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Robert Daskas to run for Las Vegas congressional district

Clark County prosecutor, Robert Daskas, has formally announced his running for the suburban Las Vegas congressional district. Daskas is the Chief Deputy District Attorney and has been handling the Titus & Ryan case. It looks like he will quit the district attorney’s office to campaign full time in October.

This could bode well for Titus and Ryan.


Daskas has been a Las Vegas prosecutor for 12 years and according to the Las Vegas Review Journal, handling some of the county’s biggest cases. His record in murder cases is 26 and 1. The only loss coming on the high-profile Ted Binion case; where he retried Sandy Murphy on charges she killed casino giant & boyfriend Ted Binion.

Who will take over on this case? We’re investigating and as soon as we hear we’ll let you know.

114 Responses to “Robert Daskas to run for Las Vegas congressional district”

  1. shockandawe Says:

    This is sad news. Daskas leaving will surely decelerate this case and leave the door open for more of a circumstantial defense and the likelihood of a slipping through the cracks. Maybe Kelly’s many prayers have paid off after all. The truly bad part about this is Maura James - her faith in the judicial system, and bringing her daughter’s killers to justice, must be fading like mirage in the eyes of a dying man on the desert horizon. How truly sad for her that she does not have the assurance of the prosectuor’s office that this will be sewn up in time to begin healing by next June.

  2. Phil Says:

    I feel the same for the James familly as well…I posted back when..this could slip through the cracks! I was battered because of saying it..But..I knew Daskas could not try this case while on a campaign!! He would not have enough time to do fund raising during this circus!

    I still think Ct and Kell have a uphill battle…no doubt! But- this is huge for the defense! They have to step up the game (right now) to have a chance moving forward…I think they will be convicted (maybe) But- the sentencing will be skinny without Daskas at the helm!

  3. Old Time Fitness Says:

    Ok, it may be a set back with regard to expediting the trail but surely the prosecuters office will continue to pursue this using new prosecutor. Just because Daskas is leaving doesnt change all the stupid things this couple did after Melissa’s death. I suspect there is another prosecuter in that office capable of pointing out the obvious to a jury

  4. tenacious D Says:

    Never underate a tenacious defense,

  5. Old Time Fitness Says:

    I guess anything can happen but I think it is pretty clear that they burned her body in their own car then lied about it. That itself has to allow for a pretty hard sentence. Throw in the taser and the vacation across country and I suspect they will get some serious time no matter what.

  6. tenacious D Says:

    Can’t a brother have a last minute late-night BBQ in sin city…shi-iiit

  7. Chainsaw Says:

    Looks like CT and KR’s lawyers got wind of this Daskas thing a long time ago, and they kept getting the trial continued. Now that Daskas is not a prosecuter, I wonder if CT and KR’s attorneys can call him as a witness if the MFhire charges go through.

    I think this is a huge win for the defense, just because of his experience. The evidence will speak for themselves.

  8. Old TIme Fitness Says:


    I think you are right, it was a planned move to wait. And it may help the defense but I still think they are going down in some fashion. Maybe not forever but it might as well be because I think it will be for many years. Do you agree??

  9. shockandawe Says:

    I don’t think he could be called as a witness because of the prejudice of having been in the prosectur’s office, researching the case and case files and hours of tape. The conflict of interest, and the fact that he is not obligated to incriminate himself and the prosecutor’s office or taint the case, is also a factor. You can’t just call someone because they are no longer involved. There is still a binding confidentiality and he is also probably going to be immune because of being a public figure. He may consult with them, you never know.

  10. helacious O Says:

    Keeping in mind all that’s happened with Daskas etc…

    Keeping in mind what they’ve admited to - defation of a corpse…

    What is the best case scenario(reasonable) for CT and KR - obviously they’ll get credit for time served.

  11. horacio Says:

    Venice brought up a longtime ago that both O.J and Craig had infants that died..

    I believe O.J’s young child drowned - while Craig’s had sudden infant death syndrome - certainly makes you wonder…who will ever know for certain? -but having a sociopathic father doesn’t help…

  12. Old TIme Fitness Says:


    I think best case scenario is more than defamation of a corpse. I would think it will be hard to explain the taser evidence in their house. Agree?

  13. Phil Says:

    Them admitting that they burned the Jag and all that they said in the (first police interview) will not be allowed in court..They were taped illegally and that won’t be let into the court room…

    However, OTFC..The taser thing is the “thorn in their side” ..Your right..along with the cookout kit being bought on Kelly’s Pinnacle Nutrition card and it being on tape is the hill they will have to get over. But- all the taped interview where Craig had a meltdown.. will not be warrented into court..It can’t!


