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Killer Bodies Book Report

We’ve been reading, Killer Bodies: A Glamorous Bodybuilding Couple, a Love Triangle, and a Brutal Murder and will report on the book over the next couple of weeks. There isn’t much happening in the case, as most of you know, so this will give our readers something to discuss.

The book is overly descriptive to the point of annoyance in the opening chapter. The description of putting out the fire and traveling to the crime scene was a bit excessive but in the following chapters it improved.

The second chapter speaks to Titus competing in the 1995 USAs and eludes to his temper. There is an error in Lonnie Teper’s credentials when he states he writes for Muscular Development when he actually writes for IRONMAN magazine. The writer quotes Lonnie Teper as saying Titus, “looked like Charles Manson” after the 1995 USA show in Denver, Colorado.

According to the author, Craig Titus never made it to the finals, much less winning them in his High School wrestling days.

The author insinuates that there “has always been a gay element in bodybuilding”.

We’re introduced to Ron Avidan of getbig.com who interviewed Titus a number of times. Avidan chuckles to the gay bodybuilding claims with, “They don’t do ‘gay videos.’ ” “The do ‘posing videos.’ A lot of them use to be strippers. They’re not gay they’re just stripping. Good money, you know.” How this has any relevance, we’re not sure on.

Avidan comments on Craig’s physique, “His physique was OK.” “He didn’t have a great physique. He wasn’t one of the best bodybuilders. His attitude and his style and his talk that made him considered one of the bad boys of bodybuilding. He would be right up in your face.”

The author takes a jab at pro bodybuilder, Shawn Ray. The author writes, “Shawn Ray, who claims to stand 5-foot-7, but seems an inch shy of that…”

We learn that Craig was married to Susan Kathleen Bell on August 30, 1985 in Harris County, Texas. Craig was 20 years old at the time and Susan was 26. Three years after the marriage, Susan gave birth to twins on July 11, 1998. A boy named Arron Colby Titus and a girl, Ashley Marie Titus. Six months later, on January 3, 1989, Aaron died. The official cause of death remains locked in Texas and unavailable to the public. Craig has said his son died of sudden infant syndrome. Craig and Susan divorced 4 years after they were married.

…To be Continued…

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