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Court Updates

Craig and Kelly will be in court today at 1:30 pm (changed from the original 10:00am time). They will also be back in court next week on October 30, 2007 at 8:30 am. We’ll keep you posted on any outcomes.

18 Responses to “Court Updates”

  1. house Says:

    who is the best murderer/bodybuilder:

    Bertil Fox


    Craig Titus

  2. Maltese Taco Says:

    Which bodybuilder would make the best UFC fighter?

  3. Phil Says:

    Hands down…It would be Chris Cook..He’s a IFBB pro- however he is training for MMA as we speak!

  4. Phil Says:

    On the best murder..I would have to go with Bertil Fox…He wasn’t tweaked out and ran a muck…Dude just took a shotgun and went to town..point blank…

    Sad but true!

  5. Peter Ehrlich Says:

    A man who kills a woman isn’t as much a murderer as he is a coward.

  6. Phil Says:


    I would say if someone shot his wife in the chest point blank would not make him a coward. It would make him a murderer..A coward would hire someone to do the job or not do it at all!!!!

  7. Peter Ehrlich Says:


    I am only here to discuss the case. I never waver from “the case”. In this case, CT killed a 112 pound woman. That makes him both a coward and a murderer.

    But to your point - most all men who murder their wives are cowards, unless it’s in self-defence, and we all know that hardly happens. What is prevalent, is that men kill their wives because they are cowards.



  8. Shocks Mama Says:

    Best BB Murderer was Sandy Mcneil in the 90’s She came out front with a shotgun and jumped on the hood of the car then she went way out of control and shot the new pro ray mcneil in the guy and killed him. She is now out of jail too. Not bad for a murder.

  9. Maltese Taco Says:


    Good call…I was trying to recall that scenario…I think they were Marines or former Marines…somewhat beside the point….

    My rankings would go as follows.

    1.) Bertil Fox
    2.) Craig Titus
    3.) Sandy McNeil

    I can’t believe the Hulk never killed anybody - throwing fools around like that…and no snapped necks…

  10. Drago Says:


    I know Chris has a wrestling background..and I know he was a watched up and comer in BB…but what is your assessment of his talent level…I mean I don’t think people realize or respect the years of training that go into having a chance at a respectable MMA career…did someone say Johnny Morton…I mean Brock Lesnar has a tremendously strong wrestling background and he’s a phenomenal athlete and he still has a learning curve…although he dominated that Korean dude like no MMA fight I’ve ever seen…also I wonder how Cook’s body will react to coming of steroids…I can tell that a lot of UFC cats are on HGH it’s pretty obvious and they seem to get away with it…atleast up to this point…also I heard that Chris lost a match already..I mean I realize he’s getting his feet wet in the sport …but the problem is people remember that shit and ur market value goes up or down with every fight…I saw Liddell’s last fight with Jardine…he lost - I mean that guy was the man and look how far his star fell in 2 fights ..I love Chuck, but that’s the reality…also was CT ever seriously considering an MMA career? It would have been a farce at his age - but was that ever seriously on the table - or just a fantasy of his?

  11. lazarus Says:

    How much time did she do?

  12. Phil Says:


    I think Chris will have a tough time breaking into the MMA world..I know for a fact that MMA athletes take a lot of gear and GH..They probably will never be tested!! Chris will have to fight his way up the ladder to win fights..just like he did in bodybuilding. I don’t see him as a big threat in MMA..But out of all the IFBB pros…I think Chris is the toughest bodybuilder in the IFBB…

    I think if Craig would of stuck with wrestling after high school…he would have been awesome!! He was a great wrestler..I’m not sure how he would of done coming out of the IFBB to fight in the cage…I know this, at one of his after parties….urrrrr..freak shows…Phil Baroni (New York Bad Ass) called Craigy on.. and Craig backed down like a big pussy!!

    Those are valid points and questions..I just don’t think bodybuilders can transform to MMA fighters..Once you get yoked..it’s hard to get into fight condition whatever you do!!

