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Man accused of trying to hire hitman for Craig Titus in court

From: Las Vegas KVBC.com

The man accused of trying to hire a hitman for Craig Titus was back in court Thursday. Last October, Ronald Nelson Brady was charged with three counts of solicitation to commit murder.

In an exclusive interview you’ll see only on News 3, Brady’s father ’s spoke to Jesse Corona and told him his son has been locked in solitary confinement for nine months on what he says are bogus charges.

“This murder for hire is (a) setup for one purpose and that’s to convict Craig Titus,” Ron Brady Sr. said.

Nelson Ronald Brady Jr., also known as “Ronnie”, spent 16 days in the same jail cell as Craig Titus in Feburary of 2006. When he got out jail, Ronnie Sr. says his son tried to help Titus by gathering information about the case.

But prosecutors say what Ronnie was doing was trying to find a hitman to elminate witnesses that could testify against Titus.

“There is absolutely no proof of this,” Ronnie Sr. insists. He says Metro claims there are recordings of his son discussing the murder-for-hire scheme. But he says the DA’s office has refused to turn over those tape recordings or any information supporting that allegation.

He also says CCDC has kept his son in solitary confinement for the last nine months in an attempt to convince Ronnie to fabricate a story to help strengthen the case against Titus.

News 3 asked the Clark County Detention Center what their procedures are for keeping inmates in solitary confinement. They said they could not get us copies of those policies in time for our story, but did say certain high profile cases and certain charges could warrant a spot in their single cell maximum custody unit. But they also say they try to move those inmates back into the normal prison population as soon as they can.

“To shroud that in secrecy is simply unacceptable,” Gary Peck with ACLU said. Peck says with the Detention Center should be required to disclose the reasons behind keeping Ronnie in solitary confinment. “To say we don’t have to tell you… we don’t have to show you our manuals, we don’t have to talk about it, we run the jail, we do what we want. That is not unacceptable. Not in America, not in a democracy.”

The DA’s office did not return our calls in time to comment on our story. Judge Douglas Herndon ordered all records pertaining to the case be turned over to Brady’s attorney. Prosecutors have until August 14 to turn over those records.

24 Responses to “Man accused of trying to hire hitman for Craig Titus in court”

  1. Jason G. Says:

    Wow! There is more to this story and I have said all along, this is the key to the entire case.

    See the video at kvbc.com/ Home Page and in the center of the page click on to “Fetured Videos” in the “Robert Santos Forcast.” After this video starts you will see just to the left under “Top Video” and arrow down to “Man accused of trying to hire a hit man.”

    Play the News 3 video for more information. I believe that this is the “TWIST” in this case that needs to be watched.

  2. chainsaw Says:

    There is so much B.S in this case it’s sickening. I think with the right lawyer, everyone may get off. If the prosecution try’s to complicate things, this could happen. “Vegas is full of people from all over the country.” Confusion could easily be done. The prosecution case overdone.

    They had a slam dunk pretty much with CT, but with all this extracarricular stuff the prosecution tries to put in, that could/will confuse a jury and really give the defense wiggle room for reasonable doubt. I think if Daskas had his choice, this would never go to trial, and it shows with the constant delayed Supreme Court Rulings. Please don’t tell me that Daskas has nothing to do with that…

  3. Phil Says:


    Exactly what I was thinking! That’s why I said In my recent post…This thing could slip through the cracks!


  4. Gym Rat Says:

    The following is only my opinion so please keep this in mind before flaming in retaliation because nothing stated is intended to discredit anyone here:

    Sorry guys I don’t buy into the ’slip through the cracks’ theory, they’ve got C & K and they’re done, period. Expressing concerns on a message board may gain support for the diminishing number of hopeful fans however not nearly enough to affect the case.

    It doesn’t matter that the prosecutor has ambitions, don’t you think he had them long before this case appeared? Do you really believe that because Daskas may continue with his career that cases he is currently involved with will simply end in acquittal? NOT!

    How can a jury be confused when the trial hasn’t commenced meaning this has not been discussed in front of a jury?

    Perhaps it’s possible that the ‘right lawyer’ as you put it could ‘get everyone off’ but then tell me who is going to pay for such an expensive legal defense? Even if one did come forward I have two words that are synonymous with losing defense, Mark Garrigos (Scott Peterson trial).

    The defense can wiggle all it wants, that won’t change the fact that a murder, interstate flight to avoid prosecution, acquisition of overwhelming evidence and national media attention have and continue to occur?