  14. Old TIme Fitness Says:


    I am not lawyer for sure but those things alone seem pretty damming. In fact, if it were me in their shoes I am pretty sure I would fry. They would through away the key on me!!! LOL

  15. Phil Says:

    I think they are “with out a doubt” guilty.. I’m sure they are living on a prayer! They deserve what they get for what they did..But But- this trial could very well lead to a miss trial..And that would be sad if the James family if they didn’t get the justice do!

    I’m sure there’s a lot of things we don’t know and so on…But I agree..They have a slight chance of getting a lite setence the way it’s been moving.. But they are going to make CT and Kell an example ..especially after these huge steroid raids nation wide….I give them a 10 % chance of getting fully off!!!!

  16. Phil Says:

    I think they are “with out a doubt” guilty.. I’m sure they are living on a prayer! They deserve what they get for what they did..But But- this trial could very well lead to a miss trial..And that would be sad if the James family if they didn’t get the justice do!

    I’m sure there’s a lot of things we don’t know and so on…But I agree..They have a slight chance of getting a lite setence the way it’s been moving.. But they are going to make CT and Kell an example ..especially after these huge steroid raids nation wide….I give them a 10 % chance of getting fully off!! They will not get the death penalty though!

  17. Dan Rickinson Says:

    A girl i dated in the past got off giveing me Taser shots to my balls. I had to dump her ass. Trust me it is not fun at all.

  18. Venice Says:


    Excellent post


    Also an excellent post. Point well taken.

  19. bobby smith Says:

    Bob’s crystal ball says; trouble-legal team-bar.

  20. Brahma Says:


    My girfriend got me totally loaded on Oxycotin and castrated me…she told me she was just going to play “doctor.”

    Last night she came home in a naughty nurse outfit…

    I broke up with her.

    Fool me once…you know the rest.

  21. The Learning Annex Says:

    Prior to reading this forum I thought taser shots to the nads was a pleasurable experience.

    Thanks a million for the info Dan!!!

  22. Name (required) Says:

    Deem Cassim:

    Any relation to Casey Cassim?

    How is the tiy helicopter biz?

    Peace out!

  23. Sandman Says:


    I saw your 1d seconds of glory standing on the sideline in the first preseason game of 1999.

    You were truly amazing!

  24. chuck liddell Says:

    Go to hell

  25. carpe carp Says:

    Seize the fish

  26. wayne mortensen Says:

    Everyone is crying that CT will get off because the prosecutor is leaving. Is he the only guy that knows whats going on.? Is there no other prosecutor with some brains and a clue? CT and KR will be found guilty!!! There is to much evidence. Some of you people call this circumstantial evidence, most of this is not. It is hard facts. What part of this is circumstantial. Yea, I agree that there is no film of them killing that girl, but look at all the other facts. You people are getting bored on this blog and going in thousands of different directions. At the end of the day, this is just a delay. The ass kicking will begin very soon.

  27. shockandawe Says:

    ,.,,Or in Brahma’s case, “Circumcisional information”….err….

  28. Gym Rat Says:

    I watched the Olympia last evening on a podcast via bodybuilding .com, Jay Cutler took first place again and that’s got to really frost Craigster’s hide. Poor old Ronnie coleman settled for fourth place, he should have retired after his eighth win but now he’s fallen into the Jim Thorpe syndrome of obscurity.

    That’s all.

  29. brahma Says:

    I remember back in the day Bodybuilding would be on ABC’s wide world of sports - Franco Columbu and Lou Ferrigno were household names - now in the age of 500 f-ing channels there isn’t any room for the Olympia!!!

    That’s obscurity…

    The weird thing about Bodybuilding is - you go to any magazine rack and if you were from another planet - youkd swear it was bigger than the NFL, NBA or MLB, but the reality is they show the badminton championships on ESPN - but not the biggest contest in all of Bodybuilding - The Olympia??

    sad but true

  30. Venice Says:

    To me - Ronnie from a size standpoint is the greatest of alltime.

    Frank Zane had the best symettry.

    But you know what - the world doesn’t give a shit.

