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Trial Setting for May 3, 2007 for Kelly Ryan and Craig Titus

Yesterday Kelly Ryan produced a notice of witnesses. Today a Trial Setting was set for May 3, 2007. Currently on the schedule the pre-trial is set for May 29, 2007 and a trial date of June 4,2007. According to court documents a request for trial setting is documented as:

I hereby request that a trial date be set in the above entitled matter. I represent the Court that the case is at issue; that no amended or supplemental complain or cross-complaint or other affirmative pleading remains unanswered; that to my knowledge no other parties will be served with a summons prior to the time of trial, and I know of no further pleading to be filed and know of no reason why this case should not be tried as soon as the schedule of the Court will permit.

29 Responses to “Trial Setting for May 3, 2007 for Kelly Ryan and Craig Titus”

  1. chainsaw Says:

    Well it is about time!!!!!
    They can be home together by Christmas!
    Or NOT…

  2. wayne mortensen Says:

    Wow, not bad, I thought the trial would happen at the end of the year or first of next year. About time. They both will be home by june, they can work on that baby they wanted to have and KR can continue her new religious ways.

  3. hahahahah Says:

    hahahhahahahahthose piecesof shit aint going homethere gonna wrought there sorry asses in Jail for the rest of there lives. pathetics pieces of shit.

  4. hahahahah Says:

    space bar was acting up

  5. KNEW THEM Says:

    I told someone to wake me up when the trial date was set. Nevermind, Kel’s gettin 25 to life and CT’s still gettin 10 to 15….nothings changed.

  6. Administrator Says:

    Keep in mind this is NOT the trial date, but the trial setting, this is to set the trial date. It could happen quickly or months from now.

  7. KNEW THEM Says:

    Thanks for clearing that up; I should have paid closer attention.

  8. killers Says:

    Judgement day is coming………………………….

    The guilty will be punished.

  9. Venice Says:

    Who will be representing Kelly?

  10. Administrator Says:

    As far as we know Gregory L. Denue is Kelly’s lawyer.

  11. Venice Says:



    Interesting situation with Kelly and Denue…you would think most attorneys would have a somewhat…”To hell with you attitude after KR tried to replace her with Cristalli.”

    It has got to be somewhat of an awkward relationship between them now, to say the least.

    From a distance Denue seems like a very decent guy, which is even more of a compliment when you consider his occupation.

    I would be interested to hear from anyone who has first hand knowldge of the situation.

  12. Dogstar Says:

    Craig came out of the womb, he was cool for 2.2 seconds and then that motherfucking doctor spanked his ass upside down…he’s been pissed ever since.

    I wonder what the effect of Titus in prison is…do people want to kick his ass, just because he’s Titus…and don’t tell me people don’t know who he is - assholes in prison know who he is…Sidney Potier could get locked up and mofos wouldn’t have a clue - but wannabe toughguys with drug and violence issues know who CT is…he definitely had an Aryan brother look in some of those photos…it’s not easy for a white boy in jail.

  13. gopher Says:

    What is Dennis Bates influence over Kelly and Craig?

  14. UFC Says:

    Remember bodybuilding’s hey day…

    Franco Columbo blowing into plastic hot water bottles until they exploded on ABC’s wide world of sports… Lou Ferrigno competing in battle of the network stars…yet you see an assload of bodybuilding magazines more so than even magazines say devoted to baseball… In order to even be able to walk onto a bodybuilding stage you MUST do drugs…if Bo Jackson wanted to compete in bodybuilding he would have to do steroids and HGH…if Tom Prince wants to hit a 102 mph fastba

  15. UFC Says:

    ll he could get in the batting cage at age 4 - 21 and still not be able to do shit…Flo Jo was an incredible athlete…drugs made her better…Shawn Merriman is an amazing athlete…drugs made him better….Bodybuildeers may have to have certain genetic qualities - a certain build to suceed okay fine…but so what… I really wonder where the sport is heading…

  16. applewhite Says:


    10 year anniversary of Heaven’s Gate cult…

    Too bad you missed the comet.

  17. last surviving member of H.G. Says:

    Fuck you dude - you have no idea what Heaven’s Gate was/is about…just because you didn’t have the balls to castrate yourself…punk

  18. puke skywalker Says:

    Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…

  19. international male Says:

    Is Craig allowed any conjugal visits with Kelly?

    Booty Booty Booty Booty rockin’ errywhere, rockin’ errywhere

  20. Aguaman Says:

    Where are all the friends and family of CT and KR - they seem to be fading by the day… U never hear about anyone visiting… That’s what happens to criminals

  21. MANG¤ Says:

    Is there any knews about Brady and the MFH plot?

  22. Assformation Says:

    Anal rapes in prison are very uncommon…to a large extent it’s a myth.

  23. related Says:

    Aguaman, I’ve talked to him on the phone from prison once, but thats it.

    It was very strange.

  24. Banner Says:

    It’s not a myth. Anal rapes in prison are very common… Craig Titus is going to be poo poo popped for life!

  25. shockandawe Says:

    The “To hell with you” attitude is something that REAL lawyers don’t have. Denue, as I said in a recent post, is TRULY ADVOCATING for his client. Unlike what Sagesse said about Denue, it is Denue who is the good lawyer. Don’t beleive the Sagesse hype - or whether Denue has visited her in CCDC. Only Kelly and Greg Denue know that.

    Also, he is watching out for her legal interests in the way many attorneys don’t and should. He is advocating her rights, by protecting her from what Sagesse has done. The visitation in prison by other counsel is forbidden and real “no-no”. I am glad, no matter who is guilty or what the situation will be in the end, that someone is looking out for her rights. Everyone deserves this, no matter what has been committed.

    I think this is also Denue’s strategy. How do all of you know that he and she haven’t staged this whole thing, knowing what the judge’s reaction would be, and giving them a REASON to pursue their own defense, legitimately. What if Kelly has told Denue, I can’t do this without a smoke screen - he’ll have me killed, I fear for my life??? How does anyone know that all of this isn’t just strategy, because Denue knows Glass and knows how she will react. Denue could be the most brilliant of all attorneys in that town.

    I personally think this is her chance at a fair defense without angering the sleeping giant in Craig.

  26. Death Vader Says:

    How much to see both of them on PAY PER VIEW .. to see them when they get the lethal injection.. death penalty

  27. larry Says:

    don’t think it would be anal rape….Titus would give it away

  28. darkstar Says:


    I agree with you on this. Denue does have KR’s best interests at heart.
    I am not sure he would go along with a “smokescreen” to protect KR from the wrath of CT…I’d be inclined to think that if Denue had facts to back up some potential shenannigans by CT, I think he would report it and make it public…I mean, threatening someone is generally unlawful, and if true, would probably help KR get her case severed from CT’s…


  29. Phil Says:

    SHOCK, I agree as well with you’re post I think you have a good point!

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