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Titus back in court - motion to withdraw guilty plea

Craig Titus has submitted a motion to withdraw his guilty plea. He will be back in court on October 14, 2008 at 8:30am. We’ll keep you posted on the outcome of this hearing.

10 Responses to “Titus back in court - motion to withdraw guilty plea”

  1. BS Says:

    What a coincidence. Another idiot named Craig (Larry) is also making a feeble attempt at withdrawing his guilty plea for trying to get “acquainted” with another man in the restroom of the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

    This Craig however may possibly be successful as he is the Idaho Representative in the House of the US Senate. He was also merely trying to get some action, he didn’t kill anyone.

    The other Craig is just another drugged out, burnout bodybuilder sparred the embarrassment of being a lifelong personal trainer.

  2. Peter Says:

    Welcome back boys. The insanity and refusal to take responsibility continues, Glass gave him the opportunity to withdraw and he refused it. He’s not going anywhere. I guess he realized he had nothing to lose, what with 21-55 years.

    Hmmm - maybe he’s decided to turn against Kelly.

  3. Peter Says:

    Does anyone know what prison they shipped him to?

  4. Venice Says:

    I really don’t know why I revisited this site… I thought it was a done deal…

    I’m wondering the following:

    1. How will this affect Kelly’s case?

    2. Will Craig get judge Glass?

    3. What is the chance of Craig getting life in prison?

  5. Peter Says:

    1.) Yes, he would get Glass. Just like OJ will when he appeals.

    2.) If it does go to trial, he would get Life, without a doubt.

    3.) Kelly is a seperate legal issue.

  6. Venice Says:


    Craig’s whole justification for taking the deal to begin with was so his wife “could still have a life.”…how is she now able to stand pat so to speak?

    I’m not saying your wrong …it just seems contradictory

  7. Peter Says:


    I hear you. But since when did CT ever put forward anything rational? He’s been stupid since day 1.

    I can tell you this. Kelly would turn against him if he now did anything to compromise her sentence. She can be out in less than 5 years.

  8. Venice Says:


    I suppose you’re right…

    Another point…they had a “joint defense”….now what?

    Is Craig going it alone now…

    I’m sure this will become evident moving forward…

    I mean in the grand scheme of thing… I don’t see how Craig would have been necessarily any better off had he got the deal - he thought he was getting - there was a lot of flexibility built into the sentencing guidlines…he is obviously desperate…who wouldn’t be…he’s already confessed to burning a corpse etc…what is the best he could hope for? - maybe just a last gasp to cut a deal with the D.A…who knows what is going on in the inner circle of this mess..

  9. Peter Says:

    In hindsight, Craig Titus should have done this:

    1.) Oh my God, I killed her. I didn’t mean to
    2.) I better call the police. (he calls the police)
    3.) Admits to losing temper and killing her (takes responsibility)
    4.) Pleased guilty to Manslaughter
    5.) gets 10-15 years and a life

  10. Chainsaw Says:

    I just got out of Clark County jail for a DUI.
    I’ll tell you right now, these jerkoffs here in Vegas are Crooked.

    Not that CT is innocent, but I can see where Glass Jerked him
    around trying to act like a hard ass.

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