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MURDER-FOR-HIRE ALLEGATIONS: Contradictions revealed

Glenn brings up the latest story on the murder-for-hire plot via the Las Vegas Review Journal (which has a new look to it if you haven’t visited lately)

Questions remain over whether Titus knew of alleged plot

The man accused of trying to hire a hit man to kill three witnesses in the Craig Titus murder case gave contradictory information to police about whether Titus had knowledge of the alleged scheme.

Clark County prosecutor Robert Daskas has said in a court hearing that authorities believe Titus, a nationally known bodybuilder, was involved in the plot, but Titus and his lawyer have scoffed at the accusation and point to the fact that he has not been charged in connection with it.

In a taped statement to police, Nelson Brady Jr. told detectives he’d had general conversations with Titus about witnesses in the murder case. Brady said that Titus talked to him about the witnesses’ alleged involvement in drugs, but that Titus didn’t express any interest in having anyone killed.

“He (Titus) talked about (the witnesses’) illegal activities,” Brady said. “I told him anything I could do … I would do for him. And he came to the idea of contacting narcotics (detectives) and having narcotics get involved and watch what they (the witnesses) were doing, moving the cocaine they were moving.”

When asked whether Titus had knowledge of an alleged plot to kill witnesses, Brady said that “he never approached me with that idea … not murdered, no. Just to make sure they didn’t show up maybe. I think I was able to relay that across to him. But he was real closed-mouthed about our conversations on the phone.”

Yet when pressed repeatedly by detectives about what Titus understood about the alleged plot, Brady seemed to offer contradictory information.

“You don’t think he understood what you were trying to convey?” Detective Dean O’Kelley asked.

“He had to have understood it,” Brady replied, referring to the murder-for-hire plot.

Titus is a former Mr. Olympia competitor and his wife, Kelly Ryan, is a national fitness champion. The two are charged with killing their 28-year-old personal assistant, Melissa James, in December 2005 and burning her body in the trunk of Ryan’s Jaguar in the desert off state Route 160.

Titus and Ryan have pleaded innocent to the charges.

Months after their arrest, police received information from a jailhouse informant, Deen Cassim, alleging that Brady had approached him in Clark County Detention Center about a plot to kill witnesses on behalf of Titus.

Cassim worked as an informant for police, and Brady was eventually arrested after authorities alleged he gave money to an undercover officer posing as a go-between for a hit man to kill the witnesses. Brady has pleaded innocent.

But court records and taped phone calls gathered by police indicate that the allegations against Brady are not as straightforward as they were initially portrayed.

At least one phone call recorded by police between Brady and Cassim indicates Cassim was strong-arming Brady to force his participation in the plot. Brady failed to show at three separate meetings with the undercover detective to give him the money for the hits.

In his taped statement, Brady said he had great reservations about any murder-for-hire plot.

“What really struck it up is … Deen is the one who manipulated this idea,” Brady said. “I guarantee you, that’s when this idea came up. And, Deen got it all prearranged and organized everything.”

Brady’s attorney, Erick Ferran, has said Brady legitimately believed he was in danger if he didn’t carry out the plot. Brady talked about his reluctance, saying he didn’t want to be involved.

“I would never come up with this idea on my own. … It’s not in my heart to do something like that,” Brady said.

Brady indicated he eventually met with the undercover detective and paid only a fraction of the amount he and Cassim had originally agreed to for the plan to be carried out.

“I just put in a small amount just to see if he would take it or leave it kind of situation,” Brady said. “And he grabbed onto it anyways.”

He added, “I’m glad that nobody has been hurt.”

Ferran and Daskas both declined to comment for this report.

48 Responses to “MURDER-FOR-HIRE ALLEGATIONS: Contradictions revealed”

  1. Kid Dynamite Says:

    What a nappy headed ho.

  2. Kid Dynamite Says:

    I would like to apologize to Mr. Brady for my insensitive comments

  3. Pabst Blue Ribbon Says:


  4. KNEW THEM Says:

    Titus 5 to 10; Kel 25 to L!

  5. Ham Sandwich Says:

    Skid Row 18 and life to go

  6. beigestar Says:

    Titus is still a very attractive gentleman.


  7. Tiffany Says:

    Titus is still a very attractive KILLER!

  8. snoop doogie howser Says:

    Nobody is perfect

  9. KNEW THEM Says:

    Brady is to dumb to remember what he said yesterday. That’s the Youth Gone Wild!

  10. shockandawe Says:

    Knew Them: You are high on meth, dude. Titus, with his record alone, would get more time for any involvement. I think it will be flipped.

  11. snoop doogie howser Says:

    I think therefore I snoop.

