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Ron Nelson Brady Jr. interview with Las Vegas News

KVBC - NBC News 3 in Las Vegas reports on Ron Nelson Brady Jr. There is a video segment on their web site and the following story to accompany it on their web site

Jail house interview with man accused of hiring hitman for Craig Titus
Ron Nelson Brady, Jr. is accused of trying to hire a hitman to kill three witnesses against Craig Titus. Brady, who says he innocent of the charges, tells News 3 he is actually a pawn to get a conviction against Titus. In an exclusive interview you’ll only see here, News 3’s Jesse Corona sat down with Brady, who tells us he’s been in solitary confinement for close to 10 months as punishment.

“I’m locked down. I probably come out 45 minutes a day; some days I don’t come out at all,” said Brady.

No matter what your thoughts and feelings are about a crime a person is charged with, the United States is founded on the principal that you are innocent until proven guilty. They call it the hole.

For the last 10 months, Brady has been locked down in maximum security, segregated from the rest of the prison population. He’s not there for violent or disruptive behavior. In fact, Brady says in all of this time he can only come up with one reason why he’s there - punishment.

“I think that they think I have information regarding Craig Titus’ case. That’s what I think,” said Brady.

After phone calls from our attorney, reminding the detention center about the openness of public records, we finally obtained a portion of the jail’s standard operating procedure manual.

It clearly states administrative segregation or solitary confinement, the same kind of confinement Brady finds himself in, cannot be used as punishment, and that every attempt would be made to place inmates back into general population.

The detention center says Brady, who’s never been charged with a serious crime before, is classified as somehow posing a threat to the jail. They say he is in confinement based on his current charges.

But if that were true, then why would a judge grant Brady bail? Judge’s only do that if they think someone doesn’t pose a flight risk or isn’t a threat to society. Brady’s bail is set at $450,000; his family doesn’t have that so he remains in lock down.

82 Responses to “Ron Nelson Brady Jr. interview with Las Vegas News”

  1. chainsaw Says:

    The Brady’s are right! I thought he was in lockdown because normally, people who threatend witnesses in any case should not have any contact for the protection of the public. Whether he is found guilty or Not, that seems feasable. But if there is Bail? Looks like the judge and CCDC are speaking out of both sides of their mouth. There should be no bail for Mr. Brady, or get him out of solitary.

  2. Old TIme Fitness Competitor Says:

    Sounds like CT an Brady have pissed the wrong person off pretty bad. Sounds a little fishy to me that this guy is in solitary but has a bond. THere has got to be more to the story. If not, someone has it out for that whole group. Sucks to be them.

  3. InsiderX Says:

    Brady needs to get out of freakin jail! What’s he in there for? Being stupid? I know a lot of stupid people that are not in jail. This whole case is ridiculous. What is taking everything so long? Then somebody like chainsaw or darkstar is going to say, “Well the Nevada Supreme Court is looking at the appeal.” Whatever, the case is coming up on two years already. Jackie Glass is spineless. If she is the presiding judge than she has to get this damn thing going. Or do what she needs to do to get the case going. You have this poor woman’s family (Melissa’s) that is waiting all this time for their day in court and they can’t have it because of the stupid law system. No one in this whole damn case is taking the initiative to get this going. All the taxpayer’s money is being wasted for nothing. It’s crazy and I’m tired of it!

  4. Phil Says:

    I don’t care what anyone says…This case is going to end up as a mistrial if the DA keeps dicking around! Regardless whatever evidence they have on CT abd KR! As time goes on and these mishaps continue….There is a very good chance that CT and KR will be set free….This forearms the defense for 1 big mistrial! Please don’t keep telling me they are DONE! With the time it’s taking and the dicking around going on with the DA….It could very well happen. And no, I’m not on the innocent band-wagon by all means..And I do feel for Melissa’s family! Even though Craig is a friend of mine…I obviously think they are guilty- hands down- But this is not good for the prosecution…AT ALL…Plus, we still don’t know what’s up the defenses sleeve thus far.

  5. Old TIme Fitness Competitor Says:


    Interesting, I think you are right. I know someone that went to jail recently on a completely different charge and it took a year from when he was formally charged to get convicted. His sentencing has been postponed so it is still not done. I understand that it took a year of investigating prior to that before he was even charged.

    It makes sense that they let time go by to let people forget. Just look at this board. There were alot more people sounding off 2 years ago then there are now. I am getting sick of the delays as well. But, to CT and KR I guess it doesn’t really matter. THey are going to remain behind bars long after this is over so why hurry??

