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Battered wife issue raised. Will Ryan turn on Titus? “Denue likewise refuses to dance the Titus two-step”

Things get interesting with the lawyers as the saga continues between the two camps. The latest story comes from Glenn Puitt of the Las Vegas Review Journal.

BODYBUILDER CASE: Battered wife issue raised
Attorneys dispute whether Ryan still backs husband

Kelly Ryan’s lawyer said Tuesday that the national fitness champion is a battered woman, and he plans to tell a jury that Ryan was under the control of her husband, bodybuilder Craig Titus, when the couple’s personal assistant turned up dead in the desert.

Attorney Greg Denue said he is now seeking a court order to have Ryan examined by an expert on battered woman syndrome, and he also plans to argue at Ryan and Titus’ murder trial that Ryan did whatever Titus wanted her to do because she was an abused spouse.

“She (Ryan) agrees with my defense,” Denue said. “Her actions were done under the duress of Craig Titus, and she’s finally starting to see the light.”

Kelly Ryan Craig titus

Denue also announced Tuesday he’s seeking to have Ryan tried separately from Titus, and he wants to have Titus’ lawyer, Marc Saggese, kicked off the high-profile murder case for visiting Ryan at the Clark County Detention Center even though he’s not Ryan’s attorney.

“His visits have made him a witness in this case,” Denue said.

But an attorney seeking to replace Denue as Ryan’s attorney said Denue is wrong, and that Ryan has no interest in blaming her husband for the fate of their personal assistant, Melissa James.

“That is completely inconsistent with what I’ve heard from her,” Michael Cristalli said. “It’s not true.”

The battered woman allegations surfaced Tuesday amid a battle over which lawyer will represent Ryan.

Ryan had a thriving career as one of the world’s top women’s fitness athletes. Titus is a nationally known bodybuilder who competed in the Mr. Olympia contest. The husband and wife are accused of killing James in December 2005 at the couple’s posh southwest Las Vegas home, then setting James’ remains ablaze in the desert off State Route 160.

Titus and Ryan have denied killing James.

The fitness stars told police they found James dead of a drug overdose in their home, and instead of simply reporting the overdose to the police, they panicked and set James’ body on fire to avoid negative publicity.

Last month, it seemed as if Denue was being sacked as Ryan’s defense attorney in favor of Cristalli. It would have been the second time since Ryan’s arrest that she has fired her attorney.

However, before Denue was ousted, it was learned that his proposed replacement was Cristalli, the partner of Titus’ defense attorney, Saggese.

Denue has since claimed that Titus, through Saggese, is seeking to control his wife’s legal defense. Specifically, after Cristalli sought to represent Ryan, Cristalli and Saggese said Ryan and Titus had signed a joint defense agreement, meaning they had agreed to pursue a similar defense strategy at trial.

District Judge Jackie Glass, however, ruled that Cristalli would not be allowed to represent Ryan, saying having two law firm partners representing co-defendants in the same murder case presented a conflict of interest.

Cristalli and Saggese are now appealing Glass’ decision to the Nevada Supreme Court, saying it is ultimately Ryan’s choice as to who will represent her.

Denue said Tuesday it is true that Ryan originally wanted to fire him, but she is now having second thoughts. Instead, Ryan wants to leave it up to the Nevada Supreme Court as to who will represent her.

“She wants it to play out in front of the Supreme Court, and she believes whatever happens is God’s will,” Denue said.

Denue on Tuesday filed the motions seeking to have Ryan tried separately from Titus and to have Saggese tossed off the case.

“Craig Titus found the sock puppet lawyer he has been searching for in Marc Saggese,” Denue wrote in the motion. “When three of this town’s top lawyers … refused to dance to Titus’ tune, he choreographed their removal. Now, because Denue likewise refuses to dance the Titus two-step, he too is targeted for legal amputation by Titus and his errand boy, Saggese.”

