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Titus & Ryan Sentencing Postponed

At the request of the court Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan’s sentencing has been pushed back from this Friday, July 18th to August 22, 2008. We’ll keep you posted on any other developments.

35 Responses to “Titus & Ryan Sentencing Postponed”

  1. Peter Says:

    And here I thought my sticking to the case was going to be all done by Friday! This has been the most long and drawn-out case I have ever kept tabs on.

    Regardless, CT -25 years plus and I honestly believe, although the “lunatic Titus” who of course is innocent “just wants his wife to go home”, I think Judge Glass will sentence KR for 10-years with no parole for the 1st degree Kidnapping.

  2. nocturnal admission Says:

    I still don’t get why CT isn’t getting smacked with the murder for hire stuff

  3. Peter Says:

    Dear Nocturnal Admission,

    Simply because there is no proof, circumstantial or otherwise. No other prisoner is coming forward saying, “yes, Brady told me that he intended to kill the witnesses”.

    No as of today, it’s only hearsay. And when the authorities tried to fool Titus into admitting something when they told him about Brady, he did not say a thing.

    Bottom line. Not proof. Not nearly enough to make a charge stick.


  4. nocturnal admission Says:


    I suppose you may be right.

  5. Lionel "Night train" James Says:

    I have no comment at this time.

  6. Joel Osteen Says:


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    I would be honored.

  7. Phil Says:

    LOL @ Boyer Coe!!!!!!!! That made me laugh really hard! What, Gary Strydom didn’t want any of that?

  8. Gary Strydom Says:

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  9. strydy Says:

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  10. Cy Sperling Says:

    What a tangled (hair)web we weave, when we try to deceive.

    On that note I have resigned as president of the hair club for men.


  11. Louis Farakan Says:

    I would like to anounce the million muscle march!!!

    After reading Mr.Bates book, I have decided to give up being a human rights activist and join this worthy cause!!!

  12. Mr Bosley Says:

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  13. Phil Says:

    I love it! This board has come down to “hair smack”! What’s next? Those are some classic post though.

    When does CT and KR get sentenced?

  14. Venice Says:

    August 22nd.

    Craig is obviously going down river for a long time.

    It will be interesting to see what happens to Kelly.

    I could see her doing some serious hard time or getting off relatively lightly.

    I think both are real possibilities.

    It was interesting to see the physical transformation in Craig in that last interview through the glass with that reporter.

    I’m not sure I wouldve recognized him without knowing his voice and in fact knowing it was him.

  15. Phil Says:

    I agree Venice…

    Kelly is going to get some serious time! For Craig, it’s going to be interesting to see what kind of deal he struck.

    I just don’t see CT “taking one for the team”.. so to speak! I don’t see Craig “chewing on a bullet” for anybody, let alone his own wife to sacrafice Kelly’s freedom. He’s just to damn selfish! I’ve known him for a while now and I just don’t see that happening.

    Kelly…I think…faces 3 counts that hold 13 years minimum per count. I don’t see judge Glass going lite on her for 3 counts! My guess would be 15 years with a chance for parole? Who knows???

    I saw this thing on Dateline the other day on the so called “millionaire Drifter” Robert Durst..Chopped up a body and admitted it and got off! However, he comes from the Durst family who owns real estate in New York. Craig doesn’t have the cash to hire a so called “dream team” of lawyers. We’ll have to wait and see. But when I saw that, it truly shows that you CAN get away with murder!




  16. Venice Says:


    I have no doubt Craig is selfish, however, he knows that if he is found guilty in a court of law - his situation will be even worse than if he pleads guilty (All bullshit posturing by Saggese aside)

    Ido believe he is trying to protect Kelly - if he didn’t - she couldve taken the “battered wife” route. Secondly, Kelly is about all Craig really has left in the world - except for his immediate family and Dennis “attention whore” Bates

  17. Phil Says:

    I think Kelly could of took the “battered wife” route..no doubt! However, the evidents with her on camera, the Pinnacle credit card, her car fried with a dead person in it, and the jelousy piece as well…I don’t think the battered wife route would be the way to go. If she went that route and things didn’t turn in her direction, then I think she would be charged with murder 1 with all the the other charges involved!

    You just never know. You really don’t know if he’s trying to protect Kelly. I don’t think there’s going to be anything he can do for her. I think Judge Glass is going to give them the maximum under the stipulations of the plea agreement the lawyers set with the DA. We’ll have to wait and see??. She was fully aware of what was going on and Craig always gets a bad rap for controling Kelly and where they ended up in their lives! Like I said before, if she wanted out of the relationship.,she could of left at any point! The rec drugs got to her as well as CT and they were hallucinating on what to do on that grim nite! All that aside, Craig has always been a “hot head”! I still think he should of fought Phil Baroni “the New York Bad Ass” Craig told me he could take him! But when it came down to it, CT backed down like a scared pussy!

  18. Venice Says:

    It never hurts to have money in our legal system.

    Fame can work for you, but it can also work against you.