  6. darkstar Says:

    insider, you obviously dont understand the way the system works. It has nothing to do with Judge Glass “being spineless”…and, if you were in charge you wouldnt be able to “get the case going” any faster than any one else…

    Sure, Melissa’s family deserves their day in court, but once you are in the system, you are a slave to it, regardless of whether you are the victim or the accused…

    Also, the Brady case has nothing to do with C and K’s case on the murder charges. You cant mix up the two cases…Brady is in for an alleged murder for hire, which CT hasnt been charged with. If Brady is let go, CT is still up on murder, etc…

    Aint nobody walking away that fast from this case…like attyatlarge said, the time taken so far isnt that out of line…

    I would like to hear why Brady in in solitary…maybe for his own safety? no one has answered that question yet. Its all speculation until they do…


  7. chainsaw Says:


    C’mon, this whole board is about speculation. Also, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the DA, LVMP, or someone else had it in for CT. It is obvious that they did by everything that has come out so far. If not that, (and I may be speculating here,) but they may not have as strong of a case as well against them. Who better to pin together with CT and KR than a petty thief, drug dealer, user who really has very little means of defending himself, and was not smart enough to stay away from CT in the first place.

    Again, this is only speculation on my part…. Forgive me please….

  8. Old TIme Fitness Competitor Says:


    Ok, I agree - guilt by association. No doubt being associated with theives, users and drug dealers paints a bad picture of CT and KR. Unfortunately, we are often judged by who we hang with even if we are nothing like them.

  9. Jason G. Says:

    I would have to disagree with anyone who thinks that these two cases are not connected. IF and I did say IF the Police and or DA had anything to do with setting up this murder for hire plot, it will have a profound affect on Titus and his case.

    IF, and I again said IF the Police and or DA set this plan up, what do you think this would do to their creditability? Let us not forget that this is the same DA and Police Detectives that investigated and charged Titus with murder. Could they have something to gain with a conviction of Brady?

    And what about the witnesses. We would be crazy to think they were not severely affected by this murder-for-hire plot no matter whose’ plan. Anthony Gross was dressed up to “play dead” and his picture (playing dead) with a post card from “Fred Hitterman” was sent to Titus.

    Something still is just not correct with the whole case. Don’t think for a munute that Titus attorney wouldn’t point to all of this IF (IF, IF) Brady did not set up this murder for hire polt. It would show that the Police and the DA were liars. There creditability is at stake and the stakes in this case are gettin higher by the day. After all we are talking about Las Vegas.

    The slightest mention of scandal will not help the Daskas campaign for Congress although he doen not appear to be worried at this time. And why should he care that Brady sits in solitary confinement. He doesn’t have anything to do with that and the Jail Captin did say that Brady “presented a danger to the Jail and it’s staff.” That sounds reasonable, doesn’t it?

  10. Laura Says:

    This whole thing with Ron Brady being in solitary and the speculation as to why, has me baffled. Why put the guy in isolation? IF this were a “frame up” as he is stating or “punishment” or even a way to obtain more information, then they would allow him back into the population and allow him to converse with Titus. In fact, they could set Titus up further by allowing this guy back into the population. I didn’t read all of it, but I’m assuming he is serving time in the same jail as Craig? If not, disregard.

    All of this is ridiculous and a circus. I agree with comments that all this could create a mistrial, which would absolutely SUCK. FRY THEM!

  11. Gym Rat Says:

    Thanks for making sense of this attorneyatlarge.

  12. Phil Says:

    Jason G:
    That is exactly “dead on”! These two cases are absolutely connected… Especially if they (did) use Brady as a Pond!!!!! Whoever thinks they are NOT. Doesn’t know what they are talking about! I can’t believe that someone would agree that they’re not! WTF..

  13. Phil Says:

    That’s is (IF) that’s what they did !

  14. chainsaw Says:

    What neighboring city can they move this to? This is Vegas, there is nothing around but Reno really. Also, as soon as a trial date and Jury selection begins, the media will be all over this one. A plus for Las Vegas “I live here” is that there are 5,000 people moving in and out of here a month. I will stick to my theory “speculation” that Daskas does not have a “Slam Dunk” for 1st degree murder like he say’s, and is pitifully trying to tie in the M for Hire case to Titus. I read in the LVRJ, that the 2 could be linked easily, and more than likely “Daskas was even interviewed”. Don’t tell me that CT’s lawyer will not be able to ask the key witnesses about the M for Hire plot, it goes to witness intimidation, excpet its now done by the SAME COPS, SAME DA that is prosecuting for Murder.

