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Brady found guilty in Murder for Hire Plot

A jury found Nelson Ronald Brady Jr. guilty on three counts of solicitation to commit murder. The Las Vegas Review Journal provides the story.

The man accused of trying to hire a hit man to kill three key witnesses in the Craig Titus bodybuilder murder case was found guilty on Tuesday in District Court.

The jury found 36-year-old Nelson Ronald Brady Jr. guilty of three counts of solicitation to commit murder. He was accused of trying to hire an assassin to kill Anthony Gross, Megan Pierson Foley and her husband, Jeremy Foley.

All three were witnesses against Titus and Kelly Ryan, who are charged with killing Melissa James, their personal assistant, in December 2005.

The Foleys told a grand jury that Titus and Ryan made incriminating statements about James’ death, including that Ryan shocked James with a taser the day of the killing.

Gross allegedly helped Titus and Ryan get rid of James’ body.

Brady’s attorney, Michael Schwarz, said it was too early to say if Brady would appeal. Brady faces two to 15 years behind bars for each count.

“Obviously we’re disappointed,” he said.

Deputy District Attorney Josh Tomsheck said the evidence against Brady was overwhelming, and included recorded jailhouse interviews and video footage of Brady meeting with an undercover detective to talk about the hit.

During the trial, Brady was described as an awestruck fan of Titus who met the bodybuilder while serving time in the county jail on a domestic battery charge.

While still in jail, Brady approached another inmate, Deem Cassim, about killing the witnesses, authorities said. Cassim, in turn, told police about the plot and worked with authorities to implicate Brady.

During the trial, Brady testified that he never intended to hire a hit man. He said that he only wanted to discredit the witnesses by setting them up in a drug sting. He eventually admitted during the trial that he wanted to pay off the witnesses or intimidate them into not testifying.

During a recorded police interview after his arrest, Brady admitted that the plot centered on killing witnesses, authorities said. Brady testified, however, that he only confessed to police because he wanted to get the interview over with.

23 Responses to “Brady found guilty in Murder for Hire Plot”

  1. Ace Says:

    To say this is another nail in the Titus/Ryan coffin would be dramatically understating it.

    I’ve read Titus’ B.S. that Ron cooked this up on his own -c’mon - there’s no way in hell that’s true and even if it were - no one would believe it anyway - because that’s beyond retarded…but then again Ron comes across as beyond retarded.


  2. Old Time Fitness Competitor Says:

    I cant imagine this will help Titus for sure. But, not sure they can use it against him if he wasn’t somehow implicated?????? or not sure how they can tie this to the KR CT trial if Kelly had nothing to do with it. They are being tried together right? Or has that been determined yet? What a convoluted mess.

  3. Texas Says:

    The biggest problem in this for Titus is the court of public perception. They are going to think that these witnesses must truly have some damning information about the case, and thus Titus is 100% guilty as charged. Most cases are won and lost in the public eye by perception.

  4. Peter Says:

    This will have no impact on the CT/KR case. If it can’t be proven that Titus was involved, and I can’t see how it can, then it’s irrelevant. Heresay is inadmissable, I believe.

  5. Pipe Reality Says:


    What makes you think it can’t be proven?

    I mean jeesus it might be a long shot that Titus’ gets away with saying Brady acted on his own, but I seriously f-ing doubt it…

  6. Pipe Reality Says:


    What makes you think it can’t be proven?

    I mean jeesus it might be a long shot that Titus’ gets away with saying Brady acted on his own, but I seriously f-ing doubt it…

    I mean would you want to be the attorney that asks a jury to buy that?

  7. Old Time Fitness Competitor Says:

    Pipe and Peter,

    I know there are alot of rules about bringing certain things into evidence so it wouldn’t suprise me if the MFH issue doesn’t come into play. However, I do agree that the court of public opinion will play a huge factor here. If jury members hear about the MFH plot in the medai I would suspect it would jade their opinion regardless of whether it is supposed to or not. I just know if it were me on that jury and I was on the fence about guilt, having that information in the back of my mind may sway me. No matter how hard I tried to disregard it, I am human and would have a difficult time.

  8. Peter Says:

    I have been in jail. And you have to believe me when I tell you, there is a commonality found between prisoners that is unlike any other male to male relationship found in any other institution or organization. The close proximity of prisoners creates communities held together by a sense of loyalty that can’t be understood by people on the outside.

    I can so easily imagine that after a few conversations with Titus, if Titus even said “the Foleys are going to cause me grief” that Brady, now smitten, would try to arrange for the witnesses to be put away.

    A good defense lawyer will have little problem making the point. And juries usually become very responsible in the final analysis.

    But all this aside, I’ll tell you guys what I’m pissed off about. Like you, I have been waiting for this trial for almost three years. Like the Superbowl, I was so looking forward to seeing the trial aired on Court-TV, complete with the verdict, sentencing and reactions. Now it seems we’re not going to see any of that, unless someone knows something I don’t.

    Mr. Administrator, will the trial be aired anywhere, in any format?



