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Titus & Ryan will wait another month

Today Judge Jackie Glass has pushed the trial setting back to June 21, 2007 while the court awaits the outcome of the appeal to the supreme court. We’ll have to wait another month before hearing if this case will go to trial in 2007. We will keep you posted on any news related to the Supreme Court’s ruling.

99 Responses to “Titus & Ryan will wait another month”

  1. Old Time Fitness Competitor Says:

    I feel very bad for Melissa’s family. This stalling of the trail must be hell on them. No closure any time soon.

  2. Anabolic Ardvark Says:

    Back to boring…

    Can’t Craig shank somebody to spice things up a little?

  3. shockandawe Says:

    AA, too funny. I remember when he was inside in the south for his first drug offense before going to Lompoc - he told tales of filling pillowcases with bars of soap and wacking people with it in self defense if they had been menacing toward him or challenged him. He had been put on a floor of high risk offneders after pissing the judge off, so he was at the time, out of his league. Some pretty humorous sh*t actually.
    Bet he ain’t laughin’ too much now though. Although it merits mentioning that county lock up is hardly the big house and the shanking and booty tramplings will come later.

  4. wayne mortensen Says:

    CT needed self defense in prison the first time around? I do not think so. I think the other inmates needed help from CT terrorizing them. This time around though, he will get life and the gangs will get ahold of him and CT had better give up the booty or he will be killed. Once 7 or 8 guys jump him and he fights to save himself, they will beat just like CT beat his murdered victim. He will be someones bitch. He and KR will long for the good old days of the jail where they are now once the real bad people get ahold of them.

  5. Phil Says:

    Get off Craig already! If you can remember? Craig was a Champion Wrestler! And without being on gear. Not to take his side, but Craig can fight! And I doubt the James family would put a hit on him?

  6. Anabolic Ardvark Says:

    Craig can fight, although I think there’s a slight difference between beating Nelson Lieberman from Saginaw, Michigan in the 146 lbs weight class at a state meet and hand to hand combat with some of the cats who’s path he’s about to cross.
    He seemed to be cultivating an Aryan Brotherhood look at one point in time…still walking that tightrope - cleancut guy for court - demented psycho for prison the truth lies somewhere closer to demented psycho.

  7. Old TIme Fitness Competito Says:

    Does anyone know how CT’s family is handling all this? Doesn’t he have a kid?

  8. mobig Says:

    i know that CT is training when everyone for the upcoming “O”

  9. Phil Says:

    I know Craig can throw down. But- I don’t think he’s going to beat up Frank Baroni or any of the UFC Fighters..thats a stretch! I know back in the day..in Venice..Craig was a bouncer with myself, and a couple good floor specialist in Ground And Pound ..and he held his own! But- I don’t think Craig will test anybody in prison from the Northerners, or the Southerners! I’m not sure he’s ready to carb up on a shank rolled in oatmeal!

  10. wayne mortensen Says:

    I think that it was a slam dunk that KR and CT would be found guilty and spend the rest of their lives in prison. But after seeing what happened with the cases of OJ and Robert Blake and then with Michael Jackson, now with the trial of Phil Spector, we do not know what the juries will decide. Phil Spector will probably get off, the juries are star struck. I am not so sure that CT will be found guilty.. It will be interesting and the results might piss alot of people off.

  11. Disgusted Says:

    OJ was once a major celebrity. Robert Blake was once a major TV personality. Phil Sphincter was also major celebrity once (ions ago) but still has more money than CT ever lied about however he will be convicted. Too much evidence against him and his MO (gets drunk and threatens women with a gun).

    You’re forgetting that outside the tiny world of bodybuilding that CT & KR are nobody and were never recognized by anyone but bodybuilding fans. They never were considered celebrities. They will not go free and you can take that to the bank.

  12. wayne mortensen Says:

    Yea, OJ, Robert Blake had top notch attorneys. CT and KR
    will have 2nd rate attorneys. They do not have the money to pay these attorneys. My opinion is that you can never know what these juries will do. Phil Spector is pulling out all the stops to debunk what has happened in the past. Yea, I agree that CT and KR will be found guilty because of the lack of money to hire a top notch team.

  13. Anabolic Ardvark Says:

    Okay here’s a question…

    Does anyone know of a time when Craig actually got his ass beat?

    I know Craig from a distance, which is to say I really don’t know him at all, other than he had a bad reputation at Venice Gold’s where I trained.

    I think the guys a dick… He picked a fight with a very good friend of mine and someone stepped in…point being - I don’t know of any account of Craig getting his ass beat…backing off or not fighting after a confrontation sure…Looking at it objectively, I have to say CT is a pretty tough guy, but also a bully - hasn’t anyone ever set his ass straight in a physical confrontation - it seems to me that a lot of other bb’s were scared shitless of him.

  14. scared shitless Says:

    Craig Titus in my opinion pissed off alot of people. I know Craig for about 8 years now.

