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Next Trial Setting

Titus and Ryan will be back in court on August 30, 2007. We’ll keep you posted on the outcome of this trial setting.

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  1. Peter Ehrlich Says:

    My guess is the Supreme Court will not go against Judge Glass’ recomendation that CT and KR have two different lawyers.

  2. Chainsaw Says:

    When a predict or speculate, d* yells at me for speculating and it upsets me because that is what this site is intended for is speculating and discussion. d* is my bro though, and if I may speculate for one moment, I would say that the Supreme Court has not made a decision yet because they are on vacation or some other absurd reason.

    The Fix is in……

  3. Peter Ehrlich Says:

    Why the hell would anyone be upset from speculating? Speculating often leads to better thinking around the topic.

    Hey, I’m as tired as anyone here waiting for the most exciting trial since OJ to begin - so let’s start all over again shall we.

    I *speculate* that CT and KR will get 40 years to life, no less.

  4. darkstar Says:


    Jeez, I only get grumpy because some of the speculation here blurs into silly conspiratorial nonsense.

    Naturally, we all speculate…but some of the speculation is pretty wild ass…(not yours, of course!)

    Got your back, chain, thanks.

    Waiting for Aug. 30….


  5. dp100 Says:

    I’m curious to see if ct/kr stay to their story and stick together or they rat each other out.

    hey you vegas types… what are the odds?? for each scenerio.

  6. turtle Says:

    I have some inside knowledge of this case.

    Nothing is going to stick other than what they’ve already admitted to.

  7. dewey Says:

    I think whether or not the murder for hire comes into play will be the kicker in this trial as far as CT is concerned.

    Was it pushed by the cops?

    Was CT a willing participant?

    Was Brady manipulated and pushed?

    You know what…all 3 seem to be true…what that means as far as. The trial’s outcome…who the hell knows.

  8. Old TIme Fitness Competitor Says:

    So when do you think this trial will get started for real??? Are any of you out there a lawyer or someone with legal knowledge?

    Do you think CT and KR will turn on each other?

  9. Phil Says:

    Good question! In my opinion not until they sort out all the lawyering issues..I still think this thing will move forward in 2008 sometime?

    I’d like to apologize to everyone for some of the harsh words I used in some of my postings!! And also, getting off topic at the matter at hand. I’ll just leave it at that..I’d like to stay on this board without bickering about who I am. Darkstar, let’s call it peace bro! No worries about anything! Let’s not bring down the board with all this crap back and fourh..OK.


  10. Chainsaw Says:


    All is cool, we all have lost our cool on the board at sometime or another. I prefer to stick to topic as well. d* is generally a good guy, I’ve known him for over a year. “on this board that is” isnt that weird, I feel like he’s my friend, and never met him. I also feel like that with others here like shock and venice and otfc and others. When the trial does start, perhaps if anyone wants to come to vegas we can attend one day, and go out and have some drinks at the center bar at the hard rock, or NY NY. That would be fun.

  11. Old TIme Fitness Says:

    Sounds good. I could use a trip to Vegas, Colorado is just not as exciting!!

    I think once the trial does start there will be alot more participants on this board. Someone on here thought the trial wouldn’t start until 2008. Is there any concrete idea or guess of when to expect it to start?

  12. dp100 Says:

    well said, i have followed this board nearly from the start and the case since they were arrested. although i haven’t put my 2 cents in much i have enjoyed reading everyone’s comments. i have watched a number of discussions go astray, i like you enjoy staying on topic and discussing the legal issues. i think thats a great idea to attend the trial one day together, have drinks then beat the hell out of each other, just kidding. it would be nice to put a face to a name.

    not to stray too much but next week closing arguments for phil spector trial. how many people then he’s guilty?

  13. Old TIme Fitness Says:


    Oh please,,,,,,guilty on spector - my opinoin anyway

  14. deep fried chicken Says:

    NOTHING will happen AUGUST 30, 2007.
    Why? Because The Supreme Court has not ruled on the matter.

    Expect to the court to set another date in 30 days to hear if the Supreme
    Court has ruled.

  15. Chainsaw Says:

    Spector may get off on a reasonable doubt clause. I know he’s guinlty,, we all do as wee, but L.A is L.A… Who knows what happens. Blakely got off scott free. Who knows? We will wait asnd see.

  16. Chainsaw Says:

    Spector may get off on a reasonable doubt clause. I know he’s guinlty,, we all do as wee, but L.A is L.A… Who knows what happens. Blakely got off scott free. Who knows? We will wait and see.