  9. pipe reality Says:


    I find your comments very inciteful…

    maybe your right - they ring true to me…

    …At the same time - it seems to me ( and admitedly I’ve never been in jail or had your experiences) that most people would be like Deem Cassim - willing to do anything for themselves and to save their own ass…

    I mean Brady is like the guy in the platoon that jumps on a grenade to save his buddy…in a way

    I don’t doubt that he had a man crush on Titus… I believe he did whole heartedly - I only think Craig

  10. pipe reality Says:

    Used him like a little bitch… He was doing all kinds of shit for Craig - selling his property etc… So could Craig have not been aware of this??

    Curious on your thoughts…

  11. Peter Says:

    What do I think. CT&KR Guilty. 2nd degree murder. Sentence 25-Life.

  12. Old Time Fitness Competitor Says:


    On 25 to life, how many actual years do you have to do before you go up for parole? I know someone that ot two 10 to life sentences for a sexual offense and he is up for parole in 7 years. Just wondering

  13. Peter Says:

    25 to life for second degree murder means just that. 25 years minimum.

    The defence is going to try to show that Melissa dies from a drug overdose, but it won’t stick. It won’t stick because if someone died from a drug overdose in my house, in your house, we would call the police.

    The truth is, I have to be wondering if both CT and KR are quietly saying to themselves: “gee, if we would have called the police right after we killed her because we caught her stealing or whatever, and admitted that we killed her in a fit of rage, we could have had a chance at copping a involuntary manslaughter please and gotten 2-15 years and still could look forward to a life. There is no chance of that now.

    In all my years of following crime cases, tring to dispose of a body in the car that the murderer owns is probably the stupidest thing I have ever heard of. We all know the VIN is etched into the engine. BBQ fluid isn’t going to erase that number. But they killed her, panicked, fled the scene of the crime to go across the country. (an admission of guilt in a jury’s eyes right there) and that’s that.

    Regardless of how long this case has taken to get to trial, the State of Nevada, like Texas, is not going to allow CT and KR to escape justice. Nevada is not California, home of the infamous OJ or Michael Jackson trials. Nevada is cowboy country.


  14. darkstar Says:


    You got that right…CT and KR are done…

    I still cant believe they would be so stupid as to try and dispose of the body in their own car!! Brilliant!! Yeah, that will work!!!!


  15. chainsaw Says:

    25 to life I don’t believe it means at least 25yrs of *actual* jail time. The parole board can I believe cut that 25 down if the judge would sentance to 25yrs.

  16. brock lesnar Says:

    Craig is guilty.

    He will serve a long senterce.

    Move on

  17. Peter Says:

    Chainsaw, you are correct and I apologize. Inmates have to serve 85% of their sentence before being eligible for parole. 21 1/4 years of the 25.

    But, because of CT’s supposed temper, me thinks he’s going to do the full 25.

  18. Skinny Pipes Says:

    So has anybody seen Titus lately? Any pictures? How much does he weigh now? After two and a half years without the gear and a weight pit, I bet he’s down to 150. His supposed temper will make him an easy entrant for the girlfriend of the month club.

  19. shockandawe Says:

    Hmmm… Peter,
    I don’t think calling the cops and admitting to killing someone in a fit of rage would necessarily net a manslaughter charge - I think it would be second degree murder. Not sure admitting to anything in a drugged-out state, or otherwise - is a good idea, since the burden of proof within our legal system falls on the shoulders of the prosecution - to prove beyond a reasonable doubt.

    Do I think Titus and Ryan will get time? Yeah, sure. Probably a decent amount. But tides turn in courtrooms all the time. Who knows what will really happen?

  20. shockandawe Says:

    Here’s what I’m wondering…
    How does the recent verdict in the Brady trial affect Craig? Will he eventually stand trial for this, independent of the James’ murder trial? I doubt this will be admissable in CT/ KR murder trial. It would unduly prejudice/ influence the jury when that issue hasn’t yet been proven to be true and Craig has not yet been charged.

    But, if Titus is found guilty in the James case and then has to stand trial for conspiracy to pick off key witnesses - this Brady conviction will be a slam dunk. Is this the way the prosecution is assuring themselves that Craig will do hard time for the better part of his life?

    This appears to be a check-mate.

    I cannot IMAGINE that if Brady was found guilty in this, that a trial is far behind in this matter for Craig. Brady didn’t give a CRAP about those three, but Craig had all the reason in the world to want them gone. Everyone knows that.

    Did the state rush this to trial to secure a guilty verdict, and then leverage Brady with a deal for less time if he flips going into Craig’s trial?

    How is that sort of a case not already in motion for Craig?

  21. brock lesnar Says:

    Keep it in motion

  22. lfplayboy Says:

    Fact is who else had a motive, Titus has admitted cheating. It was kelly’s car. They botched it if it was an accidental death they should’ve done different! The sad thing is a family lost a member! A person died! I love titus and kelly but things happen. I hate to say it but there guilty of something getting rid of a body I don’t know murder accidental murder! Some how they were involved. You don’t leave the state 3 days after being ? in a murder trial and it was your vehicle. Stupid!

  23. lawfish Says:

    Second degree murder in NV is either 10 - Life or 10 -25. Parole eligibility starts at 10 minus credit for time served (2 years in jail at this point, I guess.) Will the Parole board cut these two loose as soon as they’re eligible? Doubtful.

    NRS 200.030 - Degrees of murder; penalties
    NRS 213.120 - When prisoner becomes eligible for parole
    NRS 176.055 - Credit for time served

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