  15. shockandawe Says:

    Wayne, what I said about Craig in the time he spent in a southern prison until he was transferred to Lompoc (NOT a county lock up, btw) was true. I interviewed him from jail and the judge he had disliked him so much she made sure he was put on a floor that was well beyond accordance with the crime he committed at that time. So, yes, he WAS fending off people challenging him, but also had a lot of fans in there too - because those are the guys who have time to read bb mags and idolized him.

    But you see, in prison, he’s going to have fans, for sure, but he’s also for that reason going to piss people off who think he doens’t deserve special treatment or attention for his past endeavors in bb. That is going to actually make him have to fight much more, probably, than if he was just a big-(ish) guy coming inside who looked menacing and was going down for murder.

    Whether he’s a good fighter or not isn’t the point - he’s probably going to have to do a LOT of it when he first comes in. If he makes it and does not piss people off inside, he’ll go past that and fall in with the Aryans and that will be that. BUT…any of us who know Craig well, know that he CANNOT manage within any social system without having enemies and making controversies. This will not work in prison. So while in some ways, I have always thought he is well-suited to prison and would do well, in that way, I believe he will have problems. Either he’ll learn to zip his notoriously LOOSE LIP, and stop chastising the wrong people, or he’ll die. And I do believe those are the choices for him.

    My money is on his mouth doing him in.

    By the way, does anyone know NYC bodybuilder/ firefighter Sal Princiotta?
    He just died and was found in his apartment in Arizona. He had moved there after getting a settlement for lung damage from the smoke from 9-11 and died on May 14, I believe. SAD! ~ Sorry for being off topic.

  16. Old Time Fitness Competitor Says:

    That is sad, how old was Sal Princiotta? Do you what he died of? Was it the lung damage from 911?

  17. Phil Says:

    Craig said some personal stuff too Frank Baroni (New York Bad Ass)-fighter in Pride-now the UFC. Craig would have got his ass kicked.. hands down! As CT being a friend..not a close friend..and knowing him, if he does get time, he will lip off to the wrong person and probably get worked in the pen!

  18. Anabolic Ardvark Says:

    I think Craig would beat the shit out of Frank…of course he might need to taser him…possibly inject him with an overdose of morphine…and then duct tape his mouth and burn him…of course this is all mere speculation on my part …a hypothesis if you will who knows…CT might lose…who really knows.

  19. Anabolic Ardvark Says:

    Of course Andrew Golata would anihilate Titus…

  20. kat Says:

    Okay here’s a question… Is it true Craig Titus got t-bagged in his cell by 3 guards ? Someone at golds gym in venice california told me Craig Titus had two big black eyes as a result of 3 guards holding him down and t-bagging the heck out of his face. Can this be for real ?

  21. Disgusted Says:

    Kat, do you even know what a T-Bag is? The guards could not have given Craig ‘two big black eyes’ from this unless they were using their fists instead of their sacks.

  22. Anabolic Ardvark Says:

    New low

  23. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    What a dumb chick. Hey Kat, you free this weekend?

  24. Phil Says:


  25. Anabolic Ardvark Says:


  26. related Says:

    Old time fitness, he does have a daughter. I dont know how he is doing at this time. Only talked to him once so far. I will tell you however, that the rest of the family is far different from Craig. He has not involved himself with the family for a very long time. So the Craig I grew up with, is not the same Craig you see now. Its like night and day.

  27. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    Got a few former friends like that. I dropped them like a bad habit. Friends like that will impede personal growth and progress. Successful people do not associate with losers.

  28. Old Time Fitness Competitor Says:


    Thanks for the info. I competed against his first wife YEARS ago…I feel old he hee he. Anyway, he was reserved and not loud at that show that I remember. His wife did well in the show. As he climbed the BB ladder I started hearing about lots of drama, pretty much turned me off. I have been following the case because it interested me I guess because of my history with fitness. I never hear anyone mention his xwife kid or family so I wondered if they were not on good terms with him or something.

    I enjoyed my years in fitness and have nothing bad to say about it. Competitors make choices, they chose to good people or bad people, BB doesn’t chose it for them. There may be alot of rifraf in the BB industry but that doesn’t mean everyone is that way nor do they have to be that way it is by choice,,you know?

    It sounds like Craig let it all go to his head and became arogant beyond belief. Too bad, you know what they say, be careful who you step on as you rise to the top as these are they people that will be there when you are on your way back down.

  29. Phil Says:

    I think Craig was arogant..yes! Beyond belief..???? I knew that Craig was going through a lot after his chest surgery and not placing that high. He kinda just gave up- thinking removing that gyno was going to put him up in the judging..was a mistake. He couldn’t control his midsection and would fade in pre-judging. He was going through nutritionist after nutritionist trying to get his waist back in USA form.. when he won his pro card! I think he was frustrated and gave up..period! Then.. turned to drugs to try and numb the pain. I know Craig and when my wife and I met him..and became friends with both CT and KR..he was not arogant at all! All BB’S are arogant!!!!!! I think (CHOICES) is what f*cked Craig up!

