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Updates from today’s appearance of Titus & Ryan

Today at 8:30am Judge Jackie Glass presided over all pending motions in the Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan Murder trial. Sandra Jeter served as the Court Clerk and Rachelle Hamilton the Reporter/Recorder. Joshua L. Tomsheck and Robert J. Daskas represented the State of Nevada. Craig Titus and his lawyer Mark A. Saggese along with Kelly Ryan and her lawyer Michael V. Cristalli were in attendance. Anthony Gross was not present today.

Notes from today:

Court stated this matter will proceed to trial unless it hears otherwise from the Supreme Court. All counsel announced ready. Colloquy. COURT ORDERED, matter SET for TRIAL. FURTHER, matter SET for counsel and the Court to review the Questionnaires.


6/2/08 10:00 AM JURY TRIAL

Tomsheck/Daskas; Saggese/Cristalli
40 - 50 witnesses; 10 out-of-state witnesses
3 weeks

19 Responses to “Updates from today’s appearance of Titus & Ryan”

  1. Peter Says:

    What I would give to see this case televised. I’d love to see how CT/KR look after 2 1/2 behind bars. Titus likely looks like an average Joe. And I’d like to hear Daskas work the case. Anyone know if CNN Crime will cover the trial?

  2. Old Time Fitness Competitor Says:

    50 witnesses? didnt know there were that many people who knew what was going on. So does three weeks mean how long it will take or when it is going to start?

  3. Chainsaw Says:

    I need someone to clarify something
    for me…. It says unless they hear from
    the Supreme Court.

    Does this mean that if they don’t hear anything,
    it will procede?

    Because the Supreme Court is so slow,
    They definately wont hear anything

  4. shockandawe Says:

    That’s what I was thinking. A witness list 50-deep seems almost like a list full of so-called character witnesses. But then I got to thinking… they must be for Kelly, because I’m not aware of any time when Titus had any character. As likeable and innocuous a guy as he once was, no remnants exist at this point. Could you think of a single soul willing to stake their reputation on saying that CT was a good guy?

    And I’m wondering how many of these witnesses for the defense will end up being considered “hostile witnesses?” Should be interesting.

    A June 2 trial is almost unfathomable to me - it was snail’s pace for 2 years and then - BOOM - they’re weeks away from a lifetime of incarcertation.

    Any bets on how long this trial will take, from start to finish?

    I say it’s 3 weeks - tops!

  5. Administrator Says:

    Considering it said “3 weeks”… way to go out on a limb with that guess. LOL!

    Shock did you think Craig was a good guy when you set him up with Kelly?

  6. Chainsaw Says:

    The Admin is hitting a real soft spot
    with Shock!

    If I recall, Shock said that she introduced them,
    and Shock, didn’t you visit CT in Jail in Cali?

    If my memory serves me right, I think that was the case.

  7. darkstar Says:

    3 weeks??

    3 months is more like it…No way this trial will be over in 3 weeks.


  8. shockandawe Says:

    Chainsaw would be correct on all accounts - except for the actual introduction.

    They got together on a night out that I arranged with a host of folks - probably 8 to 10 in all. They were aware of one another. I’m sure if Admin actually knew Craig at all, he’d know that Craig needed no introduction from a female friend. He was interested in her within a few days of that gathering, which took place a week or so after he was released from Lompoc.

    Yep Chainsaw, ex and I used to go visit Craig to be nice - to try to be a friend to someone who needed it - clearly.

    Admin is just sore and crabby where I’m concerned, I’m afraid.

  9. shockandawe Says:

    d* ~
    You know, I think it’ll be 3 weeks - whether I read that or not (uh, NOT) - because the case if pretty cut and dried.

    OJ’s case was a fiasco and I think people assume that because it’s got a lot of DNA evidence, and other elements that are similar, it’s going to take as long.

    Here’s why:

    1. C&K are not celebrities - not real ones anyhow. They also have ZERO cash.
    2. DNA evidence, remember, was very nebulous back then. No longer is that the case.
    3. Big cases these days are not taking as long. I just covered a case that was a pretty serious, exhaustive, years-long incest case and it was over within 5 or 6 days.
    4. Barring stunt work motions put out by Cristalli and Saggesse, it’s fairly straightforward.

    We’ll see….

  10. Phil Says:

    This trial will be way longer than 3 weeks! With a 50 witness list, and all the uncertainty of what really happened, there is no way in hell it will be three weeks. I would bet 6 to 8 weeks..maybe even longer!!!!!!!

    Also, I’m not sure who you really are shock, but I was told that they were never set as a couple. I was told from a reliable source that they met through Joe McNeil, who was working with the both of them on their contest prep…Craig for the USA’S, and Kelly for the Ms Fitness International. Just word of mouth on that! Not saying your making shit up shock.. I’ve been told by a real credible source..which I will not name anybody!


