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Titus & Ryan Hearing Delayed

Today we learned that the “Independent testing of evidence” hearing has been pushed back to April 17, 2008 at 8:30 am at the request of both counsel.

19 Responses to “Titus & Ryan Hearing Delayed”

  1. BS Says:

    The common theory given by many attorneys is that the longer you wait until trial and/or the longer the trial lasts, the better chance one has of acquittal. I don’t recall but I don’t think OJ’s original trial took this long to get started.

  2. Old Time Fitness Competitor Says:

    so does anyone have a guess as to when the trial will REALLY get started? I bet that Melissa’s family is beside themselves. Since I have been following this case I have noticed many other trails that dont go to trial for 2 to 5 years after the arrest. That just amazes me. I understand that stalling may help the defendent but in the end Melissa is dead and all the stupid things that kr and ct did after will never change no matter how longer they stall.

  3. wayne mortensen Says:

    I seen a trial get postponed for 5 years in Houston. The defense was stalling, complaining, postponing, etc. At the end of the day, the defendant was in jail for that time and the prosecution was so well prepared, the defendant was found guilty in 1 day. They are just kidding themselves alot of the time. The publicity for so many years surrounding these 2 dumb asses will surely do them in. In this case, it will only hurt. The public has been reading about this and it will surely affect the jurors.

  4. Old Time Fitness Competitor Says:


    i agree. if i were innocent hell would freeze over before i would rott in jail for 3plus years waiting for trial. if your guilty what does it matter how long you sit there. i guess i would risk or try anything that would possibly lower my sentence if i knew i was guilty. what do they have to lose at this point really??!! I do agree though, I think they are going down for a long time. i know drugs are bad but really, does anyone know if these two were stupid when they were sober??? I know people to incredibly stupid stuff on drugs but i am sure no matter how wasted i was i would not put a body in the trunk of my own car and burn it!

  5. Skinny Pipes Says:

    It’s well known that Titus was one of the more intellectual people in bodybuilding. I’m not too sure about Ryan, but then again, you see it’s Titus who is running the show while Ryan just kinda throws up her hands and let’s God deal with it.

  6. BS Says:

    Most intellectual, are you kidding? Titus is a moron and which makes Kelly sub-moronic!

  7. some one he ratted on Says:

    Titus problem is he thinks he’s special and that the normal integrities of society do not apply to him. Myself and many others are very pleased the way Karma has presented itself. When he lived in Houston he personally went out of his way to entrap and set up his friends with the DEA so he would not do any time for getting caught with a few vials of gear. He had many chances to stop the entrapment process but he only cared about himself. I am almost complete now, I am just waiting for the applause when he receives the guilty verdict.

  8. ace Says:

    Craig really is an example of karma…but you know what? If he wasn’t so goddamn out of control - he could’ve been sitting on top of the world.

  9. bobbah Says:

    don’t forget
    a) BOTH counsel teams requested and mutually agreed upon this
    b) BOTH defendants are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT. in the court of public opinion, they are certainly guilty, but remember that jurisprudence is not a public court of opinion or belief, and there is a HUGE difference between the two.
    let’s say you live at home with 3 kids. the eldest, melvin was fucking around and smashed your nice lamp two times, right in front of you. now let’s say you go out one night, return home, and see the light smashed again. all 3 kids were home at the time. can you say conclusively it was melvin? in the court of public opinion definitely, in the world of jurisprudence, absolutely positively not.
    in the USA, do defendants who have to spend time in remand before conviction get double credit for time served?

    thanks for the excellent website.

  10. ace Says:

    Lay off Melvin, he’s a good kid!

  11. mackie Says:

    These two egotistical idiots will soon find out, if you do the crime, you will do the time!While I work out pretty heavy duty, I don’t nad won’t do the steroids. These two clowns are known in the circles for not only doing illegal drugs to enhance their bodies, but selling them as well. One crime seems to always lead to other bigger crimes. Both should be in prison for life, let alone the death penalty, for what they did to this FRIEND of their’s.

  12. ace Says:


    What does “nad” mean?

  13. melvin Says:

    Don’t taser me bro

  14. Venice Says:

    Someone he ratted on:

    Everything you describe is the Titus we all came to know.

    The dude is truly a sociopath.

    He had a charisma, a charm…so did Ted Bundy…the guy has no conscience…at all…

    If Kelly had fallen in with a different guy - she wouldn’t be in this situation - that being said - she seems to have had as much to do with this crime as Craig and she should pay accordingly.

  15. shockandawe Says:

    OJ killed Nicole and Ron in 1994, and went to trial in 1995 about the same time. It didn’t not take even half as long. Oh..uhh… I mean, allegedly.

  16. anabolic aardvark Says:

    Blah blah…whyis the trial taking so long to get started blah blah…Craig is a really bad person blah blah…I knew Craig…we did a tour in ‘nam together blah blah…bodybuilders are satanic pagan orgy loving hedonist narcisstic fibrosis blah blah…yada yada…I wouldn’t dream of burning someone in my own car….blah blah blah

  17. some one he ratted on Says:

    Hey Venice:

    Glad you agree with me. And you are 100% right. Never have I witnessed a sociopath in action as I have of Titus. The man would sell out his mother to keep the spotlight on him. He is the most unstable insecure lying untrusting and flaky sociopath that I have ever met in my life. I stand by MANY of his acquaintances that are following this trial…all hoping he gets what he deserves. And its not just this crime, but for all the people that have lost so much in wake of his run through life. He left many in Texas very pissed off while he b-lined it to California to get a new start. Yup, there is a huge list of folks all with smiles on there faces as the mighty Titus is revealed to the masses. Their is no way his lying bullshit will get him out of this one. Pass the popcorn!!!

  18. Peter Says:

    I feel for his child.

  19. Venice Says:

    I feel for his child as well and I take no pleasure in saying this, but the child is better off without Craig.

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