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Titus & Ryan Trial Setting Postponed Until October

The next trial setting is scheduled for October 18, 2007 at 8:30 am. Judge Jackie Glass is awaiting ruling from the Supreme Court regarding Kelly’s lawyer (Denue’s) motion to withdraw as counsel. Once the Supreme Court rules, the next step is to set a trial date. Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan continue to sit in a Las Vegas jail.

57 Responses to “Titus & Ryan Trial Setting Postponed Until October”

  1. Vicki Says:

    Believe it or not, I just heard about this case last night while reading the september 2006 issue of oxygen magazine. there was a slight reference to “murder defendant kelly ryan”.
    I was like WHAT!!
    I have been cutting out her advice column and stuff for awhile
    anyway i was wondering if there is a timeline and for this somewhere

  2. Administrator Says:


    You can go back through this site and the entire case is documented here from start to finish.

  3. Old TIme Fitness Says:

    So, if Kelly’s lawyer is released will they still set a trial date? I am confused, won’t Kelly new lawyer (whoever that will be) need time to prepare?

  4. Click to View Timeline... Says:


    Here’s a timeline for you:


    Dennis L. Bates
    Muscle Missions

  5. knew them Says:

    Wake me when it’s over……yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  6. Deem Says:

    This case saved my life.

  7. Gym Rat Says:

    They’re going down.

    I can wait.

  8. Dennis L. Bates/Founder/Muscle Missions Says:

    The case per se, cannot save someone’s life.

  9. wayne mortensen Says:

    I think it has taken alot of time for this to come to trial. Hey, it will not take as long as Phil Spectors trial. After he was charged, it took four years to come to trial. This trial will surely come in 2008.

  10. big louie Says:

    Dennis Bates. Any relation to Norman? Vicki, have you been tucked away in a time capsul or Norman’s basement along with his mother? 1.5 years after the fact and this is the first you’ve heard of this?

  11. Deem Says:

    Only Jesus can save someone’s life

  12. Click to Receive Your Invitation Says:

    To the person posting by the name of Deem,

    For the record:

    Since you have left off the punctuation at the end of the sentence in your last post, I have to ask you…are you asking a question or making a public statement?

    Dennis L. Bates
    Muscle Missions

    Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven.
    But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.
    -Matthew 10:32,33(KJV)

  13. Anabolic Aardvark Says:


    Are you still in touch with Craig and Kelly?

  14. Mike Says:

    whats the best way to lose 5lbs without losing muscle..I am not into taking anything either, just a teak on the diet.

  15. shockandawe Says:

    This is pathetic.

  16. dp100 Says:

    shock, i couldn’t agree more. just because the NV supreme court can’t get off their dead asses and make a decision about a lawyer issue this forum has almost nothing to discuss relative to the case. we end up with bates back and others asking about diets.

  17. bobby Says:

    Important info will most likely become public soon and it could change things dramatically.

  18. Anabolic Aardvark Says:

    Blah blah blah blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    …Blah… Cool Aid….Norman Bates,,,,blah

  19. Kat Says:

    Craig and Kelly are going down ! (This is so pathetic)

    THE END.

  20. Chainsaw Says:

    Its hard to believe that it will be almost 2 yrs I’ve been on this board.

  21. Case Load Says:

    Curious minds want to know:

    Ya think Craig is doing any exercising while sitting in the jail?

    How much muscle will sitting in a prison cell take away after so much time?

    If they get the death penalty, how long before they actually receive it? How many years can they stall it in NV?

    Do they have weights in NV prisons and will either of them ever get access to weights again?

    No, these are not important questions. Just curious, that’s all.

  22. Anabolic Aardvark Says:


    Have you ever noticed that Charles Manson has a swastika tatooed right onto his forehead?

    It’s very.subtle…

    Also have you ever noticed that there is a hockey team …an NHL team in new jersey that references the Devil?

  23. Anabolic Aardvark Says:

    Case load:

    Ya think Craig is doing any exercising while sitting in the jail?

    No. Follow the case retard. He smokes and watches the tube.

    How much muscle tissue will sitting in a prison cell take away after so much time.

