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Story connecting Titus and Benoit?

A writer from slate.com is really stretching with her article about steroids and including Titus and Ryan.

“In 1998, a former Mr. Universe named Bertil Fox was convicted for the double murder of his former fiancee and her mother, and bodybuilding couple Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan will soon be on trial for suffocating their assistant.”

Read the Article here.

26 Responses to “Story connecting Titus and Benoit?”

  1. gordon Says:


  2. gordon Says:

    What’s the connection moderator???

    They both had possible ‘roid rage… Is that a “connection”

    That’s like saying a gerbil that suffocated up a dude’s butt in San Francisco has a connection with a hamster that got stuffed up another guys butt in Amsterdam.

    Similar scenarios, but not a “connection”

  3. shockandawe Says:

    Well, to be honest, do you think if Titus was a nobody working at Home Depot and never touched steroids, and Kelly had married “Boomer” her South Carolina football playing boyfriend in college, and had had 3 kids, that either would be doing time right now?

    Kelly would be puking and teaching aerobics like mom, taking her kids to gymnastics practice, reminiscing about her time with Bela Karoli, and Craig would be shagging his co-workers and telling tales of conquest in the power tool aisle. Neither would be in Vegas except maybe once a year for some conference or turnaround weekend, and neither would be housed in CCDC in navy jumpsuits.

    As much as I was a part of this industry for years and years and years, anyone who is honest knows that while not everyone goes off the deep end with steroids, those that do definitely do because steroids either led them into a bad anger fit where they did something they couldn’t turn back from, or plotted something out of resentment (Benoit, Titus and Ryan) or they started doing other drugs because AAS were gateway drugs that just inevitably led them into other things (Titus and Ryan).

    I know people in bodybuilding like Shawn Ray or Milos or someone who doesn’t do those things and can remain relatively successful out of all of it, can’t conceive of it, and I’m glad. But in their heart of hearts, they know AAS is the first step on the yellow brick road - or yellow painted line - toward prison.

  4. Chainsaw Says:

    Let me just say this, alchohal plays a part in more domestic violence, vehicular manslaughters, and murders than anything else on the face of the earth. Alcohol killed more people last month in the U.S than was killed in the whole Iraq war to date. I think Americans should reprioritize itself.

    Shock: I’m with you on that.

    Are Steroids more dangerous than alcohol? I doubt it. I haven’t done any research on this subject, but I’m open to opposing comments.

    This KR and CT trial is not about Steroids, but Meth. We need to clear out the meth from this country once and for all.

  5. Phil Says:

    Shock: That is a VERY good way to put it! I compete and do the neccesary things you have to do to compete on a National level. But- VERY good take Shock! I know we had are differences in the past- But I agree with you. And that is a good take!


  6. Old Time Fitness Competitor Says:

    ok dumb question but if they were that hooked on meth how did they keep up their size? I thought meth made you not eat that is why most meth addicts are so thin.

  7. chainsaw Says:

    LTFC I wouldn’t go as far as sayin they were addicts for not that long of time, so you are right. But if they would stay up for 4 days and eat and sleep for 3, they probably were eating enough to stave off the massive weightl loss. Sounds like they were constant heavy partiers on their way to complete addiction.

  8. Phil Says:

    I saw Craig at the 2004 Ironman. Craig just came off his surgery to fix that problem in his chest with some skin issues…URRRRRRR…GYNO! But- he was in the best shape of his life! Kelly kinda put everything on hold for her, to help Craig prepare for that show! Well, Craig faded in pre-judging and got a low placing and stomped off the stage (like he usually does)! After that ..I saw him at the gym.. and he told me he was done with the IFBB. Kelly kept getting second at the Olympia. Then- I saw them at the Arnold Classic in Ohio in 2005. They were very small and looked very bad. I knew something was up. Craig looked like he did when he was arrested. I talked with him and he was on some kind of strong opiot. Because his speech was slurred and he was trying to tell me about a new Federation they were going to start. Time went on, then on Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Craig was wasted on air! That’s when I knew It was over. But- you can use meth to cut water to compete! It was once that people used cocaine to cut. But- you can’t be IFBB callibur and use meth like they were. They got really bad when they stopped competing and started hosting those (LAME) after parties that nobody could afford to get into! Then ….MURDER!

