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Marc “The Defender” Saggese, Toughest Pound for Pound Lawyer in the World

We found the following article on eastsideboxing.com. Marc Saggese is Craig Titus’ lawyer and a partner in the law firm Cristalli & Saggee.

LAS VEGAS (October 22, 2007) – High profile defense attorney and professional boxer, Marc “The Defender” Saggese, arguably the toughest pound-for-pound lawyer in the world, has added “Nevada-licensed Boxing Promoter” to his already impressive portfolio.

Saggese, whose infamous clients have included body builder Craig Titus (“Murder For Hire Trial”) and whose law firm freed Sandy Murphy (“Ted Binion Murder Trial”), practices in Las Vegas where he’s a partner in Cristalli & Saggese.

Born in Utica (New York), Saggese earned his Bachelor of Arts degree (Cum Laude) at the State University of New York at Cortland. He received a Juris Doctorate from Catholic University of America Columbus School of law, and he’s presently a member of the bar in Nevada and Georgia.

Despite only one amateur match, when he was 17 years old – losing by disqualification due to repeatedly ducking too low, Saggese turned pro this past March at the age of 34, winning all three of his bouts by first round knockout. Two fights were showcased on Pinnacle FiteNite, a pay-per-view series emanating from a variety of venues in North America.

His first show as a promoter (Battle Born Promotions) is tentatively scheduled for early 2008 as part of the Pinnacle FiteNite series.

Saggese brings the same veracity into the courtroom and ring, but balancing his various professions is a challenge. “Sometimes I surprise myself,” Saggese said. “Any one of these professions alone is a full-time job. I have promised every one I do business with that I will never let any of the three things I do affect and/or take away from the other. I will be a trial attorney, professional boxer and boxing promoter as long as I can continue to perform at my best at all three simultaneously. A good law office staff, good trainer and good relationships with venues all help, too.

“I want to continue boxing as long as my body holds up. I love boxing and I’ll fight until I can’t fight anymore. I believe it is the best of all sports and I’m honored to be able to compete professionally in the sport. I just completed building a gym in my garage because time is a commodity for me and shaving time off of the day for travel and being able to train anytime after work is very necessary. As a promoter, much like in the law, I can stay in boxing and arrange fights for many years to come. Boxing will let me know when I’m finished as a fighter; however, being a boxing promoter and trial attorney can continue on long into the years of gray hair and arthritis.”

Originally, Saggese boxed for the love of it and to stay in great shape, but he eventually decided to box competitively. “He wanted to box as an amateur,” Saggese’s trainer Steve Rowlands explained, “but at his age, I advised him to turn pro. We went into it to see where it would take us. Marc just keeps getting better and better. He hasn’t been in over his head, yet, so we’re still seeing where it’s going to take us.”

Saggese’s last two fights have been on Pinnacle FiteNite, providing additional public exposure for the well known attorney whose courtroom fights have put him in the media spotlight on numerous occasions.

“Marc represents the model boxer we want to portray to the public on Pinnacle FiteNite,” Pinnacle FiteNite executive producer Ritch Danner explained. “He’s articulate, handsome and extremely marketable with an interesting background and compelling storyline who’ll click with the public. Marc has already proven to be media friendly, aware of public perception from his work in the courtroom. He’s a refreshing addition to boxing, not a product of a typical boxing background, but somebody with an educational history. But he also relates to athletes because he’s been one all of his life.

“If Marc Saggese chooses to, he could become a power in the world of professional boxing because of what he does (attorney) and where he’s located (Las Vegas), along with his persona, drive and commitment. He’s only 34 and, again, if he wants it, Marc could become one of the biggest boxing promoters in the world.”

Saggese’s battles in the courtroom are well documented; he has now transcended law into boxing, remaining equally dangerous in a three-piece suit or stripped down to his boxing trunks. He has the right look (and body, ladies) to become a bonafide celebrity.

“It is an honor to be part of a pay-per-view event once in your lifetime, let alone several times in my first few fights,” Marc concluded. “I have been very lucky having my fights aired on television. Trust me, seeing myself fight on television with some of the world’s greatest fighters and commentators, such as Al Bernstein and Colonel Bob Sheridan, is surreal. My association with Pinnacle FiteNite has certainly changed by boxing career.

“An ordinary day in my life is not so ordinary anymore. Walking into the gym one day, for example, I saw a former client of mine whom I had represented in the courthouse. Warming up in the ring was Shawn ‘The Sioux Warrior’ Hawk, who I fought with (not against) on the same Pinnacle FiteNite card in North Dakota. While I was preparing to enter the ring, I noticed my former client watching his attorney; the promoter as professional boxer, sparring with a future contender. The three separate parts of my life had come together where the components of attorney, boxer and promoter could be seen all at once.”

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