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Craig Titus says he’s guilty but he’s no killer

Well this should bode well for Titus when it comes to sentencing next month. Titus is claiming he didn’t kill Melissa James and that he wants to tell Maura James that he loved her daughter. This story was posted on kvbc.com:

Craig Titus says he’s willing to sacrifice his freedom for his wife, Kelly Ryan.

In his first interview with News 3 since his surprising guilty plea, Titus denied claims that he murdered his former assistant, Melissa James, but said the plea deal was the only way to spare Ryan a lengthy prison sentence.

“I never said I killed Melissa James,” Titus told News 3’s Dana Wagner, “I said i would plead guilty if you give my wife an oppportunity to have a life.”

Titus pleaded guilty Friday to second-degree murder, 1st degree kidnapping, and 1st degree arson. Ryan pleaded guilty to arson, and entered an Alford plea to battery with a deadly weapon. The Alford plea means Ryan won’t admit guilt, but admits there is enough evidence to convict her.

Once superstars of professional bodybuilding, the couple were named the key suspects after James’ body was found in Ryan’s burned-out Sedan in December 2005.

Nine days later they were arrested at a Boston beauty salon.

Looking at Titus today, he appears to have lost the form that won him multiple bodybuilding championships, and it’s likely he’ll never again compete on the professional level.

It’s a fact he seems resigned to, admitting that he’s made some “bad decisions”, and that he’s ready to pay the price.

Titus wouldn’t explain the details of Melissa James’ murder, but he says he never wanted any harm to come to her, and he wishes to explain what happened to her mother.

“I want to tell her that I loved her daughter and want to talk to her and tell her it’s nothing like they painted it out to be.”

Titus may get his chance in court, he and Kelly Ryan will be sentenced July 18.

26 Responses to “Craig Titus says he’s guilty but he’s no killer”

  1. Old Time Fitness Competitor Says:

    I dont buy it. If I were Melissa’s mother I would be insulted if Titus told me he took a deal to get his wife a shorter sentence but he really didnt kill her. Not sure how saying these things to the press could help CT’s sentence. If I were the judge I would be pissed and would consider the longer sentence options for both of those two clowns.

  2. Peter Says:

    Gee, I hope Craig Titus never falls in love with me. He has a strange way of showing his affection. He must be psychotic. And of course, there is NOTHING a Judge hates more than when the felon denies responsibility. It’s a sure fire way to get the maximun.

    Mrs. James should say these three words to CT: “Go fuck yourself”.

  3. shockandawe Says:

    Just when you think Craig has swallowed a much-needed dose of humility, he comes back and negates the whole thing. Way to go, buddy. You and Kelly sure have learned a lot, haven’t you?

  4. shockandawe Says:

    And trust me, Maura James IS disgusted! But in the end, Craig’s big mouth and his inability to keep it shut will ensure that he gets the maximum sentence here. In the end, it’s the best the James family can hope for.

  5. Administrator Says:

    Shock you always have something to say don’t you?

  6. shockandawe Says:

    Yes Ron, I do. And I know why you’re pissed off, too.

  7. Administrator Says:

    Sorry but Ron does not run this board.

  8. Administrator Says:

    Feel free to share why Ron would be pissed off though. :)

  9. shockandawe Says:

    Oh Ron, you’re THO THILLY!

  10. Administrator Says:

    Should we ask Jason for some good stories about you?

  11. shockandawe Says:

    Sure, why not? I’m sure he’d be a credible source, given it was 100 years ago. Nothing that exciting to tell, but I’m sure in your world any bit of news might be.

    Still selling drugs out of Max Muscle and ratting on people?

  12. Chainsaw Says:

    At this point, I’m pretty glad I’m not involved in
    the Golds Venice BBing circle. I was a part
    of the Rock and Roll movement in the 80’s,
    and gosh we didn’t have nearly as much drama
    as this.

  13. ACE Says:

    Who is Ron - what is this little tiff about?

  14. BS Says:

    Yea, who is Ron, and does it matter? Why is shock such a rectal itch these days?

    Chain is right, no drama. The BB era of the 80’s & 90’s rocked.

  15. Administrator Says:

    Shock is a bitter woman who used to write for one of the muscle magazines. Hence, why she feels the need to correct our grammar and spelling. She thinks this site is run by Ron Avidan who runs GETBIG.com. “Shock” is mistaken, this site is not run by Mr. Avidan.

