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Craig Titus turns 43 years old

Another birthday will be spent behind bars for Craig Titus. Today marks Craig’s 43rd birthday; how he will spend it is anyone’s guess. Perhaps Brenda Kelly can interview Craig on her next visit and get the exclusive. Brenda celebrated her 49th birthday in Los Angeles yesterday.

50 Responses to “Craig Titus turns 43 years old”

  1. Imastupidfitnessmodel Says:

    Brenda is the Village Idiot.

  2. Billy Says:

    I wonder if he’ll get a extra balogna sandwich with a oatmeal cookie ???

  3. shockandawe Says:

    hahaha.. village idiot.
    I see torches and angry people chasing after a big-breasted woman with a fake set of tits and a short hooker dress.

  4. Shocks Mama Says:

    I went and saw Craig for his B-day. Boy it was great. Hes hot!!!!Thanks Son.

  5. Old Time Fitness Competitor Says:

    Ok, isnt this trial supposed to start in April??? If so should there be some activity in the near future? Getting board!!!

  6. WatchingDunces Says:

    OTFC: u musta been hit by a board on the head—did u mean to say “bored”?

  7. shockandawe Says:

    One of my biggest pet peeves on this site.
    Sorry OTFC, but I do wonder where some of you went to school, and how far you all got…. It does seem that Craig and Kelly have a few intellectual kindreds here in these threads.

  8. Old Time Fitness Competitor Says:

    Hum,,,,,,not the best at typing and was in a hurry - dunce???? Not hardly, I am quite educated actually just wasn’t really worried about being correct on this board I guess. I will watch it spelling as not to offend you other bored people!!!

    So when do you think we can expect action on this case again?

  9. Old Time Fitness Competitor Says:

    PS…..Tax Time and I am an accountant. I have no brain cells left to use on this board. Cut me some slack pleezzz - besides - I am a blonde!!!

  10. Phil Says:


    Don’t worry about it! It’s just a typo. As you all know, I’m really bad at spelling. No need to loose sleep over it guys! It’s just a internet board, not a spelling B! JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give some people a break! I’m sure a lot of us didn’t go to D1 school with honors!

  11. Old Time Fitness Competitor Says:



    So does anyone expect some action on this case soon? Is that MFH case being tried in the near future?

  12. Phil Says:


    I’m not sure! I’ll let you know if I hear anything moving forward! Maybe shock or darkstar has a heads up on what’s going on ? I’ve been getting ready for a show, and haven’t been following much on the MFH.


  13. Old TIme Fitness Competitor Says:


    Good luck at your show - hope you take it all

  14. Phil Says:


    Thanks for the kind words! I’m training really hard right now. I compete May 26th in the Muscle Mayhem Championships. Then- I’m doing the USA’S in July. I really want to place in the USA’S. I’m competing against some really good comp, so thanks for the support….I need it!

    All the best to you!


  15. shockandawe Says:

    Just messin’ with you OTFC. At least you’re a good sport. I know some top professionals in all fields who are surprisingly poor spellers - it happens.

    But it is a pet peeve. :)

    Phil, I know you’re a lost cause with spelling ~ haha! You’re still a good guy though, and at least you don’t pretend to be something you’re not. You’re a pretty genuine dude.

    Good luck with your show.

    And no, OTFC, I don’t know anything about this case other than what you guys all know. I never claimed to have an inside track, just a superior command of the English language. hahaha!!!

    Night. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  16. Phil Says:

    Thanks Shok! Your a very good writer with outstanding grammer. I appreciate the support for my show! It means a lot…..

    All the best


  17. Administrator Says:

    Shock, why don’t you share some of your old Venice stories? Tell the readers why you’re so jaded and bitter towards Craig. Do you feel responsible in any way for where Kelly is today?

    You should know from your years of writing in the industry that your love for grammar and spelling will never be appreciated. Bet you wish you had that column again, huh?

