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Craig Titus & Kelly Ryan Investigation » Blog Archive » Greg Denue - What’s his story?

Greg Denue - What’s his story?

Greg Denue is Kelly Ryan’s current lawyer. He’s obviously trying to get Kelly to flip on Craig as she has a better chance of getting off than if she stays loyal to Craig. What would you do? We’re not sure what we’d do, but at the end of the day how happy will you be standing by your man but spending it in jail? The Las Vegas Review Journal recently did a story on Greg Denue. We learn a bit more about Greg and what he’s know for in Las Vegas. We’ve copied some of the more interesting piece of the story for you here:

Contract attorney Greg Denue has turned his part-time job of defending the poor into big business.

Denue billed the county nearly $400,000 last year, including payments for cases started in previous years.

County records show Denue, who declined repeated interview requests, devoted more than 950 hours in the first six months of last year to a small group of cases that qualified him for a $100-per-hour fee.

greg denue

In a letter to the Review-Journal in the fall of 2005, Denue reflected on an earlier job he had as a public defender in New Orleans.

He referred to people in the hard-hit Ninth Ward of New Orleans as “an entire class of people hooked to the government welfare check IV.” Denue wrote that victims of Hurricane Katrina were “no different when it comes to their mental outlook” than “the plantation slaves who waited for the ‘Massa’ to feed them and clothe them.”

The hurricane victims, Denue continued, suffered no losses because “they really had nothing but their welfare checks to begin with.”

Read the full story here.

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