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Greg Denue - What’s his story?

Greg Denue is Kelly Ryan’s current lawyer. He’s obviously trying to get Kelly to flip on Craig as she has a better chance of getting off than if she stays loyal to Craig. What would you do? We’re not sure what we’d do, but at the end of the day how happy will you be standing by your man but spending it in jail? The Las Vegas Review Journal recently did a story on Greg Denue. We learn a bit more about Greg and what he’s know for in Las Vegas. We’ve copied some of the more interesting piece of the story for you here:

Contract attorney Greg Denue has turned his part-time job of defending the poor into big business.

Denue billed the county nearly $400,000 last year, including payments for cases started in previous years.

County records show Denue, who declined repeated interview requests, devoted more than 950 hours in the first six months of last year to a small group of cases that qualified him for a $100-per-hour fee.

greg denue

In a letter to the Review-Journal in the fall of 2005, Denue reflected on an earlier job he had as a public defender in New Orleans.

He referred to people in the hard-hit Ninth Ward of New Orleans as “an entire class of people hooked to the government welfare check IV.” Denue wrote that victims of Hurricane Katrina were “no different when it comes to their mental outlook” than “the plantation slaves who waited for the ‘Massa’ to feed them and clothe them.”

The hurricane victims, Denue continued, suffered no losses because “they really had nothing but their welfare checks to begin with.”

Read the full story here.

44 Responses to “Greg Denue - What’s his story?”

  1. KNEW THEM Says:

    Hey Guys and Gals, I live and have lived in New Orleans and will speak with some of my former legal advisors on some inside info on Denue.

  2. JAZZ man Says:

    I’m about to stick my welfare check up his white pastey ass…mofo he don’t know

  3. Venice Says:

    Denue seems like more of a blue collar atty, (albeit a somewhat wealthy one and by choice) as compares to Saggese slick Pat Riley flashy style…more Johnny Cochrane.

    Denue seems to have the respect of the judges and knows how to play the game…I’m starting to think he’s got an outside shot at pulling this shit off with the Battered Wife dog and pony show, frankly there is an element of truth in it…whether KR deserves to / will get off is another matter.

  4. Copious notes Says:

    As others have mentioned something seems a little fishy with Denue and KR.

    Denue has been representing KR for some time now.

    She decides to fire him and then all of sudden -shes on board with the Battered Wife strategy…practically days later?


    Then Cristalli who seems to be the nowhere man in this spectacle, says that KR said nothing of the sort?


    KR has got to be pulling some strings…maybe her dad was able to get through to her - he has always hated and I do mean hated CT.

  5. Speculation Says:

    Denue should have a fairly easy time weaving a credible story of how KR is a battered wife…there are numerous examples of her being a postive and caring person and there is a long track record of CT being a psycho…practically an incident a week…whether u buy into the defense or not, it is a fact that there is a ton of anedotal evidence of CT’s controlling (battering) behavior.

  6. felonios melody Says:

    Saggese and Titus are having serious “What if” comversations…if the battered wife syndrome comes into play.

    Once KR takes another step or two down that path there will be no turning back.

    The question is, how will Craig counterpunch?

  7. spawning a pawn Says:

    What do you guys think is going to happen to shady Brady???

  8. been there Says:

    Denue is like an older and wiser fighter dealing with a brash and talented younger boxer…

    Denue is out strategizing the piss out of Saggese…I’m not saying Saggese doesn’t have game…but he better be ready and think fast - because he might get knocked the fuck out.

  9. Jason G. Says:

    I believe that if you re-read the article you can see that it is Denue talking to the media, NOT Kelly. Denue is a contract public defender without a telephone number listed in the local phone book. If you wanted him to represent you, how would you make contact. Oh, I know, you get arrested and then he finds you.

    Brady is my favorite piece of this puzzle. He remains in solitary confinement at the Clark County Detention Center going on 6 months and he HAS NOT turned on Titus. His trial is scheduled to begin on April 9th. May be he is not guilty of this murder-for-hire witch would mean that Titus would not be guilty of the murder-for-hire either.

    I believe that we should all keep our eye on DA Daskas, Attorney Denue and Judge Glass. There are still many unanswered peculiarities in this case and more surprises will undoubtedly reveal themselves in the near future.