Denue wrote that Saggese is seeking to have Ryan “sacrificed at the altar of Craig Titus” and that when Glass appointed veteran attorney William Terry to meet with Ryan, Terry concluded the joint defense agreement was “essentially an unenforceable contract.”

Saggese on Tuesday night countered that Denue is attacking him because Denue doesn’t want to be taken off the high-profile case, and that Denue’s problems with Ryan resulted from the attorney never visiting with Ryan at the Clark County Detention Center.

“I feel sorry for him,” Saggese said of Denue. “It’s an act of desperation. It’s not my fault he didn’t have the competence to represent her. Kelly Ryan literally cried to me in desperation to have a lawyer really represent her. He is lashing out at me because of his shortcomings as an attorney. If he was a good lawyer, he’d be her lawyer.”

Saggese also confirmed Tuesday that Clark County prosecutor Robert Daskas has given him notice that he plans to call Saggese as a witness in the case, but Saggese said he will never testify in the Titus-Ryan trial.

“I think Denue conspired with Daskas to eliminate me from the case,” Saggese said. “I would never practice law for a second, ever again, for the rest of my life, if I was in some way forced to testify against Kelly Ryan or Craig Titus. I would give up all I have or ever will have to stand by the attorney-client privilege. No person, no entity, and no agency could ever get me to testify against my client.”

Because of the unresolved dispute over who will be Ryan’s lawyer, Glass canceled Titus and Ryan’s previously scheduled April trial date. A new trial date was not set.

49 Responses to “Battered wife issue raised. Will Ryan turn on Titus? “Denue likewise refuses to dance the Titus two-step””

  1. VOR Says:

    The beginning of the end for CT.

  2. Hard Time Says:

    That poor girl, she was a victim. That ProTan must have been covering up all the bruises she has had to endure.

  3. wow Says:

    um, praise the lord, kelly is starting to see the light!! ha-ha)

  4. Chainsaw Says:

    Kelly said nothing, it is all Denue speculation. I don’t doubt that she idolizes CT, but she admitted to nothing of the sort if you read the story closely.

    KR in essence is as I said “Leaving everything in God’s Hands.”

    Epic example of a indirect Confession.

  5. Chainsaw Says:

    Got to love the pictures they used in the article, and evil CT lookin at a smiling KR… Hahahahaha, and the media isnt tryin to persuade anyone.


  6. shockandawe Says:

    This is classic. This is how Kelly is going to do what she’s wanted to do from the start, without angering Craig or making him feel as though she is turning on him (which, of course, she is - she’s just been looking for a way to do it that won’t put her life in permanent peril).

    After all, she has lived with the man - who I absolutley KNOW is guilty of what Denue is saying - more mentally and emotionally than otherwise, though we don’t know the full extent of their relationship together. He’s been abusive from the start, playing on her insecurities and shortcomings -her vulnerabilities.

    Kelly is not intellectually smart, but she’s NO DUMMY in perambulating life to get what she needs - both an asset and a slimy quality of hers. She is opportunistic and I had a hard time believing that her alignment with Craig would last.

    The God thing, the establishment of it for a year now, is her way of being “firmly entrenched” in this thought pattern. It’s going to frustrate him, but he can’t be mad at the “it’s in God’s hands” because HE really believes SHE believes it - it’s the same way she probably got him to believe that MJ was ripping them off and needed to go. I did write an extensive post on Getbig.com about that some 6-9 months ago detailing how, while he is a bad man, she is devious too. She’s probably gotten more devious in his presence. They have fed off of each other for too long and it’s bad, bad chemistry.

    He’ll also feel the guilt of dragging her life down in the mud, having the affair that probably made her snap and attack MJ, and he’ll acquiesce to the time in jail.

    She is playing this smart, I must say, whether I agree with all of it or not.
    It’s the only way…. she knows he’d try to have her killed if she just turned on him in her right mind. She, after all, has had to be accutely aware of his personality and ways of behaving - it’s one reason I DO BUY the battered woman thing - I know how she was immediatley ISOLATED by Craig from the start - from me as her friend back then, and from anyone who wanted to reason with her that he was not right for her.

