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Order approved for independent testing of evidence

The latest document filed in this case:


Joshua Tomsheck, Esq., appearing for the State, Michael V. Cristalli, Esq., appearing on behalf of Defendant Kelly Ryan, and Marc A. Saggese, Esq., appearing on behalf of Defendant Craig M. Titus, on April 1, 2008, before this Court, and good cause for appearing therefore:

IT IS HEARBY ORDERED that Orchid Cellmak conduct an independent DNA testing of the leather sap, identified by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department property Report Designation 4209-2-4-1 and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Forensic Laboratory Report Designation KP6C-Black leather sap.

7 Responses to “Order approved for independent testing of evidence”

  1. Chainsaw Says:

    What is a black leather sap?

  2. BS Says:

    Haven’t you ever seen an old James Cagney movie where a bad guy pulled something from his pocket and hit someone in the back of the head knocking him unconscious with it? That’s called a sap. It’s usually filled with lead shot or other similar material. It’s considered a weapon and I’m not sure but I believe it’s illegal to carry one (kinda like nunchackus).

    In the movie ‘Analyze This’, Jelly pulled one from his pocket in the scene where a hit man was about to shoot DeNiro in his hotel room.

  3. Chainsaw Says:

    Hell, I used to have one and it was filled with lead. This is when I was a kid.

  4. shockandawe Says:

    Crap… so basically, they SAPPED her to the back of the head like a trout on a river rock, and burned her in the Jag?


  5. Chainsaw Says:


    Yep, this is gonna be more brutal than we all even know about now.
    It will be interesting.

  6. wayne mortensen Says:

    Can you imagine when Craig sapped her, with all of his power with years of his muscle building what her head must have looked like when he got done with her. I said this over a year ago that one of these two mensas would turn on the other and spill their guts to shorten their time in the hole. I guess I was wrong because its almost game time for these two nuts and neither has turned on the other, at least for the time being.

  7. Chainsaw Says:

    This is the first I heard of this.
    I didn’t see anything in the Grand Jury Transcripts
    about him clockin her.

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