  18. Courtney Says:

    Everyone on this site needs to literally calm down. Y’all want to call yourselves intellectuals? Well, “intellectuals” know that reality is that no one in America can fully believe anything that the media puts out there. So until the trial, get lives and leave Craig & Kelly alone. You were not there, you do not know them, you do not know ALL the facts & what the situation REALLY was. All y’all know is what the media & the government wants y’all to know & believe. Also, think about their children. Don’t y’all realize their children are probably reading the things you write? How do y’all think that makes them feel? Come on now…have some humanity. Seriously, is this what the world has come to? Take a good hard look at yourselves, put yourselves in Craig & Kelly’s shoes & with kids, & think about what you would want other people to do & say on this site. Some words of encouragment would be nice…don’t ya think?

  19. Phil Says:


    First of all, I know Craig and Kelly. Second of all, there’s a ‘boat load’ of facts that the law has gathered. Third, I don’t think Craig had a relationship with his off-spring..to say the least! And, I don’t think the goverment has a lot of info…that people that know them…have obtained through the last two years.

    If Craig’s kids are reading this site, they are reading..pretty much the truth..on what Craig and Kelly are all about! Plus, CT and Kell don’t have any kids together. The kids that Craig might have, shouldn’t be allowed on this site..bottom line! Your right though, we don’t know the facts, and probably shouldn’t rush to judgement. However, when you taser someone, obtain cookout gear (on camera) slamsomeone on the ground, shoot her up with morphine, tell your friends about it, go on vacation…urrrrr…run from the law, sell all your assets on and on and on….Some of us that Really know CT and KR..know what the hell was going on around the time when Melissa was murdered!!!!

    So words of encouragment would be, you better put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye! Or, hope that something freak happened that took KR and CT out of this. And the only way that’s going to happen is MONEY, and hope Judge Glass has acid in her coffee when this trial starts.

    Check yourself Courtney! JESUSSSSSSSSSSSS


  20. Orange roughy Says:

    everyone calm down…

    CALM DOWN!!!


    Can I borrow a Xanex from someone?

  21. Darkstar's brownstar's sphincter Says:

    Hi guys *!

  22. Venice Says:

    I wish this whole thing never happened…

    I wish Craig and Kelly retired in Hawaii…

    …And Duane “Dog” Chapman…came after their ass for their meth addictions…

    Of course that would only be possible if Dog wasn’t such a racist dipshit and he still had his show, but wouldn’t that have been the best episode DOG vs. TITUS!!!

  23. Ace Says:


    I couldn’t agree more.

    Craig’s imprisonment is second only to Nelson Madela!

    “Free….free…Craigy Titus….

  24. Ace Says:

    What is also truly tragic…all of the drug dealers and steroid traffickers who have lost money, because Craig is incarcerated.

    Has anyone ever stopped to think about them.

    What about all the young guys who read “Muscle Mag” and wanted to be just like him…has anyone thought about those kids??

  25. shockandawe Says:

    I don’t feel bitter toward Craig - he used to be a good friend, but then he went sideways and now he’s a murderer. Kelly too. Don’t feel in any way responsible for them. I’ve never dealt drugs, never gone “swinging” nor anything else…. Sorry.

    BTW, I don’t have any Venice stories for you that could surpass your own, son, I’m quite sure about that.

    Sorry you are so bothered by my references to grammar. It obviously hits a personal chord.

    If I said a pet peeve of mine was that I hated bacon and eggs, would I all of a sudden have a “Venice story” to tell about bacon and eggs?


  26. Administrator Says:

    Never implied that you dealt drugs or went swinging with them. Don’t sell the readers short on this blog about your stories from the Venice days. “Son”? That’s great Mom, but you were in the mix of the bodybuilding world for years.

    You are the only one on the grammar soapbox. Must be rough not having a column and having to resort to blogs to get your editorial fix, huh? ;)

    Disappointed you couldn’t come up with a better analogy. Venice stories relate to your past, which involved writing and being a grammar nut, did it not?