    I can only speculate as to what happened that fateful day. Through thoroughly reading the GJ Transcripts, I have mixed opinions. Although I think it is “Feasible” to assume that CT was in on some sort of M for Hire plot, if it can’t be proved, it means nothing… Putting Brady in the hole for 10 months seems like a good way of making him roll on CT. Quite honestly, if he hasn’t rolled after that, I don’t think he will, and quite possibly not have happened the way the DA thinks. How many of people would roll after 10mo in solitary? I bet %99 would.

  15. darkstar Says:


    Let’s assume for the minute that the DA and Metro “have it in” for CT and KR…that isnt enough to hold them in jail…the fact is, they are being held on several serious felony charges. The fact that it hasnt come to trial yet is purely and simply due to legal wrangling and the nature of the legal system in general. That isnt grounds for a mistrial.

    Secondly, CT has not legally been “pinned together” with Brady in the MFH case against Brady…sure, the circumstances of Brady allegedly bring CT and Brady together…but CT has still not been charged with the MFH…its all on Brady right now.

    I’m not sure what you are trying to say regarding CT’s lawyer asking key witnesses about the MFH plot…why would Ct’s lawyer even be in the same courtroom for the Brady trial? CT is not charged nor on trial for the MFH!! You can’t just bring shit up that isnt related to your own case! CT’s lawyer is interested in one thing only at this point, getting to trial and getting his client acquitted on the murder charge.

    These cases, the murder of MJ and the MFH, have lives of their own, at least for now.

    The MFH situation wouldnt have ever come about if CT/KR hadnt supposedly killed MJ….

    I doubt there will be a change of venue. The time for that would have been back a year or so ago. A COV wouldnt have made the case get to trial any sooner…it isnt venue that is being argued. Look at the Binion case…talk about pretrial publicity! Ten times worse than this case…and it didnt get moved…Nope, CT and KR are going to trial in downtown LV…hopefully sometime during this decade…

    Lastly, you are assuming Brady is telling the truth when he says he is being kept in solitary because he is being framed or for punishment reasons….what would you expect him to say? At the very least it is only half the story, and completely self serving.


  16. Phil Says:

    Good post and I agree with you! I think those are valid takes….

  17. Old TIme Fitness Competitor Says:


    I am with you on this one. I think KR and CT are going down regardless of the Brady case. And I am totally sure there is more to the story regarding Brady.

  18. Chainsaw Says:

    I’am not by any means privey to the way a courtroom works, but I’ have watched enough real courtroom drama play out through court T.V… It is sometimes very odd to me what a judge will allow in a courtroom as evidence. Usually, correct me if I’m wrong, it really isn’t the actual evidence, it is the arguement that the lawyers argue that really determines what evidence will be let in. I really do believe that the judge will let questions to the MFH witness targets about how they feel about CT when they tesity, and questions about their feelings towards CT because of this MFH plot, in an effort to discredit their testimony. But only if Saggase can argue that reasoning successfully.

    I’m glad the everyone is back writing. The fly by night bozo’s that almost ruined this board with profanity and insults seem to be gone.

  19. insane clown posse Says:


    You’re a bozo!

  20. darkstar Says:


    No way will those questions be put to the MFH targets. First, until CT gets charged with it, its a non issue for CT.

    Those questions “what do you think of CT” are completely irrelevant. I really do not understand your logic on how this line of questioning would ever see the light of day.

    Evidence is what it is. Whether it comes in or not depends on many factors, like, was it properly gathered under the 4th amendment, is it more probative than prejudicial, is it authenticatable, is it hearsay, etc…The arguments are over the rules of evidence and whether it should be let in or suppressed. If the lawyer backs up his argument based on the facts surrounding a piece of evidence, the judge decides based on that. It is not all that arbitrary. Judges have to really know the rules of evidence, because if they screw up, it becomes a potential issue on appeal.


  21. Chainsaw Says:

    If anyone thinks for one second that when Gross is on the stand, testifieng against CT, that Saggase won’t be pulling out of his briefcase, a picture of Brady posing Dead in a trunk of a car, that was sent to CT while in the jail from a FRED HITTERMAN is crazy! It goes to show that Gross is not a credible witness, and could have some sort of ax to grind with CT. I’m not a lawyer, and I’m not sure how it will be brought in, but believe me, it will be. And of course CT’s lawyer’s will be watching the brady trial, That is if it even goes on before the CT trial. I doubt that it will if Daskas has his way.

