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More Writings from Ron Brady Sr.

We received another writing from Ron Brady Sr. We do not side with him nor against him, however merely presenting his story. He has also ran an ad related to his story. We will post this shortly for you.

Before I get into “Who authorized the jail cell transfer and why?” explanation, I would like you to know that my son Brady, Jr. was at the time of his arrest on October 19, 2006 placed in a “DISCIPLANARY” Solitary Confinement Cell where he has remained for the last 8+ months. In DISCIPLANARY Solitary Confinement you have NO TV, NO Radio and he has not had the sun shine on him for 8 months. He is allowed out of his cell one hour a day to make “collect” phone calls and bathe. 2 Visitors a week and VERY restricted monitored mail service. You may ask, WHY? As the story continues you will see the “why” in this story. There are convicted murderers, rapists and child molesters who are not receiving this type of treatment in Solitary Confinement let alone, in DISCIPLANARY . This does somewhat fit in with the next part of this story.

Who transferred Brady into the module (not cell) with Cassim snitch and why? Remember Cassim snitch said in the 3/23/06 police report that, “Brady knew someone in the jail and had him self transferred into Cassim’s module.

Next came our “Motion for Bail Reduction” filed January 11, 2007 where we asked the Who/Why question. DA Daskas, in his Opposition to our Motion on page 4 line 21 stated, “Neither the DA’s office nor homicide detectives “ordered” the transfer of Brady and or Cassim (snitch) into the same module, (2M). Rather, the placement of inmates onto certain modules at CCDC IS BAISED ON A POINT SYSTEM.

In the Grand Jury testimony February 22, 2007 on page 53 line 1, Corrections Officer Zucker testified that module 2M where Brady hade been transferred into (with Cassim snitch) was an, “INCENTIVE module and based on 3 MONTHS OF GOOD BEHAVIOR” Note! Brady was arrested on 12/14/05 and transferred into 2M on 3/3/06. THIS IS ONLY 2 MONTHS AND 17 DAYS! (Not the 3 months said to be necessary. He was so good that they transferred him before any other of the 4000+ in the men’s jail.

Which, IF ANY, story is “NOT” a lie? 1). Cassim snitch, who says that BRADY HAD HIMSELF TRANSFERRED? 2). DA Daskas who says that Brady’s transfer is based on a “POINT SYSTEM?” or 3). Corrections Officer Zucker who testified that Brady was, ahead of 4000 other inmates and with less time served, awarded The Incentive Module?

Interestingly in a “recorded” interview with a Corrections Officer on March 19, 2007, when asked about the “Incentive Module,” the officer responded, “We had one at one time, basically it was BEFORE the South Tower was built.” (Note! 7B is in the North Tower and 2M is in the South Tower at Clark County Detention Center, CCDC.)

This question remains to this day. WHO ORDERED THE TRANSFER OF BRADY INTO CASSIM’S MODULE AND WHY? DA Daskas has been requested by numerous letters, e-mails, by telephone and a number of subpoenas and says he is “Still Looking.”

Next – Police use UNRECORDED, MONITORED TELEPHONE CALLS as explained by Detective O’Kelly to the Grand Jury February 22, 2007 page 15 line 7 states, “I MONITORED the phone call, it wasn’t recorded, but I listened to the phone call and “FAST & FURIOUS” made as many notes as I could.”

4 Responses to “More Writings from Ron Brady Sr.”

  1. Chainsaw Says:

    Can we get a link to the documents that Mr. Brady are referring too? To me it doesn’t seem no matter how or when Jr. was transfered. It is obvious that the Corrections Officers/LVMP used him a a pawn, or at least made it convienient for him to be in the situation he got himself into.

  2. Phil Says:

    This post by Brady Sr, told me a whole lot of nothing! Where is the pudding so we can get some proof???

  3. Administrator Says:

    They are quite lengthy and certain areas are highlighted. Honestly, we aren’t really interested in taking the time to convert them to a PDF, if Mr. Brady supplies us with something other than a word doc, we will post it.

  4. shockandawe Says:

    I know, Phil, right? I read this crap and it makes no sense. Not only does he write horribly and incoherently, it’s just not interesting because I don’t believe the source - or rather, maybe it’s just that I don’t CARE about the source. I already know Craig is a scumbag who would engage in this kind of behavior, so hearing details about it -from an unconfirmed source who is a “dad” just doesn’t intereste me.

    Administrator: Personally, converting them to PDF files from his
    word for word documents and then archiving them somehow (don’t know if you have that capability on this site or not) would be more credible. Probably more infuriating to get through, but in their current form, they just don’t make much sense.

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