    Don’t believe that a ‘TWIST’ is going to change the facts and Craigers will go free, return to the IFBB and finally win the Olympia because that type of thinking is merely a fantasy.

    This isn’t an episode of CSI it’s the real deal. the Titus & Ryan will be convicted.

  5. Phil Says:

    Gym Rat,

    Again, I’m not saying CT and KR are innocent, And by all means, Craig will NEVER win the O…Even he wasn’t In this mess, or he got out.. and was reinstated to the IFBB. I’m not saying that there Is a twist of any kind. Otherwise you have some valid points!


  6. chainsaw Says:


    Just plausable, thats it….. I don’t know about politics, but a high profile case gettin off is not in his deck of cards… Thats all….

  7. darkstar Says:

    This is hilarious….Ronnie Sr. says Ronnie Jr. is innocent, and that’s all there is to it! Well, turn him loose, then!! It’s always someone elses fault, eh, Brady?

    Gary Peck (no bias there, eh?) can yell and scream all he wants, but just because he says it isnt acceptable to keep someone in solitary doesnt make it so…Show us some law, Peck-er-head…tell us why the CCDC is wrong…

    What BS. What was missing from the story is what happened in court at Brady’s hearing. Not a peep on that. Just these two bloviating “advocates” who have no legal bearing at all on the case…


  8. Jason G. Says:

    As I understood the News video, the prosecution was ordered to give Brady and his attorneys all evidence they are withholding that has not been released in the past nine months. The DA was given two weeks and there will be a status check in three weeks.

    But there is a question here. If there is nothing to hide why is it taking a court action to make the DA turn over the evidence?
    You don’t think there is a problem here? If you do not, you better take a closer look at these two cases.

  9. Old Time fart Says:

    The prosecution is looking a little (?)

  10. wayne mortensen Says:

    CT and KR are done, their gooses are cooked. Even though the trial for this year is in doubt, the evidence is still there. I know everyone on this board is getting antsy that the trial date is not set. I live in Houston and this has one of the highest rates of murder every year. When the Katrina people came here, these people were killing like crazy here, and its been 2 years since that happened. The trials of these no goods have not been set or they have been set for the middle of next year. The courts are backlogged and these people will get their day of justice.
    Of course the prosecution is looking for more arrows to shoot at CT and KR. The wheels of justice in this case is grinding slow, but it is still grinding. Everyone be patient, this trial will probably be set for next year, but it is going to happen. BE Patient people.

  11. darkstar Says:


    Its called lawyering…just because one side or the other doesnt turn over this or whatever that doesnt make it illegal or wrong or secretive, etc, etc…..

    Its the legal system! You want what I got? Get a court order!

    It is simply how the game is played…

    Too many conspiracy theorists here, jeez….


  12. darkstar Says:

    Further to my last,

    I should have said isnt necessarily illegal, wrong, etc…

    but in general, they are just stroking the system… the system moves on motions and orders and rulings and all that…and that is why it is taking 2 years to try this case…maybe longer….


  13. Kat Says:

    darkstar is so right! on why this is taking 2 years.

  14. Gym Rat Says:

    Two years or five years it doesn’t matter. Titus & Ryan will go down.

  15. shockandawe Says:

    GOOSED!! GOOSED!! ;)
    Gym Rat, I agree: CT and KR are going dooooowwwwwwwwwwnTOWN!

  16. dp100 Says:

    d*, you’re wrong this time. the rules of discovery require the state to turn over all evidence to the accused. this way the best possible defense can mounted. likewise, all evidence gathered by the accused is to be turn over to the state. there are to be no surprizes in the court room. it wrong to withhold evidence. if you’ve watching the news lately there are large number of criminals being set free because the DA withheld evidence. the same DAs and their assistants are also losing their jobs.

    its looks as if ct and kr lawyers are posturing themselves to call for a mistrial or grounds for dismisal based on improper conduct by the DA’s office. just my opinion here.

  17. shockandawe Says:

    dp100 - Let’s hope not. But given what you said, the discovery phase isn’t even yet in effect because the trial date hasn’t been set. Provided that they hand over elements of discovery once that date has been scheduled on court dockets, there has been no wrong-doing and no grounds possible for calling for a mistrial.

    I don’t think they are going to let this one slip through their fingers - at all costs. Plus, if the DA is looking for a future career in political public service, I think he would dot every “i” and cross every “t” - right?