    If that Cop in the O.J case’s “script he wrote 10 yrs prior, saying the word nigger and in a fictional sense at that” can be introduced, than I’m convinced a picture of Gross playing dead in a car will be introduced.

  22. Phil Says:


    OMG…Are you serious ? That freak posed in a trunk dead? That is wild..to say the least! Who is Fred Hitterman? I haven’t been home in Vegas this summer..I haven’t read anything regarding the case since June! What do you think that will do for Titus and his defense moving forward ?


  23. darkstar Says:


    First, you are confusing the facts of two different cases. Gross will not testify against CT in a MFH case against CT, because he hasnt been charged! There is no case against him! Jesus H. Christ! Saggese isnt even a factor in the MFH case, and will only be, only if CT gets charged. Saggese isnt going to bring that shit up in the murder case…why would he? Where is the relevance to the murder of MJ? There aint any. Not coming in. Besides, dont you think it would only muddy the water more against CT?

    Gross is highly unlikely to take the stand in the case against himself, unless he gets cut one hell of a deal from the DA to testify about what he knows about CT/KRs role in the MJ murder…that is, if he knows anything, and if he decides to testify. I doubt it, unless he gets a pass from the DA.
    He might, as Gross is at best a CT stooge and water boy, the proof being he is out on a lousy 13K bail. The cops dont see Gross as anything except a path to prove their case against CT.

    Until CT gets charged with the MFH, forget about hearing about “Hitterman” in the murder trial….

    Furman’s use of the N word was introduced to show Furman lied about ever using the word. You are basing your analysis on a completely different set of facts.


  24. Jason G. Says:

    I believe you missed a key word in my last post. IF, “IF” the police and or the DA set Brady and Titus up in this murder-for-hire scheme, THEN it will be admissable in each trial to discredit both the police officers and the DA. The testimony of Gross would be “tainted” as he would have been told that Titus was trying to have him killed. Remember, it was the same ploice detectives who dressed up Gross in their “Play Dead” plan to “fool” Titus. Don’t you think that Gross may have asked why he was “playing dead?”

  25. Phil Says:


    I’m no lawyer by any means….But if you think the DA and the cops didn’t set up Brady as a pond in this circus…Your ‘out of your mind’ …Look at what’s coming out bits at a time…Brady pond, Gross “dead picture”! That all will be admissable…Even if CT hasn’t been formally charged with the MFH….It’s a MFH with Criag being the one in the hiring…You don’t think the judge will let those evidence in to the court room ? When you know it’s tainted….It’s looking that way..hands down…I still call a mistrial…Especially with the Vegas PD…The worst, corrupted, lying, tainted department in the US…Aside maybe from the LAPD….. I agree with CHAIN and JASON G! Otherwise you do have some points that could stick moving forward…I’m not one to say your wrong…But I think you should look at history in murder cases in Vegas….They haven’t put anybody to death in 26 years…After all the mafia scandals and murder in that desert…NOT 1 has been convicted of a death penalty! At best, the murder sentences have been skinny!!! My thoughts and prayers go out to Melissa’s family! I do feel bad for them!

  26. Chainsaw Says:


    Phil hit the nail on the head. Vegas is alot different than any part of the U.S. Even worse than L.A.. Also, you keep thinking that I’m refering to the MFH case when I’m not. When those 3 witnesses that the DA said CT put a hit on get on the stand in the (MURDER) case, I believe that Saggase will be able to pull out Gross’s picture of him posing dead in a trunk of a car. If you don’t think they will order gross to testify you are crazy. Remember, they did separate Gross’s trial from CT and KR (I believe), after this whole MFH B.S started.

  27. darkstar Says:

    I stand by my comments.

    Jason, yes, that is a huge IF, and it is a huge fact to prove that the DA etc set CT up. I’ll not hold my breath waiting for it.

    Phil, no offense, but you are making no sense. I really dont know what your point is.

    Chainsaw: Saggese will do nothing of the sort.


  28. Phil Says:

    My point is in my last posting! What point don’t you see ??? Not trying to be a dick! But– I live here and i’ve seen people walk for some serious murders. NOBODY has got the death penalty that has been convicted for murder 1 in 26 years…And with all these hicups happening.. You don’t see how this could play out ????????? I do see your points that your trying to make. However, I diagree with most of them…Your basing all of your post on evidence…EVIDENCE don’t mean shit in Vegas bro! We’ll see.. probably in the year 2015..If this ever gets started!