    Also, I know people are going to think I’m trying to say she’s a saint, but fact is, she was immediately diminished as a person in Craig’s shadow, and immediately changed in personality. That doesn’t happen unless you’re experiencing some kind of oppression or big emotional shift.

  7. mynameisearl Says:

    I believe shockandawe’s assessment of Kelly. I find the high level female BB’s in general to be two faced. Its a very competitve environment and it is hard to make a living full time so I get why they have to be two faced. It digusts me to see that people cannot see through this type of behavior.

    I am sure she was a nice person and I dont doubt she has battered woman’s syndrome, I buy that. Maybe she did find religion. I dont care, but being born again and a battered woman does not absolve anyoner from committing murder. Regardless of how much of a hold Craig had on her, she is still responsible for her actions. With as crafty as she is, I am surprised she was not able to manipulate him better, he is obviously a half wit.

    Juries are wild cards and this attorney Kelly has is truly fantastic. While it seems unfair to me if she does not get life in prison without parole, it is really up to God, as Kelly would say. So whatever she gets I am sure, in the end, she will have deserved, good or bad.

  8. 29605 Says:

    Kelly graduated with over a 3.5 GPA from USC (cum laude). Don’t think for a second she is not that intelligent. Now, the drug use has probably eaten away at many of he brain cells, but she is brighter than she lets on.

  9. Chainsaw Says:

    I don’t know about battered womens syndrome. I think a healthy respect for one’s husband and a battered woman are 2 different things. Battered hence the word battery, which means struck in some form. They don’t call it assault womans syndrome, meaning having mean things said to them.

    Kelly shooting morphine in someones leg? Punching someone in the face while sleeping? I doubt CT made or suggested her to do that.

    She sounds like a battering woman.

  10. wayne mortensen Says:

    Hey, I said it all along that someone would start bailing out on the other. The rats are jumping off the sinking ship, she is doing the jerk and roll in a nice way on CT. What does that mean for the future? I think he will roll over on her and maybe maybe become a witness against her, telling the jury of her role in the murder and the failed coverup. I think now that the trial is getting closer, she has fired the first shot by declaring herself a battered woman. This will piss CT off and he will defend himself by going after her. The cracks are appearing in the dam, and before to long there will be a gaping hole.

  11. Venice Says:

    Things are definitely getting interesting

  12. KNEW THEM Says:

    I don’t think the battered womens syndrome will work at all. I think it will accelerate Craig’s decision to tell how Kelly killed MJ. A jury will have no pity on a jacked of meth addict who killed someone else and tries to plat the battered wife song. I have said all along that it’s only a matter of time before CT and KR go their seperate ways. Kel: 25 to life, CT: 10 to 15yrs.

  13. Roger Eber Says:

    it will be a miricle if either of them get away with this crime

  14. deep fried chicken Says:

    Deep Fry Both of the Bastards.

  15. mynameisearl Says:

    Chainsaw, Battered woman syndrome is considered a form of post traumatic stress syndrome. And the mental health definition mentions it can be from “physical and/or mental abuse”. The victims of BWS live in denial. Of course what the psychological definition of BWS is and the legal definition is, are two different things. I think it is an excellent defense and hope it does not work because I think Kelly started this whole thing. But get a jury out there and throw BWS out and you might get a few tree huggers who feel sorry for her and let her go or let her off too easy. Easy to make Craig out to be the monster; harder to stomach a sweet looking woman and a healthy likeable person such as Kelly doing drugs, swinging and killing someone.

    Wayne, kelly and craig will get no deal now in my opinion. The first rat to jump ship gets the best deal. Anthony Gross will walk away clean and easy and if Kelly does give up Craig she will still do a lot of jail time, better to let her attorney try to go with the BWS. Had she turned on him before anthony, I bet anthony would be in jail and she would be out on bail.

    Should be a good trial if they ever get around to setting a date. Hopefully Star Jones will not cover this one on Court TV.