    Honestly - back in the 70’s a bodybuilder walks into a room - people were freaked out but still had admiration - now people just see a guy who used roids - for better or worse

  31. doug Says:


    Congratulations on your career as a fluffer for P. North…let’s stick to the topic

  32. shockandawe Says:

    I keep hoping to open the Titusandryan.com home page one of these days and see one of the following headlines:

    Titus, dead at 43, after jailhouse shanking…
    Kelly Ryan takes her own life in prison; Titus on suicide watch
    Titus confesses, “It was me - let Kelly go!”
    “Okay, I was a bloated pig in those final years and never got robbed!”

    You know…something along those lines.

  33. Gym Rat Says:

    Coleman may have been the biggest but Schwarzenneggar was and still is the king. You won’t see Coleman (or anyone else) come back after a five year hiatus and take the Olympia like Arnold did in ‘80.

  34. Old Time Fitness Competitor Says:


    I am with you - but suicide? I think you have to have a conscience to feel bad enough to do that, right? I haven’t seen much remorse out of either of them, has anyone else?

  35. Phil Says:

    Gym Rat

    Ronnie was the best BB of all time ..I think his 2003 condition will never be matched..But Arnold was a great Bodybuilder back in the day..And pretty much moved the sport of BB forward to where it is today.

    I was at this years Olympia- I think Victor Martinez was the winner..After pre judging I had him in front by a few points..But Jay was able to squeeze out that film of water he was holding..Ronnie went out with class..And I think BB will be a little less political and more competitive now that the “Big Nasty” is not winning shows he shouldn’t!! Jay can be beat if he doesn’t come in shredded.

    I’m trying to stay on the Titus topics..But people like Doug and others keep making idiot remarks..

  36. Jason Says:

    CT and KR will be found guilty!!! Also Taser shots to the balls can be a pleasurable experience if your totally loaded on Oxycotin with your girfriend. Honestly dont freak out go home and try it! The reality is its truly amazing!

  37. tenacious Says:


    No one gives a rat’s ass if you were a fluffer for P. North or a bottom for Leon Lett during your 5 days of preseason.

    Except for the following people respectively:

    1. P. North
    2. Leon Lett

    Quit deviating from the topic…keep your deviations to yourself.


  38. UFC Fighter Says:

    Hi Tenacious and Ron

    Why don’t you get off my boy phil. Sounds like you have a crush on him. He sticks to the topic of bodybuilding, since nothing has happened in the case. I bet if you met Phil you would not have anything negative to say to him. He is a really good guy. Plus he would whoop your ass in a second! All you guys do is hide behind a computer and act like you know everybody. I would say 95% of the people know nothing about bodybuilding, fighting, lawyering..etc!!! But you hide behind a name and pop off like little babies..Atleast Phil speaks the truth and doesn’t hide behind his name. He posted who he is..And you will see him in the UFC very soon..Bunch of geeks behind a computer trying to be tough..It crackes me up…what a bunch of insecure people here. Plus you guys don’t know Craig or Kelly! So stop with the post about all the stuff you know. When you really don’t have a clue what’s going to happen…CRIST OL MIGHTY!

  39. Ron J. Says:


    Your the one changing your name fool.

    Don’t try to make Ron and Tenacious ponds in your scheme to promote your fluffing career!

    Phil’s resume to date 10/03/07

    Rhode Scholar
    Professional Football Player
    UFC Fighter

  40. P. North Says:


    I need (another) job.

    You’re a good guy.

  41. Howard Says:

    What is Brenda Kelley up to?

  42. Richard Simmons Says:


    Do you need help getting in shape for your fight :)

  43. Ace Says:


    You’re not in the UFC.

  44. Phil Says:

    Hey Shock what’s up?
    Dude, I’ve been getting bashed on here…I’ve been in the sport for a while..I wrestled in High School.. I kind of always had a want to compete. I hooked up with Tito Ortiz when I lived in Bakersfield CA..He lived with a friend of mine in Bakersfield…way back! Anyway- I rolled around with him for a few - then started training with a really good boxer..working on my top skills..Then MMA blew up!

    I train off and on..It’s hard dude, If you train for fighting, you can’t compete in bodybuilding..In the fences you get injured no matter what! I’m trying to do the NPC spring shows this year..Then the USA..After that.. I quit..lol ..I have a family..wife and kids..I coach high school football right now.. while I’m training for (bodybuilding)..But all my friends want me to train to fight..lol..So right now it’s all about football, family and training! I might persue the UFC- but my wife would probably leave..lol…I don’t think she can cook another chicken breast..lol

    Good to hear from you..How’s the News Room going? I can’t post anything on here..If I have a miss spelling or I say anything about sports..I get bashed- but I don’t give a care. Hows the new house?


