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Kelly Ryan files new motion

Yesterday Kelly Ryan filed a motion, “Deft’s mtn for order prohibiting convicted felon from practice of law” We’re looking into more information on this motion. A date of May 8, 2007 is set for a ruling on this motion.

The Trial Setting is slated to be May 3, 2007.

17 Responses to “Kelly Ryan files new motion”

  1. S Says:


  2. shockandawe Says:

    I think that that means Craig cannot interfere into her proceedings, but not sure.

  3. wayne mortensen Says:

    Not quite sure, but I think this is more of KR doing the jerk and roll on CT. I have said it before, the ship has already sunk and both of these murderers are going to try and save their asses. I think that CT is trying to control KR.
    Any comments out there.

  4. wayne mortensen Says:

    Not quite sure, but I think this is more of KR doing the jerk and roll on CT. I have said it before, the ship has already sunk and both of these murderers are going to try and save their asses. I think that CT is trying to control KR.
    Any comments out there. KR will try and let CT hold the bag, making him look more culpable.

  5. Savant Says:


    I have no idea what it means, but I don’t see how she can restrict Craig, atleast not for being a felon. Everything is done through his attorney?

    I know that F. Lee Bailey was disbarred on account of a felony, hmmm…probably more fancy footwork by Denue.

    It’s all very intriguing…I mean one day KR’s firing Denue and trying to get a joint defense with Cristalli…the next Denue is trying to get Saggese kicked off the case for his actions with KR…Have Denue and KR orchestrated this whole thing?
    Maybe Denue and KR gave CT just enough rope to emphasize how controlling and desperate he is.
    It plays right into their “battered wife” defense.

    Whatever the outcome, I don’t think KR is the silent little “it’s in God’s hands” pushover she’s pretending to be.

    She’s playing things perfect while CT continues to dig a deeper hole for himself.

    Denue seems to know every trick in the book…he’s playing mouthy Titus and mouthy/”I’m better than you” attitude Saggese like a violin.

    Still, they’re both probably screwed when all is said and done.

  6. amino acid trip Says:

    Going back to Brady for a minute…okay he was bullied by Deem…I buy that…he only gave Fred Hitterman a fraction of the money…fact…fine….but at some level didn’t CT know about this shit and give it a wink, how else could this have happened…I totally buy that this was Deem’s way to get out of the can, but there had to have been some initial prompting by Craig…it just doesn’t add up any other way.

    The cops were simply meatheads in the way they sent the “hitterman postcard” to Titus…

  7. Old Time Fitness Competitor Says:

    Is this ever going to trial???? They have been in jail now for about 17 months right? Seems like a long time to stall before trial. I am not a laywer so I am not familiar with how it all works but I can’t imagine what will be gained by continuing to stall.

  8. Old Time Fitness Competitor Says:

    one more thing - does anyone know what is going on with Anthony Gross these days?

  9. nomorechickennrice Says:

    I think it’s all about playing into the role of the Battered Wife piece! Not sure? I think Craig can’t interfere at all! This trial might not start till 2008, from what I’ve heard.

  10. Phil Says:

    From what I’ve heard around Golds Gym Flamingo Sand Hill and localy, Is that this trial might not get started till 2008. Now you have Modaferri and the whole thing with ICE, and Battered Wife allegations. I would think this will be drawn out a little longer.

  11. darkstar Says:

    Its the Modaferri thing KR is filing her motion about, but it sounds like it is just Denue firing a volley over the sagesse/cristalli bow…but it does cast doubt on cristalli and sagesse’ judgment, like, why would they get involved with a freakin’ crack head who has been disbarred? And, why would they have him sitting in court as part of the Titus legal team? Did they think no one would notice, or that it could be used against them as a sleaze factor?
    Great team Titus has there…a couple loud mouthed sleazeballs with a disbarred crackhead as a gopher…

    By the way, anybody know if Sagesse won his boxing match in North Dakota recently? (I think it was North Dakota…)


  12. platter (rectangular) Says:

    According to www.boxrec.com, Marc saggese won his first boxing match against Kent Yellow Earings in the first round.

    I have the feeling his fight for Craig Titus at the upcoming trial will be much tougher.

  13. shockandawe Says:

    Savant: Your astute comments about KR being a part of this and NO DUMMY are EXACTLY what I have said since seeing that Denue was NOT removed and her “In God’s Hands” comment surfaced. But your explanation of the “giving CT enough rope to show just how controlling and desperate he is” could be quite possibly another dimension even I didn’t think of, and a great observation in this strategy. I believe KR is totally working this and so is Denue. Will it work in her favor and make a big difference in the outcome? I believe she will still be convicted of something to do with murder, but I believe she will serve FAR LESS TIME.

    Darkstar: Denue = master volley firer



  14. Phil Says:

    I don’t think even showing how desperate , or controlling he.. Craig.. might be. It takes two! Nough respect to Kelly!- She is not the person I met at the Firehouse in Venice (CA). However, that was her choice to make the decisions she has been making since they moved to Vegas..from the Venice Area. Knowing the two, they would have been better off in Cali! - Even though CT didn’t like all the rumors flying around Venice!

    Craig was always at the Firehouse Grill in Venice Beach w/ 3 to 5 girls around him at all times! I remember telling a good friend (now pro) I don’t get it , how does Kelly not get mad? My buddy said …at the time…Kelly would kill the girl Craig was cheating on her with!!!!!
    WOW…. But they both have a very complex trial coming very soon, that I don’t see them getting off without life in prison!!! Very sad stuff for everybody!!!!

  15. snookyanne Says:

    All I can say is why would Kelly give up her great life to be with such a jerk! She must have very low self-esteem for herself, even with what she has accomplished in the bodybuilding and fitness world. I happened to get a calander out of one of the fitness magazines for last year that she was in. I didn’t notice her in the magazine though, till all this started happening. What a shame. No man is worth what she has done with what’s left of her life.

  16. Phil Says:


    Kelly is a product of her own actions! Kelly had problems (BEFORE CRAIG) Figure and Fitness competitors- have been doing GH, AND GEAR for along time. Along with that comes a lot of “self-esteem” problems. I wouldn’t be so fast to jump all over Craig. Craig is Craig! She knew what she was getting into before she took the job! I think that was a choice by Kelly. Kelly ruined her life by (her) choices~ ya know?

  17. shockandawe Says:

    True Phil. As much as I find it sad because we were once great friends, Kelly had a lot of self-esteem problems. They led her into some odd relationships and Craig was such a prize to her - despite everyone seeing him for his sleazy self. Craig was a friend also at one time, but he got even sleazier and it wasn’t a good friendship. When she hooked up with him, I said, “No, Kel, you’re not serious, right? I mean you just wanna have sex with him and hang out, right - nothing serious?” She was like, “I dunno, I really like him.” I knew she was a goner and then he started isolating her. So yeah, it was her choice, but she was so vulnerable to his type of personality, it almost was a crime in that sense. He knew it too and took advantage. I do think that taking advantage of the weak -a Titus specialty - is wrong too. Very very wrong.

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