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“He’s nothing. He’s nothing…but a murderer.”

Those were the words Judge Jackie Glass used to describe Craig Titus during his sentencing. If you missed the CBS’ 48Hour special you can watch it online in the embedded video below. The show did a good job of showing a some of the details around this case and a variety of interviews. We would have liked to seen the mention of the Murder for Hire plot and heard from Kelly in the piece. The show could have easily gone two hours with all the content they had to work with surrounding this case. At the end of the story a line appears that states, “Kelly Ryan says her marriage to Craig Titus is over.” That’s an interesting twist to end the show.

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What are your thoughts on the show?

10 Responses to ““He’s nothing. He’s nothing…but a murderer.””

  1. Venice Says:

    nobody seems to have any further comments…

    …What is the latest with Craig’s case?

  2. Peter Says:


    November 18 - Tuesday - CT back in court to try to withdraw guilty plea.

  3. Peter Says:

    You know what made me sick? Titus stands up and addresses the court and he says: “I’m so sorry for what happened after Melissa passed”.

    As if he had nothing to do with her death. He’ll admit to only being ashamed for duct-taping, tasering her, shooting her up with an overdose and burning her body.

    As a matter of fact he defends the killing with, “I’m sorry Melissa was trying to murder my wife”.

    In the three years of writing posts here (thanks to the administrator), I’ve never swore etc., but I will now.

    Craig Titus is a murderer. he’s nothing but a lying, murdering piece of shit who killed a beautiful, young innocent woman who weighed less than half of what he did.

    As for Kelly, something tells me that she fell under the spell of an abusive man, but still, she got off easy.

  4. Venice Says:


    I agree…

    …Listening to Megan Foley and that other guy “Craig’s friend” …everything they said rang so true…he may very well just end up screwing himself even worse…I don’t think he fully grasps how bad he comes off…
    …I wonder how long Kelly has known she wanted her marriage to be over…I’m not about to compliment her, but she seems to have played her cards right…I mean she really duped Craig…even using an atty from the same firm…I mean I wondered if she had that conversation with her atty…basically, “work over Craig for me”….I mean what did Kelly’s atty say to Saggese when they were having Jack and Cokes discussing the case???- or did Kelly just hide that from everyone except maybe her dad??

    …Also what’s the deal with Gross?

  5. Peter Says:


    This is where I’m completely lost. I’ve read a couple of times that KR duped CT. How? Please explain.

    Finally, did you see how magnificent an athlete she was when she did that Popeye thing on stage? She seemed like she was a terrific gal at one time.
    When she did that “strong to the finish” thing - well, I’m sorry, but I don’t see evil. Know what I mean?


  6. Venice Says:


    I agree with you on Kelly… She did some horrific things and I hate to pawn it all off on “evil” Titus…but that’s part of the story…no disrespect to Melissa…

    In regards to CT being duped by KR….

    CT said in earlier intrvws that he was basically only admitting to a murder he didn’t commit so his wife (KR) couls have a life…

    Fast forward to the end of 48 hrs…KR says her marriage is over….

    Question: would CT have made this move he knew KR was going to divorce him as soon as she was certain of her sentence,,,

    I think KR played CT in a manner of speaking

  7. BS Says:

    I agree Venice. She played his simple ass like a violin. It won’t be long until she’s spotted lurking backstage at some future pro contests. Bet Wieder changed his private number.

  8. Terry C - NJ Says:

    What the hell did Kelly Ryan DO to her face?

    WHY did she ALLOW him to do that to her?

    She should have told him “This is me….if you don’t like me the way I am, go on down the road. I don’t need you!”

  9. Terry C - NJ Says:

    Kelly played Craig?

    Give me a break. They were equally guilty.

  10. Terry C - NJ Says:

    “It won’t be long until she’s spotted lurking backstage at some future pro contests.”

    Sounds like someone is suffering from “every woman is a whore” syndrome.

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