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Nelson R Brady goes to trial

We’ll be keeping a watchful eye on what happens with Nelson R. Brady when his trial begins on April 9, 2007. As many of you who have been following this case will remember, Brady is charged with three felonies in the “murder for hire” plot. The charges are “solicitation to commit a crime” and judge Douglas W. Herndon will preside over the case slotted to start on April 9, 23007. The calendar call will be held on April 5, 2007. Nelson Brady is currently in custody at the Clark County jail and his bail was set at $450,000.00, which he has not posted. Brady has entered a plea of not guilty and will face a jury trial with Robert Daskas as the District Attorney.

21 Responses to “Nelson R Brady goes to trial”

  1. Aquaman Says:

    Here’s the story…of a man named Brady…who is a meth head loser

  2. horace ingraham Says:

    Can I get a whaa what?

  3. venom Says:

    Brady is of the same ilk as a white boy american joining al qaeda…searching for an identity, something to cling to

  4. mutant ninja mixed martial arts autistic retard but in a special way Says:

    Imean jeez

  5. shockandawe Says:

    I thought my man was in the U.K.???

  6. mutant ninja mixed martial arts autistic retard but in a special way Says:

    You’re thinking of Deem Cassim.

    Get with the goddamn program.

  7. puke skywalker Says:


    Your head is in your ass abd your ass is in the U.K.

    You’re thinking of Deem Cassim fool.

  8. KNEW THEM Says:

    Listen to the phone calls; Brady is a winner. Brady’s buying beachfront property in Vegas as we speak!

  9. Venice Says:

    Admitedly I’m making some assumptions here, but I get the impression that Brady is a guy trying to be somebody he’s not, trying to impress Titus and Cassim, a guy ripe to be taken advantage of, and he was. What an imbecile. What did he have to gain from all of this? What would a guy like Brady do on the outside anyway - deal drugs? Work at a carwash?…too bad for Brady, he can’t plead “stupid.”

  10. darkstar Says:


    I think you are right on the money. Brady is a small time wanna be bad guy, and “stupid” is an understatement…


  11. Venice Says:

    Time keeps on ticking into the future.

    Denue keeps on ticking (off Titus).

    You know when you’re watching an action movie and there’s that scene at a gas station where someone lights a match and then it’s dead silent and calm for a count of 3 seconds before everything starts exploding.

    That’s what it feels like!!!

    On second thought maybe that’s a poor analogy given how MJ was burned after her death.

    Anyhow - I think fireworks could start before the trial even…

    I would love to know what KR and CT talk about once a week…geezus.

    I have to admit I feel a little sorry for KR…she deserves to be punished severely for whatever is proven…but I’ll say it again without CT she wouldn’t be in this situation.

    CT without KR? His life would still be on this kind of inevitable collision course.

  12. Venice Says:

    Obviously there are an assload of variables, but for the sake of arguement let’s say the jury buys Denue’s “battered woman” spiel hook line and sinker –What is best cast scenario for Kelly? Why do chicks get all the f-ing loopholes with this crap - Why isn’t there a “nagged husband syndrome?” Or “post traumatic incessant bitch syndrome”? Life is so unfair.

  13. darkstar Says:

    Men need to heed the teachings of Leykis 101…


  14. Venice Says:


    I agree.

    Let’s say for the sake of arguement Titus’ got into this as a result of Kelly’s behavior/actions - is going to get any kind of break what-so-ever…of course not.

    Double standard…the law/juries are full of crap…like that hot blonde teacher in FL that only got prob -4 sex with a minor - now if Ben Wallace did that with an underage girl - he’d get damn near life in prison…but Denue knows what strings to pull

  15. Kid Dynamite Says:

    I wonder what Saggese is cooking up now…after CT just shit his pants…

    Seriously, I wonder if Craig crying in court that day had more to do about a feeling of/ premoniton of betrayal by KR more so than exactly the denial of dual representation…- Saggese probably foreshadowed the worse case scenario for him in terms of the direction Kelly would take.

  16. Brenda Says:

    I just wanted to say “Hi” and who the fuck is Craig Titus?

  17. Kid Dynamite Says:


    Craig Titus is a great man.

    The kind of man we all aspire to be, but couldn’t, because we don’t have the discipline to take 47 muscle building drugs at the same time.

  18. InsiderX Says:

    Does anybody know if the Brady tril is going to be on Court TV or available through the internet? thanks

  19. Kitty Says:

    LMAO!! - Yeah? Why isn’t there a “nagged husband syndrome” or “post tramatic incessant bitch syndrome”! Maybe Saggese (sp?) ought to consider that his defense stragedy for Craggers! LOL! Kelly probably nagged Craig until he went crazy and went off on MJ and killed her. Hey - it could’ve happened!

  20. shockandawe Says:

    Puke and Mutant,
    The Brits might call the pair of you “Tosser” and “Wanker”, respectively.

  21. jimmy Says:

    Kid Dynamite , 47 Drugs??????? Come on now. It was 104 different drugs! Plus !

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