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Who’s worse, O.J. or Craig Titus?

The following letter was sent to the Las Vegas Review Journal:

Who’s worse, O.J. or Craig Titus?

To the editor:

I have never been a fan of O.J. Simpson, but after reading about the body builder who killed and burned his personal assistant (”Shorter prison sentence sought,” Tuesday Review-Journal), I find myself a little concerned about our legal system.

Let’s compare these two crimes. Craig Titus was sentenced to at least 21 years in prison for murder, but he wants that reduced to 17. His wife, Kelly Ryan, got at least six years for arson and battery with a deadly weapon in that case. But Simpson might get life in prison for armed robbery. Oh yeah, the same judge, Jackie Glass, presided over both cases.

Our system is a joke, and so are the district attorney and the judge. This is like the referee who made a bad call in the first quarter of the football game and makes up for it by making another bad call for the other team in the fourth quarter.

Justice really is blind, and so is our district attorney.

Dennis Larounis

10 Responses to “Who’s worse, O.J. or Craig Titus?”

  1. Chainsaw Says:

    I’ve been on this board for 3 years
    saying that Vegas is a Scam. I can’t
    wait to get out.

  2. Dennis L. Bates / Founder / Muscle Missions Says:

    What’s holding you back Chainsaw?

  3. OTF Says:


    ammennnnn!!!!! however, i doubt oj actually gets life even though he deserves more for his previous horrible crime he skated on. The court is definately bias and has way too much power. It baffles me how a murder gets 17 years and crimes that dont involve physical harm get much more

  4. Peter Says:


    If only it was as innocent and simple as “bias”. How about this? If you admit guilt and cop a plea, thus saving the system and taxpayers money, you can murder someone and only get 17 years. (not to mention, it means lots of people can work less)

    As always, be it Iraq, OJ or Craig (the gutless bully) Titus, it’s always and only about money. Money.

    Someone, tell me I’m wrong.

  5. Chainsaw Says:

    Mr. Bates

    I have a small business here near Summerlin. And
    My drop shipper is in Culver City CA. We are working
    on it, but its alot of $$$ to take it all to Florida and re-set up

  6. OTF Says:


    i guess it is a double edged sword. pleading out and saying us money is a good thing but maybe there should be a minimum plea when it comes to murder. as for as oj, well he won the first time. in my opinion he was guilty. i hope they hammer him this time even though the punishment does match the crime. i doubt he will get life. i am sure he will get much less. titus, well, they should lock him and kelly up for a long time just for being amazingly stupid. the world would be a safer place.

    i dont have much respect for our legal system either but unfortunately it is what we have. it is just one of the many systems in the US that need a major overhaul.

  7. Peter Says:

    Oj, CT or KR have nothing on Casey Anthony. To kill your own beuatiufl 3 year old daughter so you can party…

  8. Peter Says:

    typo = i meant beautiful. Man, if Anthony had Glass, she’d already be reamed over and sent to thr worst prison for Life.

  9. Terry C - NJ Says:

    OJ walked away from TWO murders in Los Angeles.

    He got what he deserved in Nevada.

    Justice delayed isn’t always justice denied.

  10. G. Onassas Says:

    OJ got nine years. Probably an appropriate sentence for the LAST crime he committed. Craig Titus can get out in 21 years for murder. Hopefully, if we are lucky, Titus will die soon and do us all a favor. We shouldn’t spend money on losers/cowards like him. Forget about him and throw away the key. Kelly should have gotten life. These people will hopefully be forgotten.

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