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Vince Neil admits to 48 HOURS MYSTERY that Titus injected him with steroids

We’ve gained more information on this weekend’s CBS show…


Craig Titus and his wife Kelly Ryan were two of the biggest stars of the body building world. The duo – he, a Mr. Olympia competitor and she, a fitness champion – won numerous competitions and graced magazine covers. Titus even trained Motley Crue lead singer, Vince Neil, who admits to 48 HOURS MYSTERY that Titus used steroids and injected him with them. And steroids were not Titus’ only drug of choice. These Las Vegas hard bodies were also hard partiers, known for using illegal drugs and pain killers.

But all that changed on Dec. 14, 2005, when the charred corpse of a young woman was discovered in Ryan’s burned-out car on a Las Vegas desert road. The unrecognizable body was initially thought to be Ryan, but authorities were stunned when they arrived to the couple’s house only to be greeted by her at the door. The body was that of their live-in assistant Melissa James. And soon police pieced together the web of fame, sex, drugs and jealousy that ended in this brutal murder, a gruesome cover up and the downfall of two fitness powerhouses.

Now, in a 48 HOURS MYSTERY exclusive, family, friends, detectives and witnesses each shed light on this shocking story. And, for the first time, shamed body builder Craig Titus tells his side of what happened the night James died, insisting to 48 HOURS MYSTERY that is wasn’t murder. “She OD’d. She’d been shooting drugs for days…I never intended to kill Melissa James, murder Melissa James.”

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Correspondent Peter Van Sant reports on 48 HOURS MYSTERY: “Vegas Heat,” Saturday, Nov. 8 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. This broadcast is produced by Chuck Stevenson and Chris O’Connell. Judy Tygard and Anthony Batson are the senior producers and Al Briganti is the executive editor. Susan Zirinsky is the executive producer.

10 Responses to “Vince Neil admits to 48 HOURS MYSTERY that Titus injected him with steroids”

  1. Venice Says:

    Just watched 48 hours…

    It said at the very end that…

    Craig was trying to get his sentenced reduced (still).

    Kelly has said that her marriage to Craig is over.

    A few comments:
    1. It seems as though Kelly may have played Craig.

    2. Watching Craig in court crying - very obvious that those were fake “crocodile tears” he’s a sociopath.

    3. Kelly got off relatively easy - but I beleieve her remorse is real.

    Does anyone know where things stand with Craig getting his sentence reduced?

    They showed Craig being pulled out of his cell - strapped down to a chair - but no explaination was given about the murder for hire plot.

    What is happening with Gross??

  2. BS Says:

    It’s one thing to read about the brutal murder by these two but another after viewing it. It appears that Kelly played the intelligence challenged Titus to get the light sentence she received but even after being released she’ll never get her life back. It will always be shit and that’s a sentence she will never shake loose from.

    There have been many Titus and Ryan fans defending them but I hope they now see that they were wrong to cling onto their loyalty to them.

  3. Peter Says:

    CT goes back to court Nov 18 to try to take back his plea. My guess is that Judge Glass will not let him, because she made a point of telling him she had her doubts about the guilty plea and asked him again whether he wished to plea guilty. She’s a no-nonsense Judge.

    Titus is a sociopath the same way Casey Anthony is. To a sociopath, they’re always the victim.

    Kelly Ryan was so much cuter and prettier before the plastic surgery.

    The 48 Hours thing is now on YouTube.

  4. OTF Says:

    omg, kellys plastic surgery was amazing. she was so much cuter before the chin implant and whatever else she had implanted in her face. my god, did she look in the mirror at all during that process? unbelievalbe transformation, horrible. i was amazed at how old she looked, all that grey hair. i think her emotions were real but i think it was more for what was happening to her rather than what she did.

    i think craig was upset to hear his wife cry but he really did not come off sincere when he was addressing the court. craig is screwed - he will be locked up until pushing 70 my guess is. I wonder how his ego is handling being, what, 50 pounds lighter??

    I do think Kelly got off way too easy. What are the chances she will get out at the 6 year mark?

    Oh, and craig’s excuse that they were all on drugs for days disgusted me. that is no excuse, they chose to do the drugs they should pay for the consequences.

    Anthony Gross?? Does anyone know what is up with that?

  5. Venice Says:

    Very interesting comments all around…

    I wonder what went through Craig’s head the moment he realized Kelly had used him ( he deserves it)

    The interviews with Megan Foley - and the other guy - who was Craig’s friend were very insightful and genuine…like Craig bragging about choking Melissa…
    …I also have to give props to Vince Neil for being so candid.

    Question for the administrater:

    What information do you have about Gross’ status?

  6. Peter Says:


    Does Craig Titus really expect anyone to believe that Melissa James was trying to kill his wife? Judge Glass is right - “he’s nothing”.

    Kelly Ryan did indeed get off easy but I suppose the sense is that Craig did the actually killing - the chokehold.

    Finally, when Kelly did the Popeye thing - “I’m strong to the finish because I’ze eat my spinach” - well, that guy wouldn’t fall in love with her?

    When you want to figure out why a woman gets attracted to a controlling, spiteful man, it mostly always harken back to “the father”. Somehow, Craig had to be in some way like her father. Happens all the time.

  7. Lucky Says:

    What was in the mind of these two when they killed this girl? Drugs do fuel violence, but these two were nuts anyway. Who builds their body that much?
    Someone who needs control cause they are SO insecure about themselves?
    Nut jobs.

  8. Mars Says:

    My only comment is, I agree, Kelly Ryan got off way too easy, she’s as guilty of murder as Craig Titus was. Considering what they did, Murder, Kidnapping, and Arson to cover it up, the least they both should have gotten was life in prison. It sickens me to think that Ryan could be free after only serving 6 years.

  9. Mars Says:

    Just wanted to add, chances are, Melissa James, because of some petty argument that started with Ryan, was simply attacked, tortured, and murdered by these 2 drug crazed pieces of human garbage, and she was just unable to defend herself.

  10. ML Says:

    This thread is old and forgotten now, just like Titus and Ryan, but, having just seen the 48 Hours show (in Jan. 2011) I feel compelled to comment.

    It struck me as odd that no one questioned the sequence of events here, and seemed to accept the notion that the morphine injection was administered when she was still alive, part of what killed her. It’s far more likely that the morphine was injected into her after they killed her to make it look like an OD if the body were found.

    It also struck me as odd that no one pointed out the obvious fact that if skinny Mellissa were going to attack hulking Titus with the taser, she wouldn’t smack him with it, she’d have tased him (and Ryan, whom James was no physical match for either).

    I suspect it started with Ryan and James getting into a physical altercation, and the weaker James probably tried to tase Ryan in a desperate attempt to stop her.

    What’s hard to determine is when all the tasing occurred. I suspect Ryan tased her in a rage as Titus administered the lethal choke hold. That seems more likely than the alternatives (i.e., that Titus choked her after she was tased, or tased her corpse after he strangled her).

    Again, I suspect the drugs were injected after she was dead to make it look like an OD (junkies don’t part so easily with a syringe full of dope).

    I suspect the crazy car burning scheme was an afterthought, once they realized she was too beaten up to call the cops and say “she OD’d!!”

    Titus will never get out. His roid ravaged body won’t last 15 years with prison medical care, much less 21-55. If Ryan gets out it will be closer to 26 than 6 years, I can assure you. It’s clear she was undersentenced. Living in prison, with high stress and substandard nutrition and medical care, she may well succumb to the heart trouble her family is supposedly vulnerable to (she’ll be close to the age her mom died at as she approaches her max out date).

    Oh well, nice chatting with myself…

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