  10. Chainsaw Says:

    Jason G has been right on the money as far as Dunue so far. Guess what, KR killed MJ, thats why she’s leaving things in Gods Hands. Denue is show-boating, and directly threatening Saggase. He’s Callin him out. This is Denue’s way of a counter attack to Crisatalli’s attempt to get KR on board. This trial is never gonna start. Denue is a GLORIFIED PUBLIC DEFENDER is what I got from the article.

  11. Administrator Says:

    Kelly hasn’t spoken out like Titus. It’s smart on her part that her and her lawyer have remained silent. Just because she hasn’t spoken out doesn’t mean she hasn’t been plotting the battered wife sydrome all along. It’s still going in front of the Supreme Court of Nevada related to her lawyers.

    There are lots of behind the scenes things that will continue to play out. Keep a watch on Brady and how his role in this case. This is one of the more bizarre cases as you all know and the fireworks will continue.

  12. Banner Says:

    Greg Denue is a butthole… Kelly is bizarre and in deep doo doo. This case is bizarre! Kelly needs to turn on Craig Titus to save part of her ass now!

  13. shockandawe Says:

    Hallelujah Admin!
    That’s EXACTLY what I said on this board on Sunday/Monday - I believe both Denue and Kelly are playing this - and it’s good cop/bad cop. He’s making the inflammatory statements so she doesn’t have to, and she’s acting like she is so into God, she doesn’t want any part of committing to a strategy - but in fact, I believe she is on board and has been. If you dealt with a menacing idiot like Titus - and I have - you’d know it’s a dicey situation to extricate yourself in one piece without harm.

    She knows! She was married to him and he ruined her life systematically over the course of 8 years. But really, it was in the first year he did some of the most damage - Well, first and last, it seems.

  14. shockandawe Says:

    Denue, no matter what anyone says, is the right attorney for Kelly

  15. Banner Says:

    Why is Denue, the right attorney for Kelly ? Denue is a white pastey ass PUBLIC DEFENDER…

  16. chainsaw Says:

    What Denue has planned, and what KR actually was are 2 totally different stories. He can slam home the battered wife syndrome all he wants, all it’s gonna take is a couple of shots of her all juiced up in magazines and probably everywhere else without one bruise. Everything was in her name, heck she didn’t even take the Titus last name. The jury will really believe that she is a battered wife. OMFG.hahahahahahahahah.

  17. Disgusted Says:

    Looks like Meatlof with a bad haircut.

  18. wayne mortensen Says:

    CT wil MAYBE get a clue that there is evidence the KR is turning on him. The first shot has been fired lately when KR alleged she is a battered wife. But she is doing it in a nice way, not going for the throat YET. As the next several weeks go on, and she keeps wanting to make CT the scapegoat, watch CT come out swinging for the fences. Actually, it seems to me that there is more evidence that KR is just as guilty as CT, she buying the matches and flammant, her car, just as much motive. People I will tell you this, in the next several weeks, it will get heated. KR will try and save her ass!~!!!!~~

  19. shockandawe Says:

    Chain, dude, I mean I like you and I’m not being a hater, but I am almost speechless at how utterly dense you are about this “battered wife” issue… I mean, can you possibly take your head out for a minute and realize that he DOESN’T MEAN IT LITERALLY?? Why is this so difficult to get your head around? He means it in terms of the “control” he had over Kelly and no one but YOU, who knew them, would EVER dispute that - I don’t know why you still do. It’s really actually getting on my nerves! You being of a different stance or opinion doens’t bother me, but you need to read up or google it or something, dude, because you’re really acting like you have down’s syndrome about this, and I know you’re not overly dumb. No offense, but shit, this is almost unbelievable that you aren’t able to get this.

  20. shockandawe Says:

    Chain, it’s a SYNDROME, not a SYMPTOM in this case. That is how you need to think of it from now on…. And you literally are the ONLY one I know who knew those two who doesn’t agree with that. Who gives a shit what anyone else on here thinks - those who didn’t know them and never will. But for those of us who did… c’mon man, get it together.

  21. Chainsaw Says:

    Shock: Again, I’am not an expert and I’ll admit that. I’m just trying to say that in my view, this battered wife syndrome is a very tough sell, and why. She may have very well been.

    I will agree with W. Mortensen, that this sH*T is gonna hit the fan soon.