    As far as the Liddell..I was at a party at a casino 2 months before his fight with Jardine, and Chucky was partying BIG TIME…with some hardcore drugs in the VIP ! Chuck has the ability to come back.. if he wants to stop partying and train like he once did!!!

    If you want to watch a good MMA documentary…get Smashing Machine..it’s on DVD…A documentary on Mark Kerr..Once the badest guy on earth..Its truly the best video I have ever seen..Shows the struggles of being a MMA fighter and what you have to go through to get on a top level…Training, drugs, traveling, girls…etc…Truly a awesome video..THE BEST!


  13. Shocks Mama Says:

    I was with Titus when he popped gill castillo in the parking lot of the Redondo beach performing arts studio a the Cal in 2002 or so. Gill was a very well rounded MMA fighter then. Fought UFC and the old WEC which originated in Lemoore California bought by UFC now. Also another guy at the olympia with Dorian he broke some dudes jaw. Now put Titus in MMA not gonna happen. Chris is still young but gonna be a major transition. Craig would not have lasted with phil baroni let alone any fight over a 20 second time. He is and was nuts and impulsive. Does not suprise me why he is where he is now. If Titus and Ryan were not doing drugs they would be in a beter position now. If ms. James was not she would have never moved to vegas as well. All 3 can thank speed for ruining their lives. We all get what we deserve in the end.

  14. Phil Says:

    Chris Cormier also wrestled at Cal State Bakersfield..I worked at a gym at that time…Chris was a great wrestler..I remember he drove a yellow Volkswagon ..He would come into the gym without a membership…lol..I never said anything to him..He always said he forgot his card…lol..I was cool with Chris..Now, I know him very well…I think Cormier would ..if he wanted to be…be the toughest IFBB pro..Even though Cook is a good friend of mine…sorry Chris..lol….Craig , Chris and I would play video games when Chris had a pad in Venice..We played this video game about bouncers..lol…Chris and I bounced at the same club in Santa Monica on the 3rd ST….Those were the good ol days man!


  15. shockandawe Says:

    Phil, what club on 3rd Street? The pool club with the purple tables?
    I know Chris very very well, and helped him in Atlanta with an Olympia prep as well as one other pro show - last week stuff.

    Shock’s mama, you are a brain dead - SPEED??? Speed is putting it mildly. C & K were doing everything including Ketamine and heroin. Down the wormhole they went, for too long, until they smuggled Melissa down with them and she never came back.

    And by the way, it was Sally McNeil, not SANDY, bonehead! I can tell you’re very well connected ’round Venice. You can barely write let alone crack a mag to read the gossip from back in the day.

  16. Shocks Mama Says:

    Ok anyways it was the same stuff Melissa was doing to. Your so right shock. U know everyone and everything and how to spell. Who cares to be connected around dead Venice beach. Obviously your not much of anyone if your still there. Probably just getting naked photos of you from all of the homosexual photographers. What else is there in Venice? Nothing LOSER! Mellisa came to Vegas as an addict as well. Thats so great you can point out everyting they did wrong. How sad u have nothing else to do. But reply and correct everyone on here. Just like every other bodybuilder in this world. Stuck in a time warp.

  17. Maltese Taco Says:

    Sally…Sandy…who gives a rats ass…Shock “Dan Rather’ Mama

  18. shockandawe Says:

    Actually, SHOCKS MAMA… aren’t YOU the wannabe, since you copied my name? LOSER!
    And no, I’m not in Venice any longer, just wrote for the mags for about 18 years.

    Why not change your name to UNORIGINAL GANGSTA … you aren’t even worthy of copying someone. So take your Jeff Stryker, ButOhNoSheDidn’t, Shocks Mama sad, sorry self and get the f*ck off the boards, jackass.

    Just the fact that you were at Kelly’s retirement party says a LOT about who YOU are… druggie.

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