  30. Old Time Fitness Competitor Says:

    I do agree but arogance usually is covering up insecurities regardless of if you are a BB or not. You don’t have to be arogant to be confident. Confidences usually wins, arogance keeps you from reaching your full potential. It is obviously one’s choices that make or break you. I was just saying that when I met them he seemed normal I guess, not so obnoxious and arogant. After reading all the info online and the numerous posts he seems to have turned into an ass.

  31. related Says:

    Old time fitness. You got it right,we all fell bad for him in a lot of way’s. And there isnt a damm thing we can do to help him. Just wanted to let you know that the rest of his family is normal.

  32. phil Says:

    I just dropped acid

  33. Phil Says:

    LOL…Just dropped acid. The idiot that said I dropped acid is wrong!!!! It was X! Come on!

    It’s so funny…Most of these people don’t even know Craig, or follow bodybuilding! They wright shit to be idiots! So…whatever you want to say..say it! This is my last post on here! OUTTY!

  34. steroid_banker Says:

    I know you Phil. I know who you are. I knew that was you(LMAO). Don’t let these morons get under your skin bro! You know who you are and who Craig, and Kell really are. These idiots are wanna be Lawyers, Bodybuilders, Education Specialist, etc… Keep training bro and make it to the Olympia stage. Phil is a (real) bodybuilder and knows Craig and Kelly probably more than anybody on here! Ha..I knew that was you!

  35. knew them Says:

    Phil: Craig loved street drugs way before he turned pro.

  36. Going Places Says:

    I could tell by his spelling (wright) he was a bodybuilder.

  37. Old Time Fitness Competitor Says:


    THanks, I was wondering what the rest of his family was like. It was years ago that I was around CT and I have never met Kelly. I guess this case just fascinates me because I met CT before the real craziness started and because it just amazes me how people can do the most insane crap and ruin their lives as well as the lives of others.

    Do you think this will go to tril any time soon?

  38. Phil Says:


    Yeah I know he liked drugs period! Bodybuilders are the worst drug addicts. Craig was hooked on Nubain when I met him! Along with all the BB’s in Venice. It’s no mistery that Craig was considered the “Bad Boy” of BB. And Kell knew that before she married him. But then again, Kelly was taking GH and Insulin at the same time. It’s been Craig this, Craig that, for along time! What about Kelly? Her jaw grew out like Jay Leno, along with all the Winstrol, diueretics, etc… I’m not taking sides- But Craig has been getting a lot of shit on this blog site. Kelly was on the same page as Craig, doing the same drugs before Craig!

  39. shockandawe Says:

    That is actually true. She was certainly taking ecstacy tabs well before, and GH. Not insulin back then before Craig, but she got a LOT more mannish even after being with Craig, I must say. She started drugs before him, but he definitely revamped her program along the way to include more and varied substances - oh yeah, and girl play, and double ended dils and …. murder.

  40. Old Time Fitness Competitor Says:


    I will give you that about Kelly - even though I don’t know her I agree that there is NO WAY she is totally innocent on this deal. Of course she knew what Craig was all about before she married him. And if not, she sure as hell figured it out afterwards. If she wasn’t like he was she would have left him. The fact that she stayed says alot. I think Kelly is a bit more guilty then just “guilt by association”. She made her bed now she has to sleep in it!!

  41. related Says:

    Old time, I really don’t know, but im sure it will be a while before the tril starts.

  42. Phil Says:

    I agree with you shock and old time! Bottom line is- it’s not going to be good for both of them when they go to trial! A total uphill battle “to say the least” I feel bad for (all) family’s.


  43. Old Time Fitness Competitor Says:

    Does anyone know what the hold up is regarding Anthony’s trial? Is he being tried at the same time as KR and CT? Do you think Anthony will testify against them? Just wondering.

  44. Gym Rat Says:

    For those who believe that Craig and Kelly can play the “celebrity card” think again. With today’s event of Paris Hilton going back to jail (hence the term justice served) C & K don’t have a prayer. Being former psuedo celebs in the extremely small arena of bodybuilding (now virtually extinct), reality will soon set in. They too will experience justice served and their families and friends will just have to deal with it. You can’t let them go because their mommies will cry. For you claiming to be close friends of C & K, find some new friends.

  45. related Says:

    Gym Rat, Who said that thier families weren’t dealing with it? Believe me when I say, we are all dealing with it!!!

  46. chainsaw Says:

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Imprisoned hotel heiress Paris Hilton has said she believes God has given her a new chance and she plans to stop acting dumb and put her influence to good use.

    Sounds like someone else we know of?

  47. Old Time Fitness Competitor Says:

    I think it is a bit late for Kelly or Craig - their only hope will to help reform other prisoners who will probably never get out either.

