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APPEARANCES CONTINUED: Michael Cristalli, Esq., present.
Court noted we are here on the issue of whether dual representation of both defts. by attorneys Cristalli and Saggese will be permitted. Mr. Denue stated he is still the attorney of record and would like to file motions but hasn’t previously because of the pending issue. Deft. Ryan’s Motion to Sever and Motion to Disqualify FILED IN OPEN COURT. Court noted it will deal with the threshold issue of dual representation first and advised that since the last date, the State has provided their Opposition and the defense filed a Supplemental. FURTHER NOTED, previous to the instant hearing, Mr. Terry reported to the Court reference his discussions with deft. Ryan and as a result of same, indicated there was no meaningful dialogue and it appeared deft. Ryan had already made up her mind. The Court is in possession of the jail visitation records from 12/19/06 forward for deft. Ryan and reviewed same on the record. Mr. Daskas lodged a copy of the visitation records from September 2006 forward with the Court. Upon the Court’s inquiry on whether or not Mr. Denue gave Mr. Saggese and/or Mr. Cristalli permission to speak with deft. Ryan, Mr. Denue stated he is not sure whether he needs to give them permission; however, he did advise deft. Ryan not to speak with them and when he was presented with the Joint Defense Agreement, he refused to sign it. Statements by Mr. Cristalli regarding history of how he was asked to represent deft. Ryan and his visitations with her. Response by Mr. Denue. COURT ORDERED, Joint Defense Agreement dated 2/22/07 and letter dated 2/22/07 from Cristalli & Saggese regarding Affiliated Representation marked as Court’s exhibits to this hearing. Arguments by counsel regarding issue of dual representation. Upon the Court’s inquiry, deft. Ryan stated she will WAIVE ANY POTENTIAL CONFLICT. Court noted it has reviewed the Rules of Professional Conduct, the Wheat case, all of the papers and pleadings on file herein and heard the arguments of counsel and FINDS there is an ACTUAL CONFLICT and ORDERED, MR. CRISTALLI WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO REPRESENT DEFT. RYAN. FURTHER, it troubles this Court that when an independent attorney was sent in to discuss the issue with deft. Ryan, who is facing a potential life sentence, there was absolutely no meaningful dialogue. IN ADDITION, the Court wants no delay in regards to the pending trial; therefore, if this matter is going to be taken up to the Supreme Court, counsel are DIRECTED to take it up immediately. Mr. Denue’s motion OFF CALENDAR and will be heard at the appropriate time. State to prepare the Order. FURTHER, matter CONTINUED for status check reference issue on appeal.



  1. Disgusted Says:

    The plot thickens.

  2. wayne mortensen Says:

    I just do not think the trial will go in April as planned. I really have my doubts.

  3. Chainsaw Says:

    This has been planned out from the beginning. If there was any type of defense, they would be pushing for a swift and speedy trial. Saggase has nothing, and is threadened by Denue. I think life has given KR a perment labotomy, and has been performed by Mr. Bates. So far, this clown has been no help to anybody here in.

    This trial is becoming a Joke, that CT can brag about in Prison with his cell mates, how he was finnageld, cheated, discriminated against.

    A public Defender sounds like a good thing compared to these “Showboat” clowns for attorney’s. I’ve changed my opinion of them. We’ll see if they can change it back, I doubt it.

  4. KNEW THEM Says:

    Someone wake me up when this trial is about to begin!

  5. Puke Skywalker Says:

    All of these motions…Rob’s Rule of Order…Point of Parliamentary Procedure…lawyer triple reverse is all wasted motion towards an invitable conclusion…

  6. HO$$ Says:


    I don’t disagree with anything your saying, but what does the defense gain by all these f-ing loop-de-loops except mooooooooore money of course….I’ve dealt with attys more than I’d care to mention and a lot of them just muddy things and B.S. Things so they can continue to drain funds from their clients….not that that’s a newsflash to anyone, but maybe it’s just that simple.

