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Writings from Ron Brady Sr.

We have verified this is Ron Brady Sr. and these come directly from him:

Have you ever wondered why that in the Glenn Puit book, “FIRE IN THE DESERT” chapter twenty five is titled “Murder For Hire?” Why is that question mark at the end??

The murder-for-hire story begins on or about February 13, 2006 when Craig Titus is transferred from solitary confinement in unit 5D to a general population cell area in unit 7B of the Clark County Detention Center, (CCDC). Brady had been in this unit (7B) since his arrest on a charge of Domestic Violence on December 14, 2005. I will tell you of this charge at a later date as it fits into the overall scheme.

Now, on to the LVMPD “Officers Report” #060522-1455 dated March 23, 2006. In a preliminary, non-recorded interview with police detectives O’Kelly and Wilson, the reporting person in this case is CCDC prisoner/inmate Deen Cassim. At this time Cassim was awaiting trial for robbery and kidnapping with a deadly weapon. On page 1 line 3 of this report, “Cassim told detectives he had been solicited for the planned killing of Anthony Gross (the co-defendant of Titus) and the possible contract killing of two other witnesses in the case against Craig Titus”

On page 1 line 9, “Cassim described how he had been “Given Word” by means he was not willing to disclose at the time to contact an unknown subject outside CCDC.” “Cassim described this person as someone he already knew from the outside,” On line 17 of page 1, Cassim said, “The (UNSUB, Brady) told Titus he (Brady) knew someone who was connected with organized crime and could get the job done.” On page 2 line 4, “Cassim believed that the (UNSUB, Brady) would turn on Titus if he were arrested for his part in arranging the contract killing of Gross.


Facts: 1). Brady and Titus had never met before February 13, 2006. 2). Brady and Titus were housed together a total of 16 days between Feb 13th and March 3rd. 3). Brady, after only 16 days within the same module (not cell) with Titus was un-expectedly transferred from module 7B, which housed violent offenders in the North Tower, down to unit 2M in the South Tower. 4). Then after only 5 days with Cassim, Brady was then un-expectedly released from CCDC on March 8, 2006. This I will explain at a later time.

Coming Next, Brady asks in court proceedings, “Who authorized this transfer and why?”

29 Responses to “Writings from Ron Brady Sr.”

  1. Old Time Fitness Competitor Says:

    why are these comments being released on peices? why not all at one time? it seems like a game, whats up?

  2. Jason G. Says:

    My opinion of this story being released in pieces is as he (Brady, Sr.) says, “There is a volume of information,” and he intends on exposing this to us over a period of time so we can grasp onto what has taken place with the murder-for-hire story

    Although he says he is not going to give us his personal opinion of who is guilty or innocent, I believe I can tell from his first two writings, his feelings.

    Mr. Brady, Sr. says that he has, “Met with Mr. Daskas on a number of occasions and can agree with (the) Glenn (Puit) assessment at this time.” Which time? In the beginning of this (murder-for-hire story) or now?

    Look at some statements Brady Sr. has made, assuming they are the truth, like “Brady, Jr. only knew Titus for 16 days.” It had been reported that they were “friends.” Then Jr. is with Cassim snitch for only 5 days? This all happened very quick.

    Did you catch where Cassim snitches interview was NON-RECORDED? Why would the Police not record something so important? Cassim snitch says that he knew Brady, Jr. from the outside. Then the Cassim snitch says that “Brady would turn on Titus if he were arrested” This has not happened, (so far).

    Then Cassim snitch says, “Brady knew someone in the jail and had himself moved to Cassim (snitches) cell block,”— Had HIMSELF moved from one cell to another in the Clark County Detention Center at HIS request? Common since tells me, NOT.

    Something stinks here and I for one, want to hear the whole story. What you say Mr. Brady, Sr., better be the truth and there better be a way for us to verify what you say along with the source of your information.

  3. shockandawe Says:

    I personally am going to just categorically discount this. It is written in an odd manner, smacks of a non-feeling, disloyal father (which would probably never happen) and seems to be a way for the board owner to stir up activity because it’s dying. Anyone associated with Titus or information about the case, except for the attorneys, is shady. I just don’t believe any of this guy’s comments, whomever it is.