  29. Phil Says:

    And…you better believe Gross will take the stand !!!! If he doesn’t , that tells you right there he and the cops are tainted !! He with out a doubt will take the stand…

  30. darkstar Says:


    Yeah, yeah, yeah, I lived in Vegas for a short time as well…its a shithole, offense intended. I couldnt wait to get the hell out.

    The death penalty has zero to do with anything. The DA hasnt even said if they will even seek it or not, and I doubt they will. What does that have to do with anything?

    And, you do not have your facts straight. Nevada leads the nation in imposing the death penalty sentence among murder cases; about 6% of murder cases sentence the defendant to death. The last person executed in Nevada was Sebastian Bridges in 2001, but Nevada sentences people to death more than any other state per capita. You can look it up. Whether they actually carry the death sentence out is irrelevant. California has over 700 assholes on death row, and they are lucky to get rid of 1 a year…

    Evidence DOES mean shit, bro…that’s why I think you are not making any sense. Do you think CT and KR would be sitting in jail if there wasnt any evidence against them? Dont you think the reason CT hasnt been charged with the MFH is because there isnt enough evidence to charge him??

    Your broad brush characterization of Vegas as a legal maverick is nonsense.

    For whom do you see Gross testifying?


  31. Chainsaw Says:

    The prosecution will have Gross testify against CT, why else would CT supposedly put a hit out for him.

    BTW, d*, you used be nice…. What Happened?

  32. darkstar Says:

    CT hasnt put a hit out on anyone, at least not that he has been charged with. So tell me how Gross would be called to testify against CT to tell how he was targeted by CT..? It makes no sense. Gross and the others didnt have a clue they were being supposedly set up to be murdered until Metro told them what Brady was saying…

    Gross may be called to testify to his knowledge about KR and CT’s role in the MJ murder…that would make sense only if they are tried separately. Otherwise, like I said before, unless Gross gets a deal, he isnt going to say squat. He is still a defendant after all…

    If CT gets charged with the MFH, then we will see. Until that happens, “it didnt happen”…

    Chainsaw, what do you mean what happened? If you think I am “not being nice” because I cant make head nor tails out of someones post, and I say so, well, sorry you took it that way. Not dissing anyone…just asking questions…


  33. larry Says:

    In the meantime both of their sorry asses are sitting in jail

  34. dp100 Says:

    IMO… i think the lawyers for ct/kr will try to intoduce the MFH evidence(they may not be allowed) only in that ct name relates the two cases. lets say brady walks, now the laywers can go after the credibility of the police officers who did the MFH plot and they can create confusion in the jury by blending the cases. confusion leads to reasonable doubt which leads to aquittal. ct/kr lawyers what the jurors to be confused about the facts, they want them to miss what really happened.

  35. Old TIme Fitness Competitor Says:

    Do you really think that is possible? The jurors being confused enough to missed the burned jag, the walmart video, etc?

  36. darkstar Says:


    I’ll agree partially, and disagree partially…For example, if Brady is acquitted, that doesnt mean he is necessarily clean as the driven snow…there are many reasons he could walk. Let’s say for sake of discussion that he is acquitted by a jury, not guilty…The jury may think CT was the mastermind, not Brady…and so lets Brady go…It doesnt mean the DA will still go after CT on the charge, but I guarantee you CT’s lawyer wont be bringing the Brady MFH case up in the MJ murder case…
    Like I say, there are many reasons Brady could walk. Sure, corrupt cops might be one reason, but I think that one is a long shot. That still leaves a lot of questions hanging in the air, mostly about CT’s involvement.

    I guess we just have to wait and see.


  37. darkstar Says:


    The jury wont be confused. And the lawyers will keep the two cases as far apart from each other as possible.

    Some might be confused, but more likely the majority will also be more convinced CT is involved.

    Thats a damn dangerous limb for CT’s lawyer to walk out on…the evidence in the murder case is going to be tough to overcome. CTs lawyer will be focused on getting past it. The murder for hire only makes CT look worse, regardless….


  38. Phil Says:

    dp 100 ..I agree fully with your post! (confusion leads to reasonable doubt which leads to aquittal.) That’s what I’ve been thinking with all the confusion already… I still think the cops had it out for Craig before he had a meltdown!

  39. Phil Says:


    How do you know they will keep the two cases seperate? Are you a lawyer? That’s a long shot at best! Not trying to be rude…But you seem to know everything..ya know what I mean. Kinda coming off a little rough.. BRA!