    Saggese acts like its almost an accident that KR wants Cristalli to represent her - “Cristalli walked into his office one day and said,”guess what?”…give me a break mthrfckr…like you guess weren’t getting sucked off by a couple of Vegas hookers figuring out how to get Cristalli paid as well…I’m getting sidetracked, but it’s the story behind the story…at any rate CT and KR don’t have a chance in hell.

  7. Aquaman Says:


    What is your opinion on the innocence or guilt of CT and KR?

  8. holishess Says:

    Craig came out of the womb impure.

  9. horace ingraham Says:

    Ct knows what he is in for - he has accepted his fate.

  10. master blaster Says:

    Drugs, Sex …just aren’t the same in prison.

    CT is racking is brain night and day for a release a way out - what ever it takes.

  11. dude Says:

    Bertil Fox

    Craig Titus

    — —–

  12. rectumbleeder Says:

    KR and CT will turn on each other - once it hits

  13. Disgusted Says:

    I agree with the bleeder. The relationship can’t possibly survive the bullshit it has endured for the past 13 months in captivity. They’ll both roll on each other. My bet is that Kelly crumbles first and rats out Craig.

  14. wayne mortensen Says:

    I thought also that one of these turds would turn on the other, but to my surprise, neither has turned. I almost think it is to late to turn, becasue SUPPOSEDLY the trial is in April. Maybe, the prosecution think they have enough to get convictions on both of these lame brains.

  15. Hard Time Says:

    Is it true that CT is trying to get the Rock to do Gridiron Gang II, staring Craig Titus?

  16. former fan Says:

    Please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks that this all shows that KR has much more to do with this than we could possibly know.

    Disgusted: Kelly crumbles first? As a warm-blooded caveman-lovin’ chick, I have stood by my dude…even with gritted teeth. That is until three gals in uniform with flashlights are telling me to get up against a wall to spread ‘em - then it’s every (wo)man to themselves, and here, take the ring and flowers and shove ‘em. My point is that I would have screamed foul within the first few weeks; wouldn’t have waited almost a year-and-a-half complete with legal wranglings and smelly futon. Haven’t even mentioned hightlights, Walgreens and gym-free in all that time.

    What the heck is she hiding…sing, girl! And I’m a former KR fan…even if she was innocent my respect for her is plumetting.

  17. Respect Says:

    I can respect a woman that stands by her Man. Not to say that I condone murder, but you got a good woman when she doesn’t roll on you in the pressure cooker.

  18. InsiderX Says:

    Hey Darkstar,

    Stop acting like your a lawyer and you know the law. Your a paralegal at best and that’s stretching it. It all comes down to this right heare. Craig is going to have to go up on the stand and explain why he ducted tape Melissa’s face and he’s going to have to have a better reason that he didn’t want to see her face. If it was me, I would say she was just bleeding profusely from all her organs shutting down. That is what happens postmortem and that is why. Saggese can discredit all the witnesses and say that they panicked and burnt the car. But it is the duct tape that is the most damning.

  19. former fan Says:

    Respect: With much of just that, I’m guessing that every guy who has posted here is a good man worth standing by. But pressure cooking is an understatement.

    At the very least, we’re talking about a female assistant (and females are big into bonding) that ends up OD’d in your home. So after doling out a few jabs, you hear, “Baby, grab your Walmart card and get some lighter fluid. Got the airmiles card? If you’re hungry grab a friend and get some chinese food on the way home. And about the red Jag…you don’t need that anymore, do you? I’ll explain it over dinner in Mass. soon! And don’t worry about the police that may come by in the next couple of days.”

    Sarcastic yes - but using to highlight the profound absurdity of the situation KR has placed herself in. She’s not co-defending herself over a few illegally downloaded movies, or even evaded taxes. We’re talking about a dead woman in your burnt car.

    Three people know what happened - one is sadly deceased, and one could be Manic Depressive, or at best a certifiable liar and a schmuck. The last saw or participated in everything and is rotting away for a good long time and — don’t be offended — for some GUY?? Fine gentlemen…how far would you take it for some sweet pu…honey? I’m guessing she’d be well under the bus by now. Cheers!