  17. Venice Says:

    I continue to follow this site, but it’s tougher and tougher to add a comment that hasn’t been rehashed 20 ways from Sunday at this point.

    Although it’s been mentioned before, I wonder if the time dragging and dragging on is somehow a benefit to the defense.

    It seems to me that it would be.

  18. Phil Says:


    Thanks for the comment you left..It’s all good! Getting back to the matter at hand…It’s pretty difficult(for me) to see CT & KR in this situation. It’s highly possible for the both of them to get off..But I agree that they do deserve the punishment for the crime..We’ll see how it turns out..Blessings to Melissa’s family!..Even though CT is a good friend that help me….If he did it.. then he deserves all that he will receive! Kinda a sad thing for Melissa and Craig and Kell..Even if they are found guilty, it’s still very sad for both parties!

    I have no problem with D. I apologized for the words.But you keep discrediting my football which is a joke! It’s not fabricated I have proof..cool!…L8

  19. Venice Says:


    Listen I’ve contributed to some of the b.s. On this website…believe me …I don’t stay up wondering if you played for Dallas or not… And I know we’re getting off track, but you keep saying you have PROOF, while offering none…again Brock was the only draft pick out of UNR in the 90’s …you claimed to have been drafted multiple times….how do you account for this and where is your proof?

    I played football myself…and I’m just curious…I’m not going to bust your balls, but if you don’t answer the question I’ll assume you’re embelishing…and you’ll have to live with that for the rest of your life - hahaha

  20. Phil Says:

    The proof is in the pudding! And I have the pudding! I played at West High School in Bakersfield CA. (WITH BROCK) from 1983 to 1987..Then I went to a JC Bakersfield College which is kind of a prep team for USC..In 1989-90 I played with USC in the spring at outside LB..One of my roomies was Junior Seau..He played outside linebacker along with Willie McGinnis ..So I knew I didn’t have a chance to play much. So, I wanted to get out of LA and decided to move to Nevada..I went to UNLV to get my degree..But- UNR needed some defense..I transfered to UNR and reunited with 3 players I’d played with in highschool..After Brock got signed for Special Teams with Dallas..I got a call from Anthony McClanahan which got picked by the Dallas after Washington State..forgot what year…Then after I graduated, I got a call from a agent about playing…Then after talks about Brock and Anthony talking to the GM..I got picked up for Mike Backer (Inside)..I played for a short time then had to quit after a back injury..There’s not much more I can say..I had never checked the historical facts on Dallas drafting..However, I have nothing to hide..OK..And Venice, I’m glad you played football..I’m very proud of you! But- I don’t have to worry about prooving what I say..I don’t have the need to lie! I’m on here for CT and Kell ..Two people I once thought I knew…AND THAT’S IT!


  21. Administrator Says:

    Okay, Enough with the football talk. Keep the posts about this case and those issues related to it. We don’t care your about your life story. If you continue to post this crap, well you won’t have to worry about posting her.

    Thank you.

  22. Chainsaw Says:


  23. Chainsaw Says:

    What happened with the case today admin????? Was there not a court date????

  24. Old TIme Fitness Says:


    I am with you - what happened today? I gues if it were breaking news it would have been posted already………anybody know?

  25. Chainsaw Says:

    There is a continuance date of Oct 18th 2007.


  26. Old TIme Fitness Says:

    why? I guess these continued delays are common but how frustrating for the victims families. Scott Peterson’s case didn’t even have this many delays after he was finally arrest. Wow

  27. Venice Says:

    Trick or Treat…October will be here before you know it

  28. SB Law Says:

    New to the board here. It’s a very unique case. I’ve been following the case since it came out. A lot of variables to the case. Tons of evidence leading mostly to Kelly Ryan in my opinion. I think the Murder For Hire with this Brady fellow will tie in to Craig Titus in his trial date. This will take a very long time to start the proceedings against both defendants. I think mainly do to the uncertainty of law issues as well as continued evidence. When your up for murder one..the waiting period can be overwhelming for the families. It’s the defendants life on the line here. So the defense attorneys are going to be very strategic in the way they handle this.This is one of those cases that could easily set the defendants free if not handled right with the prosecution. In my own opinion so far, they haven’t nailed a solid plan to convict Craig and Kelly. The evidence are concrete in some areas. But that doesn’t mean much with the turn of events thus far. Just my opinion!


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