  48. Gym Rat Says:

    Hey related, relax. I didn’t say the family was not dealing with it. I wouldn’t go around bragging about being related to two cowardly murders, it won’t look good on a resume.

  49. related Says:

    First of all who’s bragging!!!!! Its not my sin, it’s his. Only he has to deal with it.

  50. Gym Rat Says:

    You are, why else would your name be “related”? Why broadcast you have a murderer in your family? Let it go.

  51. Phil Says:

    I think Paris will have no burden or persuation on the trail what so ever! Paris came late to court after 3 probation violations. Also…told the judge “it wasn’t my fault”..on a (traffic violation!) CT, and Kell need prayer and some serious cash!

  52. related Says:

    First of all, I wasn’ t even talking to you I was talking to Old Time. So how is that broadcasting? And second, Im not ashamed of the rest of my family.

  53. Phil Says:


    Don’t let these blogs get you fired up. You seem like a good person. Remember, it’s the internet! Most of these people want to pick fights, when they have not a clue about CT, KR or bodybuilding as a whole!


  54. Gym Rat Says:

    Peace, dude. My post wasn’t intended to piss you off nor do I care if it does just let it be known that like you I am exercising my right to post here.

    Being a former competitor I know first hand of the antics of the Craig & Kelly show. It doesn’t matter who knows who or how much about BBing one knows. Its old news now and the Titus’ are slowly being forgotten by even the most loyal of fans.

    Let’s face it, BBing is virtually extinct in that intelligent people are no longer impressed when a 240 pounder walks into the room with his arms hanging out to his sides walking with a swagger convinced that every man wants to be him. It’s too obvious that chemical assistance is involved and that look died in the nineties. There are always a handful of hopefuls convinced that look will comeback. As if…

    Example: Shawn Who?

  55. Old Time Fitness Competitor Says:

    BBing extinct??? You know I don’t follow it like I did in the early 90’s (that is when I competed), however it does seem to be much different or at least less popular, I am not sure. But is has definately changed. Shawn Who?? THat’s pretty funny, he judged one of the last shows I did. It was fun back then - maybe I was nieve but there seems to be ALOT more drama and crap in that industry now a days. Or at least the competitors are of a different mentality. Am I right or just getting old?

  56. Phil Says:

    Gym Rat..

    You have valid points..true. Then again..the level of conditioning is what the judges want to see. They want you to walk on stage half dead! The 90’s were all about being freaky and massive…I get that. But you act like you hate on competing and “the antics of CT and KR”. But…your still here posting blogs about the both of them! So BB, and being “extinct” is not the case, or you wouldn’t be here..right? I think your right about CT losing fan base..true! But- If…If…he gets off, he will be right back in the mix. The competitors are tired of all the (SAME OLD JUDGES)..that’s why a lot of the BB’S are trying to come in bigger, dryer, grainy,..they really don’t know what they want anymore. However Bob Chick and Shawn Ray are changing that. There is more comparisons, more money, more contracts..etc. And a new Mr Olympia! Chemicals will always be a part of BB. The IFBB is trying to go to a more streamline look. But I disagree with people are no longer impressed when a 240 pounder walks into the room. Because when I’m 2 weeks out and weigh 246 EVERYBODY IS IMPRESSED!


  57. chainsaw Says:

    Is this shawn ray ya’ll are speakin of?

  58. chainsaw Says:

    We haven’t heard much from titus as of late. Especially since puit no longer works at the lvrj. I hope someone picks up for him.

    Where is d*

  59. Old Time Fitness Competitor Says:


    yes, I was talked about shawn ray being a judge at a show I need eeon’s ago. I think court tv will pick up the trial when it starts since they were airing info at the beginning of the ordeal. Does anyone know if the trial is going to start this month or another delay?

  60. Phil Says:

    Shawn Ray a judge?????????? Shawn has never judged a BB show or a Figure show! Shawn just retired in 1999. The IFBB doesn’t allow competitors to judge or backup judge. This must of been a show before 1988???????

  61. Old Time Fitness Competitor Says:

    Yes he has - He judged the National Fitness America Pageant in CA in I think it was 1992. I won the Fitness America Pageant at the Emerald Cup in Washington in 1992 and he was on the judging panel that year at the Nationals. He was also a guest poser at the Fitness America Pageant in Colorado I think in 1993 or maybe 1994. I am getting old! I don’t totally remember without looking at the dates on my trophies. I competed BEFORE the NPC started the Fitness. In fact, it was so long ago that ESPN once called me a pioneer of fitness. I thought it was funny at the time but now I realize I am just getting old!!! The fitness USA was just beginning then. I went to the nationals in 1991 and 1992 but I am pretty sure it was 1992. Anyway it was the year that either Mia Finnegan or Lori Donally won it. Fitness America had their own rules and didn’t require specifice credentials for judging.

    Fitness America is long gone now and has been replaced be the NPC fitness and figure catagories, USA, Olympia, etc. I don’t keep up with it that much anymore.