  20. darkstar Says:


    Go screw yourself. You are just proving what a moron you are. Quit acting like a doctor as if you know fact one about medicine, and shut your idiotic pie hole.

    “If it was you…” yeah right…you would be on a fast train to the state pen.

    CT doesnt have to do squat. He has to prove ZERO. If he decides on his own volition and against the advice of his attorney to take the stand, he is still twice as smart as you, but it will also expose him for the putz that he is.

    Just like you.


  21. Chainsaw Says:

    I can appreciate almost everyones statements: however,
    d* has been here from day one, and a pace has been set for how this civil discussion is formatted. If you have a disagreement, state it, and it will be taken and responded to. But if you have statements that insult someone that has been here for a year or more discussing logically this case, and you are new, have a little more respect for the format of this site please.

    We all don’t know who eachother is here, d* could be daskas or Saggase for all I know, but he’s not stupid nor taking sides. I can say that for many (consistent) posters without naming them personally.

    Go to Freecraigtitus.com if you want to spew hatred. This is definately not the place for you. (you know whom I am speaking of. and not just one person!)

  22. related Says:

    KR is not going to have to turn on him, He will screw himself with that Titus big mouth of his, trust me I know for a fact.

  23. KNEW THEM Says:

    Hey Related: Craig has a jailhouse law degree; I doubt he will screw himself with HIS words.(Maybe Saggese will though!)

  24. related Says:

    Knew Them, Craig is not that bright!!!!! You give him to much credit. Let’s face it, if he was so smart, do you really think he would be in jail???

  25. related Says:

    Knew Them, Ive known craig all my life, and if there is one thing I know for sure. The boy is not that smart or he wouldnt be where he is today.

  26. shockandawe Says:

    I think it’s pretty sad when you are a woman who is either so stupid you don’t know how to help yourself, or such a damn martyr, you’re an idiot, that an attorney is actually trying to save you from yourself - with no apparent personal gain at this point. Denue is actually blocking this to drive a message home to Kelly who is apparently so far gone, she can’t make a sound decision. Folks, I know you might disagree, but this is the essence of TRUE LEGAL ADVOCACY!

    This God thing is what is getting in her way - she believes that because she has such a strong faith in God now (based on the letter she sent me) that she doesn’t have to do ANYTHING to help herself. She is missing the “footwork” part of it all - that you MUST do your own footwork for any God to help you in your situation. I think she’s missed a step in there somewhere, thinking it’s “going to magically turn out okay” - as if she’s in the ring with the lions and if God loves her he’ll save her in the end.
    He ain’t gonna.

    This is pitiful.

  27. Venice Says:


    Your words ring true.

    The dynamic of her relationship with Denue is fascinating.

    What does a person do, when they know they are guilty?

    When they know they may have taken their last breath as a free person.

    Do you try to convince yourself otherwise?

    Do you try to make a pact with God…”just give me my freedom and I will do such and such”…

    How do you keep yourself going…how do you live with the guilt.

  28. InsiderX Says:

    Hey Darkstar and Chainsaw,

    I’m not putting down anybody. I am offering my opinion. That is what I think. It is not offensive. Ya I’m new, but I know a lot about the case. Don’t get on your pedastal and scrutinize me just because I speak up. If you think Craig can not take the stand and get off the charges your crazy. He has to explain what happened and why he did what he did. Or else he’s done. So get over it Cochran and Durshowitz.


  29. darkstar Says:

    Hey InsiderX,

    You may know something about the case, but it is clear from your bloviating that you know nothing about the law. You also make gross assumptions about people here whom you know nothing about.

    So, if you were advising CT, you would have him hop up on the stand and tell how it really happened, eh? Fine.

    That works both ways. If he gets up there (which I highly doubt) the DA will have a freakin’ field day on cross, and CT will be shredded. Either way, he is done, regardless.