  9. Old TIme Fitness Competitor Says:

    oh, that makes sense. Amazing though to me after spending so much of their lives making sure they looked great and beingcompetition ready, that they would be hooked on something that destroys how you look. Weird to me. I guess that is what is what getting hooked on fertizer and battery acid does to you!! Thanks for the explainations.

  10. Don Says:


  11. Chainsaw Says:


    I agree with you. Most if not all of the photos of these fitness people in these magazines these days have some sort of drugs in there system. We all really can thank Joe Weider the Drug Dealer of champions for this. He looked the other way all the way back to Arnold. Smoke and mirrors. To bad that so many children mainly teenagers look up to these people, and they constantly deny any kind of drug use. Yes, we can all look like these supposed athletes if we dring a protein shake, and buy Joe Weiders anabolic mega paks. Unbelievable. I even fell for this when I was a child/teenager, as well as I bet many on this site, and gave alot of money to that dispicable man,.

  12. Old TIme Fitness Competitor Says:


    Yea, I think we all bought alot of his products back then. I just feel pretty stupid. I knew that the guys were stacking steriods, duh, but I never realized that they were doing recreational drugs with them. I never did it and I guess my BB boyfriends hid it from me. Well, I know now that they did. I was in the military during the beginning of my Fitness career so I COULD NOT be around drugs at all. I was so adamint about it that I guess the guys I dated sheltered me from it. I dated a couple steriod dealers but I made them do their business without me around.

    Anyway, yes, I guess I was clueless back then. I am just shocked how crazy it has gotten with cocain, meth, painkillers, what a waste. I guess if they can get addicted to steriods it would just as easy to get addicted to other types of drugs. Kind of funny, I struggled doing cardio 3 times a day to stay lean back then. I tried some clem but mostly just busted my ass on the bike. Looks like all I needed was a little cocaine or meth. I am so glad I did not know that back then. Who knows what decision I would have made. I wouldn’t trade all those hours on the bike for one day in KR’s shoes. I won the Fitness pageant at the Emerald Cup but got only to 16th out of 64 at the National Level. I never got quite hard enough. Looks like I know why now.


  13. Phil Says:

    Yeah: bodybuilders are the biggest drug addicts there are! Post bodybuilding and even during. Joe weiders supplements suck though! There are good supps out there. There are pro-steroids that work great! HGH is not a bad drug (If) under control of a DR. And- 99% of the IFBB Bodybuilders DO NOT use rec drugs to cut fat or water. Mostly it’s the amatuers and down! There’s a hand full of people that can sustain the IFBB look onstage. And , It’s not from the Creatine, Protein, pro- hormones that do it! I agree with you chainsaw. A lot of youth think there’s a magical pill or drink that will make you look like bodybuilders on a high level. When In fact, It’s all diet, cardio, and busting your ass day after day for along time, to reach higher ground!

  14. InsiderX Says:

    I think Craig ultimately should have gone into mixed martial arts. He always has liked to fight and he is more of an entertainer in that aspect. His appearance on PBW and his old article in MD were great. I’m not saying he would not have gotten into hardcore recreational drugs if he did MMA but in the end it all fell apart for him in the IFBB. He always did mention that he should have done MMA and he should have done it. The bottom line is that if your going to be a professional bodybuilder you are going to have to use heavy hardcore drugs and that usually leads to narcotics (painkillers) such as Nubaine, Morphine, and Demerol. Those are hardcore drugs and that is what I think he was using. I’m not saying bodybuilding was a bad career choice for Craig but I think he would be fighting Phil Baroni in the Octagon if he would have went the MMA route.

