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Titus linked to Andy Pettitte?

A story that broke today is reportedly linking Craig Titus to New York Yankee’s pitcher, Andy Pettitte.

Report: Pettitte HGH source came from ex-high school classmate
New York, NY (Sports Network) - The human growth hormone Andy Pettitte received from his father reportedly came from a former high school classmate of the New York Yankees pitcher.

The New York Daily News reports trainer Kelly Blair, who owns a gym in Pasadena, Texas, is the source of the HGH.

Blair and Pettitte attended high school in Deer Park, and the triangle of the HGH source is oddly connected. Pettitte’s wife’s brother married Blair’s sister, according to the newspaper.

In his deposition to congressional attorneys nearly two weeks ago, Pettitte said his father obtained the HGH from a gym he works out in, “a guy that’s the trainer there.” Tom Pettitte has had serious health problems, including having open-heart surgery, according to the Daily News.

The newspaper reports Blair owns 1-on-1 Elite Personal Fitness, but he has been out of the United States for the last several weeks. The Daily News reports a whistleblower close to the gym told the newspaper that shipments of HGH and steroids, including Dynabol, Winstrol-V and Deca-Durabolin, would come and that they were moved through the gym by Blair.

The Daily News reports some of the drugs came from steroid-user Craig Titus, a champion bodybuilder who is facing a murder trial in Nevada for the slaying of his former live-in assistant.

The Daily News reports pictures of several professional athletes, including Pettitte were displayed on the wall of Blair’s gym. The newspaper said eight other major leaguers, several pro golfers and an NFL quarterback were also pictured.

Also, Blair was reportedly seen working with Koby Clemens, the son of seven- time Cy Young Award winner Roger Clemens, who was involved in a heated congressional hearing this past week. However, the Daily News reports that Koby Clemens, who is now playing baseball in the minors, hasn’t been linked to any illicit activity at the gym.

Andy Pettitte is due to arrive at Yankees spring training on Monday and is expected to make his first comments since telling a congressional committee that Roger Clemens spoke to him about using HGH.

Source: Thesportsnetwork.com

14 Responses to “Titus linked to Andy Pettitte?”

  1. Phil Says:

    I knew this would come out! Roidger Clemens pushed all his chips in to save his rep, Hall Of Fame, Career, etc…He looks like a complete ass! So does his trainer. They are both greasy, and us tax payers are spending toooooo much money for this bullshit. Come clean, and tell the truth Roidger! You don’t want to take on the Feds. You will lose everytime! How about 5 years in prison if your convicted of purgery! Come clean MLB.


  2. sasha Says:

    enough already with Craig, how the hell can Craig Titus be responsable for contributing to his steroid use when for the last two years he has been locked up? I’m dying to know the story behind that accusation………………

  3. Old Time Fitness Competitor Says:


    I was watching the news yesterday and they referred to steriod use in 2005. Who knows but that would have been when Craig was not in jail. I do believe that it is just another problem to add to Craig’s list. Sucks to be him.

  4. BS Says:

    Clemens (like Titus) is toast. He not only contacted his former nanny when specifically directed not to but the dumbass had her come to his home. Everyone’s bitching that the trainer saved the syringes and cotton balls but don’t forget that Monica saved the dress! Who cares why, its proof enough, end of story. Sure it’s a waste of our taxpayer dollars but now that Clemens appears to have perjured himself, his Hall of Fame goal is now out of his reach. Another hero turned zero.

  5. BS Says:

    I forgot to include that when asked why he contacted the nanny Clemens replied, “I was just tryin’ to help y’all find her”.

  6. Ace Says:


    Because it happened beyond 2 years ago…dumbass

    Yeah…who could believe Craig could be involved in something like that…since he already had a prior conviction for dealing ectasy and other drugs and with his “natural physique” and all.,,pulll your head out of your ignorant sphincter…

    Pure idiocy on your part

  7. super grover Says:


    Why don’t you stop sniffing glue and do the math?

  8. venice Says:

    What I find interesting is - I get the impression that no one is going to come after Clemens…sure we all know he’s lying.

    But Marion Jones did time and was humiliated.

    The feds are all over Barry…

    Roger just lied his ass off under oath and had politicians kissing his ass…


  9. CHAINSAW Says:

    Clemons had private sessions with congress. He might have fessed up in private, only to deny publicly. He than might not be able to be charged with perjury, since he told the truth in private.

    Not to mention he is a good ol’ southern white boy.

  10. BS Says:

    I wonder if there are any locker room incidents of roid rage on the part of Clemens or even off the field. We all recently saw it occur here on this forum.

  11. venice Says:



  12. Phil Says:

    What about Clemens trainer? Dude had needles and old bloody rags he had saved for 8 years!!!! When asked about it, he said “I never trusted Roger”! That will kill Clemens if he continues to fight congress. I think he already turned that evidence over to the Feds. It’s funny though, if you watched the hearings, Congress was jocking Roidger like he was a hero! WTF are they having this stupid hearing for? What a damn waste of MY tax dollars! Plus– it’s making it hard to get supps for bodybuilding! Stop it MLB! Also, they make it sound like GH is a steroid. GH is over rated…at best! First of all, you don’t shoot it into your ass. Second, it doesn’t make you rage out in a bad mood. Third, it doesn’t bring that much strength at all. IT’S OVER RATED!

  13. BS Says:

    I have to agree that it was inappropriate that nearly each Congressperson began their questioning of Clemens with, “You’ve always been one of my heroes, but…”

    I also don’t blame the trainer for saving the materials, he obviously knew he would need them one day (remember that Monica saved the infamous blue dress).

    It’s true that we don’t need our tax bucks spent on a pro athlete who couldn’t make it without chemical assistance but the ball has been thrown and Clemens has more to be anxious about than preserving his good name mainly being convicted of perjuring himself at a Congressional hearing. I don’t think he’ll survive that. He seemed extremely uneasy at the hearings and it appears that he will stupidly stick to his story and eventually go down in flames.

    Regarding the difference between GH and steroids, unfortunately we can’t expect bloated public servants to know the difference. They believe what they read and hear without devoting any time to research. I wonder how many of them may be receiving GH treatments under the guise of rejuvenation. A couple of them appeared fairly youthful in appearance for old folks.

  14. shockandawe Says:

    I can just see the needle start to jutter on the “Freak-o-meter” with the news that someone actually SAVED bloody rags and syringes for eight years.

    Uhhh.. creepy.

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