    You been watching too many TV shows…


  30. darkstar Says:


    I also cannot understand where Kelly’s head is at these days. Denue tried to help her, warn her, plead with her, but all for naught it appears.

    Now, with the court ruling no go on Cristalli repping her, what happens now? Will Saggese rep the both of them? Is that even possible?

    Unless she wakes up and starts to help herself, her experience in the lion’s den will be a 180 from that of old Daniel…


  31. chainsaw Says:


    We can attribute KR’s state of mind partially, if not fully to Mr. Bates, Would you not agree?


    Opinions is what we are all here for, to bounce things off eachother. I’m just simply asking that if you have a disagreement with someone, please be more tactful. Emotions sometimes run, but we all have somewhat kept this place pleasant, and you’re comments are welcome, but finger pointing and name calling (and I have been guilty of that several times as well) should be avoided if possible.

  32. darkstar Says:


    Is Bates the reason behind Kelly getting religion? Yikes!
    Beware of false prophets, Kelly. To every thing there is a season…and now is the season to get a lawyer…


  33. Chainsaw Says:


    He claims that he is. Of course when she hangs herself, he’ll say “that was Gods plan for her.”

  34. Disgusted Says:

    Actually it’s probably Saggese’s plan…after he gets paid.

  35. shockandawe Says:

    Bates forgot to tell her that God in her life means she has a LOT MORE WORK to do than she ever did before. She has to set the record straight not be a martyr. She has to grow up and do the right thing, and say what her part was, and not try to protect Public Enemy #1, Craig Titus - who, by the way, she’ll never ever see again in this life in any private or intimate moment. Boy, this Bates guy did her a disservice.. not because she shouldn’t have a relationship with God, but she should have one that is REALISTIC and doesn’t turn her into a Stepford Bible Toter.

    That’s just sad. Bates is one of those fundamental Christians that everyone knows is an idiot, who can’t live in the real world without quoting scriputure every five seconds. SAD! Sorry, but the God of my learning/ understanding (and this is Episcopal school talking) doesn’t want a flock as automatons - He wants a flock of individuals who live truth fearlessly, not LIVE like a zombie quoting scripture 24/7 and out of touch with reality!

    This kind of religious advocacy is pathetic

  36. shockandawe Says:

    Friday night I saw a show about just such a case on one of the news magazine shows that feature heinous crimes - not sure which one but a legitimate one on the networks, not an E Channel or CourtTV special.

    Same sort of deal. Girl 1 who was bi, liked another girl and her best BFF (a guy) and when Girl 2 rebuffed her and went for Girl 1’s BFF, Girl 1 got super pissed off. In the midday of a school week, she had Girl 2 in the back of her car, plus BFF and another guy. The other random guy got out at Girl 1’s insistence when he didn’t like how verbally abusive Girl 1 was getting to Girl 2 - wasn’t his scene. She said “get out” he said “ok” and then it was just Girl 1, 2, and BFF.

    Girl 2 was in the backseat. One of the two girls threw a punch or pulled hair and the free for all in the car began - parked - and pretty soon, BFF, who was so controlled by Girl 1 and essentially chose between the two at that moment, held Girl 2’s hands down so Girl 1 could beat her harder. He even took off his belt and gave it to Girl 1 so she could tighten it around Girl 2’s neck. She went limp on the seat - was dead - and they freaked.

    Well, same deal… they wanted to dispose of the body, so went to her grandmother’s farm (lots of acreage out of the way) and tried to bury her and burn her body. It was frozen still, and she wouldn’t burn. So they called their friend to hack her up because he was a goth dude into blood and gore. He cut off her arms and head and put them in a bag and they took that to another park and buried it.

    Finally, BFF told his parents the truth about this girl who was missing - within 2 days - and led the police to the site.

    Here’s how it stacked up for HIGH SCHOOLERS, folks:
    Girl 1: 25 to life
    Girl 2: Dead and dismembered
    BFF: 16 years to life for involvement passively but concealing and being there at the scene of the crime and helping in the end, make sure it happened.
    Goth dude: 5 to 15 for dismembering a dead body/ helping dispose of a dead body and not being in on it.