    Too precise a question for me to answer,,,dipshit formulate a real question…


  24. Click to View Something Subtle... Says:

    Here’s something very subtle from the Weider publications:

  25. Nicolehart Says:

    Do they SERIOUSLY think they are going to get away with tazing, beating, and burning this poor girl? They are going to be in prison for a very long time they might as well just start doing the time now - it’s not like anyone in the bodybuilding/fitness industry respect them anymore.

  26. Nicolehart Says:

    Anabolic Aardvark needs to take some estrogen

  27. hypoglycemic Says:

    You still around? Or are you out milking your cows in back of your tailer? Your such a douche..Make the world a better place..Punch darkstar in the face!

    hahahahaaha you suck ballsack!

  28. Anabolic Aardvark Says:

    Phil/ Hypo:

    You’re such a damn moron.

    Take a hike.

  29. Phil Says:

    I don’t know why you are still on me for playing pro football. I haven’t made a comment in a while…. You have not a clue of what your talking about..I really don’t care! I have a beautiful family and a great career..I don’t need to comment on all this nonsense..So keep it up! That shows who the idiot is..REALLY…You make yourself sound like you have a crush on me…homo!

  30. Phil Says:

    Also, I’m not the one who made the comments from hypoglycemic or any other name..I have no need to hide my name like you do..Quit being a little baby and hiding behind another name. Come on Darkstar, stick to the case and not other issues that you have no idea about!

    Check out the movie Peaceful Warrior..I play a gymnastic coach..And have a 2 liner with Nick Nolte..I’ll post a clip..I’m the coach in the red shirt with the shaved head..My speaking part is not in this trailer..It’s a really good movie!


  31. Tommas Says:

    I just got out of the slammer.

    I had the misfortune of meeting Mr. Titus.

    Probably not a revelation that things are not looking good.

    He sure as hell doesn’t think so.

  32. 29605 Says:

    Did he say anything about his wife? Does he think she is turning on him?

  33. darkstar Says:


    Your post finally provides some new grist for the mill. Tell us, what is CT’s mindset at this point? Does he talk about KR at all?

    It sounds like he believes he is going down. Kelly too?



  34. jay vegas Says:


  35. Tommas Says:


    Craig is a desperate guy in a desperate situation.

    His pattern of thought and self-destruction has once again brought him full circle into an ever more dire situation.

    He is putting on a front as is standard practice, but what I saw was a guy who has 80% accepted that his life is over, but will take one last swing to try to gain freedom, as would most people.

    What I see…and believe me I am no angel myself…is that you take a dysfunctional…severely dysfuntional person such as Craig…and you marry him to Kelly who had her own, albeit in some ways differnt dysfunctions than Craig…and then you bring in Melissa and it was almost a given…you know?…it’s like putting 2 beta fish in a fish bowl and saying, “hey maybe this will all work out”

    Drug addicts STEAL - that is what addicts do…

    People with anger management issues SNAP - and over react.

    Women with severe insecurities have been known to do damn near anything - just ask Phil Hartman’s wife…

    Who the hell knows what a jury will decide… I certainly don’t.

    I pray for the souls of all involved.

    I shake my head at how unnecessary all of this was…

    I look at myself in the mirror…

    God bless you all


  36. Randomchick Says:

    I have been following this case since it was brought to light… I have to agree with the comment of “this will take as long as the Phil Spector case” - Holy s!@t are you so on it!!!
    It makes me sad that this whole thing transpired! WHY in the holy you know what! do people feel the need to take the actions they do!?!?! Why can ones not just simply confront the situation and walk away?!?! Why F*!k up the world you have worked so hard for???? NO ONE PERSON is worth what these two have placed themselves in.
    My thoughts and prayers go out to Melissa’s family. It doesn’t matter if she was ‘involved’ with Craig….or both! Murder is not justified! We all have had/do have tons of anger locked within - may it be due to childhood or relationships, but it is HOW we choose to deal with it that keeps us out of where these two are - physically, mentally, and spiritually…

  37. bobby smith Says:

    News has come to light involving the Bar Association and accusations.

  38. Phil Says:

    Great post Tommas..I think all is “dead on” about CT and Kell!