  4. Frank Z Says:

    This information is pure shit!!!! I just don’t believe any of this shit.

  5. Jason G. Says:

    I don’t see this as a “disloyal” father, yet. It just seems hard to believe that the police and DA would conduct an investigation in this manner. I along with many others have always thought there was something “fishy” about this murder-for-hire plot.

    What if this is Brady’s father and he is telling the truth?

    Is there any way we can verify this information or can the ADMINISTRATOR obtain copies of this and verify the statements that are being reported by Mr. Brady Sr.?

  6. chainsaw Says:

    Hey shock:

    Any more stories of CT or KR and/or of fitness competitors.

  7. Whodunnit Says:

    What most people don’t know is that Craig is a deep cover operative for the CIA.

  8. Stan D. Says:

    Craig Titus was in the CIA ( WHAT THE F**K) ? BULL SHIT !!!!!!!!

  9. InsiderX Says:

    I think since the trial keeps getting postponed that Craig and Kelly will get off. I always thought they were guilty but it is a known fact that Melissa was a heavy drug user and that ruins her credibility. They said that she OD’d and got nervous and burned the body. That is a plausible theory. I just don’t know how they will explain the taser. That is the big pink elephant in the room. Saggese and Kelly’s lawyer whoever that is going to have to explain why the taser went off like 6 or 7 times in a span of a minute and a half. Why taser an OD’s body? Who had the taser? Saggese is a lawyer and that is what he is paid to do. Explain things like that. Honestly, and I’m being rational here. I think Craig will get off and I can’t wait till he does his radio interview on PBW.


  10. Phil Says:


    Those are some valid points! I see that theory playing out. No doubt CT has a big chance of getting off the hook. Will be a miracle.. but- I can see something like that happen! That’s the same way I see the case..to the T!

  11. Old Time Fitness Competitor Says:

    I agree with you that it is a plausable explaination however, I think the many lies that followed the act are going to take kr and ct down. Really, can you believe anything they say at this point? I can’t and I suspect a jury will have the same problem sorting out the truth from fiction. I think they will both do some serious time regardless of what they are actually convicted of.

  12. InsiderX Says:

    Thanks Phil and OTF,

    I have read Glenn’s book many times, talked to a lot of people familiar with the case, and been doing a lot of research. But we live in the USA. As trials go on and on the victim is forgotten about and the suspects are the ones that get felt sorry for. Look at when Craig and Kelly were crying in court for the preliminary hearing for Kelly’s lawyer. At first I thought these guys were no more guilty than OJ but Saggese is very smart. He keeps postponing the trial, he’s telling Kelly to fire her lawyers, and just totally taking control of the case. He’s going to get a jury that is as stupid as hell i.e. OJ and he’s going to make it out like Craig and Kelly were victims of Melissa. Melissa is the one that did the drugs, she is the one that lied, she is the one that stole. It’s obvious what is going on here. And there is going to be some bombshell evidence coming out when the trial begins that well expose some truth. One of them is going to the slammer. I’m picking Kelly cuz Craig has done this all before and he’s going to implicate Kelly on all of this. In a very suttle way though. He’s just that type of person.

  13. shockandawe Says:

    Insider, You’re nuts!!! What world are you living in????
    NO ONE will let people forget Melissa James and the torture she endured. That has been PROVEN! She WAS shot up with morphine forcably, and WAS beaten - they have proven that forensically! The Taser is the smoking gun, my friend, and it’s TIME STAMP doesn’t lie. And MILLIONS of people could get up and talk about C&K’s drug use - rampant, horrible, junkie drug use.

    This is NOT going away for either of them.
    Rather, THEY ARE GOING AWAY…. for a LONG, LONG Time.

    Anyone who thinks that Craig, with his record ALONE, will be dismissed and let free, is insane! He won’t see the light of day for at least 20-25 years and Kelly for 10 at the least!

    And good riddance.