  16. KNEW THEM Says:

    Glad to see Kel high on God now………..I think she will lose her holy buzz when her verdict is read. Denue said he was 99% ready for trial; I guess he’s 100% ready now that he’s got Kel to agree to his defense of the battered wife syndrome….IT Won’t Work.

  17. shockandawe Says:

    29605: Please clarify - Not USC, UofSC - I attended the former, she attended the latter - big difference there! And though grades are nothing to sneeze at, remember, I was very close with her up until the time Craig began separating her from her friendships (and she complied). I know the silly vocabularly gaffs she made in conversation, in print, etc.. and that she was, in fact, NOT an intellectual giant. Good grades and the ability to maneuver a grade point average have NEVER been good measures of intelligence. I put far less stock in grades - unless it’s a double or triple major in 4 years at a straight, flawless 4.0 - like my own brother. Now tell me that she is emotionally intelligent, and I’d say “That’s VERY apparent.”

    Mynameisearl: Oh make no mistake, she is suffering PTSD from her relationship with Craig, her own “slipping down life,” and also her ability to manipulate - of which, I said, I believe this to be a masterful example. I honestly think that she had to hold out long enough to NOT appear to be turning on Craig in some “bitchy” fly-by-night manner or like some woman scorned - she is turning in a way that makes it look like it’s someone else’s words, and idea. And what ultimate better person to blame it on than, well, GOD himself. She is, I believe, playing what is commonly called “The Iron Fist in a Velvet Glove” card. Well played, I might add, given that Craig would have eventually had her killed or hurt later in life had she done that in the beginning. She hung in long enough so that he would say, “You know what, you may as well go free, because there’s no way in hell I’m going to go free” and she’d have his blessing for all of the torture he knows he committed against her over the years - and will likely receive his endorsement. Frankly, I don’t think you’ll see an open “turning” at all - but what looks like a smooth, natural progression of events. What I’m saying is, I believe that is NO accident whatsoever.

    Only Kelly.

    Chain: You’re kidding, right? A healthy respect for one’s husband??? There isn’t anything healthy about this - never has been. From the start, he isolated her, and made her make a pact with him to RAT anyone out who spoke ill of him - ANYONE! What normal person does that? What normal person ADHERES to that? I rest my case.

    For the record, and I’ve always said this - particularly after doing homework on Denue’s cases and background, when everyone else was dissing him - I think he’s positively brilliant.

  18. Venice Says:

    Something is not adding up here…

    If KR is making a trying to camouflage making a power move…surely she must know at the end of the day there will be a price to pay from Craig’s side…he isn’t

  19. Venice Says:

    Something is not adding up here…

    If KR is trying to camouflage making a power move…surely she must know at the end of the day there will be a price to pay from Craig’s side…he isn’t going to sit back and take and surely Denue and KR realize it…the BWS could work, but it could also backfire…I guess she might as well swing for the fences at this point

  20. shockandawe Says:

    Exactly. And anyone -3.5 grade point average or not - has to figure that being associated with a loudmouth, loose cannon like Titus, now that the muscle, blonde hair, drugs and semi-sanity have worn off, isn’t as appealing anymore.

    He certainly doesn’t look good under those fluorescent lights - not at all like he did bathed in the lights of the VIP section, eh?

  21. Jason G. Says:

    I personally find the remarks of Attorney Greg Denue disturbing to say the least. I am troubled that as a “defense” attorney Mr. Denue does not have a listing in the telephone directory. He receives his cases to defend from the over-flow from the Clark County Public Defenders office. If you need to find him, you ask at the information desk at the Clark County Court House and they will direct you to the court he is attending for that day.

