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Ron Brady’s Father offers comment

Ron Brady, Sr. has offered the following statements.

I am the father of Ron Brady, Jr. who you may know as the friend(?) of Craig Titus that stands accused of attempting to hire a “hit-man” to “murder” three (3) people who are, as we have been lead to believe, going to testify against Craig and Kelly in their up coming murder trial.

As you can see by reading this blog, this case has impacted the family and friends of hundreds if not thousands of people. None so much as the friends and family of Melissa James as there isn’t any of us that could say or do anything that can replace her life. My prayers are for all of these people.

It is my intent to present you a factual accounting of the alleged “murder-for-hire” plot without giving my personal opinion as to the innocence or guilt of any party to this alleged crime. I will quote directly from the police “Officer’s Report,” the “Declaration of Warrant/Summons” for the arrest of Ron Brady, Jr. and along with the now infamous recorded jail telephone conversations between Craig Titus, Ron Brady, Jr. and the reported informant, Deen Cassim.

There is a volume of information and I intend on telling only a small part in each writing. I will explain each side and only quote the words of the parties. You will have to decide who is right and who may be wrong as this story unfolds.

A little bit on the players. Kelly Ryan has nothing to do with this alleged plot therefore I will not be discussing her in my writings. She has been and will be affected by the outcome of the Brady involvement.

Craig is a man I know only by his voice on the phone. I have never met the man and as I have said, I will not express to you my opinion of his innocence or guilt relating to this case or the alleged murder of Melissa.

Las Vegas Police Detectives Deen O’Kelly and Robert Wilson are highly respected homicide investigators who are 17 and 20 veterans of this fine police department. Detectives O’Kelly and Wilson are investigating the death of Melissa James and this alleged “murder-for-hire plot.

Las Vegas Chief Deputy District Attorney Robert Daskas is the prosecutor who has charged Brady for the alleged “murder-for-hire” and Titus for the alleged murder. Titus continues to be implicated, however, has not been charged in the alleged “Murder-for-hire” plot.

Robert Daskas, as reported by Glenn Puit in his recent book Fire in The Desert, is a “phenomenal prosecutor” with a “relentless work ethic” who “also has an aura of genuineness about him.” Daskas has a “firm belief that right conquers wrong and there is no middle ground when it comes to violent crime.” I have met with Mr. Daskas on a number of occasions and certainly can agree with Glenn’s assessment at this time.

I will begin telling the series of events in my next posting and will answer questions as soon as possible.

9 Responses to “Ron Brady’s Father offers comment”

  1. Jason Says:

    Poo Poo

  2. darkstar Says:

    If this is in fact Brady’s father, why not give him a chance to talk?
    There’s nothing else happening, anyway…

    It does seem a bit strange for him to be doing so in a forum like this…like, it won’t make a difference to his son one way or the other…not until this becomes the Court of the CT and KR Blog….

    Maybe he just wants to vent… that’s understandable.


  3. Jason G. Says:

    There are apparently two of us with similar names that may share different points of views. Please take care as not mix our names.

    The murder for hire plot is what originally interested me about the Titus/Ryan murder story. This “murder story” has had more ups and downs than a roller-coaster. I for one have always believed that there was more to this story than we are being told. Why so many different side stories?

    Bring it to us Mr. Brady, Sr. I for one will be interested to see just how you, as the father, can tell us “only the facts” without inserting your personal opinion as to the innocent or guilt of your son. I do believe that there are many of us who would like to hear more.

  4. shockandawe Says:

    Yes, does “Moderator” know for a fact that this is the father? How did he prove himself? I would like the moderator of this board to tell us the legitimacy of this claim that he is the father of Ron Brady, Jr. - how and where were you approached with this and why is this man coming forward?

  5. Chainsaw Says:

    It is too bad that there are so many impersonators out there that we can’t take this guys word as fact.

  6. darkstar Says:

    Something doesnt smell right here.

    It would seem to me that any one so closely related to the defendant would certainly have a bias, that is, “He didnt do it!!”, for example, instead of the overattempt at being “fair”…not to mention, a clear nod of respect to all the law enforcement parties involved doesnt jive either……that doesnt make any sense.

    So far, everything in his first post is common knowledge and old news…

    I doubt we will see another post from this person, and if so, I bet there wont be anything worth reading in it…


  7. chainsaw Says:

    We’ll, all I know is it did take a lot of persuading for brady to give anything meaning $$$ to the undercover Detectives. Unless there was a letter with an instruction manual, or a straight out instruction recorded what it was for, He will get off. If Titus is not indicted, the gross I don’t think can get a guilty verdict. I have been known to be wrong, but as the evidence I see now, this looks like a rewasonable assumption.

    Shock: How bout some more Fadhli and ryan stories?

  8. chainsaw Says:


    I concur, nothing has smelt right from the get go of this fisco. question, where do you get the best phil spector trial updates? Courttv?

  9. darkstar Says:


    Im not sure how you tie Gross’ guilty/not guilty outcome to whether or not CT gets charged with the murder for hire…it has nothing to do with what Gross is charged with.

    I’m also not convinced Brady will skate away from this that easy.

    Maybe I missed something in your logic there…

    For Spector, CTV is pretty good. That guy is nuts.


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