  40. Chainsaw Says:


    You are right, because the headlines read in Vegas at the time of the MFH plot “CT might be facing additional charges.” We know that since the alleged plot they have separated Gross’s trial/hearings from CT’s if my memory serves me right. My speculation is, is that Brady will never go to trial before CT… The DA will not let that happen. I believe that if and if CT walks from murder 1, which he probably won’t, but then at that point the DA may slap MFH charges on CT…. Who know’s, my opinion changes the more I hear about the case, as well as others on the board that bring up valid points that make me think.

  41. Chainsaw Says:

    Now that Puitt is no longer here, new revelations are slow and coming.

  42. Kat Says:

    My thoughts and prayers are for Melissa’s family. CT and KR need to die sitting in jail. CT and KR wil get convicted for murder 1 regardless. A lot of questions will always be hanging in the air long after this case is over. Thats just the way it works. The full truth will never come out.

  43. dp100 Says:

    if the DA can’t prove brady on the MFH plot then they for sure won’t be able to prove ct as the mastermind. if you can’t get the little man in the plot you won’t be able to touch the big man. besides, there are some pretty sketchy witnesses in the brady case. you are right the DA doesn’t want the brady trial to happen before the ct/kr trial, cuz if they lose the brady trial ….IMO only …. the lawyers for ct/kr will be all over this for the muder trial. anytime a lawyer can throw a side issue at the jury they are going to do it. their job is to get their client aquitted of all charges. so the more junk the jury has to wade thru to reach a decision the better chances their clients have. i believe there is just enough relevance for the ct/kr lawyers to bring the MFH in only and only if the case is tried before ct/kr. otherwise, you are correct again they will not touch that issue.

  44. Chainsaw Says:


    We need to hear the facts of the case from both sides and decide from there. At least I do.

  45. Chainsaw Says:


    read this, and with a straight face, tell me this is like every american city.


  46. darkstar Says:


    Keeping the details of the trials apart, and separating them are two different things. Dont you think that until further charges against CT are forthcoming on the MFH that Saggese will want nothing to do with that case if CT isnt charged? Why would he drag another can of worms into an already treacherous case of murder against CT?

    Not trying to be rude, but I simply dont agree with your viewpoint.


  47. darkstar Says:


    I never said that Vegas was like every other American city. To the contrary, if you will scroll up to an earlier post, I think I made my opinion of Vegas very clear. “A shithole” I think I called it.

    They dont call it Sin City for nothing…

    The proof is in the article you referenced, and there are tons more reasons as well. The corrupt political system there is just one of the cancers that has taken over…just look at all the stupidvisors, Dario and Kenny and commissioners and others who have been convicted of corruption crimes and sent to jail….and this moronic judge…your mayor is just a big dope…

    Why do you guys elect all these knuckleheads?


  48. Chainsaw Says:


    Vegas is just a stop for me on my way east from L.A.

  49. Phil Says:

    Your intitled to your own opinons…I think some of your points are valid..But I disagree with Vegas being a “shithole”…Maybe the strppers, meth, prostitution, and gambling..But in Nevada I have made a slew of money on Real Estate deals! Money you couldn’t make anywhere else…Good suburbs, schools.. I grduated from UNLV and was drafted by the Cowboys in the early ninties..So It’s not as bad as you make it sound…. Chain..I agree with your current post! Those are facts…..


  50. darkstar Says:


    Everyones experience is different. Im happy for you.

    To me, its a steaming cesspool full of parasitic vermin…in other words, a shithole….


  51. Chainsaw Says:


    I understand where you are coming from, anyplace where the decadent pleasures in life are in plain view, and they brag about it for tourism is not a good place to be no matter how you sugar coat it. The schools out here are understaffed, and the public school teachers are depleted and way underpaid. You would think the casino’s would help run this city better for it’s employee’s, but NOT! Steve Wynn is too busy investing in China rather than at home, and many are following him. This is for another debate,

    But as to how it relates to this case we are speculating on, in my opinion, anything can happen. I’m just interested in hearing all the evidance, even some that may cast a shadow on the guiltiness of these 2. All though I do think they are blatantly guilty, it will be interesting to watch them justify their actions.

  52. Chainsaw Says:

    I’m interested in everyone’s take on what the outcome of phil spectors trial will yeild… For those who are following it.