    Craig and Kelly signed a “Joint Defense” agreement almost a year ago. That is their choice. If that is what they want, that is what they should receive. This is still America and I believe they should not be denied their choice of attorney or their choice of defense. Denue is “Grandstanding” and I do not believe that he received permission from Kelley to make the remarks he made to the media. This act was done on his own accord. My prediction, The Nevada Supreme Court will not deny Kelly’s freedom to chose her own attorney and this fiasco will be shoved down the throat of Judge Glass, Attorney Denue and DA Daskas. Only time will tell and I do NOT believe it will be a long time.

    This story continues and again in a very strange direction.

    The murder-for-hire trial is scheduled to begin Monday, April 9th. Brady did not wave time at his preliminary which will force a trial within 60 days.

  22. Chainsaw Says:

    Jason G: I agree with you.

    Shock: Kelly had all the financial grips on CT. Obviously there was a disfunctional relationship from the beginning, even prior to both of them hooking up. They both have baggage, if she uses this defense, it would be a disgrace to women who truly have/had battered womens syndrome.

    In BBing of anykind of Hollywood work setting, backstabbing and alliances is a common way to survive/win unfortunately.

  23. Marla Maples Says:

    Can I just say “TOLD YOU SO!” I hope they both burn!

  24. Justice Says:

    Now that CR and Denue have a heads up of the strategy of KR’s defense if the Supreme Court denies her appeal, CR will work have time to work Kelly on their weekly talks. Plus his attorney has been speaking with KR one on one, so he also has some info so if he was taken off this case, couldn’t his partner be put in his place and he take the 5th? Or am I just watching too much tv?

  25. shockandawe Says:

    Jason, it has been quite obvious that you don’t like Denue and have personal bias - which, of course, it’s your prerogative. However, I think he’s the only one saving her from herself and from Titus. I am glad someone is advocating for her to get her AWAY from Craig’s monstrous grips. I completely disagree with the idea that he spoke “out of turn.” You might want to think that, but I believe that it is the only way she is getting to go in the direction she WANTS! If you think for a MINUTE that she signed that joint agreement because she would have, had she been in her right mind and not under Craig’s spell for the past 8 years, you’re sadly, sadly, grossly mistaken.

    And Chain, Sorry, but you don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ll go out on a limb and just say that. You don’t know her history with men and you don’t know her like I did. You also have clear bias against Kelly and for Craig - it’s always been like that.

    And believe me, my comments are not bias FOR Kelly either. I knew both and was friends at one time with BOTH - and a spade is a spade. I know he was a criminal and she was not. I know she was manipulative and had flaws and issues and underlying anger - and as a former friend I have clearly said that. BUT… if you think that her personality did NOT change once she was with Craig, either you’re blind or you’re unwilling to see the truth. Sadly, they should never have gotten together.

    Back to issue…
    I do believe that Kelly would be BEST served by Denue. Maybe the defense of a battered woman is flawed, but I don’t believe it’s being brought out for its own sake - I think there is much more strategy behind it and I personally think Denue is very, very shrewd in doing it. There is much more to this face than we currently are seeing.

  26. shockandawe Says:

    Hasn’t anyone heard of the oldest play in the book:

    Good cop, Bad cop?

    Denue is playing the bad cop so Kelly can feel free to pursue her own defense. Think about it… I mean really think about it:
    If your husband is an intimidating, menacing guy - and I don’t think anyone can deny that - and she’s seen how he works people over in the past 8 years - do you honestly believe that she is going to be “DIRECT” about her attempts to seek a separate defense???


    And she knows she has to be a “joiner” or Craig will turn on her. She is doing some careful jockeying and Denue doesn’t mind being the fall guy in looking like they are at odd and disparate.

    The single biggest clue to indicate to me that that was TRUE, is her recent comment:

    “It’s in God’s hands… whatever happens, was meant to happen”

    If she TRULY wanted to be aligned with her husband, she would NEVER say it like that. She would be spitting mad and would be practically clawing to get her way - if anyone knows her, they know that, especially since getting together with Craig, she has NO problem voicing anger or venom toward those who are wronging her. While I know she’s not a loose cannon like Craig and wouldnt do that in court, certainly in statements or in other forms, she would make it known.

