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Titus & Ryan sit and wait until April

Craig and Kelly aren’t scheduled to be back in court until April 17, 2008 at 8:30am. They are still set to go to trial on June 2, 2008. Kelly is now being represented by Michael V. Cristalli.

24 Responses to “Titus & Ryan sit and wait until April”

  1. Old Time Fitness Competitor Says:

    See you all here in March. Looks like it is time to check out for a while.

  2. foebe Says:

    They are still where they will be forever

  3. foebe Says:

    By the way….who gives a rat’s ass about them

  4. Venice Says:


  5. BS Says:

    I concur with foebe, Venice and stryker.

  6. Phil Says:

    Thanks Admin!

  7. Tommy Says:

    Thank the “powers to be” for Karma. After what he did to me and others when he lived in Houston I am content he is where he is.

  8. Venice Says:


    I’ve heard stories of Craig in Houston…but I’d be interested in hearing yours.

    Tell us about it.

  9. Fronan Says:

    After what he did to just about everyone he came in contact with in LA…..he’s right where he’s supposed to be! Too bad he took KR down with him. She had everything until he came along. I wish I would of kicked his ass when I had the chance! I guess Bubba will take care of that for me.

  10. Phil Says:

    Again…Kelly took herself down by herself. Besides, we don’t know what happened the night of the cookout. I’m not taking Craig’s side by any means–but people make choices and sometimes they are bad ones. I think Kelly made a lot of bad choices with Craig and without him! Kelly made stides with Craig and also without him!


  11. Mr. X Says:


  12. BS Says:

    Damn skippy on that.

  13. Ace Says:

    If I had but 1 wish this holiday season it would be for all the world’s children to hold hands and unite in a song of peace.

    If I had a second wish this holiday season it would be for Titus to get back on the sauce and retake his rightful place atop the IFBB!!!

  14. Phil Says:


    Dude, that post made me laugh my ass off! That is a classic..That is funny stuff!!


  15. shockandawe Says:

    Funny, mostly because Titus was a bag of sh*t on stage - only eclipsed by being a bag of sh*t off stage. Titus was maybe good around the USA. He certainly wasn’t an ugly fugger back then.

  16. PeterRobbinson Says:

    I asked this as a comment on one of the earlier messages, but I guess nobody will see it there, so I’ll post it here.
    “Interesting to hear all these stories about people like Fadhli or Cori Nadine. Just out of curiosity: I always envisoned Cori as a good catfighter/wrestler, was she into that, or would she have been good at it? Thanks in advance.ยด”

  17. Phil Says:

    I agree Shock, Craig was at his best around the USA’S. Then his waist blew the f*ck up!! All the refuge from Mc Donalds and the crap I saw him eat at the Firehouse.. along with the gear..made him a bloated bag of crap!

    After the skin….urrrrrr…gyno was removed, he thought he had a shot at winning the 2005 Ironman. That was his best condition as a IFBB Pro, and he didn’t even make the top 5 and stomped off stage like a idiot! That’s when he started tweaking his balls off..I saw him months later and didn’t even recognize him..AT ALL! And Kelly could almost trip over her jaw! She looked really bad from the GH!!

  18. Ace Says:


    Thanks for the kind words…stream of consciousness can yield some random funny shit sometimes…

    On the topic of drugs:

    And let me preface this by saying that - I personally feel like Barry Bonds is taking way more than his fair share of abuse over the whole BALCO scandal…its somewhat interesting that Victor Conte who has extremely strong ties to the bodybuilding - community - yet mainstream news really never even mentions bodybuilders - they might as well be working at the post office - I mean sure you might read about Victor Martinez getting busted in the L.A. Times - but it’s not in the sports section…

    Anyway I digress what really fucking blew me away was that Barry’s shoe size apparently went from 10.5 to 13!!!!

    I mean holy crap - that’s unreal…

    I remember watching pumping iron as a kid and being totaLly fascinated - I thought - that’s what I want to do!!!