    I was around in the day of Mia, Lori, Sheri Goggins-Gardenia, Amy Fadley, Denis Paglia, etc. We are all in or around 40yrs old now. I competed from 1991 to 1994. You can look it up on line, good old Shawn was there. I spoke with him at a few of the shows I did.

  62. Old Time Fitness Competitor Says:


    Oh and that’s how I came to know Craig Titus. He was married to Lisa then. I competed against her in 1991 (maybe 1990, I can’t remember for sure) at the Fitness America Pageant in Galveston Texas.

  63. Phil Says:

    Old Time:

    I believe you! It’s just that’s totaly against IFBB rules. Maybe that wasn’t the rule back then. I competed in 1991 as well. I never have seen a current IFBB pro.. judge any show. I thought Craig was dating Cory Nadine around that time? I’m 38 now. I remember that show in Texas. I’ll ask Shawn when I see him. I apologize If I’m wrong!


  64. Old Time Fitness Competitor Says:

    Hum…..I have been known to be wrong too. Shawn knows who I am if he saw my pix. Tell him that we talked in Colorado at that show backstage. I took third cause some of the judges said I was a professional and had an unfair advantage. The only NPC judge on the panel was Lori ?? something I can’t remember her name. She threw her card on the table and refused to judge the Miss Fitness part of the show because of it. It was stupid, I wasn’t a professional I had just been to the Nationals the year before.

    Back then the Miss Fitness Pageant used some BB judges but also used modeling agents, fashion people, etc. as judges. It was really when the Fitness industry was in its infantcy. There were few guidelines back then for judge criteria. Tell him I am the short blonde with big hair “no big hair anymore!!”

    Things have changed and evolved ALOT since I was in the game. I did have a great time doing it though

    PS THe show in Texas was my first. I did not make the top 5 there. I did go to the Nationals that year as I was 3rd in Georgia. Lisa did make the top 5 in Tx. Tatiana Anderson won that show, where you there????

    As for Lisa Titus, that was in 1990 or 91. I can’t remember. She had long dark hair. I was told they were married, who knows, but she competed as Lisa Titus. Her man was there and was a BBr. I was told it was Craig.

    PS I am 42

  65. Gym Rat Says:

    Not sure what makes you say I hate on BBing that’s not true. Personally I don’t share your optimism that CT will get off and get right back into the mix. He’s a done deal.

    I do know what you mean about the same judges at every competition. Every time a Lindsay contest came to town you automatically knew who wasn’t going to win. The naturals were even worse.

    I enjoyed everything about competing, dieting, depleting, loading, cutting off the water, registering, sizing up the competition backstage, the after show mega size pizza, looking even better the next day. It was all great and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

    For what are you two weeks out?

  66. shockandawe Says:

    Craig dated Cory Nadine back in 1995 or 1996. He was married in Texas, and he lost a child. And I’d love to know who Old Time Fitness Comp is…
    I’m wondering… Did Bob Kennedy “discover” you? Ferrari or one of the others?

  67. Old Time Fitness Competitor Says:


    My name is Pam Busch. No one discovered me. I dated mr. universe (1989 I think) for a while and he helped me diet, train, etc. He trained me to win the Fitness pageant at the Emerald Cup. I did several Miss Fitness America Pageants and went to the Nationals twice. I qualified 3 times but I had patella problems and didn’t go the 3rd time. I did good, made the finals at the Nationals the second year but never made it super big on the National level. I always made the top 1 to 5 at the State level but you know the deal, you are only as good as your genetics so my 5 foot 96 pound frame wasn’t packing enough muscle for the National Level. Also, I am not a gymnast so it was also hard to beat the girls doing flips on the stage (that is how it used to me anyway). I had a great time, stayed away from drugs and don’t regret one day of the BB days. My choreographer was an aerobics instructor at our gym. After working with me she moved to LA and worked with Mia, Amy, Carol Semple (she worked with Carol before she moved to LA) and several other fitness girls.

    You cleared up one of my questions. I was asking earlier about Craig’s kid. That explains it if they lost that child, that’s too bad. Not sure how I knew they were having one or had one I don’t remember.

    Shawn sat at the judges table at the National Miss Fitness America Pageant in California in 1992. He sat next to some BB girl that was juding as well. I remember as I saw them when I was in the prejudging. Also, Shawn hinted to my Choreographer that I made the cut for the night show.

    At the Colorado show I am pretty sure he was the guest poser. Not sure why he would have been there otherwise. Anyway, he talked to me for a bit backstage. That was probably 1993 or 1994 because it was the year I made the Nationals but didn’t go because of my knee.

    Say hi to Shawn for me even if he doesnt remember me!!!

  68. Phil Says:

    I know where your coming from Gym Rat…It’s all good! I was talking about being two weeks out.. is when I look the best! If your not ready 2 weeks out, theres not much you can do to back track on your dieting mistakes. That’s cool you were in the sport! Next to hitting a Fastball in Baseball, there’s nothing harder in sports ..PERIOD..than dieting for 18 weeks!!!! Shock, didn’t Craig date Cory Nadine in 1991-1992? It was alooooong time ago…I can’t remember..LOL. Old Time, You are probably right on Shawn judging that show! I will see him in July when he comes to Vegas for the USA’S!


