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Ron Brady Jr. “Murder for Hire” Case update

Remember the “Murder for Hire” plot and Ron Brady Jr.? He is charged with three counts of “solicitation to commit a crime” and is allegedly linked to Craig Titus. Mr. Brady’s case is set to go to trial January 28, 2008. Given the history of all things somehow related to the Titus & Ryan case, it will most likely get delayed. The media will be watching this trial and it’s outcome closely. The Las Vegas Review Journal has submitted a media request for this case. If granted permission, they would be allowed to broadcast, record, photograph or televise the proceedings of the case.

Note: Mr. Schwarz is Ron Brady’s lawyer.

The latest notes related to Ron Brady’s trial:

Argument by Mr. Schwarz regarding Motion to Compel advising that there are three types of information being requested which is still missing; l) information that they do not want to give; 2) information which was given, but not provided in the form requested; and 3) information which State indicates does not exist. Court inquired if Mr. Schwarz had any contact with Titus’ attorney regarding obtaining some of this information. Mr. Schwarz stated that he did not contact Titus’ attorney and does not want to get involved with them. Mr. Tomsheck advised that they have no opposition to providing phone calls which are relevant. COURT ORDERED, motion GRANTED in PART; if handwritten visiting logs exist they are to be provided. Mr. Tomsheck represented that everything that exists has been provided. Further, COURT ORDERED, any and all PSI’s for Cassim to be obtained and can be reviewed by Mr. Schwarz; Jail to provided copies of Cassim’s housing records; Certified copies of any handwritten visitor logs for Cassim, Brady and Titus to be provided; phone call records of Titus to mother and aunt to be turned over. Additionally, COURT FINDS good cause to seal Standard Operating Procedures at the Jail, which is Exhibit “B” to Reply to States Opposition to Motion To Compel (filed 10/24/07), and COURT ORDERED, EXHIBIT WILL BE SEALED.

Argument by Mr. Schwarz as to Motion to Suppress that conversations were hearsay and should be excluded. Argument by Mr. Tomsheck, citing Reyes case. Court does not find a violation of law and bulk of argument is quality of evidence and weight to be given. COURT ORDERED, Motion to Suppress is DENIED.

Additionally, at request of Mr. Tomsheck, Mr. Schwarz is to provide cellphone records.

Also worth noting, there are other current charges against Ron Brady Jr. One felony and two misdemeanors:

• Obtain money/property by false pretense - Felony
• Engaging in business without license - Gross Misdemeanor
• Unlawful acts of omissions; penalties - Gross Misdemeanor

Counsel advised Deft. has a murder charge in the system and requested this trial be VACATED until after resolution of other case. COURT ORDERED, trial VACATED, and matter CONTINUED for status check.

This trial will be reset on February 5, 2008.

7 Responses to “Ron Brady Jr. “Murder for Hire” Case update”

  1. Phil Says:

    All smack aside….Happy New Year to you ALL!

  2. Old Time Fitness Competitor Says:


    Diddo!!! Best of luck in 2008.

    So, dumb question but is this trail set before CT and RY for stregic reasons? What happens if this guy is convicted.

  3. Phil Says:


    Sounds like Brady has prior baggage. Those things …I think… have nothing to do with this case.

    As far as Craig and Kell..I’m not sure how his elleged (MFH) plot would play out. With Craig being taped on the phone and Brady having a prior Felony and Misdemeanors.. It doesn’t look good for Craig no matter how you shake a stick at it. But– I’m not sure how that is going to be played out.


  4. Joe Campbell Says:

    Watching Roger Clements on 60 Minutes last night denying using steroids and growth hormone reminded me of Craig. These guys will deny anything. Loved seeing his pics tho on Muscle Service station website … shows anybody can do gay for pay. Gotta pay for them roids somehow!

  5. shockandawe Says:

    Craig is going down and will be a house felon for life. Thank God that f#cker is off the streets. Sorry, but I feel that way. I hope Kell gets out in 10 years. But she does deserve 10 years, just for being with Titus willingly. She is a drug addict who needs addiction treatment - because if she gets out she’ll be back tooting and shooting in no time.

  6. Gear Head Says:

    Titus and Kelly are going to walk! Come on. Judge Glass loves bodybuilders and burning up cars! Then, we’ll see him on the Olympia Stage again! Maybe King Kamali and Craig can start a fued and mix this industry up with some trash talking. Even though they have poor physiques and bad attitudes. It’s all Kelly’s fault anyway’s. You’ll see that when Titus walks and Kelly gets life! Maybe she can find some VCR motor to inject her lips full of ass fat and sneak some GH to make her chin look like a water slide!!

  7. shockandawe Says:

    Gear, you are an interesting lad.

    Glass… yes, a bodybuilder-lover. I’m sure I’ve heard that somewhere.
    A secret muscle-worshipper on the bench in Vegas… a female version of a “schmo” - love it.

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