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Glenn Puit leaves Las Vegas Review Journal.

From the Las Vegas Review Journal’s website:

Glenn Puit, after 11 years of reporting for the Review-Journal, has taken a job with the Michigan Land Use Institute. He’ll be supervising a one-man office on the shoreline of Lake Michigan, with responsibilities that include preservation of the Great Lakes and rural farmlands.

The move allows him to pursue his passion: “I’m trying to become the best true-crime author in America.”

He caught the bug while writing “Witch: The True Story of Las Vegas’ Most Notorious Female Killer” and “Fire in the Desert: The True Story of the Craig Titus-Kelly Ryan Murder Mystery.”

12 Responses to “Glenn Puit leaves Las Vegas Review Journal.”

  1. darkstar Says:

    Michigan is a far cry from Las Vegas…there has to be more to this story…

    Almost sounds like he is taking a job picking up trash on the lakefront!

    Well, good luck to him.


  2. darkstar Says:

    I doubt Ann Rule is shaking in her boots with this news…


  3. chainsaw Says:

    Sounds like he was getting to close to something and was chased out. I hope that wasn’t the case. This place needs cleaned up.

  4. wayne mortensen Says:

    Sounds as though he is still trying to figure out what kind of work he wants to go into when he grows up.

  5. Matt Pordum Says:

    As a former competitor and friend of Glen, this is a move he’s been preparing to make for more than 3 years. He built a house on the Lake and has just been waiting for the right situation. Congrats !

  6. instagator Says:

    i anxiously await his arrival here in michigan…just what our great lakes need to protect them…a writer?? could be there is a new story pending, like, lake michigan is plotting to kill lake superior for its water? makes for great writting ;) i cant wait for the book.

  7. roughrider Says:


    I don’t know about Ann Rule shaking in her boots, but I have seen an AP photo of her wetting her pants.

    Then again it may be an incontinence issue as opposed to being intimidated by a fellow crime writer.

  8. darkstar Says:

    That would be my guess…


  9. shockandawe Says:


    The Ann Rule comment was priceless! I’d give away my American Express to have actually audibly heard you say that!

    Truly the comment of the year on these boards! :)

  10. Phil Says:

    You would give away a American Express? To bad you only have a Greyhound Frequent Travel Card….Dude I wish I could beat you down in some kind of pride fight! It would be priceless…get it..moron!

  11. shockandawe Says:

    Phil, don’t look now, but brain matter is leaking out of your head at a rapid rate.

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