  12. KNEW THEM Says:

    Shock: There was a case in New Orleans two days ago, same charge(except no conviction on murder) and the guy was convicted of burning a body in a trunk….4 years and released. I would guess a first time felon, but that’s why I tack on the 5 to 15 for CT. (p.s. I don’t smoke meth.) Thanks for sharing…keep coming back

  13. BYG HURT Says:


    You exihibited many characteristings of someone who is high on a meth.

    A short attention span for one.

  14. HO$$ Says:

    Knew Them:

    What is the name of the guy in the New Orleans case?

  15. HO$$ Says:

    Really…that’s interesting

  16. stacey Says:

    I would like to apologize but who is Craig Titus? Is he that gay cop from New Orleans that busted me 2 years ago with my pants down (p.s. I do smoke meth.)

  17. Phil Says:

    I know CT and Kelly really good! You don’t know whats going to happen until the trial! In addendum, there is a lot of things you Internet Freaks don’t know about the case, nor are any of you lawyers! So, on behalf of CT and Kelly…SHUT IT!

  18. wayne mortensen Says:

    Hey there PHIL, congrats on you knowing CT and KR very well. I guess because you know them so well, they will be found innocent. No, we do not know everything, but we do know the chillings facts on the killing, the binding of the victim, them buying of lighter fluid to try and erase the evidence, the taser, the burning of the car, then running like two scared dogs with their tails between their legs. Anyway, I would bet the farm that they will be found guilty.
    Us INTERNET FREAKS will never know everything, but when they are found guilty, the main facts is what got them convicted.

  19. Phil Says:

    Hey Wayne, Yes…I know KT was on Camera at Walmart (where I live) That doesn’t look good at all. I feel bad for Melissa.. and her family…don’t get me wrong. The car burned, the taser , and the Morphine, and CT,KT, body slamming her. But, how do you know that was defenitive? The true facts are when the taser was fired, the morphine levels, and the barbecue set. There are a lot of other things, that you and a lot of people don’t know. I know it doesn’t look good for them…I know. I apologize about the internet freak statement. That was wrong, and I’m sorry! I think (knowing Craig)…that he was spun out on a marriot of drugs. I spoke with a few local lawyers in Vegas. I think Kell will be charged with 25 to L. Which is sad! Anyways, because I’ve trained with Craig, doesn’t mean he will be found innocent. Thats foolish!!!! I know this from talking to Melissa in the past, she is not as innocent as people think, and you’ll see when the trial starts, there are more people involved. Anthony Gross is a scumbag, and you will be shocked to hear more things as the trial gets started. Nothing personal there Wayne. Don’t get all flustered when you hear things on the net. After all, It’s the net full of want to be know it all Lawyers. That’s what I was trying to get across.

  20. shockandawe Says:

    Let the healing begin and make sure to do your 4th step - rigorous honesty with self is the way to set yourself free from your delusions about CT’s sentence and the outcome of the trial. Remember, just let go and let God… and EASY DOES IT next time, eh? ;)

    Seems like you knew them too long - you’re actually starting to believe the Titus doctrine (I’m rubber, you’re glue, everything bounces off me and sticks to you - hasn’t Craig ever told you that one?)

  21. Tiffany Says:

    Craig Titus needs a big hug!

    (p.s. I smoke meth.)

  22. HO$$ Says:


    How do we know CT admitting to setting Melissa on fire in an iterrogation was definitive?

    How do we know that KR and CT weren’t planning a cookout in the wee hours of the morning on the night Melissa was burned?

    Great points!!!

    Ease it out nice and slow Phil…jeez

  23. Phil Says:

    Yeah I know the iterrogation was a RED FLAG! YA THINK? But, there’s a lot of stuff that people don’t know! That’s funny about the comment about a cookout…..HA! I’m not saying that they were not involved …smart guy! However, were you there when Melissa was burned? Were you there in the iterrogation room? NO! And, I will let it eaze out nice and slow. Right on your face ..IDIOT!

  24. HO$$ Says:

    Seriously…what is your point, other than demonstrating your lack of intelligence and roid raging?

  25. Phil Says:

    Come on HO$$

    Lack of intelligence is your remarks in the last posting you wrote! I’m sorry I didn’t learn anything in my 8 years of college! Maybe you can forgive me, that I don’t agree with your sarcastic remarks about a cookout! Plus, a lack of intelligence might be your screen name? Ya think?


  26. buttnakedonabigwheel Says:



  27. Janet Says:

    I would date Craig Titus he is still a very attractive gentleman.

    (p.s. I smoke meth.)

  28. buttnakedonabigdick Says:

    I would like to apologize for all the “INTERNET FREAKS” remarks on this blog! (Nobody is perfect ) Graig Titus is a scumbag killer!

    (p.s. I also smoke meth.)