    She’s being passive to save her OWN DAMN LIFE in more ways than one!
    And that’s something to truly thank the Lord over, after 8 long ridiculous misspent years!

  27. KNEW THEM Says:

    Shock: Why are you so pro Kelly. She could have walked away from Craig many times over the years like so many other women did. What “spell” did he have on her again? She had many things such as money, popularity, and family support that other women didn’t have and they had no problem walking away.

  28. Chainsaw Says:

    Shock: I’m mainly using you’re previous quotes as a pretext for my statements since you knew her. The jury won’t be of people like you that know her personally. What do you mean exactly when I don’t know what I’m talking about when I say KR is insulting truely battered women?

  29. KNEW THEM Says:

    Hey Shock and Chain: I think it’s also a matter of time before Denue and Saggese go blow for blow. There would be no other way to save their client. That’s when this shit gets interesting and detailed!

  30. Disgusted Says:

    Kelly may be smiling in the phot but she couldn’t get laid on an aircraft carrier today.

  31. shockandawe Says:

    how frustrating- I just wrote a long one and internet went down. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU


    KNEWTHEM: Yes, she had all of those things, so the answer to your question lies in another question… “If she had all of those things, and you and I assume those are the things that matter, then why didn’t she walk away?? - why werne’t they enough?” That’s the point. When a person has issues, they don’t think logically. They lack something and they are always seeking to find that something they lack. For Kelly, it was male approval. She never got it at home. It’s the reason she was an overachiever too. some of the world’s most successful achievers are the most fucked up,btw.

    She saw Craig as this popular studly guy who was the hottest guy she’d ever dated - the epitome of an athlete and all she ever wanted. SHe thought if she had his approval, she’d be validated. Now you and I don’t see him that way and probably never have, but she did. So through her eyes, he completed her (sorry for the lame Jerry Maguire line there).

    Think of it as a socket - she’s the female socket,with negative space and he’s the male plug. She got what she needed - negativeand positive - from
    Craig because she gave him that kind of power over her. So in that situation, it isn’t as easy to leave. I know you guys don’t understan that - you either Chain - but it’s the way it works psychologically.

    If what I am saying is not true, then why did that heinous couple in Canada get together and torture and rape and slay those women, and laugh on camera, etc… and why did the woman let her fiance rape her sister after drugging her? She never exhibited behavior like that prior to him, but the chemistry was overwhelmingly bad. Why wouldn’t you walk away? Ummm…50 million different reasons, each individual and each fucked up, but they don’t walk away.

    That doesn’t mean, and I’ve never said, that Kelly shouldn’t do time for her crimes. I never said that ever. I do believe she should. She needs to see consequence for her dogged pursuit of dysfunction to the point of destruction. BUT.. I am able to be objective and compassionate also.
    I think these are good qualities and I’m not sorry for putting them out there.

  32. Redman Says:

    I love how she started to wear glasses, one of the oldest tricks in the book is to seem homely for the court/jury. She’s just as guilty and stupid as her rock-head husband…dumbasses! lol

  33. Chainsaw Says:

    Redman: Thank You!

  34. mynameisearl Says:

    Cliff note version of s&a’s post… Kelly and women like her have really low self esteem.

    Good point, you do stupid things to the degree of how low your self esteem is. I mean there is low self esteem as seen on girls gone wild videos then there is incredibly pathetic low self esteem, resulting in murder due to drugs, and whatever else motivated Kelly to start the killing of Melissa James.

    S&A glad you clarified you feel Kelly should do time for this crime. I was under the impression you felt she was not responsible for her actions due to Craig. Glad that is not the case.

  35. shockandawe Says:

    No, of course I think she’s culpable - I’m actually trying to lend a personal perspective here, but just because I do doesnt mean that anyone should rush to conclude that I don’t feel she is responsible. If you knew me, you’d know that one of the biggest things I dislike about most people - but many women - is that they do not take responsibility for their actions, happiness, unhappiness, successes or failures. So, these are two separate issues.