  45. Kat Says:

    Can we stay on the Titus topic ???

  46. WatchingDunces Says:

    Can any of you meatheads spell?

  47. one time Says:

    Lets face it Craig is a homo Kelly is a lesbo.

  48. Rusty Walker Says:

    what the hell is going on? This forum should be a talk about Craig Titus & Kelly. All of the sudden were talking about tazer shots to the balls and homos & lesbians & a bunch of insults flying back and forth. Lets keep it clean and stay on the subject! Besides tazer shots to the balls is not funny. Some a-hole cop about 3 years ago gave me a tazer shot to the balls when he was arresting me for DUI. I can guarantee you theres not pleasure! Plus now my baby maker is broken!!

  49. longballer Says:


    Are you out there?

    I would like to ask you a respectful question.

  50. former competitor Says:

    Craig will be back and better than ever!!!

  51. Deepthroat Says:

    You guys need to get off Phil!!!

  52. Old Time Fitness Competitor Says:

    Former Competitor:

    You are dilusional - are you serious?

  53. Former Competitor Says:

    No, I’m not.

  54. horace Says:


    What kind of drugs are you currently pumping into your body to get massive?

  55. undercoverbodybuilder Says:

    I can totally relate to Craig and I think most bodybuilders can.

    I’d Schwartzenegger was still on the juice he’s be such a better governor - no debate - just sign my bills bitch - smoke a little maryjane - fuck my secretary - the U.S. - aside from the men in Iraq - God Bless those boys - have become pussified - just like the Romans - and what happened to Rome - damn straight

  56. jeff stryker Says:


    I miss you

  57. Phil Says:


    Are you serious? I would never tell what kind of gear I use! I’ll just let you know..OK? HGH, Insulin, P.E’S (Plasma Enhancers) Test, EQ, Trenbalone, D Bol, Sustanon, Deca, Aldactone, Lasex, Maldatone, and that’s a lite day!!!

    Please horice stick to the topic! Don’t suck me in to your playtime OK..I think you need to be put on “time out”..Go stand in the corner!!!

  58. Phil Says:

    jeff stryker

    I miss you too! Why don’t you come over and wash my cars in that pink g-string you have..Didn’t you find that in the dumpster at a strip club here in Vegas..Or maybe was it at the Beach Club??? I can’t remember?

  59. bb fan Says:

    Jason G:

    Have you competed at Venice beach?

  60. kiki Says:

    Craig wasn’t very good in bed…maybe that’s why he’s pist…

  61. chainsaw Says:

    Phil, I train at LVAC. We should train sometime. I’m not one of the haters on this site, Las Vegas is a very lonely place, since I’m not really into the decadent pleasures this town has to offer.

  62. old time fitness competitor Says:


    You know this because you are a swinger???

    Does anyone know when these knuckleheads go to court again?

  63. Phil Says:


    Sounds good…Let me know how to get ahold of you..I coach High School football..After the season would be good..I’ll talk with ya later!

  64. oscar Says:


    How much HGH is too much

  65. Phil Says:


    When one foot grows larger than the other! Or- when your chin grows out past your nose..that’s when it’s time to cut back!

  66. trainer Says:


    What is the hardest part of being a fluffer?

  67. flatline Says:

    I wrestled Titus in highschool.

    He’s very driven and motivated - he’s also an asshole

  68. Phil Says:

    The hardest part is when your mom doesn’t pay attention !

  69. james Says:


    A lot of people won’t believe this.

    And really it has nothing to do with anything, but Craig is bisexual…I think that is where some of his self hatred comes from.

  70. roidonater Says:


    Did you juice when u played collegiate b all?

  71. Phil Says:


    No I didn’t..I took Creatine!

  72. Phil Says:


    Did you do Craig? Is that how you know?

  73. cocklover Says:

    take a hike , your all stupid

  74. Chainsaw Says:

    Supreme Court ordered in favor of KR just like I’ve said in previous posts.

  75. Chainsaw Says:

    Supreme Court ordered in favor of KR just like I’ve said in previous posts.

  76. Old Time Fitness Competitor Says:


    So what does that mean for the future of this case? IE when will it come to trial?

  77. Chainsaw Says:


    Not sure, just that she can use the same firm as CT. It looks like an April Trial date. We’ll see.