  27. Phil Says:

    Come on Shock!

    Give us some dirt from back in the day! Like when all the Pros would pose for Dr Jaycott for steroids. Remember that? And he got busted and told a Grand Jury that they were amino acid shots! How Barry Bonds of him!


  28. Phil Says:

    LOL Admin….MOM? That’s funny!

  29. shockandawe Says:


    Don’t miss bodybuilding one tick. If I had, I’d be querying for jobs in that industry. ;) I haven’t for a long, long time. I have maintained writing for a company that I started with back in 2000, and will continue that, but that’s non-bylined work.

    All seriousness, the bodybuilding industry was a nice training ground and start as a writer. Served me well for years. Very happy to have made the transition into the mainstream though.

    No doubt you value bodybuilding and the “scene” more than mainstream news, and think that anyone would miss that world if they left it. I don’t, actually.

    After a career in that industry that spanned from 1988 to 2002, it was really enough. I also believed, correctly, that I was good enough to transition into the mainstream.

    As for “keeping a column” - it’s pretty hard to keep up with what someone eats for breakfast at the Fire House every morning when you live a few states away. Photos opps get pretty lean at that point.

    But truth be told, when Craig blustered and threatened Kennedy that he would sue him (Bob’s biggest fear in the world, btw) because he was livid that I would dare expose his threats and bad behavior, I had already moved to another state.

    Writing Venice gossip from the Rocky Mountain region is challenging. ;)

    Quite frankly, in hindsight, having received threats on my life from Craig and his henchman at Max Muscle, I found the bodybuilding world a lot less appealing. It’s an industry of boneheads, thugs, druggies and apparently a growing number of murderers.

    I felt I could do better.

    But I don’t mind you telling whatever story you need or want to tell. I’m pretty sure I know who you are, and I expect it.

    I would encourage anyone who thinks they have mainstream talent to query outside the category. It’s quite worthwhile.

    Sorry you have been so deeply hurt by my sarcasm and comments about grammar. I am puzzled as to why you are so affected by it, but c’est la vie.

  30. shockandawe Says:


    Don’t have any Jaycott stories - but I do remember that whole time.

    As a writer, I really loved Rick Wayne. He used to write for Flex - think he was the editor before my time, not sure. But he was a kick in the pants. That would be some stuff to go back and look at. No one writing today has his character or ability.

    That was when bodybuilding was a fun read.

  31. Chaz Michael Michaels Says:

    Hey. What’s up.

  32. Old Time Fitness Competitor Says:


    Rocky Mountain Region??? Ok are you in my back yard? I am from the denver area. Where are you at?

  33. ill tempered seabass Says:

    Craig titus will walk!

  34. shockandawe Says:

    Hey OTFC, Montana here. So, we’re about 12 hours away from one another.
    What do you do now?

  35. Charlton Heston Says:

    What were we talking abut?

  36. Old Time Fitness Competitor Says:


    What do I do now? I drag myself into the gym 4 days a week at 6am. LOL

    I show horses and you?

  37. Skinny Pipes Says:

    What’s up with the Venice scene? I vacationed here in the ’90s and this place was cool…I was a starstruck high school kid and went to the MuscleMag Headquarters, saw huge dudes at Gold’s…

    I graduated, went to college, and after transferring to a great company in West L.A moved into an apartment in Venice.

    Gold’s is dead, MuscleMag is now a clothing boutique, Muscle Beach is a rust pit with crackheads…

    What the hell happened?