    Hope you voted in your recent presidential primary Shock. :)

  16. Chainsaw Says:

    Chris Sayer? (sic)

  17. Phil Says:

    Not so sure the James family wants to hear how CT and KR murdered Melissa?

    Craig, I have to give it to you (if your sincere) you took one for the team (for once) And I think maybe because your facing life in the hole? I don’t know? But- you always helped me with little things for preparing for shows. So- I wish Craig the best, but he and Kell must pay for what they did!

  18. ACE Says:


    Dumb comment

  19. Phil Says:


    Thanks! And your takes are awesome as well!

  20. ACE Says:


    You have a lot of great things to say, you really do…maybe it came out wrong but do you really think that piece of crap deserves a pat on the back - he’s a scumbag - if he would at least own up to what really happened - I could isolate and respect him for that gesture - although it wouldn’t change the fact that he’s a sociopath.

    I didn’t mean it as a personal attack Phil…in all seriousness - it sickens me that someone would give him that much credit…

    Anyway my comment was a little harsh - I apologize. I just disagree with you.

  21. Chainsaw Says:


    I can see where phil is coming from.
    He meant that even though Ct jacked up his
    and everyones life around him almost 100%,
    That CT at least did the bare minimum to be
    considered a creep of a human being, and
    took personal responsibility.

  22. ACE Says:


    It’s just that he’s not taking personel responsibility…

    He’s saying “I’m taking one for the team (Kelly Ryan).

    He specifically said that he didn’t do, what he’s pleading guilty to.

    I’m human - I’m an empathetic person - Craig is a shell of his former self physically and perhaps otherwise - in many ways that’s a good thing, I’m sure he’s genuinely shook up about the possibility of being locked up forever etc…but I think what he’s professing now - “I’m pleading guilty, but I’. Not guilty is a bit of a con job…there are no guarantees in court, but if he was innocent to the degree he claims to be - he would go forward - he knows the testimony from Gross etc. would sink his ass - he wanted those people dead - So as pathetic as he seemed on that tape - and as empathetic as I am - Fuck Titus - he’s a bad guy and his claims are one more con job - none of us know for sure what happened, but I can’t buy a goddamned thing that comes out of his mouth…

    I am interested in what he has to say.

    I understand where you and Phil are coming from - I respectfully think you’re wrong

  23. Phil Says:

    Ace, It’s all good!. All I was realying in my message, is I know Craig, and it’s sick what he probably did…ya know? And- I really feel sad for him, as much as I feel sad for Melissa and her family!! It’s just never struck me that Craig would take the rap..so to speak..with a murder charge with other people that are involved with the case. He and, (LOTS OF BODYBUILDERS) put themselves first no matter what! Me included! However, I really try to be as good of father as well as I am a bodybuilder. Point is, Titus was always cool to my wife and I. It’s just a really sad thing for everybody!

    Bottom line, the rec drugs got the best of everybody!


  24. Venice Says:

    If I didn’t know that was Craig, I would not have recognized him.

    I would love to know what the conversation was like with Saggese, before he made his decision.

  25. Anabolic Aardvark Says:

    So is there any chance at all of Craig being hit with the murder for hire charges?

    Did that factor into his decison here - the D.A. agreed not to pursue charges in the Murder for Hire - if he agreed to plead guilty to these charges???

    The whole murder for hire stuff makes no sense to me, as it relates to Craig - how could he not have been intimately involved in that???

    His crocodile tears don’t mean jack squat

    He’s a bad person - beyond words

    You have the right to quote scripture etc. (Of course the Admin can always delete you…
    But how about just talking from your own mind about this case…I mean everytime you respond to someone its some long winded scripture…I get the feeling you quote scripture when someone makes a comment about the weather…. Or asks you directions….see what I’m saying - I mean Billy Graham doesn’t do that - Jesus himself didn’t

    I’m not saying they never have - they do all the time - but not in the fashion you do….

    The way you do it is beyond retarded….

    I will bet you anything you follow up with a bible quote now…go ahead Domo oregato Mr. Roboto…

  26. Phil Says:


    Domo oregoto Mr. Roboto?????? That is freaking classic!

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