  15. Phil Says:

    Insider: great points! But - I was at the NOC In New York. And at that show, Baroni called him on..right there! Craig backed down like he was scared. Now- I think If craig wouldn’t of got yoked and competed, he was a good wrestler no doubt. Personally I don’t think Craig could hang in the MMA. Craig had no top skills what so ever! I know these days It’s “ground and pound”! -His best skill was his mouth! Phil Baroni has awsome top skills. He gave Craig the chance to get it on many times and Craig pussed out. Now- he’s going to be fighting inmates off after he drops the soap!!


  16. Chainsaw Says:

    I have been reading the previous posts, and I think no matter what, CT had the pre-disposition to be a the situation he is in. If he would have continued BB, and not blamed the IFBB for his bad placings and tried harder like his neighbor “Jay Cutler”, he would have been set.

    I think if he went to school to be an investment banker, he still would be in trouble, I can’t blame BB. I can blame a Las Vegas “smoke and mirror” lifestyle more than BB:however, I can appreciate everyones take on this, I didn’t know CT, but seen KR around Golds in Venice when I lived there.

    I kind of am comparing CT to Mike Tyson in my own mind.

  17. Phil Says:

    Good takes Chainsaw! I think CT was going to start placing higher. After his chest surgery, Craig looked the best he had EVER looked. His waist was going down ala- USA’S- when he turned Pro. But- his bad behaivor’s along with his mouth, and drug addiction, was a huge hurdle to get over! And moving here to Vegas was a huge mistake for both of them. However, IT’S ALL ABOUT CHOICES! 25 to life. Is not lookinglike the case thus far!


  18. shockandawe Says:

    Chain, Phil,
    You’re right - this was definitely in the cards for Titus all along. The mouth, the personality type, the voracious addict behavior and inability to turn away from anything shady, easy, or illegal, made him an “unsurprising” candidate for this. He’s such a classic addict. And I don’t think you’re attracted to this sport if you dont’ have those proclivities. But, again, there are people who don’t go that far and can walk away. People like Shawn Ray or Lee Haney or Labrada - they can walk away, start other ventures and channel their perfectionism into something positive. Titus though, was WAY too far into his own addiction cycle in life to ever stop this train from derailing.

    And, to some degree, though I was her friend for a period of time back in 1998 and 1999, Kelly was a lot more predestined for this than anyone really knows. I know that that could be deemed conjecture on my part, and maybe it is. But I do know that there were tell-tale signs even back then. And it’s not in hindsight that I say that - I remember seeing red flags back then, noting them and thinking about them consciously. Certain facial expressions would come across her face if she was angry that were truly ugly - and that’s said as a friend at the time. I could see that anger ran VERY deep for her. Anger is an emotion I understand well and can see in others immediately - even if it’s subtle.

    She was also destined for drug abuse and was just more ‘undercover’ about her predisposition because she suffered from “good girl” syndrome - the inability to look bad in front of people - to keep up appearances.

    I never understood their union in those first year. But now, in hindsight, I really do see why she and Craig melded so well - he truly gave her permission to show on the outside what she was feeling on the inside, and to some degree, I can see how liberating that was for her, despite it looking thuggish, (and turning into outright thuggishness) to outsiders.

    Knowing her as a friend and knowing the struggles she went through to keep up an outer appearance when she really had some ugly feelings stuffed inside, I can imagine that it was the first time she ever let out all of the bottled up feelings from years of anger.

    Too bad she chose to do it around Craig’s explosive chemistry in an unsafe environment, instead of in the safe environment of a counselor’s office. Things for her may have been very different had she just shifted slightly.

    As for the meth issue OTFC, and everyone else, I live in a state where there is a very proactive campaign about Meth because it’s such a problem here. The campaign is “Not Even Once” - trying to capture people who haven’t yet tried it to prevent addiction.

    Truth is, people’s lives derail enormously once momentum gathers. But, in fact, the problem this campaign is having is that they are using images of people already seriously deteriorated and at their lowest phase, but it is not ringing true to early meth users within their first year (though the downward spiral varies from person to person - how rapidly, how all-consuming) who are able to go to work daily, get mass amounts of things done, take care of their kids, stay thin and generally enjoy “super human status”. Like it is with coke, but coke is “meth light” in terms of addiction capability.

