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Craig Titus & Kelly Ryan Investigation » Blog Archive » Man accused of trying to hire hitman for Craig Titus in court

Man accused of trying to hire hitman for Craig Titus in court

From: Las Vegas KVBC.com

The man accused of trying to hire a hitman for Craig Titus was back in court Thursday. Last October, Ronald Nelson Brady was charged with three counts of solicitation to commit murder.

In an exclusive interview you’ll see only on News 3, Brady’s father ’s spoke to Jesse Corona and told him his son has been locked in solitary confinement for nine months on what he says are bogus charges.

“This murder for hire is (a) setup for one purpose and that’s to convict Craig Titus,” Ron Brady Sr. said.

Nelson Ronald Brady Jr., also known as “Ronnie”, spent 16 days in the same jail cell as Craig Titus in Feburary of 2006. When he got out jail, Ronnie Sr. says his son tried to help Titus by gathering information about the case.

But prosecutors say what Ronnie was doing was trying to find a hitman to elminate witnesses that could testify against Titus.

“There is absolutely no proof of this,” Ronnie Sr. insists. He says Metro claims there are recordings of his son discussing the murder-for-hire scheme. But he says the DA’s office has refused to turn over those tape recordings or any information supporting that allegation.

He also says CCDC has kept his son in solitary confinement for the last nine months in an attempt to convince Ronnie to fabricate a story to help strengthen the case against Titus.

News 3 asked the Clark County Detention Center what their procedures are for keeping inmates in solitary confinement. They said they could not get us copies of those policies in time for our story, but did say certain high profile cases and certain charges could warrant a spot in their single cell maximum custody unit. But they also say they try to move those inmates back into the normal prison population as soon as they can.

“To shroud that in secrecy is simply unacceptable,” Gary Peck with ACLU said. Peck says with the Detention Center should be required to disclose the reasons behind keeping Ronnie in solitary confinment. “To say we don’t have to tell you… we don’t have to show you our manuals, we don’t have to talk about it, we run the jail, we do what we want. That is not unacceptable. Not in America, not in a democracy.”

The DA’s office did not return our calls in time to comment on our story. Judge Douglas Herndon ordered all records pertaining to the case be turned over to Brady’s attorney. Prosecutors have until August 14 to turn over those records.

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