    Anthony Gross may be in for more if they can prove he KNEW it was Melissa’s body - and you can bet Titus blabbed that night and told him if he told the Megan Foley

    Even if Titus was covering for Kelly and jumped in during the taser action to beat her up, etc…. with his past record, he’ll definitely get 20+ years.
    Kelly will get 25 to life if she is found to be that involved.

    So for you guys who think this won’t end badly for them, you just have to look at what happened to TEENS!! These people being in their 30s and 40s aren’t going to get any leniency.

  37. Venice Says:


    Very good comparison to this case.

    My guess is Gross is going to get a very lenient sentence, if any sentence at all…he’s been very cooperative and I think he’s been very smart about how he’s handled things - after his initially stupidity of getting involved. He has a lot of wiggle room - can say Craig threatened him once he showed up etc…do I think he has some culpability - absolutely - do I think it will stick? Maybe not.

  38. InsiderX Says:

    Hey Darkstar I’m sorry for being an asshole… Can we please move on? I didn’t know I was dealing with such giant egos.

    Hey Darkstar and Chainsaw

    If you were Craig’s and Kelly’s defense lawyer how would you defend the impossible? Darkstar is saying for Craig not to take the stand. I’m not saying that if he takes the stand he is going to get off. I’m just saying that if he doesn’t saying anything he’s done. That’s it. I don’t care what Saggesse says, what drug addiction experts they bring in, Titus is going to have to explain. I know Daskas will rip him a new one but what the hell Craig has had over a year and half to prepare for the trial. If he doesn’t say anything he’s screwed. I mean I would at least try and explain… Ya everybody knows there guilty as he is but hey a jury can always change… you never know what is going to happen



  39. Chainsaw Says:

    Insiderx: I don’t know, I firmly believe I haven’t been told all the evidence and I would need to see it before I can make a call. However, things that concern me is the actual amount of Monocetyl Morphine found in MJs Blood. That can only be found through Heroin injestion of some sort.

    So, there is a small possibility that she did die of an O.D.

  40. Chainsaw Says:


    Here is another honest answer…. In this situation, I really think I would have to GET IT on with Daskas, and Wing IT!

  41. darkstar Says:


    Without knowing all the facts and what all evidence has been collected, one cant really say how a defense attorney would proceed.

    We know what saggese has been saying; I got an innocent client”, well, fine.

    We will see how he refutes the evidence.

    I will say this, if it was me, I dont get CT anywhere near the witness stand. I do not think he will be well liked, and besides, it is too big of a risk. If he takes the stand he is subject to cross, and will get hammered. He has the right not to have to testify, and he should take a seat.

    By the way, there are no big egos here. Not sure why you would think that.


  42. InsiderX Says:

    OK then why is everybody accusing Craig of murder? Chainsaw said that Melissa had heroin in her body. That is a fact. She has a very extensive history of drug use. I don’t know why everybody is guilty guilty guilty. I think it is horrible misjudgement by both Craig and Kelly. Everybody hates Craig but why? His whole persona was the bad boy of bodybuilding.. I doubt this is how he really was in life. He was trying to make a buck by displaying that type of attitude. And I think he would have just used his bare hands to murder her he didn’t have to strangle her and whatever. Kelly is another story. I think she looks more guilty than Craig. This is what I think. Craig and Kelly were both on Meth and that is why they burned the car. That’s it. Horrible judgement by them.

    And I was wrong about the ego maybe a little sensitive though. I was joking guys lighten up.



  43. related Says:

    Insiderx Craig has always been a hot head, It runs in the family with the male’s. And he was self centered!!!!

  44. chainsaw Says:

    Well, when they appear to run (according to police), ask friends to sell their houses (and buy them) and lie repetedly, I would be a fool at least not to question anything other as well. If the case was so cut and dry, I don’t think I’d be here writing.

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