  22. KNEW THEM Says:

    Been busy looking into Denue in New Orleans(and working). All I can say is “good luck Kel”. Denue thought a city sprapped for cash was going to let him bill them for pilling up cases on the public (and his private fees) defenders ticket. No such luck; Denue says “good luck” to the Big Easy and hopes Vegas has his checks in the mail. Denue along with the few public defenders left in town never even visited 1/10th of their clients before arrainment day. Opting for guilty pleas without even any defense put forward. Sound familiar! Good luck KEL!

  23. mynameisearl Says:

    OMG it is Meatloaf!

  24. darkstar Says:

    jason g,

    Dont know why you have such a hard on for Denue…Maybe you should check the Nevada State Bar and see if he has any violations…If he doesnt, just because he doesnt have his number in the phone book and all your other blathering about him doesnt mean squat.

    Also, your comment about if Brady is found not guilty of the murder for hire charges, then that means CT isnt guilty of them either is ridiculous. CT hasnt even been charged with it.

    Lastly, my money says the NSC will rule in favor of Judge Glass.

    We will see.


  25. darkstar Says:


    Meatloaf! HAR!!
    Denue also has a slight resemblance to Larry Flynt…


  26. darkstar Says:

    Knew Them,

    Not sure you can compare Denue’s New Orleans cases with this one…The volume of cases in NO was huge, and cases get dealt all the time in those circumstances. They werent for murder though, like this one…

    The question is, if Denue is so bad, why hasnt there been complaints and sanctions against him by the Nevada Bar?

    I think we are wildly speculating about his abilities and style…


  27. Gym Rat (drug free) Says:

    Hey Disgusted, he looks more like Donald Trump with down syndrome.

  28. Knew Them Says:

    D* I was trying to make a point that Kel had said he never would come and speak with her about her case. I think he wanted some quick cash for him to work a plea. She didn’t go the plea road….at least at that time. Now he has a fight on his hands. What say you?

  29. darkstar Says:

    knew them,

    I dont know if KR said that or not, or if that was actually Denue’s motivation.

    I will say that I am not quite cynical enough to believe that Denue is only in it for the money. I think he does feel strongly about the merits of the case, as he sees them, anyway, and is trying to do what is right by Kelly.

    He is not a public defender for Clark County…if he was, it wouldnt surprise me at all if he didnt see but 10 or 20% of his clients…the case load is huge…there simply is not time. Its pretty common in high crime rate cities…N.O., Vegas, etc…The PD and the DA get together and deal ‘em…
    Not so with murder cases though. I think if Denue reps KR she will be well served.


  30. chainsaw Says:


    I’ll agree with you there that this seems like the best lawyer for KR, but what about all the money he bills to these cities? How can you do that and not say that you in essence are a private attorney? Does anyone know?

  31. darkstar Says:


    What about it? (The money)
    Plenty of private attorneys take on county work on a contract basis or similar agreement…
    Im not really sure I understand what you are asking…


  32. shockandawe Says:

    This is typical subterfuge probably planted in the paper by Sagesse, calling attention to it. One has nothing to do with the other - let’s stay on point. I’m sure Denue couldn’t give a crap what people think about it. A county or city’s billing system is much more complex than the average person could, or should, understand.

    I say, So what?

    It’s like saying,

    Kelly says Denue doesn’t give her case his due time. Oh, and by the way, Shredded Wheat is on sale at Albertson’s and we heard Denue likes eating it for breakfast.

    What does that have to do with the price of tea in China - or in Vegas?

    It’s the old inference game: A dog has four legs, a chair has four legs, that must mean a dog is a chair.

    Makes little sense.

  33. chainsaw Says:


    It usually is a good idea to know where out tax money is going. $400,000.00 is a lot of money when a public defender get peanuts.


    Usually there is a public defenders office at the local courthouse. I find it odd that Denue is billing a govt office $400,000.00 for cases when a PD gets pait 1/4 of that. I don’t know the reason why they were billed that much, unless he is doing other govt work. The article did not seem mention that.

