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Private Criminal Investigator onboard with Craig Titus

Last month, Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan filed orders to have investigators, employed by their lawyers, Cristalli & Saggese, added as contact visits. Kelly has requested Philip Needham, be appointed as investigator and granted permission for contact visits. Craig’s order requested Richard Frankly, LPI and/or an agent of RDF; specifically Liza Gripentrog, be allowed contact visits in the Clark County Detention Center.

This month, Craig later filed an “ex parte motion to appoint investigator and for fees in excess of statutory limit pursuant of NRS 7.135″. The court granted Titus’ motion and states:

After reviewing Defendant’s Ex Parte Application For Investigative Fees Pursuant to NRS 7.135, and good cause appearing:

IT IS ORDERED that Defendant’s Motion is granted.

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that Richard Franky, LPI dba RDF Investigative Agency be COURT APPOINTED as defense counsel’s private defense investigator.

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that defense counsel may employ Richard Franky, LPI dba RDF Investigative Agency to assist defense counsel in preparing an adequate criminal defense.

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the compensation for RDF Investigative Agency / Richard Franky, LPI employed by defense counsel must not exceed $6,000.00 (six-thousand). Defense counsel’s investigative fees must be paid by the County of Clark.

Very interesting in the last sentence, does this mean Clark County is now paying for Craig Titus’ investigative fees? It appears that is the latest. The bigger question is, what is Team Titus investigating?

3 Responses to “Private Criminal Investigator onboard with Craig Titus”

  1. s.m. Says:

    This is a great thing……. Craig’s defense team can now utilize the funds to further investigate toxicology etc. to determine the victim’s cause of death being an overdose vs. murder. Craig is not getting any special treatment (trust me) he has exceeded his funds and the case is still awaiting trial. The extra funds can prove more to determine the truth………..Lets all be positive and hope the truth prevails


  2. shockandawe Says:

    You bring up an interesting point. I just said to someone today that the only snafu that the prosecution will face is that there is not yet an “official” or “definitive” cause of death.

    But in the end, I think the grand jury testimony and “midnight confessions” both Kelly made in her closet with Mandy and the one Craig made about choking her out and then “she was gone” in front of the Foleys, is damning enough.

    No matter how much dirt or circumstantial evidence the investigators turn up, those people testifying will sink Titus and Ryan in the end. It’s the whole reason there was a conspriacy and plan to have them all killed - no matter who carried it out. We all know it was some expressed wish of Titus that caused that to happen.

    And then there’s the plot in the theatre of the obvious: When someone dies of an overdose in your house, you don’t seek to hide, then burn, the body - in your OWN car - then try to run!




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