    But I do think that anyone who gripes at me, saying, “God S&A, why do you LIKE HER so much?!” is just being childish. It isn’t about that. We don’t have a friendship any longer and haven’t since Craig threatened me and Kelly didn’t lift a finger on my behalf or leave Craig seeing what a jackass he was for having done it.

    For me, that was it. But do I wish anyone, no matter waht their crime, ill will? No, not really. I think it’s really important to look compassionately at all sides of the issue - not as a bleeding heart or “tree hugger” but as a person who understands that while it was a heinous crime, up until that moment, all of those people were struggling with their humanity. Still are.

    That’s all.

  36. darkstar Says:

    jason g,

    Not having a phone number in the phone book proves what, exactly? “Squat” is the correct answer.

    Why dont you check his record with the Nevada bar…has he ever been suspended, cited, or otherwise written up by the bar for any violations?

    If so, maybe you have a beef. If not, I am at a loss to understand why you seem to hate the dude so much. Grandstanding is part of the game. Also, just because CT and KR signed a “joint rep agreement” doesnt mean it is proper. In this case it is being challenged on conflict issues…That is exactly the argument Judge Glass is making…

    Is has nothing to do with “This is America” blah blah blah…This rule is meant to protect both the defendants and the people…

    Im betting the NSC rules for Glass.


  37. larry Says:

    Lets throw the dice and get this case in the courts. $50 on the YO

  38. Couldn't Care Less Says:

    I recognize Kelly but who’s the old guy in the photo next to her?

  39. darkstar Says:

    What I want to know is why KR looks so happy…maybe its the love of Jesus that is going to deliver her from this den of evil doers…NOT…

    No offense to those who are similarly religiously inclined…


  40. Dennis L. Bates/Founder/Muscle Missions Says:

    …whoso trusteth in the LORD, happy is he.

    - Proverbs 16:20(b) (KJV)

  41. darkstar Says:

    That may be, but the rule of law exists here on earth to preserve order in our society. I dont doubt that KR very well may have made peace with herself and with her god, but she will still have to answer to the charges that allege she broke society’s law, and that very well may land her in prison.

    Let me ask you this…If she has found religion, etc, whatever you want to call it, and really wants to “come clean” about the charges against her, why wouldnt she simply confess (if she is actually guilty) and take her punishment instead of going through a trial where she might actually be acquitted, yet still be guilty (remember OJ?)… how would that honor god as she is now trying to portray herself as doing? Is not one of the cornerstones of god’s law that one confess their sins?
    You cannot conveniently substitute the rule of law on earth for god’s law just to suit your own convenience…

    What say you?


  42. Dennis L. Bates/Founder/Muscle Missions Says:

    …work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.

    Philippians 2:12(b) (KJV)

  43. darkstar Says:

    You didnt answer my question. You also assume that your beliefs are everyone elses…

    Any idiot can recite scripture…answer my question, ya big pussy. Show some shred of ability to reason logically instead of avoiding what you know to be a flaw in your robotic response.

    Answer my question…or remain the fraudulent huckster you have proven yourself to be.


  44. shockandawe Says:

    God, Bates can’t live outside of scripture. How sad - I’d have more respect for him if he quoted scripture and then added something in the human realm. I think he is trying to claim fame for Kelly’s turnaround from druggie harlot to repentent maiden.

  45. Dennis L. Bates/Founder/Muscle Missions Says:

    For do I now persuade men, or God? or do I seek to please men? for if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ.

    -Galatians 1:10 (KJV)

  46. darkstar Says:

    Just as I thought….a fraudulent huckster…


  47. KNEW THEM Says:

    One quick reply to the Kelly and the glasses comments; when I was locked up nobody brought me new contacts or saline solution. After a certain amount of time in county that one pair you go in with well, if you wear contacts u know what i’m sayin’.

  48. KNEW THEM Says:

    Who’s more of an idiot Bates or Johnny 2007????? I say Bates. What say you? BAN BATES!

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