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Kelly Ryan in court today

Today at 8:30am, Judge Jackie Glass heard the motion filed by Kelly Ryan on the order of prohibiting convicted felon practice of law/66. The court noted the Supreme Court has not made a ruling and ordered, matter off calendar.

Kelly will be back in court on May 15, 2007 regarding Denue’s motion to withdraw as counsel and both Titus and Ryan will be back in court on May 17, 2007.

39 Responses to “Kelly Ryan in court today”

  1. Xavier Says:

    1. Could Denue make the motion to have Modafferi kicked out of the courtroom without Kelly’s consent?

    2. Why would Denue make such a motion if he wants off the case (he has unquestionably been aware that he is not wanted -actually his relationship with Kelly is quite murky to try and interprete - does anyone know what the hell has happened?)
    In other words why would Denue even give a sh*t? Other than hard feelings…

    There must be some simple answers to these questions.

    Where is Brenda Kelly when we need her?

    3. Phil:

    If your such a buddy with Craiggers why don’t you go visit him and get some damn answers…same goes for you Anabolic Outlaw…sorry for saying “damn” anabolic…not really,I mean I could have just deleted the word “damn.”

  2. Gnawsome Says:


    Is Kelly able to wax and trim her bush in prison?

  3. don'thasselthehof Says:


    A gorilla raised by hyenas could spell better and make more salient points than you…why don’t you stick with what you do best…nothing.

  4. mongols Says:

    I’ve sold meth to C.

    He didn’t kill Melissa his ol lady did

  5. bruno Says:

    I thought Kelly was doing the slow roll on CT, blah blah blah - now what do you jokers think?

  6. Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern Birkhead Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim California Says:

    This case is confusing as all hell

  7. silver retriever Says:


    Exactly how well do you know CT?

  8. bass master Says:


    What was your first meeting with Craig like?

  9. johny poop Says:


    Is Kelly able to turn on CT for a deal ?

  10. blank Says:

    Craig Titus is an Anabolic asshole freak and Kelly Ryan is a burned out freak. I wish i had never spent 4 years hanging out with them it almost cost me “everything”. I was becoming a burned out freak like them. Trust me you cant imagine what the real CT & KR are like. Murder is a piece of cake for Ct & KR. I have permanent brain damage and kidney damage from the drugs i did with them but at least i have my life and im not a killer like them. “They killed Melissa” I dont know why but i know they did it.

  11. Phil Says:


    I know CT very well! He helped me along with Charles Glass , get in Shape for the California! As well as the tournament of champions! I’ve known CT since he dated Ms Nadine. I spent some time with him in Vegas at the Max Muscle booth as well


  12. Phil Says:

    Don’t hassle..

    I know.. I can’t spell that well!!!!!!..LOL. But, I have a job! So…a lot of the time I’m sneaking comments at work on here, and can’t use spell check! But I know this, I bet I could whoop your ass though! You fat , hairy, nobody!


  13. Phil Says:

    Bruno…I agree with you!!!!!!!

  14. Phil Says:

    My first meeting with Craig was great. We met to talk about dieting through a good friend! Other than that, Craig has always been really cool to my wife and I! But, I don’t think he should have whacked someone…NO!

  15. Phil Says:


    you don’t worry about me..okay! I know how to get a hold of CT…IDIOT! I have been to see both of them JACKASS!

  16. Couldn't Care Less Says:



  17. mensa member Says:


    I think we all know how to get ahold of Craig, genius.

  18. hunglikeahamster Says:


    Why did you get into body building to the point where you were taking hardcore drugs?

    What are you overcompensating for?

  19. Jared Says:


    Do you know where I can find those sex tapes of CT and KR?

  20. Tenspeed Says:


    Now that you’ve damaged your liver and brain…what are you doing in terms of weightlifting?

  21. thong th thong thong thong Says:


    What did you and CT talk about when you visited with him?

    Did you tell him you think he’s guilty?

  22. Winstrol The Pooh Says:


    You need to get back on the sauce!

  23. Knew Them Says:

    So many experts; so little answers.

  24. Knew Them Says:

    SHOCK: You sound really sour grapes about the sport and I don’t give a f*ck about CT. All I ever said was when I knew him he kept his credit good and he was sooo lucky. That’s why it would not surprise me if he’s lucky again.

  25. shockandawe Says:

    KNEW… Uhhh.. Meltdown.

    Sour grapes would mean you’d have to give a shit about this joke of a sport to feel that way! I don’t give a f*ck either, so I guess we’re speaking the same language - I’m just better at it than you. hahah

    Chill out dude, you’re a tweakin’ freak.

    J/C - I hadn’t even responded on this thread… why in God’s name are you attacking me about anything, anyhow??? Did you respond about a different thread??? WEIRD.

  26. TANER Says:

    Aloha,this trial its amazing,I had a Craig Titus workout tape for years and as soon as I heard what happen,I trow it to a garbage immediately what a fucking losers,idiots,killers giving end some one beautiful,young,lovely its just amazing what people can do to others,I really hope honesty CT & KR gets a life time hot,humit,lonely,ugly,stinky,horrable,disgusting,dirty,crapy Las Vegas Prison while we are having fun in the sun:)Motherfuckers unreal they deserve to die in the prison as well for sure.

  27. chainsaw Says:

    This site has turned into a real piece of work since its origination. No wonder I only tune in once a week rather than once a day.

  28. Phil Says:

    LOL..I damaged my liver and brain? HMMMMMMMM…Steroids don’t damage your brain..first of all! Second, they do damage on your liver! That’s why my liver looks like a tennis ball! Oh yeah, and I’m doing just fine here in Las Vegas in the pro poker circuit! …LOL

  29. Phil Says:


    I’ve been competing in BB for 17 years. But, I don’t like hardcore drugs! Now, meth has never been my drug of choice to get spun out on! I like a little more down graded drug. Something that doesn’t affect me that hard ..well..like CRACK! It seems to be popular among this blog! Seems all these lawyers…urrrrrrrrrrr…retards are on it!

  30. Disgusted Says:

    chaisaw, I agree with you. I only look at this site once in a great while any more. It’s definitely evolved ihto a fre for all. Not that it matters.

  31. Winstrol The Pooh Says:


    Mahalo mon frar.

    They deserve to die as unreal month fo sure life in prison.


  32. frank castle Says:

    lets all remember the Constitution of the US. and more importantly the Bill of Rights. They must be presumed innocent until they are proven guilty in a court of law, even though they are already guilty in the incredulous public’s eye. They still deserve to have all rights that these documents implore. If we stop beliving in this specific right, the government will creep in and start violating all of our rights perhaps begining with warrentless searches and siezures of our mail and homes. Let’s remember alot of BB’s get gear thru the mail and store them in homes. It would suck ass to let the govt. into our business with a scarcity of probable cause or reasonale suspicion!!

  33. Anabolic Ardvark Says:


    Take it easy dog - no one said they don’t desereve a trial…

  34. shockandawe Says:

    Do you know Huck Seed?

  35. Phil Says:



  36. Phil Says:

    LOL… I don’t know Huck. However, I know who he is!

  37. shockandawe Says:

    Just curious. I interviewed him recently. Nice guy - odd, but nice.

  38. kat Says:

    Okay here’s a question… Is it true Craig Titus got t-bagged in his cell by 3 guards ? Someone at golds gym in venice california told me Craig Titus had two big black eyes as a result of 3 guards holding him down and t-bagging the heck out of his face. Can this be for real ?

  39. Phil Says:


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