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Titus & Ryan to Appeal Sentence and go to trial?

Have we heard the end of this story? Apparently not just yet. The following story mentions that there could be an appeal. There is some video footage on the web site as well. Kelly looks 20 years older and Craig looks like a ghost of his former bodybuilding physique.

Titus, Ryan Ask For Mercy In Court
Titus’ Attorney Says He Plans To Appeal

LAS VEGAS — Judge Jackie Glass laid down the law on Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan.

The two asked for mercy and forgiveness during sentencing Friday for their roles in the death of assistant Melissa James.

The bodybuilding couple, dressed in blue and shackled, sat in court for sentencing.

Titus pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, first-degree kidnapping and arson.

Ryan agreed to first-degree arson and battery with a deadly weapon.

“I know I did not kill but aid once Melissa died. I’m truly, truly sorry. I ask forgiveness,” Ryan said.

“There’s nothing I can do to bring her back. I’m so sorry,” Titus said.

The response from James’ family was blank looks and shaking heads.

Glass said she did not believe Titus.

“He’s nothing but a murderer. The tears are crocodile tears,” she said.

She even went as far as to question the validity of Titus’ guilty plea.

“Did you plea freely and voluntarily given, and did you admit to committing second-degree murder on Melissa James?” Glass asked.

“Yes, maam,” Titus said.

James’ family was emotional throughout the sentencing. At one point, it left court to avoid seeing the graphic pictures of James’ charred body.

The 28-year-old was found dead in December 2005 — badly burned in a Jaguar parked near Red Rock Canyon. The deputy district attorney said she was beaten, drugged and killed by Titus and Ryan, but Titus said he was defending his wife.

“I had no idea I was going to react like that, but I did. I’m ashamed and sickened by my actions after Melissa passed away,” Titus said.

Glass sentenced Titus to 21 to 55 years in prison. His attorney said he was shocked, because he said he was promised 17 to 55 years.

The hearing stopped, but no amount of arguing would save his client.

Still emotional, Ryan received her sentence of six to 26 years in prison.

Titus’ attorney said the judge’s ruling opens the door for his client to take back his guilty plea and allow the case to go to trial.

He said they could file the paperwork as early as next week.

15 Responses to “Titus & Ryan to Appeal Sentence and go to trial?”

  1. Venice Says:

    If they decide to go to trial now…sheesh

  2. Venice Says:

    Can I get a refund on my “innocent period” T-shirt :(

  3. darkstar Says:

    Shocked! Shocked! to hear the judge sentence my client to 21-55 years! (Instead of 17 to 55 years that he says was agreed to previously…)

    Good frickin’ luck on that one Craig, baby…The judge says she remembers nothing of any agreement, and if it isnt in the transcript, its probably over…

    My money says any appeal will sputter and crap out pretty darn fast…

    Besides, it seems to me that even if the sentence is reduced to 17-55, that only reduces the floor, not the ceiling…

    Bub bye, Craig. Say hello to Bruno, your amorous cellmate…

    later, folks… its been fun…


  4. wayne mortensen Says:

    if this goes to trial, i bet the prosecutor will go for the throat of KR and says she is just as culpable as CT. This is a real double edge sword that could get CT a life sentence and KR a murder one. what do the rest of you think, good or bad for CT and KR if it goes to trial. what did these two mensas think? were they thinking they would get off with a slap on the wrists for pleading guilty?

  5. Peter Says:

    It’ll never go to trial because CT knows he’s guilty and would be found guilty.

    He also knows any jury would punish him severely for the fact he refuses to admit responsibility for Ms. James’ death.

    I knew Glass would lower the boom.

  6. Old Rich Dude Says:

    Call me Kelly!

  7. OTFC Says:

    hum,,,,,can crag go to trial and kelly not go or must they be tried as a pair?? I think should just except his new zip code and be done with it. what a joke

  8. OTFC Says:

    oh one more thing……since kelly got 6 to 26 does that mean she is up for parole at 6? if so what does that really mean? she has already done 2 1/2 so if she gets time off for good time, how much longer before she is up for parole??

  9. anabolic Aardvark Says:


    I would imagine she gets credit for time served…

    You know its almost to impossible to have much objectivity when evaluating a case like this…

    It would have been a lot more satisfying to hear the testimony of the witnesses and see CT and KR taken to task in an open court.

    I’m not sure why this case is so compelling to me, but it is…

    I really see very little upside to CT taking this to trial - and there’s a massive downside for Kelly - MASSIVE…that said - how does your attorney (or guess its “possible” that judge Glass made an error) f- up like that…I mean that’s almost akin to a surgeon taking off the wrong leg…I don’t get that at all…

    I also think at some point some way some how - Kelly will wake up - and leave him…in hindsight - this is almost the best case scenario for her (it would be easier to say that if we knew the true facts, but none the less)…as I hypothetical the battered wife thing might have flown - but I doubt it - so CT “falls on the sword” and she gets to move on…she deserves what she got, but her life wouldn’t have turned out this way if she hadn’t gotten involved with CT…unless she hooked up with Bertil Fox instead.

  10. Venice Says:

    I find it to be complete bullshit that Melissa was tasering KR.

    Is it at all possible - yeah its possible but it feels like bullshit…

    2nd point:

    I can’t imagine why CT would taser Melissa - althought it was his “toy”…but what does a guy that strong need to taser a woman for??

    I think Kelly was Tasering Melissa and all hell broke loose in some form or fashion from there??

  11. Herb Ivore Says:

    Glass despises Titus.
    Rightfully so.

  12. Peter Says:

    Here’s why KT will stay in prison for a long time, past the 21 years: He won’t admit he killed Ms. James. Here’s his quote:

    “I had no idea I was going to react like that, but I did. I’m ashamed and sickened by my actions after Melissa passed away,” Titus said.

    Excuse me? Did you say “after”? How about “before?”

    “Well Mr. Titus, until you admit that you should be ashamed of your behavior BEFORE she passed away, you’re not getting out of prison. Until you admit to killing her and talking full responsibility, we consider you a risk to society.” - Parole Board - Year 2029

  13. chainsaw Says:

    I can’t believe they didn’t wear a suit
    at sentancing, or in any court hearing.

  14. BS Says:

    Wouldn’t have helped.

  15. wayne mortensen Says:


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