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Robert Daskas, County prosecutor considers challenging Nevada GOP congressman

July 12, 2007

LAS VEGAS (AP) - A Clark County prosecutor said Thursday that he was “seriously considering” seeking the Democratic nomination in 2008 to challenge Rep. Jon Porter, R-Nev.

“I have not announced anything yet,” said Robert Daskas, a chief deputy district attorney.

Daskas said he has been talking with state and national Democratic party officials.

“My biggest concern is timing,” said Daskas, 40, who has never before sought elected office. “I need to ensure that I have sufficient time to commit to a campaign without abandoning my obligation to my cases.”

Daskas is involved in several high-profile cases, including the trial of husband-and-wife professional bodybuilders Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan in the slaying of their live-in assistant in Las Vegas, and the Reno trial of Darren Mack, who is accused of killing his wife and shooting the judge who was handling their divorce.

A county prosecutor since 1995, Daskas lives with his family in Henderson.

Democrats have been looking for a candidate to challenge Porter, who narrowly won re-election last year over first-time candidate Tessa Hafen, a former press aide to Nevada Sen. Harry Reid.

8 Responses to “Robert Daskas, County prosecutor considers challenging Nevada GOP congressman”

  1. Jason Says:

    Who cares !

  2. shockandawe Says:

    Well, I only care in the sense that this takes him away from the Titus Ryan case and could distract him enough that murderers could fall through the cracks. That would be a travesty - if Titus gets out because some d*ckweed decided to run for office in the midst of an important trial… I would be saddened by that miscarriage of justice.

  3. phil Says:


  4. Gym Rat Says:

    I have to agree with shock, this prosecutor is definitely not focused on anything but his own personal advancement. So much for his claim at being a civil servant.

  5. chainsaw Says:

    Run for office, now we really know what this trial is about….. Now we know the delay’s. Maybe CT and KR do have a case… LOL, but hey, it could be true. A conviction in this case could be his cakewalk. Think about it!


  6. shockandawe Says:

    You know Chain, as odd as it sounds, that didn’t even occur to me. I was thinking in the other direction - that sh*t will fall through the cracks. But it might get tougher on them if he does want public approval. Then again, he’s already prosecutor, so why would he have to lobby for representative with a conviction - he probably doesn’t care.

    I smell a Judge Ito/ Christopher Darden fiasco coming on…

  7. Phil Says:

    I was thinking because he is a nomination.. (in the public light).. and needing votes, and going through the whole political vitriol. It might work against CT and KR. Or- because of the time ramping up a campaign.. It could work with them in the absence of lawyering fundamentals. I agree with both you two…Shock and Chain!

  8. Sonya Says:

    Robert Daskas did an extraordinary job in the Darren Mack Trial! I think you and your team were brilliant with your research and facts producing in the trial.

    Thank you for your hard work and dedication!!

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