  29. buttnakedonabigwheel Says:


    I’m glad to know your spun out! I’m sure your parents are proud of you! spin that glass pipe..urrrrrrrrrrr dick! Make sure when you load your glass cock, you burn all the cut out. Also, make sure and not wipe the bottom of the bowl with a rough surface. It could destroy that dick. And, It’s Craig Titus, not Graig!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. shockandawe Says:

    Glass dicks and smoking meth aside, there are some WHACK cookers on this site!

  31. HO$$ Says:


    You went to college for eight years, because graduating in four years was too difficult.

    Your insecurities are flashing like a neon sign.

    What does “SUFFERCATED” mean?

    I’m glad you got to carry CT’s jock around the gym, whoop-de-fuckin’ do.

    It’s idiot wannabes like you that give physical culture a bad name.

    On second thought just keep your head up your ass…don’t ever change.

    What a goddamn moron…

  32. Luscious Says:


    When did the Marriot start selling drugs?

    Are drugs available at the “Courtyard by Marriot,” also?



  33. amino acid trip Says:

    What’s with all the meth references?

    I think some of you live at The Crackhouse by Marriot, with Phil.

  34. Projectile Vomit Says:

    Sebastion Bach and Vince Neil are working on a heavy metal ballad inspired by the Titus case.

    “Titus, 18 yrs and Phil likes to blow.”

  35. HO$$ Says:


    I think the word you’re looking for is “myriad” not marriot.

    Please continue with your brilliant discourse.

  36. Phil Says:

    Sorry about the (typo)! Please forgive me? I know you’re a know it all (lawyer) I mean retard, with all your takes on these blogs!

  37. Phil Says:


    Are you a little irritated with me…LOL. Carry around Craig’s jockstrap? That was about as funny as “A CHAPPED ASS AT THE BEACH, RUNNING THE FIFTY YARD DASH, IN A WINDSTORM! Keep up your juvi vitriol. It shows that you are a moron and never picked up a weight or went to a bodybuilding show in your life… nimrod! At least I work in the industry, and compete as a PRO! You probably look like Mr Samolia, or check that, Mr Etheopia! NUMB NUTS! You seem a little pissed, did you take a pop of Sustonon yesterday? Lay off the glass dick!

  38. Phil Says:

    Hey Vomit… The only thing I blow …is a load on your face! Who are you anyways. Grease Ball!

  39. Newman Says:


    A “typo” is accidently transposing a letter or two, or three…four…

    You used the word “MARRIOT” instead of “MYRIAD” while accusing someone else of being stupid.

    Get a clue dipshit.

  40. Norton Says:


    Take a Xanex and a couple sleeping pills and try to forget what a waste you are.

  41. HO$$ Says:

    you spelled both Somalia and Ethiopia wrong.

    Thanks for continuing to make my point genius.

    Pathetic just pathetic…

  42. buttnakedonabigdick Says:

    buttnakedonabigwheel is a Pathetic dipshit retard…

  43. Phil Says:


    I say and spell and write wrong spellings to get a raise out of all you bafoons on this blog (that play lawyers) What is this CSI Las Vegas? C-mon have some fun. I love to get all you losers in a roid rage! And it works!!!!.LOL I know… I know….I’m pathetic, dipshit, loser, unintelligent, I’ll leave this blog alone now…LMAO. I seriously asked my wife how to spell those to words, and got it wrong…LOL. OK I’ll come clean, Myriad, etheopia, Somalia. I’ll just go get a 12 pack.. and a blanket… and crawl in the corner. But, seriously…..YOU DON’T THINK I KNOW CT, AND KT ARE GOING TO THE CAN FOR LIFE ….CMON….L8!!!!!!!!

  44. steroid banker Says:

    buttnakedonabigdick…I know Phil has some missspellings and some sophmoric comments. But, you claiming you smoke meth is PATHETIC (to ay the least. And Phil’s comments are pretty funny! Even though he’s not smarter than a 5th grader! Don’t take it personal. Don’t you know that meth puts holes in your brain. More of Phil’s funny comments with missspellings. That guy kills me.

  45. Phil Says:

    Thanks Steroid,

    Hey buttnakedonabigdick- why don’t you climb up on your house urrrrrrrr cardboard box, strap on a Dorrito,and hang glide to the bottom of the earth. Then, pick at your sores on your arms, till it looks like you’ve been attacked by a crow!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Phil Says:


    How dare you! Waste??? It’s on!….LOL

  47. Knew Them Says:

    Shock: I really expect better from you. My point has always been that Craig has always been lucky. I think this case has a long way to go, and there are not too many slam dunks in any trial….espically with many scum-bag defendents. That wasn’t cool of you at all. I don’t give a flying ryan about Craig; if he did….I;ll pull the switch myself on him!

  48. shockandawe Says:

    KNEW, you are the one who vomited up the 12 step bullshit when you said, “Let the healing begin… keep coming back” so I just took it a step further and you cried over it. Sorry, but it was a joke SENITIVO!

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