  34. darkstar Says:

    Chain, look, its like this…Denue is a private attorney…he works for himself. Sometimes he handles defense for county cases when they are backed up, which is most of the time. Denue isnt the only lawyer that does this.
    The deputy public defenders dont get paid much, but as government employees they have great benefits and a retirement fund, and they get paid every two weeks…
    Anytime those public defenders want to step away from the public trough and start their own firm they are free to do so…but its tougher than it looks, and most dont want to risk the security…private lawyers are often the last to be paid, especially if the client goes to jail…
    Denue chose to work for himself to try and make more money than he could as a govt lawyer…thats the American way…


  35. chainsaw Says:

    looks like denue is more than a PD since his number isn’t in the book.

  36. darkstar Says:


    Huh? I dont get your point…
    First, he isnt a PD. He is a private attorney who takes on overflow from the county on occasion…
    Secondly, not having his number in the phone book means nothing. His numbers and address are all available on the Nevada state bar website, with his bar number and law school…
    Didnt he recently move to Vegas? Maybe he missed the cutoff when they printed the last edition..
    I think this no number in the phone book conspiratorial attitude is silly…It doesnt mean squat….I guarantee Daskas or the other authorities can reach him whenever they want. And,as far as what KR is saying about him, I am sure there is much more to the story than what is being told and mostly speculated about here…


  37. Jason G. Says:

    Denue does not have a telephone number in the local Las Vegas, phone book and his phone number is not listed with information. He is paid (or he bills) $100 per hour and turned in billing to the county last year amounting to the $400,000 figure.
    You do the math. How much time would he have in his day to represent Kelly and I support anyone’s choice to choose their oun attorney. She or a family member is paying for her own private attorney. Denue was going to be paid by the county, not Kelly.

  38. darkstar Says:

    Jason G,

    So what? Just because he billed 400K to the county last year doesnt mean he is doing so now. I still dont see why you are making such a big deal out of him not being in the phone book or not having his number listed through information.
    The people who need his number have his number, I guarantee you.
    And, I daresay he bills more than a benji per hour as a private attorney.

    I also think you are just a bit off regarding a person’s right or choice to choose the attorney of their choice…you have the right to an attorney, not necessarily the attorney of your choice. The Constitution gaurantees that you will have representation by an attorney, not necessarily one of your choice.
    If that was the case, dont you think CT would have chosen someone better than Saggese? “I want Cutler” or ” I want Geoffrey Fieger, etc…and, just because you want a particular attorney doesnt mean that attorney wants to take your case…so, are you saying your rights are violated in that circumstance? The only answer can be no, of course not.
    You need to read the 6th amendment, especially the operative phrase, and the only words spoken by the Constitution on the matter:…”and to have the assistance of counsel for his defense…”
    You are also overlooking the reason that the court is reviewing Kelly’s desire to have Cristalli rep her: His partner reps her co-defendant! That reeks of the potential for a conflict of interest! If it didnt, there would be no appeal before the NSC!
    I frankly dont give a rat’s patoot who reps KR, or CT for that matter. I just think your arguments are baseless. No offense intended.


  39. chainsaw Says:


    You having a bad week?

  40. darkstar Says:

    Just calling it like I sees it…


  41. KNEW THEM Says:

    All right settle down guys, don’t we all agree that at least before the trial starts that Denue and Saggese will not be trying their clients together? It’s a long way away. By the time trial wraps up Craigers might get out with time served or a year or two. What say yall?

  42. Phil Says:

    Knew Them…I think you’re right! Everybody needs to settle down! Also…Kelly’s dad does like CT. Probably not now, but he and Craig (were )OK! I know he second guessed…before the wedding…Craig’s charges of steroids in the late 90’s. It’s so funny… for most of you people that don’t even know Craig or Kelly…make these statements about them, and how the attorney.. or what attorney..they should use. Wait till the trial. Stop playing Bob Shapiro, and let the facts come out.

  43. shockandawe Says:

    OMG Phil,
    No, in fact he was NOT OK with Craig - ever! He always wanted more for Kel and Craig was certainly NOT anything he ever wanted for her. Just because he wasn’t hiring kidnap groups to steal her away from her bad situation in the night, and deprogramming her somewhere in the P.S. desert, doesn’t mean he EVER condoned their union. He always disapproved.

    Either way, those two are headed down the river no matter who represents them.

  44. Phil Says:


    I know for a fact KT’S father was OK with CT (in the begining) But, your right, it doesn’t look good. I guess we could both agree on that!

    LOL on the kidnap comment though, that’s funny!

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