  69. Old Time Fitness Competitor Says:


    Good luck if your still competing!! You are so right about dieting. I think that and the hours of cardio are definately harder than anything else I have ever done. I dieted for 7 shows - I can’t even look at oatmeal or tuna anymore!

  70. shockandawe Says:

    Unless he dated her more than once - it was after I moved back to L.A. I moved back in 1995. I remember him seeing April, and then Cory after April. And in fact, during the time he was in Lompoc (and no one believes me when I say this, but it was from CT’s mouth) Cory would come up to Lompoc (again, whether it was after or during him dating her that he went to jail, I can’t recall if there was a break there) - she would come up and a guard in that low security place would put CT in the back seat of his car and ferry him to a local motel so he could have sex with Cory and then smuggle him back in. This, according to CT. Whether it was true, who knows? However, I actually do believe it. Lompoc had ropes around the lawn and nothing else keeping the inmates in - it was VERY low security and a funhouse for those boys in there.

  71. Phil Says:


    I think that is correct. I believe you that Cory and Craig would do that! I remember him telling me he could do time in lompoc “standing on his head”! Infact..my best friend was a C.O. in Lompoc right after he became a C.O. He is now in Tehachapi State Pen in Cali. Freaking Craig!!!!!


  72. Gym Rat Says:

    I remember Cory Nadine as an extremely smoking hot chick, where is she now?

  73. shockandawe Says:

    She was sex on two legs dude - Very very hot and actually quite nice, but all the women treated her like she was a skank and a whore. I did always feel sorry for her. I mean, she was crazy and had a LOT of problems - she was really f*cked up, but she was sweet and had a good heart and all of the fitness chicks - even the ones who were skanks themselves - would make faces at her behind her back and wouldn’t speak to her or be nice. Cory was like an outcast of fitness chicks. I think because she looked so much hotter than anyone else at the time. Now, Cory is sex light compared to Bob Kennedy’s new mag of swimsuit whores.

  74. Phil Says:

    LOL..Shock, She was always seen as a skank ..i remember! LOL @ Bob Kennedy’s swimsuit whores (exactly!)…that’s funny! I bet Cory is doing porn now! I googled her and she still has fitness threads , so i don’t know? But, the threads are way back ..when the french fought the indians!!!! I bet she is working for VIVID INTERTAINMENT!


  75. Gym Rat Says:

    Most genuinely hot looking chicks are f*cked up in the head full of insecurities which is a shame and the jealousy you described comes from even more insecurity. By their actions they already amit defeat when they gang up behind her bacv. I saw lots of this action at the fitness shows but not so at BBing.

    She and Amy Fahdli would have been the ultimate girl on girl tag team don’t you agree.

    Are there any websites to see what the former ’superstar’ fitness ladies are doing now?

  76. shockandawe Says:

    Phil, dude, she is probably doing gang bang vids now. Sorry for being graphic, but can’t you picture “spunk” chunks in her hair and on her mouth as she makes that surprised open-mouthed skank expression? She was a hot little piece of arse though.

    Yeah, she was even too x-rated for Bob Kennedy back then - but Bob was praying to the God of Fadhli back then - Fadhli was “Cory Lite”

    Fadhli, I would love to know what she is doing now that she’s a mom…. she has some f*’ed up history in the fitness industry. Funny f*’d up stories no one knows - I’d love to tell it.


  77. Gym Rat Says:

    Shock: So tell it already!

  78. shockandawe Says:

    Oh God Gym Rat, I would probably give myself away if I did. I know sh*t about Fadhli and Monica Brant that would probably freak people out. I remember MB being with Craig one time - Craig talked about it. He made her get on all fours and pose on the bed for him - and look back and call him “daddy” if I recall. Can you imagine MB saying that to Craig. She always distanced herself from him in public, like she couldn’t stand him, but she didn’t have trouble doin’ the nasty with him on a trip.

    Fadhli is just a nightmare.

  79. Phil Says:

    Damn steroids make you perverted! That’s (one) of the good things about them! Craig must of been on 2,000 mg a week!

  80. Chainsaw Says:


    Come on, this board is getting so boring without ya. A story or 2 on Fadhli would really spice up my day. Give us a couple of you’re best. Do you remember that pretty blonde tall girl that used to go out with Guy Grundy, and they all would hang together about 6 yrs ago (amy and that girl and think MB too)? Don’t know where she ever went.

  81. Phil Says:


    Are you talking about April Moore? Amy Fadhli married Tito Raymond. I competed in a show with Tito.. and Amy was with him backstage- before they got married!