  53. dp100 Says:

    i think spector is guilty as hell. needs to be put away for life. 2 of his hired guns (baden and lee) blew it. i have never bought into the suicide defense. i think the sawed off runt shot her when she tried to leave. but his attorneys may have mudded up the court room enough to get an aquittal.

  54. Phil Says:

    If it’s such a shithole why does everyone around the world come her for pleasure ! The best hotels and casinos in the world, the mecca of bodybuilding now, sporting events, the best golf courses, on and on …But it’s a shithole! ….??????????????????????

  55. darkstar Says:


    Because, it aint called Sin City for nothing!

    Im not trying to change your mind about your opinion of Vegas. You can go ahead and be a shill for Vegas all you want. You sound like Mayor Goodman…

    The people who visit Vegas dont stay there…they stay for a few days and leave. But the crime and vice and corruption remain…

    I do have to say that 99% or more of the people visiting Vegas arent going there to experience the “mecca of bodybuilding”… and sporting events, what? last I looked, Vegas has no pro teams of any importance…no NBA, no HFL, no MLB…
    you can bet on them, but you cant go watch them, unless you are in a sports book at the casino…

    I’ll give you the fact that the casinos and many of the hotels are great. But after that, you have got what? Sleazy dudes pushing their escort advertisments at you as you walk by the Bellagio..sidewalks littered with the same…

    Listen, I am no prude. people can do what they want…but the fact remains that Vegas is not the safest place and no place to raise a kid. Of that I have first hand experience. Say what you want, the schools in Vegas blow chunks….


  56. darkstar Says:


    Drafted by the Cowboys, eh?

    Were you a walk on? The draft history for the Cowboys shows no picks from UNLV for the entire 90’s decade.


  57. Phil Says:

    My bad! University of Nevada, Reno…That was a typo! I did attend UNLV previous to my transfer…That’s UNR… Sorry bout that…But I’m glad you are checking on my background.. So don’t give away who I am when you research me ..please ? No I wasn’t a walk on..eh! Also, if you want my blood type you can find out in Pasadena CA…I believe it’s type A…I’m not sure? My shoe size is 11 1/2 and my waist is 34..My shirt size is XXXL with a 20 inch neck! GEEEEZZZ…

  58. Phil Says:

    And regarding your last post…You are a prude..And we live away from Vegas ..not on the strip..smart guy! The new suburbs in Nevada have great schools..In regards to sporting events..Where did they have the NBA All Star game? Where do they have Nascar? Where do they have the ESPY’S ? Where do they have the Pro Bull Riding Championships ? Where do they have the World Poker Championships ? Where do they have Pro Moto X Championships ? Where is Mr Olympia held? Where are the UFC Championships held…You talk out the side of your neck!!!!!

  59. Phil Says:

    Oh and lets not forget about BOXING!!!!!!!

  60. Phil Says:

    Annnnd..I forgot..The best Golf Courses in the world are in Nevada…I said sporting events..Not teams!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. darkstar Says:


    Right, and Im the King of Siam…

    Give it up.
    Ive already told you Im happy for you. I couldnt care less. I still think Vegas is a SHITHOLE, and you have said nothing to make me change my mind.

    They played ONE NBA all star game there…They got Nascar tracks all over the country, BFD…Poker aint a sport, and the Bull Riding whatever isnt exactly showtime…In other words, None of those “events” would be sustainable if people didnt come from out of town and out of state, and had to depend on local support. Where is your MLB team? NBA? NHL?
    Face it, you got zero major league teams there because there is a problem with sports and gambling…Im sure you read the news…

    Boxing was once a great sport. But it has also succumbed to the corruption that has invaded the whole of Nevada. The big fights are far fewer now, far fewer…

    Youre going to run out of water there in a few short years, so make that real estate money now before it all dries up and blows away…


  62. darkstar Says:

    DP100, Chainsaw,

    I also think Spector shot Lana…and I dont think it was an accident.

    His defense team must think their man is guilty, since they have been busted a few times for witholding evidence…the judge didnt like that too much…


  63. Phil Says:


    The only reason boxing is in a slump is because of the UFC…One of the biggest sports in the world right now! Also, Neveda is one of the fastest growing populations in the WORLD! Yeah, I know we don’t have any Pro major brand sports…But there is some good here…I agree parts of (VEGAS) is a shithole..However, a lot of places are unreal with the housing and great suburbs with great golf courses…Also, me competing in bodybuilding…This place is the best place to be with all that it offers to bodybuiders…So- lets put that to rest..cool ? And post takes about the case..Instead of bickering with vitriol about Nevada..OK?


