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Craig Titus & Kelly Ryan Investigation » Blog Archive » Craig Titus says he’s guilty but he’s no killer

Craig Titus says he’s guilty but he’s no killer

Well this should bode well for Titus when it comes to sentencing next month. Titus is claiming he didn’t kill Melissa James and that he wants to tell Maura James that he loved her daughter. This story was posted on kvbc.com:

Craig Titus says he’s willing to sacrifice his freedom for his wife, Kelly Ryan.

In his first interview with News 3 since his surprising guilty plea, Titus denied claims that he murdered his former assistant, Melissa James, but said the plea deal was the only way to spare Ryan a lengthy prison sentence.

“I never said I killed Melissa James,” Titus told News 3’s Dana Wagner, “I said i would plead guilty if you give my wife an oppportunity to have a life.”

Titus pleaded guilty Friday to second-degree murder, 1st degree kidnapping, and 1st degree arson. Ryan pleaded guilty to arson, and entered an Alford plea to battery with a deadly weapon. The Alford plea means Ryan won’t admit guilt, but admits there is enough evidence to convict her.

Once superstars of professional bodybuilding, the couple were named the key suspects after James’ body was found in Ryan’s burned-out Sedan in December 2005.

Nine days later they were arrested at a Boston beauty salon.

Looking at Titus today, he appears to have lost the form that won him multiple bodybuilding championships, and it’s likely he’ll never again compete on the professional level.

It’s a fact he seems resigned to, admitting that he’s made some “bad decisions”, and that he’s ready to pay the price.

Titus wouldn’t explain the details of Melissa James’ murder, but he says he never wanted any harm to come to her, and he wishes to explain what happened to her mother.

“I want to tell her that I loved her daughter and want to talk to her and tell her it’s nothing like they painted it out to be.”

Titus may get his chance in court, he and Kelly Ryan will be sentenced July 18.

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