  78. Old Time Fitness Competitor Says:

    Oh, thanks - I guess using the same firm as CT will be good. At least for the one that is the most guilty!!

  79. studong Says:



  80. insightfulblindman Says:



  81. Peter Ehrlich Says:

    I cannot find a single news article that supports the Supreme Court sided with KR.

    Prove it to us.

  82. Dennis L Bates/Founder/MUSCLE MISSIONS Says:

    Oct. 12, 2007
    Copyright © Las Vegas Review-Journal

    BODYBUILDERS FACING TRIAL: Ruling backs Ryan on lawyer choice

    Move allowed if defendant voluntarily waives right to ‘conflict-free’ counsel

    CARSON CITY — The Nevada Supreme Court ruled Thursday that former national fitness champion Kelly Ryan can select a lawyer of her choosing, even though her prospective attorney’s law firm also will defend her husband, bodybuilder Craig Titus.


  83. Peter Ehrlich Says:

    Thank you Mr. Bates.

    Toronto, Canada

  84. Peter Ehrlich Says:

    It’s really interesting now. Denue had given KR every opportunity to launch the kind of defence that many juries sympathize with - the battered wife syndrom. Based on CT’s behavior and reputation, Denue could have called up witnesses to attest to the fact CT is a time-bomb - the way they had women tesify that Spector had pointed guns many women.

    But KR is sticking by her man, which at first glance seems incredibly naive.

    I cannot imagine what KR is thinking except “if we both agree and are in sync on the defence, then like the Binion accused, they’ll get off.

    My POV.


  85. dynasty Says:

    Denue knew what he was doing…I mean he must’ve…this definitely helps CT…but it might be best for KR too…because they won’t be witnesses against each other…

  86. Phil Says:

    Kelly can use the “battered wife” crutch..But she is more responsible for all the events that happened for this murder..I don’t think she will go against Craig anyway..Kelly is in a world of shit..Craigs past ..other than the roid bust.. really has nothing to do with Melissa anyway..just a judgment of character! Now they might be able to come up with a offense against Anthony Gross!

    The taser is still there though..That’s huge..The Walmart camera facts are a thorn as well. The morphine is a big question.because Melissa used a lot of drugs herself! When they admitted to their friends what they did will be a hard to overcome..If they allow the MFH plot could haunt them as well! But that is not a definitive source thus far.

    When Craig won the USA’S he was a really humble nice guy..I didn’t know him before that time- however he doesn’t have any domestic violence charges and Kelly is the one who married him..So I don’t see how she could go to the domestic thing. Also Craig’s SID with his child will have no barring what so ever..They can’t use that against him..SID is very common with infants , and that was determined as the cause of death..case closed!

    This is going to be a very complex trial..But all the evidence points to Kelly..Craig is looking better by the day! I said they would get 25 to life- but now- I don’t know. They might get off, or get a lite sentence if found guilty with the turn of events on the defense side of things.

  87. WatchingDunces Says:

    The spelling continues to be horrific. Did any of you shrunken gonads get past the third grade?

  88. smudge Says:


    You should be on court T.V.

  89. Blue Steel Says:


    Do you have any tattoos?

  90. bionic ebonic man Says:

    Watching Dunces:

    You better ask somebody!!

    What it do?

  91. Phil Says:


  92. Phil Says:


    Come out in your real name! Quit being a pussy and standup and fight! Stick to the topic!

  93. Phil Says:

    Blue Steel…

    That is the most gay name you have come up with..Do you live in West Hollywood?

  94. Lexus Says:

    I am an ‘acquaintance’ of Kelly’s and I have been corresponding with her ever since she has been in CCDC. She doesn’t tell much, but she will stand by Craig to the end. She definitely feels some sort of loyalty to him and I don’t for-see her doing anything to ’save herself’. She has really put their faith in God’s hands and is just waiting for the outcome in court. She is very positive.

    I feel for all involved in this. It is very sad for all families and friends.

  95. Chainsaw Says:

    Anyone goin to see Van Halen?

  96. bionic ebonic man Says:


    You be going to see
    Van HAlen…but how be that relevant?

  97. masochistic melodramatic multifaceted mutant Says:

    Okay there’s been a major lull in the action…

    …Just for fun pretend your a defense attorney… Give your best…aka mosy persuasive arguement as to why CT and KR used the taser on Melissa - its irrefutable that someone did - but as a defense atty how would you put that in the best possible light…



    I’d especially like to hear your insight on this.

