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Case Update

Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan are scheduled to be back in court on 03/27/2007 at 8:30 AM, Las Vegas time. There will be a status check related to the issue on appeal. The trial is scheduled to begin April 2, 2007 at 10:00 AM. We have our doubts that the trial will actually begin at that time. We look for more appeals to come and a delayed trial start.

21 Responses to “Case Update”

  1. HO$$ Says:



    How much time does it take for attorneys to get their crap together?

  2. Brenda K. Says:

    Kelly continues to brightly shine her light on all of the toothless, drug addicted, violent female prisoners she is incarcerated with.


  3. Venice Says:

    Does anyone have any information on the financial status of CT and KR?

    These delays must be bleeding their funds dry.

    Maybe a new T-shirt sale would help.

    Instead of, “Innocent Period.”

    it could read.

    “Okay, So We’re Guilty Of Some Really Bad Judgement.”

  4. wayne mortensen Says:

    Brenda, Brenda? The same Brenda that did that award winning interview with KR. The same Brenda that was ridiculed to the point of being an conceited no body want a be. Brenda, it is so good to hear from you again. Please do a favor to us lowly bloggers, do another interview, make sure we that see that mug of yours. We all need another laugh.

  5. Howard Says:

    CT and KR should try and get that bluberring bitch judge from the Anna Nicole trial!

  6. Chainsaw Says:


    Don’t listen to them, I emailed you personally to say, well, I knew you got what you could have at that time. The 1 of 5 of us would like to know what KR is thinkin. Keep us posted.

  7. Banner Says:

    The attorneys for Craig Titus & kelly will never get their crap together! And the financial status of CT & KR must be -0- crap!

  8. VOR Says:

    I wonder if CT has stopped crying?

  9. related Says:

    Oh, if I know craig im sure he is done crying by now

  10. HO$$ Says:


    If you are in fact related and not full of crap…what is your take on CT and how he landed up crap creek without a canoe?

  11. Darth Wang Says:

    Does kelly have a new attorney yet?

  12. savage beating Says:

    Is Deen going to be back from his London vacation?

  13. Dick Vermeil Says:

    There’s nothing wrong with a man crying.

  14. contusion Says:

    Craig could be in a Greek movie theatre, watching “300″ right now…or running around the beaches, with a fig leaf on…instead he’s playing cards with his fellow scuzzballs

  15. Puke Skywalker Says:

    Brenda Kelly makes me sick.

    She really does.

  16. Tiffany Says:

    CT is about to eat a ton of prison ass

  17. Amy Says:

    Craig Titus needs a few good old roids up his ass. CT is starting to look weak and pasty.

  18. related Says:


    Yes I am my friend, and that is the Million dollar question now isnt it????

  19. related Says:


    Don’t really know what the hell happened to him. Just got all caught up in his own fame and forgot about his family and friends.

  20. steve Says:

    go to jail you two steroid murdering freaks.hey craig you dont look so tough now.at the end of it all you are all wimps.

  21. Go f*ck yourself Says:

    Hey playa haters! An investigator just submitted a report to attorneys that Craig was not even at the house the time Melissa died. So, go hate on that. It has also been documented from the latest case that the DA admitted they were not flight risks and Melissa’s death was undetermined. Go look it up. It is all public records. Kelly and Craig gave their statements to the police and they were sent home. Then they left an itinerary with their neighbor. They are not as guilty as they appear. I am not going to bother looking for your response, so go blow off your steam somewhere else. Oh, and Criag and Kelly used to always say: The people who mind don’t matter and the people who matter don’t mind….

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