 17 years or more for pleading guilty to second-degree murder. Titus was sentenced to spend 21 years in prison on Aug. 22.

Titus’ attorney, Marc Saggesse, claimed that Glass said Titus would be eligible for parole after serving 17 years for pleading guilty to killing his personal assistant Melissa James in 2005.

Today, Glass said she had the sole discretion to sentence Titus and no one could guarantee that Titus would get 17 years.

Titus and his wife, fitness guru Kelly Ryan, were accused of killing James during a drug-fueled fight.

4 Responses to “Craig Titus Request - DENIED”

  1. BS Says:

    Good for you Judge Glass, I’m a supporter. You also did a great job on the OJ trial.

    I predict in the not so distant future you will be referred to as Governor Glass. If I live in Nevada I would certainly vote for you.

  2. chainsaw Says:


    Not so fast. I believe the judges personal opinion
    should not be a part of any hearing. Also, I firmly
    believe that Titus did make a deal for 17yrs, and the judge Glass fucked
    him. Im not saying he didnt deserve it by any means, but I live here in Vegas, and many of judges hbave been relieved of duty for corruption.

    Im just sayin this, I’m skeptical.

  3. chainsaw Says:

    BS looks like youre right!

  4. John Hunt Says:

    That is real unfortunate that Craig and
    Kelly would throw their lives away.
    Craig had an awesome Physique as well
    As Kelly.
    I hope the best for them both. I hope
    They can keep in touch with each other
    Cause I know they had a deep love
    For each other
    From a fan of them both

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