    I find this case fascinating - someone has lost their life - Melissa may she rest in piece - please understand that I realize fully what has occured - the cast of characters is better than a movie to me, because they’re real - CT, KR, DEEm Cassim, Cristali - the atty who was disbarred for using crack - the list goes on…jeez….you know defense attys throw out so much shit - in hopes even 5% will stick - becauae that’s all they need - an ounce of doubt

  98. venice Says:

    What do you guys think of Lee Priest’s face tattoo?

  99. Phil's dog's mother's lover's parakeet's newspaper Says:

    Phil is a good guy!

  100. berserker Says:

    Kelly is the guilty party in this whole case and Craig is guilty of trying to get rid of the body and the cover up in the end Kelly will end up going down for murder and Craig will get the lesser time and will end up getting time served and be out before you know it.

  101. dognation Says:


    Thanks fo clearing that up…

  102. officer latino lvpd Says:

    What a bunch of blowhards on this site.

  103. Chainsaw Says:

    I thought someone took a dump on lee’s face!
    You mean he meant to do that to himself?

  104. mike tyson Says:

    I love lee’s tattoo

  105. Jeff Stryker Says:

    Officer latino:

    Phil blows really hard - he’s very good at what he does.

  106. Peter Ehrlich Says:

    I keep reading here that KR is the “guily party”. What proof is there? While she may have tazored and killed Melissa (may she rest in piece), it takes a lot of strength to kill another human being. CT had to have done that.

    My POV only.

  107. shockandawe Says:

    Peter, don’t bet on it. Both of them, in a fit of rage and drug use (PCP, Crack, Meth all produce super strength in situations of anger). Kelly can be as thuggish and vicious as Craig can. Ever see the strength moves she performed on stage? She’s a bad mo-fo physically. Did Craig probably chokehold her? Probably. But i bet Kelly did shoot her up with drugs and overdosed her after Craig beat her up.

    But all of that aside… I think Craig has been a serial killer in the making for some time. And I am not joking. I know a lot about his patterns and history. I would bet this isn’t the first time - no joking.

  108. Venice Says:


    Great post.

    There is a fascinating book called, “The Sociopath next door”

    It gives a lot of insight into sociopathic behavior - it’s a quick read and anyone who reads it will have their eyes open to sociopaths that have crossed their paths.

    I think that Craig definitely fits the bill…

    I have observed him at Gold’s in Venice…someone who has an anger problem isn’t necessarily a sociopath…someone who kills isn’t necessarily a sociopath(and conversely not all sociopaths kill or even break the law. They simply have no conscience)…but if you go down the checklist of sociopathic traits - you could check every box in terms of them applying to Craig…

    1. Extremely charming - but wears off when you realize who the person truly is through their actions
    …The list goes on

    Check out the book

  109. Phil Says:


    Whoever you are..which I have a good idea..I’m not going to lower myself to your idiot comments..Grow some balls and come out in your real name..Stick to the topic! I’m over all the dumb shit that has been said!

    I wish you would say that stuff to my face..because you would be choked out in a second flat…All you are is a pussy hiding behing a computer tweaking! Why don’t you come out and be real you dumb fuck!

    I’m over all the idiots and the stupid comments..Come up with something better..You probably are a big fat hairy lonely looser…get a life dickhead!

  110. Jeff Stryker Says:


    My real name is public knowledge…you can check it out on Wikipedia…

    In addition, you mispelled “loser.”

    I know it’s a big word.

    This beef is one way.

    Thanks for keeping me long and strong.


  111. Jeff Stryker Says:


    We can go toe to toe anytime you want…I mean personally I’d like to settle it with a spelling bee, but that would be unfair to you

  112. Armed and Harmless Says:

    Does anyone have any idea what-so-ever on the status of the murder for hire charges ?


  113. Lucifer Says:

    This whole case is nothing but a eloborate frame up of both Craig and Kelly, it all stems from their joint venture in Ice Gear which was a front for Meth and steroids, they were getting financial backing and distribution rights from some pretty made men and when the venture fell through and they got what they wanted they needed to get the titus’s out of the picture they were set up with the Melissa murder the only thing is that the cops are also on the payroll and that is why they came down so hard on Craig there is way to much money involved here and Craig was a loose cannon who had to be extinguished and what better way than to frame him and his wife with murder.

  114. WatchingDunces Says:

    stryker—very funny post. Judging from his past posts, Phil probably thinks a spelling bee is an intelligent insect.

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