  18. dp100 Says:

    shock, i believe discovery starts when the accused hires a lawyer. all evidence to date plus any uncovered there after must be turned over to the other side within a reason amount of time. i remember when i was involved in a civil case and my lawyer disposed a withness to the accident (no court date set at the time) he told me he had to get copy to the other lawyer asap. This allows the other side plenty of time to formulate a rebuttle.

    i hope this case doesn’t fall thru the crack or is left behind, they both deserve their day in court. sometimes future careers have a way of becoming the 1st priority and current responsibilities are left for others to clean up. you would think the DA would make everything right and tight but with some the bone headed moves being played out by county its a crap shoot. who knows.

    with this case i reminded of other famous trials and their out come and where is the DA now who prosecuted. where’s susan clark? and who tried robert blake? so maybe Daskas will bail before the trial just in case they get off, somehow, someway and avoid the bad publicity.

  19. darkstar Says:


    Well, I’ll tell you why you are wrong. First, the DA is being ordered to turn over evidence in the BRADY case, not the Titus Ryan case.

    Please tell me how that would cause a mistrial to be had in the Titus case…Answer: It wont….

    You recited a generally accurate casebook overview of the discovery rules, but the reality is that it doesnt play out as exacting as that in real life. If it did, we all wouldnt be here, and the opposing sides could simply check the appropriate box and mail it in…


  20. dp100 Says:


    i meant no disrespect when i said you were wrong in only stating neither side is allowed to withhold evidence because of the rules of discovery. Trials are very boring and tedious as each piece of evidence is brought out, examined, questioned, and opposing side gets to rebut or discredit. Thats real life, both sides are to have ample time to formulate rebuttles for each piece of evidence. This is another reason why it takes forever to get into the court room (motions of continuance) and trials take so long to complete, especially if there is a lot of evidence.

    i misspoke on the order to turn over evidence, i assumed it was for ct and kr, my bad. but this in a way helps their defense if the DA is withholding evidence in a related case whats to say they aren’t doing the same in the ct/kr case(credibility). again, discovery says there will be no surprizes in the court room. if the DA is playing games the judge could easily be persuded to throw the case out and say try again.

    too many DA’s are trying to make a name for themselves with very high conviction numbers and alot of them are getting in hot water for withholding evidence just to get that conviction rate.

    d* and others i very much respect your thoughts and opinions, at last you amoung the masses are willing to state them for all of us to view. you’re saying the things most of us only think about but never have the nads to say. thanks.

  21. darkstar Says:


    No worries!

    My only comment is that I really dont think it would specifically help CT and KR if the DA was in fact holding out on discovery items. The cases have similar actors but frankly are going to be tried on their own facts. (If he was witholding on a large scale, first he would be fired, disbarred and put on trial himself, then the cases subject to his malfeasance would be most likely tossed out.)

    If the DA was doing this intentionally, there would be hell to pay, but as you can see, its just part of the game and strategy, on both sides. Both sides know where the line in the sand is rule wise. Trust me, the DA is not going to jeopardize the case over some stupid thing like this.

    You are right about rogue DA’s…Lifong in the Duke case is the best example..and he is gone, gone, gone….nothing near those proportions are happening in this case, misconduct wise…


  22. Larry E. Says:

    During the last court appearance, when the Judge gave the order for the DA to turn everything over, the DA made a point to say he had already given the defense what they were asking for. The defense was attempting to make it look like there was a lack of cooperation by asking for the previously provided documents to be certified copies. The implication being the provided documents are not genuine.

  23. dp100 Says:


    have you been following the spector trial? the defense is now trying to play the system by introducing new evidence during the trial. most recently dr. baden with a new theory on how blood got on spector’s jacket, the judge went ballistic. then theres the dr. lee mess with the missing piece of evidence. the defense just blew their entire credibility in the case. the judge even noted how the defense violated the rules of discovery throughout the trial.

    i’m hoping thats not the case here and the DA’s office doesn’t commit even the smallest of errors. i believe the DA has a stricter code of conduct than the defense lawyers. this how cases can end up in a mistrial when the DA decides to hide evidence that affects the outcome of the trial. hopefully, ct/kr will end up in the court room soon.

  24. darkstar Says:


    Yes I am following the Spector trial. Fortunately, Judge Ito isnt presiding….

    Dr. Baden is a disgrace, as is Henry Lee. Nothing but hired guns, who say what they are paid to say. Recall the Binion case, and Baden’s wacky theory that dead Ted was “burked”…turned out to be all BS…Henry Lee finally got caught with his hand in the cookie jar by concealing the fingernail he found at the Spector house…

    Larry E. I agree. Like I said many times, its all legal wrangling…the defense is spinning because they are beat on the facts. Are you able to attend the hearings in Vegas?


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