  11. darkstar Says:


    Well, I hope you are right…but I just have a feeling that it is going to get clogged up and bogged down with lawyer wrangling…

    Maybe it wont go 3 months, but Phil may be about right…6-8 weeks might do it.

    I just do not see it moving along without several bumps…


  12. shockandawe Says:

    No Phil, not true. But believe whatever you want to believe. So many posers in Venice.

    I was Kel’s best friend at the time, and she became interested in Craig that night out in Hollywood - a little bit after he got out of Lompoc. I told her “maybe for fun” and she was beyond infatuated. He was infatuated, but in that Craig way. I never ever thought either was that serious. But if I had to choose, she seemed more so.

    I remember when I knew it was serious - Craig was living in my old apartment on Venice Blvd with his gay friend who took care of his financial affairs while he was in prison in Lompoc. He said to me shortly after they had been seeing one another “Look at what Kelly bought me” and he held up a pair of athletic shoes. He said, “No woman has ever bought me anything like this before” and he was just mullered over it.

    If they ever met prior, no one is denying that fact. But did they EVER hook up prior? NO way. And there was no interest or recollection ever expressed over that.

    You can certainly buy whatever you want - I honestly don’t think it matters to me or anyone else. Apparently maybe to this person - Joe - you’re talking about, but I can tell you that they got together at the time I said, after that night in Hollywood at the Key Club.

    Her Asian friend “Bang” was there that night and was very against it, and I was also kind of like … “Craig is amusing, Craig is a funny guy.. but you don’t REALLY want to get with him - do you??? I mean other than for sex?”

    But you could see the fuse ignited. I thought he was less serious. And at first, he was, I think. But after that, it was mutual and the rest is history.

    I would think you could write Kelly a letter and ask her yourself. Feel free. She remembers the story - she lived it. She also knows who took everyone out to Hollywood that night - me.

  13. shockandawe Says:

    So tell us who YOU are Phil. And give a contact email and we’ll talk.

  14. Old Time Fitness Competitor Says:

    Lets not give Shock too bad of a time. I suspect KR and CT could have been introduced more than once so both people could be telling the truth. I dont get all the secrets anyway. If someone told you something why hide their identity? I dont get the big deal, its not like you are disclosing some big confession this person told you.

    I can see the trial lasting 3 weeks or 8 weeks. Neither would suprise me. What does suprise me is the amount of witnesses. Seems like alot of people but I have no legal experience so who knows.

    For the record I dont care who knows who I really am. You wanna know just ask.

  15. Old Time Fitness Competitor Says:

    oh, one more thing……I gross being tried at the same time???

  16. shockandawe Says:

    Thanks OTFC, but actually, I don’t feel Phil was giving me a bad time. He just lives around the Venice hype and that’s the way it is there.

    In the end, it doesn’t really matter how they came to know one another - though, without a doubt, I certainly am crystal clear about the events of the beginning of their relationship until the time we were all at odds with one another.

    I also know all of the accompanying dialogue from one to the other during that time, because they both shared it with me at different times until they collectively decided to make a pact of solidarity with one another, and not share the details of their union with anyone - me included.

    Knowing that is certainly no claim to fame, by any means, though.

    In truth, I wish I had not known any of it - or them - once they joined lives. Sadly, while I will admit I liked them each on their own - Kelly, truly, and Craig because he was funny and a character - I understood who each of them was at every turn.

    I always knew Craig was someone to enjoy but not to trust, and that Kelly was fragile - like most of us.

    I also knew I didn’t like them much together.

    I think history reveals that more than one person felt the same about that, and that they were not very good for one another. But I suppose that’s easy to say that after the fact and in light of a horrific outcome.

    As a result, any speculation about their meeting and laying claim to that, is actually kind of odd, now that I look at it.

    But you are right, OTFC, they were absolutely AWARE of one another (who isn’t in that industry with photos and workouts splashed all over mags and everyone training at one of two gyms?)

    There are no cases of a stranger meeting a stranger, but I do know that, before that night, they didn’t really “exist” in one another’s worlds until that night and time - that’s all.

    In the end, people will believe what it is they want to believe and I’m really okay with that.

  17. Chainsaw Says:


    I’m curious as to why you stopped hangin
    and associating with these two.

  18. shockandawe Says:

    I wrote about all of that on getbig Chain - I think you know that. We fell out Craig began isolating Kelly from her friends by demanding she tell him everything they said. She didn’t enjoy hearing that pointed out and Craig didn’t enjoy hearing me “out” him in print each time he’d blow his lid or threaten. That’s about as concise as it gets.

  19. Phil Says:


    I’m flying under the radar..bro!. I will never give up my identity online. You know what I’m sayin? Dude, the Ron Avidan takes KILL ME..LOL..This is comedy!


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