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Titus & Ryan Trial not until September/October 2008?

Last week the defendants (Titus and Ryan) filed motions for the list of witness not intended to be called. Kelly Ryan also filed a motion of “request for discovery and for disclosure of all exculpatory evidence”. It appears Robert Daskas is now off the case and has been replaced with Joshua Romsheck.

The court records list Mr. Romsheck’s info as:
* Hired as Deputy District Attorney: March 2005.
* 10 Jury Trails (Murder, Kidnapping (2 Cases), Coercion, Sexual Assault, Child Abuse With Deadly Weapon, Lewdness With a Minor Under 14 (2 Cases), Battery Resulting in Substantial Bodily Harm, Robbery, Trafficking in Controlled Substance).

This will obviously be his biggest career case.

More interesting information came from last week’s court session:

Court reviewed the Supreme Court Opinion dated 10/11/07 which indicates defendants can have the attorneys of their choice but the conflict waiver must be in writing; therefore, COURT ORDERED, matter CONTINUED for same. IN ADDITION, counsel are to provide something in writing indicating defendants have been advised of their right to seek independent counsel regarding all issues contained in the Opinion. Colloquy reference potential trial dates. Mr. Palazzo stated deft. Gross is severed and that trial needs to be set after the instant trial. Mr. Tomsheck stated he may be able to schedule this matter for June 2008, however, he has to verify whether he can move some other matters. If not, the soonest he could be ready is September/October 2008. Court NOTED once it sets the trial date, it will be a firm setting and it expects counsel to be prepared to go on that date. Mr. Saggese advised they’ve provided defendants Titus and Ryan with a copy of the Opinion last night.

Titus & Ryan remain in custody while Gross is out on bond but still on house arrest. The matter will pick up again on October 24, 2007. This 10am session with cover a status check on waiver & canvass, Denue’s motion to withdraw as Ryan’s counsel and a trial setting for all parties.

11 Responses to “Titus & Ryan Trial not until September/October 2008?”

  1. Old Time Fitness Competitor Says:

    Ok, this says Gross severed?? Does this mean he will have a separate trial? If so will it be before KR and CT trial? If it is separate that would mean gross could testify against them right?

  2. Lucifer D'diablo Says:

    The murder for hire plot will play a big part in this case because it was the mob who set it up not Craig and the witness are his key to freedom its to bad everyone involved is on the take now that the witnesses are safe I just hope that the mob dont get to them or give them hush money because if that happens Craig is done for.

  3. Administrator Says:

    Please keep the comments on the case. Enough of the gay jokes and mom bashing. You will be banned from the site if it comes up again.

  4. big louie Says:

    Who sits in jail for nearly three years waiting for trial. Obviously there exists no hurry for due process. It makes me think that these losers are content where they are and are in no hurry to be transferred to their ulitmate destination. Which, will be far less pleasant than their current residence with zero opportunity to ever see each other again.

    What do you think?

  5. darkstar Says:

    big louie,

    Here is my 2 cents…

    Due process and a speedy trial really have little relation to each other–they are two separate things, for example, due process by its very nature means that all legal leveraging and rights are exercised toward getting a fair trial, even if it makes the trial drag out…The “delays” such as the motion from Kelly to the NSC re: who she could hire as her attorney took a long time to get a ruling…this is simply part of her due process rights. She cant now complain that her right to a speedy trial has been violated, since she is the one that filed the motion, etc, etc, etc…both sides have agreed to these delays in the interest of due process…so I guess you could say that in this case, every bit of due process will be wrung out of it before it is over, or gets started for that matter….

    Im not sure though that they are content sitting where they are…if it was me Id be gone crazy by now…

    just my 2 cents…


  6. Peter Ehrlich Says:

    Dear Big Louie,

    I don’t know how KR is faring, but CT is in an 8′ x 6′ cell = 48 sq. feet. When he’s shipped to prison, he’ll at least be sharing a cell and then likely be allowed in the general population. My guess is, like anyone who has been in segregation for three years, his mental facilities will be diminished. Put another way, I can tell you, he has already lost some marbles. It can’t get much worse for CT than where he is now.

  7. shockandawe Says:

    I’m sure that’s true, but considering he was a tweaker and running from the law because he beat and choked a girl out and then shot her up with morphine and burned her body - he already had diminished faculties. I think he has had progressively diminished faculties for years now, and the drugs only frazzled his ability to handle stress for life. He never was good at it - Duh, did drugs to repeatedly escape any stress in life - but now has burned out any ability his body had of coping and is probably an animal. He shouldn’t be let out on principle alone. He’d do it again.. and I’m not so sure he hasn’t before, based on some odd coincidences that are now stacking up.. old conversations, places, times, and excuses, lies and stories.

    I think he’s Ted Bundy, but less sane.
    In other words, if he had a cat, he’d be hearing it talk just like Son of Sam did.

  8. Phil Says:

    Very good post Shock..That’s as about as best as you could put it!

  9. Debora Says:

    I have been mulling over “Killer Bodies” and being a former Fitness competitor. I am sad over the freak show Body building has come to. Looking at the web information on CT and KR. They took it to the wall, the drugs, street and gym. I saw the interview with kelly and some drug induced female that had all the signs of steriod abuse. How sad, this world of phyisque perfection has come. I believe Kelly and Craig were chasing the dream. But What really happen here. Where are the Melissa character witnesses? Was this just a drug party gone wrong? This is the extreme that these two are putting on this industry. Then they want to hide it. I am not sure how to take all this and why it is taking so long to bring it together. I don’t know why I am so consume by it, But I am. I hope justice prevails.

  10. Ken Spliffy Jr Says:


    Bodybuilding has always been a freak show with physiques and drugs. Arnold back in the day took D BALL until he pee’d blood then reduced the dosage.

    There is not (one) IFBB Pro who is not taking steroids or HGH. And it’s been that way since Steve Reeves. I would say 80% are using recreational drugs as well. The “Freak Show” has been going on for years. It’s just now that CT and KR murdered someone, the issue at hand is steroids and how Craig was out of control with his anger. When infact, we don’t know yet if it was a overdose and CT used the wrong measure to cover up his ..so called rep..or if Kelly went on a rampage and killed Melissa. Who knows?

    But I know this, in fitness, the drugs have reached a all time high in the levels these girls are taking. Look at Kelly’s jaw line. She looks like Freakin Jay Leno. It’s got out of control..your right! All the figure girls have extended jaws and harder muscle than they ever have. Using a sh*t load of dieuretics and GH. That’s because the judges want them to look like some kind of creature from Land Of The Lost!

    I disagree that CT and KR were putting a extreme on the industry. They were putting a extreme on themselves. Because the industry in a whole are not smoking meth and sharing sex partners, along with burning people in their own cars, tasering, strangeling, and body slamming people to their deaths (ellegedly)

    Just my opinion. Besides, I’m just a baseball player!

  11. some random guy Says:

    Just a total waste! From what I seen CT dragged KR down. He was always a pain in the ass and a poor sport. KR was a the top of her game and she hooks up with CT. Goes to show, if you have around a loser there is a good chance you will become one too!

    Outside looking in……

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