    Of course, these high functioning folks don’t know what lies ahead….that that will absolutely, no question, all break down after awhile, but they are actually coping and functioning at such a high level using Meth right now and are saying, “That will never happen to me”. It’s a hard sell to want to stop Meth if you are functioning and that’s the trap. Once you are not, you are so far gone into addiction it’s like the hardest thing to kick. But then, the deterioration happens very quickly and takes no prisoners.

    I know this is about meth, but I do think that the steroid issue and permissive drug-using culture of bodybuilding made meth okay to try for these two. Couple that with their own histories with addiction and it was a given that this would happen, if you think about it.

  19. phil Says:


    That is VERY well written! VERY! Expecially about functioning drug addicts. Well written shock! And that is exactly the way it should be looked at. We all have our’e problems..me included…but you’re right regarding the ” Meth Campaign” ! That shit is running rampid and with nobody’s business! All those takes were dead on….nice piece shock! I’ve been in this industry for along time.. and know Craig. But - I still can’t believe WTF they are facing! Problems yes, MURDER..no! It’s insane!


  20. Old TIme Fitness Competitor Says:

    Maybe they can do something positive when this is all over and let their story used in the campagne against meth. I would say they look normal - I mean not all meth’d out. I would say they set a monumental example of how meth and ruin your life.

  21. shockandawe Says:

    I do think Kelly has that in her OTFC, but I know in my heart Craig is far too far gone. That is sad. I never used to say someone is hopeless before, but that was youth, naivete and failing to cross paths with someone who is very far down on the scale. I think if they speak publicly about things afterward or admit something publicly, it would go a long way toward a lot of things and potentially reach a lot of people. However, given what I just said, I do not believe either of them is that strong.

  22. chainsaw Says:


    Good thought out post. better than you’res a year ago.. Now we all think a literlally more logically. Even me. What else you think went on… Ice Cream after the crime, chinese food?

  23. shockandawe Says:

    Chain, always with the digs.
    It’s cool… but I was thinkin’ just as clearly 365 days ago as now pardner!

  24. John C Says:

    I think Chris Benoit took Xanax to mellow out on the “testosterone” he was injecting…as well as GHB he took. I use to use GHB and meth when I was having sex with a buddy…and it would totally enhance the sensations and orgasims…wow! I also know many bodybuilders who take GHB tot knock themselves out so they can get some sleep…since the roids just keep them hyped up and sleepless. Meth is great in combo with deca, anavar, dbol…we had some INCREDIBLE workouts at Gold’s Venice. But, man we had to take GHB just to knock us out to get some much needed zzzzz. I understood from some training partners at Gold that Craig (among others) would come to town to get some “stuff” to take back to Vegas. Now I see with this Chris Benoit deal how Craig’s experience was plausible…that one could kill someone else…while on roids and drugs

  25. Old Time Fitness Competitor Says:

    Knowone can predict how drugs especially combinations of drugs will effect people. The only constant is that drugs get you in trouble one way or another.

    I used to date one of the WWF wrestlers years ago an know many of them. I did not know Beniot but know several of the wrestlers that have been interviewed lately on the topic. Yes, I knew they were all on steriods….hello….who doesn’t. But I was unaware of the pain killers, etc. But it does make sense. Even though it is staged they do get hurt all the time and are always nursing injuries. I Benoit was combining several drugs who knows what the hell he was thinking. So, I guess this holds true for CT and KR. Regardless what the truth is in their case they acted completly irational in how they handled it. The lies just keep adding up. Typical drug adict, lies lies lies. I couldn’t imagine in the beginning of all this what the hell they were thinking to burn their own car and expect not to get caught. But, on all those drugs….I guess they weren’t thinking logically. It is pretty sad, hopefully it opens some eyes and helps other people re-evaluate their own drug habits.

  26. shockandawe Says:

    The “sex with a buddy” comment didn’t slip by … Anyone we would know?

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