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Bad News for Titus? Daskas back

John Smith from the Las Vegas Review Journal is reporting that Robert Daskas is back on the Titus trail. You’ll recall Robert Daskas left his District Attorney position to pursue politics. This could be bad news for Titus and Ryan. Daskas is very familiar with this case and has a track record for winning cases. The prosecution just stepped up their side of things with Daskas back on board.

From the Las Vegas Review Journal:

Robert Daskas is back on the job in the Major Violators Unit of the district attorney’s office following his abbreviated foray into politics.

Citing family concerns, Daskas recently aborted his challenge of Rep. Jon Porter in the 3rd Congressional District after raising approximately $500,000. His spot on the Democratic slate was quickly filled by state Sen. Dina Titus.

He’s returned to familiar duty, prosecuting homicide cases, including the upcoming Craig Titus murder trial. By the way, Craig and Dina aren’t related.

7 Responses to “Bad News for Titus? Daskas back”

  1. wayne mortensen Says:

    I think that this is a step up for the prosecution. He is very familiar with the case and he wants these two to be found guilty and pay. Do you think he really has family problems or is he coming back to be on the prosecution to put this on his resume if they are found guilty. The polls probably showed he had declining numbers and he didnt want to lose the election. Not sure though. But I think he wants on this high profile case.
    Any other opinions, I could be wrong.

  2. shockandawe Says:

    Hallelujah! How weird is that?
    Two weeks ago, I put vibes out there, lamenting Daskas’ absence, and lo and behold, he comes back like Jesus from behind a rock!
    Looks like the red sea, she is a-partin’ brothers and sisters.

  3. Phil Says:

    Just a opinion, I think him coming back to the case could play against him. Leaving mid-case, and going into a whole diferent direction from being a defense lawyer, then deciding to go into polotics (which polotitions are known to be big liars).., and deciding to come back for whatever reason, and hopefully for not failing his attempt with be a polotition..Shows that he is not dedicated to one thing and sticking to it! Even though he’s won several cases, and might have more knowledge about the case, shows that he is flying by the seat of his pants..In my opinion!

    But I can also see how it could work against CT and KR. Any thoughts on that theory?

    I’m writing this 30 days out from my show ..on extremley low carbs! So, I hope that theory makes since!

    All the best

  4. shockandawe Says:

    What show, Phil?

    Whether he looks dedicated or not isn’t an issue. He’s good at what he does and, what’s more, he knows this case like no one else - he worked on it for nearly 2 years.

    Flying by the seat of his pants, or not, since Daskas isn’t applying for a job and being scrutinized in an interview process, the maneuvers he makes in career path have absolutely nothing to do with how well he will or will not prosecute this case.

    It’s just inconsequential, because public opinion or perception has nothing to do with the outcome of the case when it comes to unrelated choices.

    Jurors aren’t going to be sitting in a jury room saying, “Well, even though the evidence against Titus and Ryan is damning, I’ve gotta say… that Daskas seems a trifle flighty in matters of political pursuit.”

  5. BS Says:

    IMO Daskas’ return is a clear indicator that the Titus twins have absolutely no chance of winning. They should throw themselves on the mercy of the court and spare their families what is sure to be financial disaster in a futile effort to defend this sham of a case.

    Sorry Phil can’t agree with you on this one. Daskas’ experience and knowledge of the case for outweigh any bias to his political aspirations. Who of us hasn’t persued something else and returned?

  6. Chainsaw Says:

    Daskas coming back won’t change any facts
    in this case, for or against Ct and KR.

    It may not help that he tried to pin CT with
    Hiring the hitman.

    I do see alot of things backfiring in Daskas’ face.

  7. Phil Says:


    Doing the Muscle Mayhem in KC…Then..if I can hold condition…the USA’S in July…

    I agree with you Chain…That muder-for-hire plot is NOT good, and might cause a mistrial. However, the mountain of evidence is a thorn in the defense. Plus, Anthony Gross? Nobody has any idea what’s going to happen with that cat! Or- his involvement might be a little more relevant than we know it to be..who knows?


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