  14. Old TIme Fitness Competitor Says:

    Insider and Shock:

    I actually agree with both of you. I think they are guilty and have lied so much that no rational juror could possibly set them free. However, when you look at OJ, Michael Jackson, Robert Blake and other trials that the outcome was obviously wrong - anything can happen in court. I hope justice is served but weirder things have happened in court.

    I am more inclined to go with Shock on this one though. When you factor in the morphine, the tazer, the changing stories they told their friends about the details and the lies that followed it is hard to imagine anyone walking away from this without alot of time in jail. Unless, there is some bomb shell we are all unaware of I think they are both gonna do some serious time for this.

    I never met Melissa. I understand she had drug problems. From reading these posts it is easy to believe that anyone in that arena could be subject to drug addiction. In this case, it sounds like there were 3 drug addicts involved and one ended up dead. Not sure how they can cast stones at Melissa for her drug habits when it is clear that CT and KR had drug addictions as well. But I guess that is the lawyer’s job to try.

  15. Phil Says:

    Insider: I think it could play out like that..you never know? However- Shock has some valid points as well. I think Craig and Kelly were doing drugs before Melissa was born! But- IT WILL COME DOWN TO THE EVIDENCE! It doesn’t look good for them AT ALL! I see the case playing out either, or! The taser will haunt them…no doubt. Also…the cookout equitment, gas cans, lighter fluid, etc… But- lawyering might playout the way Insider says. People forget and forgive as the case grows older by the day! Both things COULD happen. I put my money on Craig 25 to life. Kelly 25 to life.


  16. Jason G. Says:

    Is Mr. Brady, Sr. going to tell us any more about the Murder-For-Hire plot? Why did he just get our attention and not write more about what happened? Enquiring minds want to know!

  17. InsiderX Says:

    Shock,OTF, and Phil

    How do you know Melissa was injected with morphine? The body was burned… Unless maybe there is some forensic evidence at the house like needles filled with Morphine the prosecution really can’t use that.. It’s the taser and that’s it.. Why is a taser there… All the drugs that Craig and Kelly used may not be brought into court… You never know it depends on the Honorary Glass… I’m not saying there getting off but the way Saggesse has been acting he better get him… He thinks he’s the best thing since sliced bread so we’ll see how great he it… He’s going to have to be…

  18. Phil Says:

    It was found in the autopsy and in the elleged (glass) in the kitchen. I might be wrong..but I think Craig admitted shooting her up in the police interigation before they went on vacation ..urrrrrrrrr..running from the cops!!! But- the taser is a BIG deal..trust me! Also…I guess catching Kelly (on tape) in the Walmart parking lot as well, using her business credit card to purchase a cookout kit, gasoline cans, and lighter fluid is NOT a good thing either. That’s all defenitive evidence thus far. Plus it was Kelly’s car! How stupid could you be? I mean I’m not a killer. But- If I was..I would go out and dig a ditch..WTF were they doing? I swear…to this day, I can’t believe what they (ellegedly) did! Really though- I know CT and he has had some issues. But, WTF Craig..your going away for life. Still blows my mind!

    Hope everyone had a good July 4th!

  19. Chainsaw Says:

    Morphine is the worst piece of evidence. Monecetyl morphine was found in her system. Monecetyl morphin can ONLY be derived from heroin…. Only from Heroin.. CT and KR did not seem to have time to cook up and shoot her with Heroin. Other morphine I belive was found, but that six monocetyl morphine will more than likely be from self administered introduction.

    Read the Police Reports and the GJ transcripts. Six monocetyl morphine is not found in human, vialed morphine. So lets not jumt to conclusions yet.

  20. InsiderX Says:

    I know Phil… But let me give you an example… Do you ever watch March Madness? The NCAA basketball tournament. There are seeds from 1-16 and they play each other. I think this case is like a 2-15 game. And what I mean is that the #2 seed is probably going to win 95% of the time but there is always a Cinderella like George Mason. I think Craig and Kelly are the 15 seed and Daskas is the #2 seed. They don’t have much of a chance but you never know. Saggesse could pull it out for Craig. I’m not saying this is 50/50 by no means am I saying that. Daskas, the witnesses, and the cops would totally have to screw everything to lose this case. I personally don’t think Craig will get off but the case keeps dragging a long so you never know. But if Craig did do this I think he should get the needle. An eye for an eye brah. peace


  21. Jason G. Says:

    Do the police always tell the truth in their “Reports?”