  38. Phil Says:

    The Venice scene..especially Gold’s…declined in the early 2000’s. It’s making.. some what.. of a comeback. You have Cormier, Chick, Samuel, and all of Charles Glass Clients. But your right, it’s not what it once was! I remember training there with Flex, Paul, Cormier, Strydom, Rico, etc……. A lot of guys and gals have jumped ‘jumped ship’. Milos has a variety of pros training at his Powerhouse. Probably because of all his clients he does nutrition for. Plus, guys are just moving different places for the cost of food. Texas is big. Vegas is the new “Mecca” ..In Texas, you can get chicken breast at a buck a pound! In LA it’s 3 bucks! I syill train at Gold’s followed up with a FireHouse visit! I’m glad to be back in So Cal ..despite the f*cking traffic!

  39. Phil Says:

    To add to the Venice list these days…

    Saw Melvin Anthony today. Also, BIG Lou! Back in the day, I forgot to add to the list, “MAD MIKE” Matarazzo. And if you will? Craig Titus..lol. Also, a blast from the past.. Mike Christian, and Paul De Mayo R.I.P Paul!

  40. Old Time Fitness Competitor Says:


    You sent me through a time warp with all those names - LOL They were all the hot shots when I was competing. I went to the National Fitness America Pageant a couple times in CA. Venice was pretty neat then. I didnt know it had changed so much. That is too bad - but I guess all things change.

  41. Curious Says:

    Phil, Which contest are you getting ready for, is it the Ironman? How’s the competition this year? Your commentary on the BB’ers of the past bring back memories of these guys and more. I’d heard that Matarazzo passed away, hope it’s not true. Good luck.

  42. shockandawe Says:

    You know, I am so out of the loop these days, it occurred to me that I wouldn’t know if Matarazzo had passed or not. I learned even a year or so later following the deaths of DeMayo and Sonny Schmidt. Kind of weird when you’re really involved in the sport and then realize that, outside the sport, no one knows these guys and nothing ever hits mainstream news.

    Kinda sad, given how much these guys and girls think they are celebrities. Titus was a good example. He always assumed everyone knew him. But really only jailhouse thugs and other muscle heads who followed the sport knew of him.

    I could ask 50 people on the street today in my hometown “Who are Melvin Anthony, Chris Cormier and Milos Sarcev?” and no one would be able to answer.

  43. venicebrother Says:

    Shock have any good JJ Marsh stories?

  44. Phil Says:


    Mike Matarazzo had a heart attack ..twice in the last year..However, he is still alive. He has some sort of hereditary type thing? I saw him at the Venice Cafe a week ago. When Mike was competing , he ate about five pounds of beef a day. I want to say it did something to his arteries along with all the gear he took! Mike is a great guy!

    I’m not a pro bodybuilder! I’m up in the National level in the Super Heavy Weights NPC. I’m doing the Muscle Mayhem Championships in May, in KC. It’s one of Chad & Kim Nichols NPC shows. I will follow up with a showing at the USA’S in July. The USA’S are held in Vegas. I just moved back to So Cal from Vegas recently do to a transfer my wife had to go through with her job. I’m in the Newport Beach area.

    Sonny Schmidt was a good friend. Sonny was always positive and had a big smile on his face. We trained clients at the same gym in San Diego. Sonny never could figure out how to dry his skin out to achieve that “grainy look”. So sad that he had to die from dieuretics. Same with Andreas Munzer…the most SHREDDED person I’ve ever seen in my life..to this day..PERIOD! Also MO MO fell into the dieuretic trap. Back then..and still to this day..the judges want you to walk on stage (half dead) with a ton of muscle. The judging didn’t kill those guys though. There’s a line that all of us bodybuilders know, and some of the guys will cross that line. If you do, there’s a coin flips chance that you will survive from dehydration. It’s very scary! Just ask Ken “flex” Wheeler.

    LOL..OTFC…Those were the good ol days! I trained with Chris Cormier for a while back in that time. Sometimes I have to go back down memory lane to keep myself grounded, with all the new methods of training, drugs, and overall life!