  82. shockandawe Says:

    Do you mean the blond girl from Tasmania? She was with GG in 2000 - bulbous nose, but cute otherwise. GG is one of my favorite people. I haven’t talked to him in awhile - funny dude.

    All I remember is Grundy, this girl from Tasmania, and Kelly and Craig hanging out at the 2000 Olympia, strung out on E’s - the girl from Tasmania holding Kelly back like some out of control junkyard dog, shouting at someone in the V.I.P. of the bar in the pyramid hotel - can’t think of the name. Kelly was out of control - the bouncer had to hold her away from the V.I.P. section of the club, she was such a mess.

    Kelly - the only person on the face of the earth who could get IRATE on ecstacy!! HA!

    I think GG got the hint that bad things were ahead and kind of f’ed off from hanging out with them, but not sure - I moved around that time.

    Fadhli - what a primadonna. I judged the Fitness America in 1996 and I know for a fact she didn’t win - but she won. Zwick wanted her to win and he saw to it. In fact, the night was a joke. Despite the host getting word and hearing who had won over the earpiece, Zwick was yelling into it saying, “NO, it’s AMY FADHLI” - the guy was like, “HUH?” And he said, “The winner is Amy Fadhli!”

    Fadhli was announced the winner to the utter shock of the other girl and everyone in the audience - judges included - despite her admittedly being a great looking girl. But c’mon! She couldn’t even do a cartwheel and this other girl was pretty, did a dynamite gymnastics routine, and had a great physique (Amy had a good butt and abs, but she wasn’t as nice looking symmetry-wise - EVER). We all just looked at each other like, “FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU**K”

    I know Zwick was reported to be into guys - always asking guys to come out and train in California so he could videotape them and then stiffing them for the cash he promised in reiumbursements. But I think he saw a cash cow with Fadhli and not with the other girl. I can’t imagine Amy slept with him, but there was something there.

    I also remember a friend of mine had her come to Hawaii for a gig and paid her way, gave her a week’s trip and hotel and car and flew her boyfriend over, and she was a total nightmare on the trip - demanding better digs, better this and that, upgrades of cars, etc… and never put in her photo shoot time in return. What a little primadonna. She was asked to leave early so the guy could cut his losses - so she was sent away - DENIED! That had to be humiliating for her to be asked to leave - THE Amy Fadhli, after all! HA!

    I know she bedded Bob Kennedy MANY times. He’d just inject his di*k and do her for hours - he told me many, many times.

  83. Old Time Fitness Competitor Says:

    Amy Fahdli, brings back memories. THe first time I met her was at the National miss Fitness American Pageant in California in 1992. She looked fantastic, had to fix her swimsuit cause it was a thong and they weren’t allowed. She definately has great genetics but her routine sucked. It was almost comical as she was so clutzy. That’s where my choreographer got ahold of her. She had her boyfriend with her there as well. I think the guy’s name was heath.

    She was definatly cut out for fitness modeling but as far as athletic coordination or skill goes she was sure lacking in that department

  84. shockandawe Says:

    hahahahaha… I have to laugh - and out loud at that! Heath was the tool of a boyfriend she brought to Hawaii when she ripped my friend off of precious time and promises to pose for photography - just to get a free trip. She’s such a little user and now is nobody married to a bodybuilder. She would have been the last person I’d have expected to marry a bodybuilder. But maybe she saw she was aging on the vine and needed to land a man.. dunno.

    Funniest thing of all: She told me once that she was going to be a “feature girl” - her favorite term and something we laughed about constantly because she was always calling herself a “feature girl” in whatever it was, to make it sound like she was special. What that really meant was “EXTRA”…. So she said she was going to be a “guest star” on Young and the Restless, so we watched that day and there she was, stiff and unnatural in some stupid photo shoot scene where she was suposed to lean over a bench (BIG SURPRISE THERE!) and she just looked like an idiot… just monotone and idiotic and soooooooooooo bad.

    It’s like Sharon Bruneau - great girl, sexy, great personality and body, but a HORRIBLE actress.. just really, really bad.

    These girls think, “I’m cute, I’m going to be the next star” - uhhhh no.

  85. Chainsaw Says:

    Everytime I would see her at the gym, she never really seemed to be training. Maybe on the treadmill, but really just hanging out, and eating. I never really spoke to her at length, I couldn’t decide if I liked the way her butt looked or not. She had that gymnastics look going. Also, way too much makeup workin out at the gym. I think her boyfriend is a trainer. He seemes like a nice enough person. I’ve bumped into him and ohearn training before. Gosh, been 2 yrs since I left L.A. Everytime I visit, I go to Golds Venice though. Not the same vibe as when I left. But still better than anything here in VEgas.

  86. Old TIme Fitness Competitor Says:

    So Amy lives in LA? I have obviously lost touch over there years. I guess she would have had to move there to become the star she wanted to be. I remember her being a dental hygenist - she must have quit that to model. WHo knows???? I hate people that feel like they are better then everyone else. Its a shame, sounds like she would have been so much more successful if she would have treated people better. Common problem with arogant people. Too bad. What a waist.