    …Just ask Mike Tyson…

    No one can really say for sure what happened for him to get convicted of rape…but if his name was Kobe (with the accompanaying public persona and image) he may have gotten acquited…that said there would have been some serious testimony and evidence in this case…I don’t think CT and KR couldve handled things much worse after MJ died - in terms of helping themselves.

    Craig’s temper is well documented - I remember working out in Gold’s and seeing CT posing for photo shoots and the like - he looks like Mr. Magoo in that video - with those glasses..so what happens now with Anthony Gross???

  19. Peter Says:

    Dear Phil,

    I agree with you. I too believe they will get the maxiumn under the agreement and the reason is thus: neither has taken any responsibility or shown remorse. As a matter of fact, not only “not taken responsibility”, but after pleading guilty, CT said that he’s “no murderer”.

    I have followed a lot of trials over the years and one thing is constant. A Judge needs to get a sense of remorse and responsibility if there is to be leniency.

    CT is so stupid, that whatever goodwill he built up by his guilty plea, he undid by his “I did this for my wife - I’m no murderer”.

    Only 9 more days. I wonder what CT and KR are thinking.


  20. Curious Says:

    Why did I get mixed up with that moron?

  21. old time fitnes competitor Says:

    I guess we will know soon enough now what is going to happen to those two. I wonder if it will get postponed again???

  22. Chainsaw Says:

    Mark my words. Kelly will get out in 2 yrs.
    She has so far served good time,
    and I bet she cooperated in secret with the
    DA. She may be let out immediately.

    1st time battery offence,
    burning of a corpse?

    No way she gets more than 5 years.

    Tjere are gangbangers with way way more,
    Robbery and Battery for orne
    that are naot onyly getting that
    but also have had priors.

    By the way, Kelly just may be using the battered wife
    offence anyway.

  23. HortonHearsaFu Says:

    The battered wife defense

  24. Peter Says:

    Uhhhhhh, isn’t Kelly facing 1st degree kidnapping? She won’t be able to do much with that. That’s 15 years. Minus time serves is 12 years. After good behaviour, maybe 6.

    But there’s no battered wife defense. She gave up the opportunity, likely because she had no case.

  25. old time fitnes competitor Says:

    I hope they dont get off that easy. It seems the jails are overcrowded and people get out sooner than they should because of it. I agree that people have long criminal histories and seem to get less time and out sooner then I think they should. lets hope these two idiots dont hit the street again any time soon. that will be a crime in itself.

  26. BS Says:

    Don’t worry about the overcrowding issues, C & T will not benefit from it. I agree with Peter regarding the kidnapping and the missed opportunity for the battered wife defense. No one would have bought into it anyway once they had seen footage of the rave parties these two dopes threw. I’d also relax about the delays because that’s just the way the system works. They’re done deals and now we just wait for the inevitable. It’s not like they’re going to bail out soon and rent the trailer next door to you.

  27. Venice Says:

    Okay how about everybody make there final sentecing prediction???


    What is your final final prediction?
    We’ll see who comes the closest.

  28. Chainsaw Says:


    CT 25 to life
    KR 8 yrs total with 1 yr togo or time served.

  29. BS Says:

    CT - Life w/o parole

    KR - 10 years

  30. BS Says:

    Forgot to include my reasoning:

    Both are guilty of flight to avoid prosecution as well as attempted to leave the country, hence my predictions.

  31. Venice Says:


    I can’t quite see Titus getting life…does he deserve it…yes…but he’s not a selfless guy…he’s gotta have some distant light at the end of a very long tunnel…to cut the deal he cut

    I will say:

    Craig 22 years
    Kelly 8 years…

    I have no freakin’ idea…

    I don’t think trying to flea will factor in much (I’m not saying it shouldn’t - I’m saying it won’t) - if there had been an actual trial the fact that they tried to flea would factor in, but not under the present circumstances…my uneducated opinion

  32. Old Time Fitness Competitor Says:

    I say 25 for Craig and 10 for Kelly. I dont know about the time served thing. But, that is a wild guess cause I have absolutely no idea what to expect for Kelly. I would be shocked if Craig gets less than 25 but not supprised if he gets life. I dont think Life without parol though.

  33. Peter Says:

    Dear OTFC,

    Yeah, that sounds good. Just one tiny little thing; I have this feeling the Judge is going to punish her just a tad for lieing all this time and showing no remorse. I say 12-15 years for KR.

  34. Old Time Fitness Competitor Says:


    I do hope you are right. KR should go down for this. That is my opinion anyway. It just seems like people get off with less time for alot of crimes these days. I do hope you are right

  35. Gary Real Strydom Says:

    Who makes this shit up here? I have never written anything for this bullshit site? Is there another Gary Strydom out there? Must be those small jealous, jobless men sitting around again on the computer making shit up?…Enjoy your stupid lives. I’d hate to be strapped in those small weak frames you pricks call bodies…LOL. None of you ever talk directly to me in person about my hair??…Funny thing huh?..
    Gary Real Strydom…
    Burn in hell CT..

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