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Nelson Ronald Brady Update

Nelson Ronald Brady was found guilty of solicitation to commit murder earlier this month. An interesting 158 page document was filed by Brady’s lawyer as “supplement discovery”. It stated:

“In addition, it should be noted that the prosecutor on the case which Theresa Fragola states that Ron Brady, Jr. broke her neck is the same prosecutor that prosecuted Deen Cassim’s original case.”

Deen Cassim was originally arrested for the high-profile robbery of a national poker player. His prison sentence reduced to probation after working as an informant against Nelson Brady.

12 Responses to “Nelson Ronald Brady Update”

  1. venice Says:

    Ron broke the prosecutor’s neck?

    What is this?

  2. shockandawe Says:

    I don’t know Venice, I feel so out of the loop here.

    I take it that what is being inferred here is that prosecutors will reduce Brady, Jr.’s sentence if he, too, cooperates in putting Titus away ??

  3. old time fitness competitor Says:

    Ok, I am glad the Jame’s are suing, good for them. As for the rest of the info here - it looks to me like the case is getting ready to begin??? I am with you, Shock, no matter what an investigator digs up you cannot change the facts of burning a body in your own car. That is pretty damming. As for what they said to Megan, I suspect that will hurt them as well. I just dont see how they can get out of this mess they created. I am curious though what is going to happen to anthony.

  4. US_DOJ_Gov Says:

    Anthony will get a “Tampering with Evidence” conviction.

    Maybe, some type of “Abuse of a Corpse” also….

    Remember - All 3 are seen on Video Surveillance Footage pulling into a gas station parking lot in two separate cars (Their Agreed Upon Meeting Point) before heading out to the desert & igniting the jaguar on fire.

  5. Scooter Says:

    How do you know what they will receive as far as punishment????? Were you there? Who cares if they were on Camera meeting!

    What the true evidence is..is the Walmart trip.. And the fact that they found the items (Kelly bought) in the back of the car, after the fire department put the fire out. And the taser doesn’t help as well!!!!

    I wouldn’t rush to judge yet! I think they will get off with second degree murder!

  6. old time fitness competitor Says:


    Hum…..didn’t anthony admit helping set the car on fire? or was that in kelly’s confession to megan? Either way I thought Anthony admitted to some of this.

    I won’t even begin to guess what they will get convicted of but if my memory serves me correctly Anthony or one of those clowns admitted to his participation in gettting rid of the corse.

  7. Phil Says:

    Craig and Kelly were taped in the initial examination..when they turned themselves in.. that was not supposed to be recorded. That discussion.. and any evidence pertaining to it.. will not be let into the trial. Unless things have changed? But I think that’s the only confession on tape- other than the MFH!

  8. Old Time Fitness Competitor Says:


    i thought they confessed to their friends??? not on tape but to megan, right? maybe I am confused this has drawn on for so long I could be remembering it wrong. That is what Megan testified about to the grand jury I thought. Not sure if they confessed to megan anything about anthony though

  9. Phil Says:


    They confessed to Megan…yes! I was referring to the Court. Yeah, they did confess to a few friends, which probably goes on top of the mountains of evidence they already have. But- don’t count this trial out to be a ‘miss trial’!

  10. Old Time Fitness Competitor Says:


    Why do you think it could be a mistrial?

  11. shockandawe Says:


    Usually when an accused murderer shoots off his mouth, he quickly learns to close it once he gets a gift such as a confession that is inadmissable because it was taped without his knowledge. But Craig is a different breed of cat altogether. He’ll just keep on shooting off his mouth and provide multiple opportunities for usable evidence.

    If there is a miscarriage in this case, I will lose complete faith in our system.

  12. Phil Says:


    Your sooo right about CT running his mouth! The initial interview before they fled the State…urrrrrrrrr…went on vacation..That’s not allowed to be brought in to trial…correct? I was told that they didn’t know they were being taped. Which Craig fully admitted burning the body and blah blah blah! I can’t believe WTF CT and Kelly did! Then Craig coming in ‘half cocked’ in that interview just blows my mind. But– after I saw him at the Arnold , my wife said Craig looks terrible, I knew it was a matter of time!

    Go on pro bodybuilding weekly and listen to his interview with Chick and Dan. He sounded like he was on Heroin!


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