  39. Phil Says:

    CT can hold his own! I think the other inmates better not drop the soap! Craig has been a scrappy dude since I met him in the early ninties..A lot of people have backed down from him..Well Phil Baroni didn’t but he is tough..A killer- but tough!

  40. bobby smith Says:

    Bobby Smith is right.

  41. darkstar Says:


    Thanks for your insight. I think you are right about the beta fish…those two were piranhas…that ended up ripping their own lives to shreds..


  42. shockandawe Says:

    Phil, you are Tim Dekay?

  43. Craig Titus Says:

    Hey I’m in great shape I’m gettingready for the clark county detention center bodybuilding championship!All I have to say to anybody is kiss my ass!

  44. bobby smith Says:

    Serious allegations against a Law firm involved.

  45. Phil Says:

    Shock..lol…No I’m not Tim Decay! But- I played a part with him on a movie…He is a really good guy! He was a coach on the movie Peaceful Warrior..The movie opens up with him and I..Close though Shock…lol

    Tim had a big part in Seinfield…My sister has casted him into many movie parts…I do mostly stunt work now…Some extra as well..War Of The Worlds was my biggest stunt role thus far..I play a Marine!


  46. shockandawe Says:

    That’s cool. At least you are doing something substantive with your life - most bodybuilders don’t ever find a way to market themselves or become anything but has-beens.

    Who is your sis?

  47. OTF Says:


    If you are for real and not joking around, I loved that movie Peaceful Warrior. In fact, I bought two of his books as soon as I saw the movie. I train still but no longer compete in fitness however I compete heavily with my horses and the message in that movie totally drew me in.

  48. Phil Says:

    OTF……Yes I did Peaceful Warrior..I was the coach on the Red Team (Romanian Team)..It’s strange because I didn’t want to do the movie because it was Victor Salva…registered sex offender..He has done some really good work with movies Powder, Jeepers Creepers..ETC…Scotty Mechlowicz who played Dan in the movie is a good friend..And he talked me into it..lol

    I don’t have a big part in the movie..However, the script caught my eye..Kinda a modern day Rocky come back story! We filmed at the LA Sports Arena..and in LA Studios..It was a really fun movie..At the same time..I was doing Six Feet Under on HBO..So I couldn’t take on a lot as far as acting..The gymnastic stunt was done by UCLA gymnastic all americans…Mark Hansen was the AD (asst director) He is so fun to work with..All and all, it turned out to be a pretty good B film…Again, I have a seen with Tim Dekay and Nick Nolte

    Shock, my sister is Kristan Berona..If you google her name, you willl find all her past productions .. and present post productions..I did Pirates Of The Carribean Worlds End was my last part…And Entourage on HBO!

    I’m currently training for the NPC spring shows in 08…then the USA…


  49. bobby smith Says:

    ??? watch and see

  50. OTF Says:


    Well cool - good for you. I am impressed!!!! I watch and read stuff like that before big competitions. I will look for you next time I watch it. I was on ESPN a few times - does that count???? Hee heehee I am definately no be TV star!!

    Good luck in the USA. I dieted and trained for 7 shows in my day and it harder than anyone can imagine unless they have actually done it. I hope you rock at the USA.

    Pam, OOPS, Old Time Fitness Competitor

  51. JVBJ01 Says:

    TCT was at FPC Lompoc. This i a Federal Prison Camp. He did an interview while he was there and he made it sound as if he was behind bars. He was at an unfenced prison. He was a smartass. I worked at the USP then and I once told him that eventually he will do time behind a fence. I was right and he will get his…..

  52. JVBJ01 Says:

    I meant CT…. Not TCT…

  53. Old TIme Fitness Competitor Says:


    Looks like you called right even back then!

  54. Lars Buckenstein Says:

    Titus is and always has been a fucking punk!
    Just another roided up monkey for people to gawk at.
    Have know him since his days in Houston, what a fucking tool!

    Hope your death is worse than getting beat w/ a dumbell & torched in a shitty jag, Craigster!

  55. ox Says:

    these muscle missions guys are freakin nutcases! just so you know

  56. havoc Says:

    October 18 is coming up. Any news? Postponed?


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