    I grew up in the same area as Dennis Newman - I watched his career take off - I never took drugs - and I don’t cast judgement on those who do…I think a little bit of test especially for older guys - is probably good for you - the problem is things are taken to such extremes…

    Bodybuilding seems destined for obscurity - I mean its so ironic that it masquerades behind a curtain of health and fitness - when in reality - it isn’t…I mean football is unhealthy to a large degree - but the point of football isn’t professed to be “health and vitality”

    I also wonder what Arnold would be - if he grew up in this day and age - I mean a dynamic guy no doubt, but steroids made him - in an age when they weren’t taboo…

    Another thought - obviously most psychos aren’t bodybuilders and Craig seemed to have plenty of issues before he got heavily involved in BB - but to what extent - if any do u thnk BB contributed to his downfall?

    Admitedly a very rambling post - just trying to spur a little discussion

  19. Msflafit Says:

    Ace, I have to comment on what your comments were as far as the whole bb scene. I was very disappionted in the whole bb community but loved many of the people. I was very curious about the whole titus ryan murder myself. I read both the books and came to the conclusion that. Craig and Kelly were drug addicts and a disgrace to the fitness industry. There egos which i believe to be elevated by their steroid use. The sport is sad because you have to become a druggie to compete at the top level. But why should it change now, people want to see freaks and insecure people want to be freaks. Craig wanted his cake and eat it too. I think he was doing drugs that night with both of them, and everything got out of hand. To sorry for Melissa who was just as guilty as Kelly and Craig. They both thought they were ripped off so they went to the extreme. Kelly was starting to look like a plastic surgery clone and at her age it is crazy. So maybe Craig’s womanizing caused that. Perfection comes from within only through maturity. They are all victims of a plastic sport….

  20. Phil Says:

    Ms and Ace

    That’s a accurate post! Ace..I agree with you as well..Both are the reality of the sport of bodybuilding. I could go on and on about the industry, and how Craig and Kelly were, but it would take hours.

    Bodybuilding is a great sport, and has done a lot for me and my family. You can walk up to that line of being out of control very easy, and think your in control from whatever your taking or think of yourself. However, there is a lot of good in the sport aside from all the crap that goes on. I myself am currently training natural, and have my sight on a natural show. Believe it or not, natural bodybuilding has come up “ten fold” with bigger checks, better marketing contracts, and most of all, better people!

    I will always love Pro Bodybuilding and what it brings to the table. I’ve been training for over 20 years now. I will always be a fan and a competitor!

  21. Joe Campbell Says:

    If you have the time check out Craig Titus’s pics during the days when he had a body and was even competing on the gay-website Muscleservice.com . You’ll have to dig tho and go back a few years to find them

  22. Phil Says:


    I’ll take your word for it! Not really into digging up gay photo’s of Craig. But I believe it!

  23. shockandawe Says:

    One of these days, I’ll post something I posted on Getbig.com about the whole psychology of Kelly and her choices - before that night and, in my opinion, what happened to her on that night. It is a much more amplified version of waht Ms supposes. She’s at least on the right track, though it only scratches the surface.

    Joe.. Muscleservice.com… funny. I just saw a card from a bb’er from Venice, named Justin, posing completely nude with a hoodie on and a full frontal penis shot… half erect, and I thought, “Dude, what in God’s name are you doing?”

  24. Msflafit Says:

    Phil and Shock,
    I too was a natural fla bb champ, I made the transion into the fitness industry when the women started looking manly and many fellow bb women started giving me a hard time saying I sold out to look more femine. I was did the montel williams show w/ a bouch of juicers and they got really nervous when I came on the set because I was not an NPC or IFBB pro so I could tell the ture. You have to beome a liar to try to represent a sport that encourages drug use then when you get caught they turn your back. My piont is that Criag and Kelly were turning into what many have tried and failed. How many times did Shawn Ray try to win the Mr O? And what about Diana Dennis? It starts becoming crazy when the drugs mask your preception of what your phyisque can be made to do. They could not except that they did as good as their physiques could take them, they got so full of themselves they hit crazy… That is the part about the drug use that ruins the sport. I love this sport always have and always will. When I retired in 94 from competing, I was better for it. I have met many great people and have accomplished many things outside the sport but learned to fight and stick to goals etc. That is why I get so sad when dumbasses with so much good to do put yet another blemish on the butt of bb

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