    Your right Shock, If I brought those names up to the average Joe, they would think I was from another planet. But you know what I’m talking about! After all, this is kinda a bodybuilding site. It seems that some of these peeps know the sport and know who some of the old school cats are! I’ve been competing since 1985. This will be my last show! I promised my wife…NO MORE FISH AND OATMEAL…LOL..

    Sorry about the long post rant! It’s some of the best times of my life..that I’ll never forget!

  45. Curious Says:

    Glad to know MM is still around, what’s he doing these days? I remember MoMo being one of the first to die backstage due to dieuretics but I didn’t know about Schmidt, what a shame. I also recall Dennis Newman making the statement that he believed the HGH that won him the USA is what triggered dormant genes in his body resulting in his leukemia. The drugs are what turned me off to the sport and to this day I have no regrets having left it behind (I competed in the heavyweight division). I was also turned off to the same So Cal NPC judges who couldn’t even spell objectivity let alone display it at every friggen contest (one of them used to clean my pool).

    Living in NB you must train at Club MetRx (just a guess). Being a super heavyweight which takes a lot of maintenance leaving little time for anything else have you plans for life after BB? I did not continue to the level you are at, what websites post your photos, I’d like to root for your last show. Hope you win.

  46. Curious Says:

    JJ Marsh had a bit of an anger management issue. He used to frequent World Gym (now gone) on Beach Blvd in Huntington Beach and intimidate nearly everyone in the room…until big Dave Nelson (Apollo from the old American Gladiators) showed up.

    Dave also displayed slight problems with anger management during his short lived stint as the manager of the Powerhouse Gym (also gone) on Main St in Huntington Beach. He made numerous very loud threats of physical violence mostly to people literally half his size during peak hours. It’s rumored that his employment was terminated for threatening the wrong person who was actually the property manager and the lease was subsequently jeopardized.

    The Main St Powerhouse was a great gym due to its location. Many episodes of Muscle Magazine were filmed there, lots of BB stars trained there and it was on its way to becoming the new BB Mecca but because of the continuous turnover of managers who knew nothing of how to run a business it simply went away. Dennis Newman, JJ, Shawn, Barry DeMey, Serge Nubret were a few of the regulars there besides Will and Norm Dabish who owned the chain. It was a great place to hang out.

    Now there’s the Gold’s on Adams in HB but it will never be what the other gyms were. They recently remodeled and are attempting to recoup the cost by increasing the dues with existing contracted members and are losing business by doing so. I hear they’re all going to 24 Hour Fitness.

  47. Michael Says:

    Does any one have an e-mail or an address and inmate number in order to contact Craig?

  48. LookatmeLookatme Says:

    What’s with Brenda Kelly and her stupid articles? She’s not even good looking. Her upper body is large and her hips are weird and she has no ass. Why do they keep allowing her to write articles at BB.com? She promotes herself in every article. Pathetic.

  49. shockandawe Says:


    Don’t know if you are still reading this thread — I have been away for a couple of weeks. What do you mean Sonny died of diuretics?? Sonny died of cancer, didn’t he? My head kind of spun (no, not around - heh heh) when I read that.

    When did you train with Cormier? I wish you could tell me who you are - I am dying to know.

  50. Phil Says:


    My bad…your right! He did die from cancer, however, struggled with dieuretics from time to time. I got confused with him using the GH that led to the death, not the cutting agents!

    I trained with Chris in Bakersfield CA in 1985 when we both wrestled at Cal State Bakersfield. I was …at the time…training with Tom Touchstone..Mr California 1985. When I used Charles Glass for assistance, we trained from time to time together in different sessions. After football, we hooked back up in the early 90′S with Chris, Flex, Paul, and Rico. Chris is a good guy! He is making a comeback after a bacterial infection in his lower spine. He’s training with Robby Robinson these days at Golds Venice. Dude, Robby is so intense! I think it’s a very good thing for Chris.. to keep him focused.

    Golds is getting back to the ‘good ol days’! Lots of pros training there again!

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