    So this site say CT goes to court today. Is that still on???

  87. Old TIme Fitness Competitor Says:


    Just to confirm your suspicions……I met Amy on the treadmill!!!

  88. Gym Rat Says:

    I can’t imagine Kennedy doing any chick ‘for hours’ without the aid of a dick splint (no viagra then).

    I think a ‘feature girl’ is the one who brings the mouthwash for the fluffer on the set.

    As for Zwick, he was very well known for exploiting up-and-comers like a young Dennis Newman (circa 1990) who Zwick stiffed on cash many times. He’d have Newman running errands, picking up other young ‘proteges’ at the airport and toss in a backstage pass or a few bucks once in a great while. Fortunately Newman finally realized what a shmuck Zwick was and put some distance between them.

    I saw O’hearn mentioned, did his size ever catch up with his ego? Let me guess, personal trainer, right?

  89. phil Says:

    Old Time:

    Amy married Tito Raymond (NPC BB) Not sure If they are still together? Newman had the most potential (EVER) To bad he got sick after the USA’S. He would have been Mr Olympia ! Hands down! Dude had sick muscle bellies (for a white guy)! Gym Rat ..LOL on the comment about Bob!!!!!! That’s classic.


  90. shockandawe Says:

    Actually, there was not viagara, you’re correct. However, there was a drug called Papavarin - that was, as I said, shot into the penis to prolong erections. The erections lasted for hours upon hours, and that’s how he was able to do it. I KNOW Bob used it, and was open about it with friends back in the early 90s. Mid-90s is about the time he was banging Amy, Alyssa Ferrari before that and a host of others.

    Bob is a friggin’ darkhorse dude - you don’t expect him to be this stallion of a guy, but the Papavarin kept him going for YEARS. When he lost his wife to suicide (after his son was in the accident (with him)) he stopped a lot of those shenanigans. I know he’s in a relationship now. But, for those years, he was busy…

  91. chainsaw Says:

    Kennedy: God, what a price to pay, there is a price for everything.

    Gym Rat: Never really thought O’hearn had to big of an Ego. Maybe Because I’m bigger and more ripped than him I don’t know (just joking).
    I had not much dealings with him, but at the latter of 2005, he was training with Ferrigno for a bit.

    Just for the record, Amy Fadhli looked great in pics, but in person, not as hot as one would have thought.

  92. Gym Rat Says:

    Gotta agree RE: Dennis Newman, the Oly was his. Darn shame the way it went down for him he is a great guy. I saw him frequently at Block’s Gym in Anaheim before he became known before Vodak Hawkins opened Golds in Fullerton. He was training with Kenny Smith and occasionally Troy Zuke.

    BTW, I saw (forgot his name) body slam Shawn to a wall at Block’s one night. Scared him so bad he literally ran out the door and called the cops.

  93. Phil Says:

    Are you talking about Billy Smith? I know Troy Zuke bro! Those are the good old days!

  94. Whodunnit Says:

    Not Billy Smith, it was a brother (name escapes me) who was gaining popularity among the NPC competitors of that era. I agree those were the good old days.

    Did you know Kenny Smith? His brother Phil was the producer for ‘Muscle Magazine” which if you recall was aired occasionally on ESPN back then. Kenny could have been a hugh star due to his domination of NPC in the early 80’s. This dude was 6′3″ and around 285 off season.

    I hear the Zuke is in the age regeneration biz or something to that effect. He was always keeping the gym laughing because of his wise cracking jokes and jabs at everyone.

    One story I remember is when Vodak Hawkins (Block’s Gym owner) pinned a photo of one of the Pep Boys (the one with the ears sticking out) on Zuke’s shirts (for sale on a rack) bearing his photo. His BMW plate read Mr USA 86 (hope that’s the correct year). Great memories.

  95. Phil Says:


    Yeah: I remember Muscle Magazine on ESPN. Those episodes had …Levrone, Ray, Boyer Coe, Tommy T, Newman! I think I know who your talking about (i’m trying to remember) The name rings a bell. I competed against Billy Smith in the T.O.C. Billy was a gladiator- Thunder. Remember that?.LOL. He was training with Jim Quinn and The Zukster..when I was preparing. (GOOD OLD DAYS BRO)!


  96. JVBJ01 Says:

    I worked at USP Lompoc when CT was at the FPC. Now the FPC was a Prison Camp. CT did an interview and it talked about “doing hardtime”. He was at a Prison without a fence. He was a smartass punk then and I once told him that he would someday do time behind a fence. I was right. He will get his time.

  97. PeterRobbinson Says:

    Interesting to hear all these stories about people like Fadhli or Cori Nadine. Just out of curiosity: I always envisoned Cori as a good catfighter/wrestler, was she into that, or would she have been good at it? Thanks in advance.

  98. Jackson Says:

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    how long time the going to sit in jail ?

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