    Has DA Daskas always told the truth to the judge?

    Has Daskas always told the truth to the Press?

    Do the Police Report ever contradict their statements?

    Do the witnesses ever contradict their statements within the
    same police report?

    Would the Police or DA Daskas have any incentive to
    s-t-r-e-t-c-h the truth?

    They wouldn’t add a word “here” or take a word away “there” would they?

    Is this murder case not un-like any other you have ever seen?

    Before we judge, should we may be take another closer look?

  22. Phil Says:

    morphine is morphine
    gas cans are gas cans
    cookout kits are cookout kits
    lighter fluid is lighter fluid
    body slammed is body slammed
    kellys burned car is kellys burned car
    them telling everything to the PD is them telling everything to the PD
    them running across the US is the running across the US

    Come on, this is a no brainer! Serious WTF

    Jason: your post was like having me take my Series 7 Investment Lisence over AGAIN!

    Insider: I get what you are saying! I love the final Four. But Craig and Kelly are “on the bubble” of even making the tournament..so to speak! I know wait for the case. But- those are some strong evidence bro. They need a miracle!


  23. Chainsaw Says:


    Morphine is not morphine. Six monoaceytal morphine is only found in Heroin. Otherwise, I agree with the rest of you’re post.

  24. Phil Says:

    6-monoacetylmorphine (6-MAM) is one of 2 active metabolites of heroin (diacetylmorphine), the other being the much less active 3-monoacetylmorphine (3-MAM).

    Along with morphine, 6-MAM is rapidly created from heroin in the body, and is excreted in the urine. Since 6-MAM is a unique metabolite to heroin, its presence in the urine confirms that heroin was the opiate used.

    I think that’s right Chainsaw. However, the autopsy would have to know If it was 3-MAM, or 6 MAM. Heroin turns into morphine once it has been 17 alfa (after it has gone through your system) But- that was a good question for my best friend (he’s a pharmacist) I stand corrected!


  25. Chainsaw Says:


    This is what makes in a very interesting case. There is so much evidence against them but yet a few interesting twists and turns. Let us know what you friend says.

  26. Phil Says:

    If it’s 3 MAM OR 6 MAM..In the autopsy, they would have to get the end result from urine. Not sure how they do that? But, your right in the sense that it comes from heroin!


  27. shockandawe Says:

    Okay, well, I do think they had time to cook heroin - I think she was barely alive when they overdosed her. She was badly beaten, tasered, etc.. what time do you need when your victim is lying on the ground bleeding and you’re an experienced junkie yourself?? I’m sure Kelly had little problem slapping her vein after slapping the shit out of her.

    They raged at her, beat her to the point that they couldn’t turn back (so they thought - though that might have been better, wouldn’t you say?) and then decided to end it by choking her out and then shooting her up or vice versa. Craig demonstrated his “choke” techniques and Kelly and Craig were certainly both handy with a needle.

  28. Chainsaw Says:


    It certainly was possible, but unlikely since the GJ transcripts refer to Vials rather than a baggie of Heroin. It sounds to me like MJ had a real bad proplem with drugs. And again, since I say that, I also must say that is no reason she should have had done what was done to her. I don’t believe if she was clean, she would have bothered with CT and KR. I could be wrong though.

  29. shockandawe Says:

    Chain, I agree that it was probably a vial and not heroin - just saying, I think they had time to do a lot of things with her shot up, or dead or beaten senseless or “out” for a period of time. I think they likely used Nubain since Craig has used it for years and years and years. I think metabolites of opoids are largely the same in a test. But for the small differences they leave in terms of residue, I’m not sure any of us are informed enough in forensics and pharmacology to interpret independent chemical abstracts to be able to understand even what little has been released in the toxicology reports.

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