  64. darkstar Says:


    Fine with me. Im not going to argue with you. You can have it all.


  65. Phil Says:

    Gee Thanks…I wasn’t trying to argue tough guy!

  66. gordon Says:


    I think your becoming a lake…I mean a pond in one of Darkstar’s plots…the word is “pawn.”

    Are you sure you didn’t attend an Ivy League school.

    What the hell is the HFL?

    Damn if everybody in Vegas is half as retarded as Phil, CT will out in public in no time.

    Stay gold.

  67. mini Phil Says:

    I think the Defense is going to get CT off the hizzle fo schnizzle.

    Speaking of Defense, I played Defense in College in NevEda, I forget which one though…what was our mascot again, “The Rebel Wolves”…hmmm…anyone who thinks Vegas is a shithole hasn’t been to the buffet at the Circus Circus…excuse me while I Tivo the WWF and take my Winstrol shot

  68. Phil Says:

    What’s wrong with Circus Circus buffet ? Also, why are you dissing Winstrol ? I find it great to cut water ! Which you probably need to since you probably iron your pants on your drive way..Or maybe use a ping pong table as a TV tray ? Not quite sure there..So I made a typo!!!!!!! I’m sorry there Johnny Cockring! Keep making dumb comments and when this ends up in a mistrial, maybe you can come over and clean off my shoes or wash my cars..Then we’ll go have a nice lunch at Circus Circus! What a moron..mini Phil urrrrr DARKSTAR!

  69. cookie jarvis Says:


    A typo is one mistake.

    Writing “Pond” over and over again instead of “pawn” is being a meathead.

    What’s it like being in the shallow end of the gene pool?

  70. pitbulls against Michael Vick Says:

    I’m no legal expert, my sister is an attorney, which gives me the same half-assed understanding of what may happen as most people on this board.

    My gut feeling/general impression is that there is just enough b.s. and uncertainty that CT and KR will get off relatively lightly…no murder conviction…anything can happen…if either KR or CT roll on one another then its a different ballgame, but I don’t think they will because my feeling is they both have too much culpability.

    What is the latest with Kelly’s legal representation?

  71. nocturnal emission Says:

    Brock Marion…Phil you’re Brock Marion?

  72. Phil Says:

    Nope I’m not Brock…However, I played with him on the same team…He also played at the same high school as my cousin…He was drafted for special teams..Then he worked his way up to Free Safety..Do to a injury…I apologize about the typo pond…I meant pawn..I’m glad you dropped brock’s name though..And oh yeah, thanks for the IP..I’ll need that moving forward….


  73. nocturnal emissions Says:

    So Brock Marion was the only player drafted out of UNR by the Cowboys in the 90’s…

    Are you sure you were drafted dawg?

  74. Jim Says:

    B.S. !!!!!!! is flying

  75. Chainsaw Says:

    I can’t walk outside without waders this city is such a dump! The kids here can’t read, and there is a major shortage of teachers. The Cops are jerkoffs, the mayor is joke, and the houses here might as well be made out of toothpicks. The weather stinks (right now anyway), lake meade is now pond meade, (and I don’t mean pawn). However, if I had the desire to get loaded, buy a hooker, lose all my hard earned cash, I would love this place. It’s a great place to visit, a shitty place to live. There are worse though, can’t think of them off the top of my head. And yes, I do live in Summerlin, “one of the nicest area’s.”

    On the other hand, I can see where Phil is coming from. It generally is all very new, but the most of the people here, and govt are of questionable character. Healthcare here sucks too. Too many “New” dr’s, not enough experience.

  76. darkstar Says:

    When is the next court date for the shrinking duo, anybody know?


  77. Chainsaw Says:


    I think august 27th or so.

  78. darkstar Says:

    Thanks Chainsaw. I wonder if anything will get accomplished at this court date…probably be continued AGAIN…
    Has the SC ruled on KR’s attorney situation yet? That seems to be what is holding it up…


  79. shockandawe Says:

    wow… this board has degenerated - and that’s saying a lot since it’s a board devoted to Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan.

    Btw, Darkstar, PBR (Pro Bull Riding) is a HUGE sport, Vegas or not, and has a lot of money in it. PBR circuits are all over the country, now almost year ’round.

  80. Chainsaw Says:

    Shock, if you only stop around every 2 weeks it will degenerate. We need the CREW to stay aboard or we’ll get thrown overboard.

  81. larry Says:

    let it drag on forever




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