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Maura and Dennis James file case against Titus, Ryan and Gross

Galen D. Schutt, ESQ will be the lawyer for Maura and Dennis James in a case against Craig Titus, Kelly Ryan and Anthony Gross. Maura and Dennis James are listed as the parents and special administrators of the Estate of Melissa Jame, deceased. The case has been filed in the District Court of Clark County, Nevada. Judge Jennifer Togliatti will preside over the case. The case?

Complaint for compensatory and punitive damages for wrongful death.

We’ll keep you posted on this case as well.

12 Responses to “Maura and Dennis James file case against Titus, Ryan and Gross”

  1. Venice Says:

    This case was just a matter of time.

    It doesn’t seem like there will be any funds left - so what’s the point?

  2. shockandawe Says:

    If you were a parent of a murdereed child you’d understand the point. Like the OJ case, people feel that there was nothing to gain - that he would do exactly what he did and end up sheltering his cash, etc… But the fact is, he’s been a social pariah ever since.

    I think they are also making sure to attach all assets, even ones that surface as a result of family or friends trying to raise funds for their defense by selling their images and capitalizing on the dead (their daughter). Potentially, they could freeze all of the assets that result.

    Mostly, I think it’s a way for a mother and a father to honor their daughter in a case that already looks to be dicey. I mean, what if they did not go this route and prepare for this inevitable civil suit, and Titus and Ryan walked?

    I really think this is just another step in emotional preparedness and the grief process. Good for them.

  3. Venice Says:


    I agree with you.

    I just wonder if there is any chance what-so-ever that there will be any funds - that is the somewhat pragmatic viewpoint…

    As a symbolic gesture it makes sense.

    I suppose there is a chance of acquittal, however small.

    There is also a chance they could get out in 20 yrs or so…maybe they could use a civil judgement at that point…

  4. Grand Master Vince Palumbo Says:

    I see these horrific acts in the newspaper all the time, and its just not at all acceptable in today’s world, because its one thing to get in a fight and punch someone who then falls down and accidentally hits his head on an object and dies, this was not a premeditated act, especially if it was an act of self defense on the part of the person throwing the punch.

    But when someone, or a group of people deliberately go out to injur or kill a person, then they have committed an evil act, and they must be tried and punished to the fullest extent of the law, and if the judges decision is leading towards the death penalty, then so be it!

    The victim’s did’nt ask to be robbed of their ‘life!’.

  5. Venice Says:


    Any relation to Phillip Palumbo

  6. Venice Says:

    I guess what interests me in this case, beyond knowing Titus from a distance is that “great unknown” like with the Drew Peterson case…I think right off the bat most people - would lean towards both KR and CT being guilty - but what actually happened - only CT and KR and maybe - just maybe to an extent Anthony Gross.

    - that’s it.

    -sure some info was relayed to other people - but it was whitewashed by KR and CT -their sanitized version, putting them in the best possible light under the circumstances…
    My gut is that they both had almost an equal role.

    It is impressive(I don’t mean impressive in terms of the complementary definiton) but impressive in terms of something that stands out - just how loyal they are to one another.

    Many people predicted one or the other would crack - it hasn’t happened.

    They’re “best case scenario explanation” at this point is/and has been that MJ O’d and they simply wanted to cover it up - is utterly transparent B.S.

    I don’t see how they can maintain that line of defense…

    …I mean who the hell would burn a body in their own car if that was the case…

    …Of course they could admit to their own obvious drug use and say that factored into their own poor decision making …hmmn that could almost fly - an overeaction type excuse - but still not quite believable.

    Anthony Gross and that other Fitness Chick hold the key…

    If they had kept their mouths shut and been a little more rationale - maybe they would’ve gotten away with it…

    …That and if that didn’t use the taser…

    Not to disparage MJ - but given her troubled past - if she had just disappeared in LV - people couldve imagined enough different scenarios that CT and KR could’ve gotten off.

    One more thought;

    Let’s say somehow they actually had managed to escape to Greece…

    …Would the U.S. Authorities have had any recourse at all?

  7. msflafit Says:

    I have read both books and it seems they did do a lot of stupdid decisions…but it is crazy that in their heads they are thinking they are going to get off.. I am always wondering who could they get to prove Melissa was this thief,and drug addict? How can some one live there and not make any friends or go anywhere? Where are those people? Someone had to have seen who she was with in the KFC…Or a gym? Why did Craig spend the night in the hotel with her and then bring her to the house with Kelly? Do the kind of drugs they were taking cause sexual arousal? Or the opposite? So many questions?????

  8. Venice Says:


    Do you remember that guy - thinning blonde hair- that used to work the rcpt area at Gold’s Venice - circa 1995 - who got busted for robbing a bank??

  9. Phil Says:


    I remember hearing about something about a front desk guy who was arrested. It’s been a while. Was that the guy? Dude..I want to say I remember that guy with the blond thin hair! Was he a front desk guy, or a sales counselor? In 1995 I was living in Mammoth Lakes CA.

  10. Uatlas Says:

    Lets wait until the trial before making uninformed judgements.

    Titus and Ryan are entitled to a good defence and asetts should only be frozen after a judgement has firstly been made for the criminal trial.

  11. tiff Says:


  12. Phil Says:


    Good for you! What did you learn?

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